15 Despicable Times Nurses Sabotaged The Delivery

When a woman becomes pregnant, she tends to do a lot of preparing: ‘nesting,’ choosing a theme for the nursery, debating over what to name the baby and reading every book she can about child raising. A woman giving birth is certainly one of the most important moments in her life. It is also one of the most emotional days of her life. Hopefully, a woman will have support while she is going through this. Aside from any loved ones that might be there, she will also have her doctor and her nurse there. The nurse is possibly the most important person involved in the delivery other than the mom. The nurse will be the medical professional the mom spends the most time with considering the doctor usually only shows up at the end.

A good nurse can help the delivery of a baby be even better than expected. Unfortunately however, nurses are not always all they're cracked up to be. In cases like that, a nurse can more or less ruin a delivery.

Women might not want to hear this, but it has happened before, and it very likely will happen again. The truth is there are at least 15 times when a nurse sabotaged a woman's delivery.

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15 "Messing" Up The Epidural

It goes without saying that giving birth to a baby is painful. Fortunately, for women in labor, there are drugs that can help ease the pain of childbirth. The primary way of handling the pain of delivery is with an epidural. Epidurals are often given by nurses.

The only problem is that nurses do not always do the best of jobs when it comes to actually giving the epidural.

Nurses have been known to make mistakes when giving a woman an epidural. What is worse is that if a nurse does not give an epidural the right way, it can often mean that the epidural is of no use when it comes to relieving pain. As one woman claims, “She messed up my epidural, and it had to be turned off.” That meant an expectant mother had to go without an epidural for at least a period of time. And if you wait too long, the mother may not even be eligible for an epidural. 

14 "This Isn't About You. So Sit Back And Take It"

UNDATED FILE PHOTOGRAPH - Actress Julianna Margulies portrays nurse Carol Hathaway in the NBC television drama series "ER." According to Daily Variety, Margulies has walked away from the hit series, rejecting a $27 million offer to stay. Margulies decided to drop out of the series to concentrate on making a bid for movie stardom. The two-year TV deal would have made her one of the highest-paid women on television. FSP/RC - RTRSB3I

Other than family members, a woman giving birth probably receives the most amount of comfort from her nurse. That is essentially part of their job. Nevertheless, some nurses are not very comforting to moms. In truth, some might be regarded as downright mean to their laboring mamas.

A good example of this is when a woman was giving birth and the nurse would run in and tell her, "This is not about you, this is about your baby, so you just need to sit back and take it.” In a way, the nurse is not entirely wrong. However, it is not something that should be said to her patient. That is still not something any mom-to-be wants to hear. In truth, it is about both baby and mom, because if something happens to mom that is not expected, baby would quickly be in a lot of trouble.

13 "She Refused To Believe Me"

It is easy to imagine that most women look forward to giving birth while still being a bit afraid of the pain. However, what they probably are not looking forward to is having to actually push the baby out. That is often one of the most painful parts of giving birth, especially if you don't have an epidural. Fortunately, women have nurses there to help them with such things. At least the nurse is supposed to help with such things.

Sometimes nurses are not really much of a help at all. There have been instances when a nurse refuses to believe a mom-to-be when she says it is time to push, which needless to say, is not any real help at all. The woman mentioned above claims, “She refused to believe me, and called another nurse to check my cervix." It just goes to show that moms usually know what's going on with their own bodies. Of course, if there is a medical problem and mom's team is telling her not to push, she should listen to them. 

12 Pushing The Baby Back In

So a nurse might not believe a woman when she says it is time to push her baby out. That might actually be a little understandable, given that many first time moms aren't aware of the different stages of labor. What is, perhaps, less understandable is if a nurse actually gets in the way of a mom pushing. That has been known to happen.

In one instance a nurse actually screamed at a woman to stop pushing. If that was not bad enough she actually put her hand on the baby's head like she was going to push the baby back in. The nurse then ran out of the room screaming for a doctor leaving the poor woman in probably the most painful position possible during childbirth - when the baby’s head is crowning and she is stretched to her limit. Needless to say, this did not help the mom out, and did not exactly go towards making birth a magical experience. The nurse needs to get on the baby's schedule, not the other way around. 

11 It's Too Late

With all the talk of nurses, it might be easy to forget about the doctor’s role when it comes to giving birth. After all, it is the doctor that actually delivers the baby. They are pretty important. That is why it is so vital that the nurse calls to get the doctor on time. Unfortunately, a nurse does not always do that.

There have been times when a nurse waits just a little too long to fetch the doctor, like in the example above where the nurse tried to push the baby back in. This could actually be serious for the mom and baby. Luckily, no real harm has come to a mother or baby as a result of this. However, it does not make the mom, or the doctor for that matter, too happy about the situation. Everyone involved should be ready and in position when the times comes for delivery. 

10 "What A Cry Baby..."

It has already been established that childbirth is painful. That pretty much goes without saying. One of the main duties of a nurse during the delivery is to help ease a mother’s pain. Of course, to do that a nurse has to actually believe that the mom is in pain. If the mom has had an epidural, the nurse may not believe the woman is in any pain at all.

Some women claim that the nurse failed to believe them when they told her that they were experiencing a ton of pain. Naturally, this would prevent the nurse from doing anything about a mother's pain. They fail to believe that the epidural is not working. That means the mom would continue to be in pain and miserable. So basically the nurse just is not doing her job very well at all, and is actually causing the mom to be in even more pain.

9 "Such A Failure"

Of course, not all women who give birth have planned pregnancies nor are they all 28 years old and happily married. Some women that give birth are actually fairly young. In fact, some may even be in their teens. Of course, no mere acquaintance can really know the circumstances around a teen giving birth. 

That means that no mere acquaintance should judge a teen mom for being pregnant. Teens moms have a lot to deal with - the last thing they need is judgment from someone who has barely met them. Nevertheless, there have been instances of a delivery nurse looking down on teens that are about to become moms and making their disapproval crystal clear. Of course, nurses are there to help moms, not judge them. Teens that are about to give birth are probably scared about what is happening to them. They are likely unfamiliar with the process and need extra support. Disapproving nurses need to put their personal prejudices aside and be professional in taking care of their patients.

8 That Wasn't Her Job

In order to best help the mom-to-be, a nurse needs to keep a close eye on her. That means the nurse needs to monitor the mom the best she possibly can. The only problem is the nurse does not always do that. Sometimes nurses do not monitor a woman well at all.

In one case, a woman was in severe pain and her nurse was nowhere to be found. It turns out that the nurse was in another labor room doing nothing of any real importance. She wasn't even supposed to be in that other room! She was supposed to be monitoring her own patient. So poor mom was struggling and in pain because her nurse wasn't doing her job. This is especially scary in high-risk pregnancies when mom and baby's health and safety can change in a moment's notice. 

7 "Dad, Get Out Of The Way"

Another person that it is important to not forget among all this talk of nurses is the father of the baby. He is pretty important as well, for obvious reasons. He wants to have as pleasant an experience as possible when it comes to the birth of his child. Of course, nurses have been known to give dads a hard time too.

The disagreements can sometimes be over minor issues, but nurses have argued with dads over something as important as handing the newborn baby over to him instead of to the new mom. For dads that are looking to really enjoy the experience of childbirth, a nurse giving him a hard time is the last thing he wants. It likely does not go over too well with the mom either. That being said, if a dad is in the way, you better believe a nurse is going to put him in his place (literally).

6 "That's Not Mine!"

One of the main functions of a nurse is to give medicine. Doctors certainly do not do that kind of thing. That is something nurses do, and this is certainly true when it comes to moms that are giving birth. It is a very important job because it is medication that helps a mom deal with what is going on within her body.

That is why it is so important that a nurse actually gives the mom the right medication. However, there are times when nurses do not actually give the mom the right medication, or possibly not the right amount. That can be pretty bad for a woman giving birth. That is why it is important nurses make sure they do their job right, and do it right the first time. It would be awful in any situation to mix up a patient's medication and give them the wrong stuff or the wrong dosage, but it is esepcially dangerous when dealing with a laboring mom and her unborn child. 

5 No Crying Allowed

There can be little doubt that giving birth is an emotional experience for a variety of reasons. And we know it's going to be very painful. It is for this reason that one of the jobs a nurse has is to provide comfort and support to the woman giving birth. Nurses, however, do not always do that. In fact, sometimes they provide the exact opposite of comfort.

For example, there is a case when a mom was crying in the delivery room. Rather than trying to soothe the mom, the nurse instead grabbed her by the shoulders and screamed at her for crying. The mom-to-be said she was crying because she peed herself, and the nurse replied, “So what?” She was obviously not the most understanding of nurses. It seems that she forgot that although childbirth may be something she sees every day, it can be completely new to the mother.

4 Dads Are Forbidden

Once upon a time, dads did not go into the delivery room to see their child being born. All that has changed however, and now it is very commonplace for a dad to be in the room when his baby is being born. Naturally, a great deal of moms probably want the dad to be in the room with them. They provide a great deal of comfort to the mom and it's important they are there with their child from the very beginning.

The only problem is that sometimes the nurse gets in the way. There have been times when a nurse actually kicks the dad out of the delivery room for one reason or another. This likely does not go over too well with the dad or the mom. It is debatable whether a nurse actually has the right to do it. Of course, the mom and baby's health should come first. But unless it's an emergency and the dad can't be present, it seems pretty drastic to forbid him from witnessing the birth of his own child. 

3 "Now What?"

When a woman is in labor, it is easy to understand that she probably needs a lot of attention. After all, her body is going through a great deal due to labor. That attention typically comes from the nurse. The great thing is a woman can call on her nurse if she needs anything. That is something that many women in labor often do. They rely on their nurses to help guide them through labor and a healthy childbirth. 

Who can really blame them for that? The problem is that sometimes the nurse is none too happy when she is called. The last thing a woman giving birth needs is someone that acts like she is mad to be there. This is especially true when you consider they are getting paid to be there. It is their job to take care of the poor mom, so why are they so upset about it? 

2 She Just Really Didn't Care

Perhaps the most important thing for a woman who wants pain medication when she is giving birth is the epidural. The epidural is used to ease a woman's pain during labor. So it is easy to understand why it is so important for women to get their epidural and get some relief. However, according to some nurses, there is no time for an epidural. For some women, labor goes very quickly and they simply don't have enough time once they get to the hospital. There is only a certain window of time in which the epidural can be administered.

One woman claims, “The nurse told me there was no time for an epidural - I was having my baby now!" It is not hard to imagine that this is the last thing a woman wants to hear when she is looking for some pain relief. Of course, to be fair, the blame cannot really be placed on the nurse here. Assuming the baby really was coming and there actually was no time for an epidural, then the nurse was just doing her job.

1 What You Want Doesn't Matter

Merritt Wever as Zoey in Nurse Jackie (Season 4, episode 4) - Photo: David M. Russell/SHOWTIME - Photo ID: nurse_jackie_404_0165

It may sound like a myth or a joke, but it is true: there is a chance that a woman will poop while giving birth. Of course, no woman would really want that to happen. They may even try to make a real effort for it not to happen. Many of the same muscles used to defecate are the ones used to help move the baby out. Plus, the baby is likely pressing on their mom's rectum.

For instance, one laboring mom said, “I can't push, I can feel it. I’m gonna poo. I don't want anyone to see that!" Her nurse then insisted that she was not going to poop. However, as one can imagine, she did in fact poop from pushing. She did not feel too happy about it because she was greatly embarrassed. In this case, it was a white lie. The nurse needed the woman to push to get the baby out, and for her, seeing someone poop while in labor was nothing to be embarrassed about. 

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