15 Desperate Things Moms Were Forced To Do For Their Kids

Most of us would agree that mothers would do just about anything for their kids. From the moment a child is conceived, we sacrifice our lifestyles, our bodies, and our time because we love them. After they are born, those sacrifices grow in depth and number, until sometimes we forget that we were anything other than ‘Mom’.

Some of us define ourselves by our children, and our dreams change to include them, and what we want for their futures. For the most part, we don’t mind this life-altering change; we embrace it—because children add more than they take away. We believe that every sacrifice is worth a better future for our kids, and we mean it.

Sometimes our sacrifices are universal: the things most decent mothers would do to put their children first—like putting off school, giving up their own hobbies to attend their kid’s soccer games, or working two jobs to put food on the table. For some moms however, the sacrifices they make for their children are on a much grander scale. Sometimes, moms are forced to do desperate things to improve their child’s life, and occasionally even to save it.

There are no lines that moms won’t cross; there is no price they wouldn’t pay; there is no embarrassment too great—if it meant that their child’s life would be improved, or even saved. Many moms have been forced to do some desperate things for their kids. These 15 stories show the depths of a mother’s love, and prove that moms will do almost anything for their children.

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15 Mother Kicks Her Toddler To Save Her From Being Crushed

I don't fully trust elevators myself, but one truly hopes that the sensors on them are reliable, since the force would crush an adult, let alone a child. I'm sure there are safety standards in most parts of the world—I've not heard too many stories like this to make me super paranoid, and this story still won't have me taking the stairs—but wow! Watching the video, you have to give mom some credit for her quick thinking and super fast reflexes. Apparently, mom and her three-year-old were visiting a tenant at the Sunny Point Complex in Batu Uban, Malaysia, and there were some quirks about the elevator that this visitor didn't know—like it has no sensors. When the toddler wandered over to the elevator, mom reacted quickly realizing that the doors were about to shut on her little girl. This is the one time when it's okay for a mom to kick her child—to save her life!

14 Woman Bites Off Pit Bull's Ear To Save Her Child

You can never be too careful with small children when it comes to aggressive breed dogs. This story will show you just what a desperate mother is capable of when she is protecting her child. The woman and her daughter were outside, when the toddler was approached by a pit bull. Not thinking much of it at first Chelsi Camp, the little girl's mother, watched as the pit bull sniffed at her child. After the pit bull began mauling the little girl, Chelsi Camp began grappling with the dog to get it to release her child. She bit the dogs foot, but when that didn't work, she bit the dog's ear clean off. When police arrived, the mother and daughter were hiding and officers shot the dog. The dog did not die from the wound, but was later euthanized. This ought to be a lesson to anyone. Don't mess with a mother's child—mom is capable of biting your ear off, or worse!

13 Tornado Fighter

An Indiana mother, Stephanie Decker, sacrificed herself to save her children from a deadly tornado. When she saw the size of the tornado, she knew this was no ordinary twister. She quickly took her children down to the basement. Somehow she just knew that huddling together wasn't going to be enough, so she wrapped the children in a comforter to protect them from debris, and then she laid across their bodies, using her own body as a shield. Her legs were crushed in the process, and after the tornado had finally gone, the house in ruins, she recorded a message to her husband, believing she was going to bleed out from her injuries. Luckily, her son was able to find help, and neighbors were able to slow the bleeding so that Stephanie could make it to a hospital. She lost parts of both of her legs, but all she cared about was that her children were safe. Due to her heroism and love for her children, both of her kids were completely unharmed.

12 Mother Shields Child As House Collapses Around Them

We’ve all heard of the incredible devastation earthquakes can leave in their wake—maybe even a few of us have experienced it—and we also know earthquakes are made all the more devastating in big cities. In the city of Lu Shan, an earthquake brought down a house on a mother and her young child. A man who said that his wife and child were trapped in debris from their completely annihilated home, flagged down first responders. The responders dug the two out, noticing how the mother had shielded her son from the collapse using her own body. They were also able to rescue the mother from the rubble thirty minutes after saving the child. Here’s another touching story of how a mother would literally sacrifice herself to protect her child. In moments of desperation, moms are forced to do things they may not want to do, but if it's for their children—it's all worth it.

11 Mom Jumps Out Of Burning Building To Save Her Son

Most of us would assure our children that we would die for them, but not all of us can prove that what we say is true. Here is one mother who shows that desperate times call for desperate measures, and she risked her life to save her eighteen-month-old son. When a fire broke out in their apartment, she had to act fast. Being on the second floor meant if her son was going to survive—she was going to have to jump. What could she do but jump with him held tightly in her arms? Something was going to have to break the fall though, and this mom didn't want her child to be injured. Mom broke a bone in her back, likely landing on her back purposely to protect her little boy from the fall. Even after she underwent surgery, all she cared about was if her son was okay. The little boy's father knows his wife is a hero, but he "wouldn't put it past her." He also said he "wouldn't put it past any mom."

10 Mom Fights Off Child Abductor

We can only hope to have the quick reflexes and fearlessness that this mother had, as she leapt into action to save her teenage daughter from abduction. Most of us don't think we are going to have to fight off a child abductor in broad daylight, while we are standing right next to them. That only happens to kids who stay out late, or walk in unsafe neighborhoods, right? Wrong. This abductor is so brazen; he tries to steal a mother's child from right under her nose. Not even a small child, either—a teen. Sometimes we forget that heroes and heroines come in all different packages, and this heroine comes in the form of a desperate mother who will stop at nothing to save her daughter's life. Thankfully, the evil man was caught, and will hopefully be behind bars for a long time. I'm betting this teen girl will be skipping the my-mother-is-so-uncool stage, because she has first-hand experience that her mom is awesome!

9 Speed Bump Mom

It’s clear from the following story that mom Mindy Tran would do anything to protect her adorable twin daughters. When she parked her vehicle in her garage and went to unlock the door, her car started rolling out of the garage and towards the busy street at the end of the drive. Without a second's thought, Mindy threw herself in front of the tires to prevent the vehicle from continuing its forward motion towards the street. Neighbors were able to jump into the car and put on the emergency brake. Mindy was taken to the hospital with a crushed knee and dislocated hip, but she didn't complain about her injuries. She knew that if she hadn't done what she did, her daughters would have been struck by the busy traffic, and their injuries could have been far worse. This desperate mom was forced to think fast, and may have saved the lives of her twins.

8 Polar Bear Fighting Mother

Desperate moms think and act quickly when it comes to their children—they have to. When you see a polar bear heading towards your kid, what would you do? In a remote area of Quebec, Canada a family encountered a hungry polar bear. Instead of panicking this mom, Lydia Angiyou, managed to stay calm enough to make the decision to stay and fight to allow her son and two other children to get far, far away. "My boy, my boy, my boy is going to be killed, nothing I can do," the mom says she was thinking at the time. But she didn't give up. Only a mama bear could stand up to a polar bear; she put her body on the line, getting clawed in the process, the polar bear even climbed on top of her at one point. Mom was likely planning to sacrifice herself so that her son could escape. Luckily, someone else fired shots, and the polar bear ran away. The children were not injured.

7 Mom Fights Off Cougar That Attacked Her Little Girl

Mother Maureen Lee and her daughter, Maya Espinosa, were out having a nice berry picking time in British Columbia, when a cougar attacked the little girl, only three-years-old. The mom used her body to get between the little girl and the cougar and stood up, flinging the animal off her child. At that point, even a predatory cougar could see that you don't come between this mama and her child. In the video, mom describes how she decided that pulling the cougar off didn't seem like it would work, so she made the split second decision to come between them. Little Maya did have some puncture wounds, and she also needed to have stitches, but she was otherwise okay. Her injuries were considered quite minor, considering what could have happened. The cougar was later hunted down and killed. There is literally nothing a desperate mom wouldn't do to save her child.

6 Mother Saves Daughter From Shark Attack

Most people swim screaming in the opposite direction when they learn of a shark in the water, but you don't do that when it's your child the shark has in its jaws. Valeh Levy and her daughter Sidney were surfing in Florida when it happened. The shark pulled her daughter by the ankle and attempted to drag her underwater. Mom was having none of that though. She grabbed hold her daughter by the shoulders and yanked her out of the shark's mouth and put her back on the board. They called for help and made their way to shore, where the teen girl can now say her mother saved her from being eaten by a shark. Another twist to the story...a second teenager, Nick Romano, was attacked only five minutes earlier. Looks like sharks are hungry people. Unless you have a mama to protect you, just stay out of the water!

5 "I Jumped Off A Cliff, To Save My Family"

It was 2012 and Brock and Kristen Chappell were vacationing in the city of Granada with their young son, Ben. Life had gotten a bit crazy, as it does, and the vacation was just the thing they needed to forget all their worries. The family decided to go on a hike with Ben, only five at the time. They were walking along a wide path, and although they knew there was a sharp drop off to the side (they were hiking on a mountain after all), there was a thick wooden rail to keep people away from the edge. Distracted, they didn't notice that a piece of the railing was missing, replaced only by a bit of caution tape. The little boy had been slapping his hand along the wooden railing as he walked, and he also didn't notice that the railing was gone. When he slapped his hand down on the tape, he fell through and down the cliff. Mom, desperate, didn't even think about it—she just dove after her child. Ben was relatively unharmed, but mom suffered several broken bones, including her back.

4 Woman Saves Her Daughter From A Man-Eating Crocodile

When Rohima heard her twenty-five year old daughter Trisna screaming in the distance, she feared the worst. Rohima was deathly afraid of crocodiles and there was one that had already killed three people in the same village in the past month. Yet, Rohima forgot her fears when she heard her daughter's cries. All she could think was, "I just knew I had to help her or it would be all over." The desperate mom planted a kick to the side of the crocodile's head, but that wasn't doing the trick. So the mom gabbed the jaws of the croc and wrenched them open, somehow succeeding in freeing her daughter's leg from its death-grip. Her daughter needed fifty stitches to close the wound from this man-eating croc, but she lived and that's what matters. We would all be lucky to have a mother like Rohima, who battled a crocodile to save her daughter’s life.

3 You Can't Have This Mother's Son

It's pretty much every mother's worst nightmare—child gets kidnapped, but this story has a happy ending thanks to a desperate mom who wouldn't give up on her son. Kalliopi “Kalli” Atteya from Pennsylvania travelled to Egypt to find her son Niko, who had apparently been kidnapped by his estranged father. She spent several months dressed up in a hijab and niqab so she would not be spotted while she did surveillance. Once she located her son, she swooped in and rescued him. The son confided to his mother that the father kidnapped him because he wanted Niko to be a Muslim. “He said that we lack the morality and the values that their system has. And he said that Americans were so violent, he said we are a rotting society.” This mom is just happy to have her child back, and she is working with American authorities to see that her ex-husband never finds them again.

2 Superhero Mothers

Two women, Donna McNamee and Abigail Sicolo heard screams coming from the front of the house, and when they came outside they saw a little boy trapped beneath a car. At first, Abigail thought the boy was her son Jaydon, who was playing with the little boy named Bailey at the time of the incident. Apparently, they were playing water pistols when Bailey ran into the street, and that's when the car struck Bailey. Perhaps it was because Bailey looked like her son Jaydon, that she mistakenly believed her son was under the car, giving her the adrenaline needed to lift the crushing vehicle off the eight-year-old boy. Both women, as well as Donna's father, pooled their strength and managed to get the car off of Bailey, likely saving his life. Bailey's father seems grateful for their help: "We're really shaken up at the moment but it's great to know we've got neighbors like this around us."

1 Moms Go On Job Interviews With Their Kids

Most of the time when we think about how much a mother would do for her children, we are talking about the good stuff, but when does the willingness to do everything for your kid become a bad thing? I'm thinking that when you are willing to attend a job interview with your child, that might be a bit too much. Apparently, a survey was done asking hiring managers what was the craziest thing a parent had done to get their kid a job. Here are some of the answers:

"The guy opened his laptop and had his mother Skype in for the interview." "A woman brought us a cake to try to convince us to hire her daughter." "A candidate was texting his parents the questions I was asking during the interview and waiting for a response." "One mom asked if she could do the interview because her child had somewhere to be."

Clearly these mamas were forced to take desperate measures to secure their child a job.

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