15Man Up! Get A Handle On That Pain

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He wants to make sure he is prepared for the pain he will experience when she is screaming and has a death grip on his hand as she pushes, hoping it will take her pain away.

Pain! It is the foundation to every birthing experience from those insane contractions to pushing that baby out of the birth canal. Pain is the one thing guaranteed with childbirth. Parents reports that mom spends hours researching natural childbirth versus a medicated one. She talks to her doctor about the

options. She finds herself asking her friends what their experiences were with childbirth pain mediation—all the while imaging a perfect world where there is no pain during childbirth.

While mom wants what is best for her baby, she also wants to pick something that will help her get through labor effectively, too. Dad, on the other hand, is remembering where the ibuprofen is kept.

He wonders if his fingers will break and if he will be able to handle how much her death grip will hurt. Generally speaking, dads will not complain about this pain, out of fear of the glares they will get from the mother that just pushed a newborn out.

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