15 Diaper Changing Mistakes That Can Happen With the Newborn

We all wish that babies came into this world knowing how to use the potty. Too bad they do not. Moms and dads have to change diapers, an act that is often unpleasant. Let’s be honest, no one likes dealing with someone else’s poop.

Babies are extremely high maintenance and expensive. From buying diapers that can be very expensive, taking them to the doctor, buying clothes and not to mention all the attention and care that they need. Of all tasks that mothers do for their little ones, diaper changing is the task that all parents unanimously least look forward to having to do.

The internet has gone ahead and made a simple process look so complicated. Diaper changing is a very easy task, whether through the use of cloth or disposable diapers. New moms are bound to make mistakes, some of which can be very unsafe for the baby. It is saddening to hear how moms and dads are struggling with the process to a point where the baby is getting sick because of bad advice they read on the Internet.

Advice given on the Internet is not applicable to every child. Not all babies are the same and it is less-than-smart to follow everything said on the by bloggers or mothers who think they know it all after they have been changing diapers for a few months.

Here are 15 thing you have been doing wrong while changing diapers.

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15 Not Being Fully Prepared

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If you have ever been to an interview, then you know the essence of being fully prepared. If you are not, be sure that you are not getting that job unless you are one lucky devil. The same case applies to diaper changing. A lot of moms are not completely ready before they start the process. Baby Center reminds us that not being fully prepared means you did not check if there’s a new diaper available, or that there are enough wipes to get the job done. Get a grip!

Before you begin to change the diaper make sure you have everything you are going to need within easy reach.

You are a mom now which means being ready for changing the diaper. So what happens if you are not fully ready? You end up taking both hands off the baby, diverting attention to something else or even leaving the room. As we have mentioned earlier these are not good ideas because they can lead to disasters.

14 Changing The Diaper On The Bed

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Location does not only apply to real estate but also in diaper changing. The location matters a lot when changing the baby’s diaper. You shouldn’t change the baby’s diaper in just any part of the house, just like you would not live just anywhere like an animal. To many, it appears that a soft surface is a perfect place to change the baby. Many think that this is the case.

Apparently, it is not. The reason for this is that it can be very tough to keep the baby steady on a bed or a sofa because they can easily tumble. Also, it can be very difficult to pull off the used diaper and put on the new one. Cafe Mom tells us that changing babies on a flat surface is recommended by experts to prevent any accidents that are likely to occur. We all know that babies are wiggly little buggers and they can accidentally squirm themselves off a bed or sofa while you’re reaching for the ointment. The floor can be a safer option also, as long as there is a changing pad underneath.

13 Skipping Diaper Changes

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Not changing the baby regularly is a mistake. If the diaper is not changed frequently, MedicineNet informs us that leakage and diaper rash will appear. Would you as an adult like to have wet pants for even a few minutes? This would be very uncomfortable and it also is for your baby. Whether you are busy, traveling, or have visitors, stop and change the diaper as soon it needs to be changed. People are usually misled by diaper companies who think that a baby can stay with a disposable diaper for 4-12 hours. Parents often make this mistake.

The diaper should be changed as soon as it has become dirty, not after the period of time that has been indicated by a guide.

If it is a cloth diaper, changing should be done as soon as the baby wets it. Not doing so will cause leakages, rashes and the baby will get super cranky. Make sure you have extra diapers, especially when you are traveling.

12 Leaving The Room

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There are many instances where you would be forced to leave the room while changing the baby. Perhaps the doorbell has rung and there is no one else in the house, or you have heard your older kid playing in the kitchen and got hurt. There are many more reasons as to why you would want to leave the room, but whatever it is, it is not a good idea.

Leaving the baby without any supervision in the midst of changing the diaper even if she is harnessed, could lead to a disastrous accident. Even if you are changing the baby on the floor, the baby could wander off into the next room where you keep materials or chemicals that could be fatal. The baby could also roll over into other things, causing a bad accident.

So for heaven’s sake, remain in the room throughout the whole process to ensure your baby remains intact until at least they have mastered your full name and phone number.

11 Not Buying the Proper Size of Diaper

Newborn babies grow at a very high rate. Hence, mothers think that they should buy a bigger size of diapers than the baby actually needs. This is not a good idea. Honestly, you are just overworking the poor champ. The kid is going to have so much extra material to carry. Oversized diapers open up the possibilities of leakage. Clothes are not the only things children grow out of; also diapers.

Diapers are quite pricey, so even though the diapers are a bit snug for the baby, moms continue to make use of them on their babies until they have used up the ones remaining. This can cause problems like discomfort and high chances of chafing. Choosing the right size of the diaper can be very tricky. Babies grow at different rates, hence diapers are sized by weight not by age. If unsure of the baby’s weight sample a diaper size to make sure the diaper fits well around the baby’s waist.

10 Just Throwing Them In The The Wash

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Most moms wash diapers incorrectly. The most important thing to keep in mind is that you should not use any washing agents that will destroy the diapers or hurt the baby.

When using bleach on cloth diapers make sure it is diluted. The Clorox company states that using straight bleach can eat away the material of the diaper. Fabric softener is also not safe for the baby. It is known for making clothes feel gentle to the touch, but causes diaper rashes and it is not necessary. When babies get older they start eating solid foods the poop smell gets stronger. At this point, you can use washing agents on the diapers, but make sure they are rinsed thoroughly to avoid irritation to the baby’s skin.

It is also necessary to wash the diapers daily. It is not advisable to let them sit for a while.

They will start to stink and in their wet state, it is a perfect condition for mold and bacteria to grow.

9 Not Folding Down The Diaper

The umbilical cord is a pretty sensitive area. If not watched carefully, complications can develop as a result. Before a baby’s belly button reveals itself there is usually a small fragment of the umbilical cord that stays connected to it. It eventually falls off but before it does, it is best to avoid it while changing the diaper.

The American Pregnancy Association tells us that the umbilical stump should not be covered up by the nappy. When it gets covered, there is an increased chance of it falling off before it has completely healed, leaving it open to infection. An infection in a newborn is very dangerous since it spreads very fast. To avoid the diaper coming into contact with the umbilical stump, just fold it down or use notched nappies and avoid tight clothes around the baby’s waist. This will allow air to reach it, hence fast healing and no infections will occur.

8 Changing The Diaper Too Soon

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It is always super important to change the diaper as soon as possible when it comes to filthy diapers, but changing the baby’s diaper as soon as he has pooped is not always a good idea. Maybe the baby is not done yet with his business and once the diaper is off he finishes all over you. This could be a pretty bad scene, especially if you are not at home and do not have any clothes to change into. Give the baby time to finish. You can take your sweet time while doing your business in the toilet and do not like people rushing you to get out. So give your baby a bit of space too.

To avoid messes that will lead to embarrassing situations, wait a little bit longer before changing the diaper.

Also, avoid changing the diaper too often and rubbing the baby’s behind. This can also cause chafing and irritation.

7 Reusing Diapers

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Do you wear your underwear twice because it looked clean after wearing it the first time? Then why in God’s name would you reuse a diaper on your baby. Some people actually use diapers more than once. This is pretty disgusting and can be very harmful.

Considering the fact that diapers are pretty pricey one can be tempted to use it more than once. When changing a diaper, sometimes you may find that it is dry and think that it would not be harmful to put it back on. This is not a good idea at all. Appearances can be deceiving. Even though it may look clean in your eyes, there is bacteria and dead skin cells that can only be seen using a microscope. WebMD states that putting a diaper back on the baby could lead to an infection. It is, therefore, best to throw away a used one and put a fresh one on.

6 Incorrect Drying System

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There are different ways of drying diapers. They can be dried indoors, outdoors, by use of a machine or without a machine. Lil Bums Cloth Diapers tells us that outdoor and indoor drying of diapers is the best way. This is also referred to as air drying. It is ideal to hang them outside, but also a laundry rack can be used inside the house. Excessive drying of diapers in the dryer can reduce their life span and effectiveness.

When using a dryer do not leave them in for too long. Check them from time to time to see whether they have dried.

While laundering diapers, use the same amount of detergent as you would use on your clothes. Fabric softeners and bleach should be avoided. Ideally, they should then be hung up in the sun because it helps minimize discoloration and bacterial growth. You can also string a line in the house in a safe place that is out of reach of the little one.

5 Carelessly Changing After A Certain Practice

According to the American Academy of Pediatricians many pediatricians recommend circumcision. This is a popular practice among many for little boys. It is a perfectly safe practice and the area needs time to heal. Until it does, mothers need to be careful while changing diapers. The circumcised area is quite sensitive and is susceptible to infections. The diaper should be changed as soon as the baby wets.

It should be changed at least two times in an hour and dirty diapers changed right away. Baby wipes should not be used to wipe the penis because they contain chemicals that can cause irritation to the area. Instead, one should use a damp, clean, soft cloth. Vaseline can also be applied to the area to prevent the penis getting stuck in the diaper. It is important to wash your hands before handling the penis. They could contain bacteria that would cause an infection. A hand sanitizer can also be used as long it is at least 60 percent alcohol.

4 Moms Overlooking Rashes

Diaper rashes are bound to happen on the baby’s skin according to KidsHealth.org. Most moms are aware of this but they tend to overlook any signs that their baby has one. Some do not even know the signs that indicate the baby has developed a rash.

If the baby’s diaper area appears reddish, aggravated, inflamed or simply not normal, it is safe to say that the baby definitely has a rash.

When skin is regularly exposed to wetness it tends to break down and become irritated and not even the most absorbent diaper can remove all the moisture. Poop has a higher chance of causing a rash because it contains harmful substances that can be very irritating. Other things that can cause a diaper rash include abrading, antibiotics and yeast. If you suspect your baby has a rash, clean and dry the diaper area thoroughly. Also, apply ointment and make sure this is done after every diaper change. If the rash appears to be very severe visit the pediatrician.

3 Wiping Back To Front

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Women are advised to wipe from front to back. This is because female genitals are extremely sensitive and susceptible to infections, as well as being very close to the anus. The Mayo Clinic tells us that if a woman wipes in the opposite direction, the lady parts are exposed to feces that could find a way to the urethra and cause an infection. The same applies to your little one.

Wiping in the opposite direction is definitely easier and seems safe, but could be dangerous. Girls are more susceptible to get an infection than boys, but it could be harmful to boys too. The fecal material contains bacteria that are harmful, so whether the child is a boy or girl the safest way of wiping is front to back. A boy could be circumcised and contact of the penis with feces will definitely cause a serious infection. So make sure you are careful while wiping the baby’s bum.

2 Keeping Hands Off The Baby

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Babies like moving a lot whether they are happy, crying or annoyed. Let’s just say the little rascals can’t keep still. Hence, the need to keep one hand on them while changing the diaper. It might seem harmless not to place one hand on the baby, especially if your eyes are fixed on them, but in a flash of a moment the baby could make a movement and roll off the changing table.

Newborns make jerky movements which are totally unforeseeable. World of Moms reminds us that simple movements like kicks or a swing of the arm could land the baby on the floor.

Even if you react quickly, it might not be quick enough to save the child from the fall. To avoid this from happening, it is always best to keep a hand on the kid throughout the process. You would not want your baby to end up in the hospital because of a fracture or a broken bone because of your carelessness now, would you?

1 Not Washing Your Hands

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As a human, you are bound to forget a lot of important stuff, but one thing you should keep in mind as a mom is to wash your hands after changing your little one's diaper. A billion things run through your mind and it’s easy to forget such a simple task. Maybe you have other three kids who have been getting on your nerves or husband who drinks every other night. However, Pop Sugar reminds us that you should always remember this simple task for the safety of your child and yourself.

Just as it is important to wash your hands after you visit the bathroom, it is also just as important to wash your hands after changing the baby. You could easily spread bacteria from waste from your baby, someone else living with you and even yourself. For the sake of those eating in that house please wash your hands.

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