15 Different Kinds Of Moms She'll Meet In Prenatal Class (And 5 To Avoid At All Costs)

Any time a mom-to-be is expecting her first baby, she will realize that the friends that she has had since high school may end up having very little in common with her after her baby is born. That is unless any of her friends are already moms. Not to mention, she will have a difficult time talking to them about her pregnancy only because they will not be able to relate to her in any way.

And, with that said, these brand new expectant moms are going to understandably want to make some mom friends who are in the same position as them. There are plenty of local mom social groups that any mom-to-be can join. And, plenty of these moms are hoping to make some friends at prenatal class because they will have one major thing in common with them - and that is the fact that they are expecting as well, especially if they are expecting their first children.

However, the one thing that many of these new moms don't realize is that there are several different mom types around. And, some of these mom types they will want to avoid at all costs. Here is the different type of moms that can be met at prenatal class, and moms can learn about which ones are great to befriend. Additionally, moms can learn about the mom-types that they need to run from as well!

20 The Helicopter Type

helicopter mom

The type of mom that talks about planning to keep a leash on their child all of the time literally and figuratively is the type of mom that no child will want to have. That is because these moms cannot relax at all unless their children are in their sight all of the time.

They will also always have the first aid kit and the hand sanitizer in their large purses at all times. And, they will use it even when their child ends up with a tiny shallow scrape. And, according to Essence, this type of mom which is the helicopter type can be found in prenatal class, as well as the playground quite often.

And, in prenatal class, if this mom-to-be is talking about how she plans to be involved in every aspect of her child's life even into adulthood, then her kids will want to avoid her. Just like anyone else, they will need their privacy, and need time away from their mothers!

19 The One Who Shares Too Much

over sharer

If you already had met a mom in prenatal class that not only went into too many details about how rough her morning sickness was but at the same time, offered highly useful information on how she managed it- then it is great to be connected with someone who is quite resourceful.

However, at the same time, these moms are going to not only deliver you TMI- type of information, but they will talk your ears off solutions as well. They will just throw out too much information in general which will not only cause you to block out half of what she is saying due to information overload. And, according to Essence, this is the type of mom that will give you 500 potty training tips that may not even be applicable to you.

18 Avoid: The Judgmental One

judgmental one

If you are in prenatal class and you talk about how you ate that extra cupcake because you had a sudden craving, you are likely going to bump onto another mom-to-be that will give you a disapproving look. And, she may even sarcastically ask you if you plan on developing gestational diabetes. This mom is the one you will want to avoid at all costs. That is because if she is judgmental before kids are in the picture, she will be even more judgmental towards other moms.

And, according to The Stir from CafeMom, these judgmental moms that are referred to as the 'sanctimommies' can really say things that can make other moms feel bad about their choices. The best thing that any mom can do is avoid this type at all costs, and not take them seriously.

17 The Resilient One

the resilient one

Everyone has a story of their own, and some people have been through more difficulties than others. And, there is no doubt that you will come across a mom-to-be that has already had pregnancy complications but is shining anyway. And, she may even tell you some things about herself that would amaze you. Especially if she talks about her challenging childhood or the fact that she had to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to do more than five rounds of IVF to get pregnant. And yet, she is still optimistic and shining.

No one can deny that this type of mom is incredibly resilient because she has been through more than anyone can imagine in life and is still standing. And, according to Marie Claire, this type of mom will have an easy time to roll with the punches and can be a great friend to have because she'll help anyone go through difficult times with her compassion while giving them great advice.

16 Avoid: The Nosy One


When you go to prenatal class, the friendly moms will ask you questions about your pregnancy and your life in general in order to get to know you. However, there is a fine line between someone asking you plenty of questions due to them being genuinely curious and asking questions to be nosy! You can't always tell the difference, either.

However, according to Marie Claire, there is a big difference. Those who want to get to know you because of being interested in creating a friendship will not gossip about others nor will they ask anyone else those questions who they are not interested in knowing. And the nosy ones will talk about others quite loudly, and will even ask other moms the same questions. And, often they are louder than those who ask questions in order to get to know you as a person. You will want to stay far away from the nosy ones!

15 The Health-Obsessed One

pregnancy nutrition

It is always best to eat as healthy as you can during your pregnancy and to avoid the foods that professionals have said not to eat such as fish with high mercury levels, and unpasteurized products. However, the mom that you bump into the prenatal class that tells you that she made sure that nothing that she had eaten had GMOs or made sure that she did not exceed eating more than 500 extra calories in a day is the health nut! And, there is a strong chance you will bump into several like her in your mom life!

According to Essence, the health nut type will literally read every label of groceries before throwing it into their carts. Because if there is an ingredient in there that is artificial, then she not only will avoid eating it during pregnancy, but she won't feed it to her kids either.

14 The One Who Goes By The Book

by the book

You definitely want to make sure that you take the best care of yourself during your pregnancy, but there are times when you can relax somewhat. For instance, if you had lifted something that was a little heavier than what professionals recommend pregnant women to lift, then you will be fine. Your unborn baby will be fine.

However, if you meet a mom-to-be in prenatal class who says if an item is only one pound heavier than recommended to be lifted, but she won't lift it because it goes against the pregnancy rules - then you can only imagine how she will be when it comes to when she is parenting. According to Essence, these moms that go by the book and goes by the rules are will be the types to tell other moms to not bring nuts to the playground because it goes against its rules. She will also be very rigid with her parenting techniques as well.

13 The One That Worries Constantly

the worrier

Any mom-to-be will be anxious about doing something during her pregnancy that may have unintentionally been not so good for her unborn baby. However, there are plenty of pregnant moms that are going to worry about eating that extra sugary sweet because that in itself can cause her to develop gestational diabetes. Or, she may believe in pregnancy superstitions that have already been debunked such as thinking thoughts about not so nice things that can have a negative effect on her baby.

There are plenty of moms like this that you are bound to meet at prenatal class. And, according to Essence, these moms will also be the types that won't let her kids go on the swings in the playground because they can slip and fall and get seriously hurt. They can't help it because it is in their nature to worry all of the time!

12 The One That Has Oblivious Tendencies


There are times when it is a good idea to not pay attention to any kind of news that can be unsettling, especially if it really does not affect you in any kind of personal way. However, there are plenty of moms-to-be around that had lost track of how many weeks into her pregnancy she is. These moms also may know nothing about the latest beneficial pregnancy product that is on the market. These moms are the oblivious ones and you are bound to meet at least one in your prenatal class.

And, according to Essence, this type of mom will also be the type to sit on the playground bench while playing on her phone while her kids are getting ready to wander off.

11 Avoid: The Boaster 

the boaster

If you bump into a mom-to-be at your prenatal class who has the immediate need to tell you that her husband makes a seven-figure income each year so that they can hire a nanny while they travel the world, then you will want to watch out for this type. This type of mom is the boasting type and will make it known that she has so many advantages over other moms because it is simply in her nature.

And, according to Essence, you can bet that this is the mom that will be boasting about her child reaching milestones very early on or how she is able to afford to send her kids to the most expensive private schools around. Once this mom's bragging nature shows, you will want to avoid this one with a 10-foot pole.

10 The Know-It-All (Avoid)

know it all

There is a good chance that you will end up meeting a mom-to-be in prenatal class that may as well be called the Walking Google! In other words, she will tell you not to bend in a certain way because there are 201 ways that you can get hurt if you do. Or, if you tell her that you have a craving for some seafood, then she will tell you what type of seafood is safe to eat during pregnancy and also tell you which types of seafood that must be avoided because of the high mercury levels it has.

In other words, you are likely going to come across one of those know-it-alls. And, according to Essence, this trait will only become more pronounced during motherhood. Because she will be sure to share every type of parenting tip around. Her intentions may be coming from a good heart, but you definitely want to steer clear of this one!

9 The Laid Back One

laid back

This type of mom-to-be you will want to have in your life because she will make an excellent friend. She will only shrug if you tell her that you enjoyed an additional scoop of ice cream, and her response will be you only live once so you may as well enjoy it. That is most definitely the laid back type. The laid back type will only make comments and take action if there is a legitimate reason for concern such as having strong contractions every two minutes!

However, according to Essence, the easy-going, laid-back mom will just go with the flow, will never judge any other mom for her parenting choices, and will only mind her own business. This mom friend is every mom's dream!

8 The One Who Pushes Certain Products

product pusher

You will most definitely likely meet a mom-to-be at your prenatal class that will be known for pushing products. For instance, if you tell her that you had just purchased a pregnancy pillow, she will not have any trouble with letting you know that you got the wrong brand because the brand that she has is the best one around. And, she will talk about other products as well.

According to Essence, this type of mom will also be the type to show off the latest and greatest products she had bought for her kids because it's all about the brand name. Not even the purpose of the product. You can bet that this mom will only purchase her kids' clothing from expensive outlets.

7 Avoid: The Networking Recruiter


This type of mom that you will be meeting at your prenatal class will appear to be extremely friendly and will act as if she really cares about you. Once she feels that you have warmed up to her and that she has gained your trust, then you will start asking you if you are looking into making a side income, and then will invite you to her Tupperware or essential oil party. And if you decline, then she will not want anything to do with you.

Yes, you've guessed this one. She is the recruiter, the network marketer that is more than eager to add you to her downline so she can make a few bucks off of you. According to Essence, the difference between these moms and the product-pushing ones are that they only push their products for their own benefit. The product-pushing ones only do so because they genuinely think there is nothing better around than the brands they love. And, it is just as well that these recruiting types stay away from you after you decline their Tupperware party invitations.

6 Avoid: The Competitive One 

competitive one

This mom that you will meet in your prenatal class will have no problem with telling you that she is healthier than you because she eating a lot better than you. She will also talk about how she is able to keep her emotions in check, unlike her pregnant sister-in-law who cries at the drop of a hat. At the same time, she will also not have a problem with letting you know that her morning sickness was worse than yours, because no one else can experience the same amount of discomfort as she has!

Everything is simply a competition with this mom. And, according to Essence, this mom is also going to be the type to always compare her kids to yours, or her neighbor's kids, or to her nieces and nephews! You are better off without having this mom friend in your life.

5 The Hard Worker

the hard worker

This type of mom that you will likely meet at prenatal class can most definitely be a good influence on anyone. That is because she finds a way to manage her pregnancy as well as her work life, and finds a way to stay organized at home. She also will not boast about any of her capabilities. Because she has no need to and that is not her style, because she is a hard worker by nature.

This mom will also be able to provide you with good tips when it comes to managing your household, work life, and parenting duties. According to Marie Claire, this type of mom is not a boaster and is not an over-sharer. She has found tips to utilize to work hard and keep her busy life as organized as she possibly can. And she is happy to share these tips with those who ask her how she does it all.

4 The One Who Marches To Her Own Drummer

unique one

Everyone is most definitely set in their ways in one way or another and has their own unique qualities. After all, the world would be a boring place if everyone was clones of one another. However, you may end up meeting a mom in prenatal class that is more than just a one of a kind.

She may be the type to eat cereal for dinner while she has a steak sandwich for breakfast. And, this has nothing to do with any kind of pregnancy craving, this is just her unique style. She may also talk to her pet rock before bed each night. Not because it only provides her comfort but she has gotten into her own routine of doing that. She may also name her child after one of the letters of the Greek Alphabet.

Needless to say, this mom is the type that marches to her own drummer. And, according to Marie Claire, this mom is likely an Aquarius or has plenty of those qualities even if she is not.

3 The Drama Queen

drama queen

If you have not met a mom-to-be that acts as if a little bit of nausea or other pregnancy-related discomforts will finish her off, then you very well may bump into this type in prenatal class. She may even say that she is so tired that she is sure that she'll slip into a coma. Can we say a wee bit dramatic? Absolutely, because this type of mom is the drama queen.

And, according to Marie Claire, this mom can easily fall into the helicopter category which is not surprising. Think about it. If her child were to slip and fall and end up with a small cut, she would take out a large first aid kit and take out large bandages and plenty of disinfectant cream as well. And, you can only imagine the kind of production she will make when the contractions start!

2 The Pollyanna One


No one wants to hang around a Debbie Downer, because that will only damper anyone's mood. However, at the same time, listening to someone who is unusually cheerful and wants to find the good in everyone and in everything can be a bit much to handle as well. And, you may end up running into the Pollyanna-type mom-to-be. There is no doubt that this one will be annoying.

Even though it is important to have a good attitude in general, however, the last thing any mom-to-be that is having any kind of pregnancy discomfort will want to listen to is hearing another mom-to-be constantly putting an unrealistic positive spin on any kind of pregnancy pain.

And, according to the Huffington Post, the concern about this type of individual is that they are putting on a positive act that they may deep down be in pain and no one would know. With that said, after this mom gives birth, she'll need to be checked on thoroughly because she would be the type to want to acknowledge serious situations like postpartum depression. And, that cannot go unattended.

1 The DIY One


You may have been looking for pregnancy products that are simple but effective, and inexpensive. However, there is no doubt that you will end up bumping into a mom-to-be at the prenatal class that is sharing with the others around how she created her own maternity clothing or pregnancy pillow. And, what will be impressive is that she will share how she created it because she used materials that you would never even consider.

This mom is that creative, DIY mom. And, according to Bustle, you will want to be friends with someone like this for many reasons. For one, if you need some help with bringing creativity in your life such as home decorating for a low-cost, she will provide you with many ideas and resources to help make that happen. Or if you need to buy some products, she will help you save money and teach you how to make your own instead.

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