15 Dirty And Neglected Kids And Their Living Situation

It's 2017, and it's surprising to see so many children and families that live in poverty. According the the United States Census Bureau, in 2015 the poverty rate was estimated at 13.5 percent. That equates to 1 in 7 people. And that is just in the United States Alone. If we look at the poverty rate on a global scale, the numbers increase drastically and it's extremely saddening. Over half the population on the planet, which is over 3 billion people, live on less than $2.50 a day. That's basically a cup of coffee from Dunkin Donuts, and definitely not even close to enough for a gallon of milk.

Some other disturbing statistics include at least 80% of all humanity living on less than $10 per day, and almost one billion people entered the 21st century not being capable of reading a book or knowing how to sign their own names. I can't even begin to imagine living a life where I can't pick up my favorite book and read it, or not knowing how to write a letter to a person that I love. Unfortunately, this is a sad reality for a high percentage of human beings on Earth. In order to grow as a species, we need to educate ourselves and learn the importance of helping those in need and passing the torch by teaching others how to do certain things, even a simple task such as doing your taxes (I wish I could have learned that earlier in life, but I am grateful that I was taught by my mother and I am able to do something so simple that would otherwise look like trying to read a completely different language).

We need to save this Planet for the sake of our children, and for their children, and the generations to come.

15 Drug Addicted Parents

Even though this young girl had a house to go home to, it was never a home for a family. She grew up with absent parents due to their terrible drug addictions. She was never cooked a proper meal, and probably went for some time without eating. She recalls her mother always being upstairs completely trashed, that her mother wouldn't even notice whether Sophie had gone to school or not that day. She enjoyed going to school, not only to learn but to escape the harsh reality of her home life.

There were also times where she would answer the door and let complete strangers into her home, as her mother would always be upstairs and never capable of answering the door. As she grew older and realized what was going on, she confronted her parents and tried to get them to admit that they had a serious problem, which sadly, never happened for her. She grew up thinking that it was her fault for the way her parents were and for the neglect she received during her childhood. It is never the child's fault for the actions of their parents, and through proper counseling she now understands that what was done to her was wrong.

14 The Lancashire House


A young mother and father in their 20's admitted to four different counts of child neglect from a home in Leyland, Lancashire. The officers who entered the home were mortified by the living conditions of the family. In the home, they found that none of the children were properly dressed, wearing nothing but underwear or t-shirts.

One of the young children, just a small baby in a bouncer, was not even two feet away from a halogen heater, and if the child had tipped the wrong way, they would have been severely burned. Another young girl was trapped underneath a bed frame in a room smeared with feces and flies. The other two children, who were toddlers, were in another room with openly soiled diapers, feces spread on the walls, and carpet rods completely exposed. The officers also found no food in the kitchen for the children to eat, so they did the right thing by going to the store and buying food for them. All four children were taken from the parent's and brought to their local hospital, where all four had fevers and skin conditions. Their parents were sentenced to 14 months in jail.

13 Santa Doesn't Come to My House


A 5 year old boy was forced to live in a disgusting home with his parents. When found, he was walking about a mile out from his home. When officers entered the premises, the entire house was covered in garbage. Flies filled the home and there was dirt and other grime covered across all the walls, floors, appliances and furniture. The only food that was found in the home was completely spoiled, along with rotten food on all the kitchen's counter tops.

When he first came to live with his foster mother, he told her that "Santa doesn't come to my house. I don't know why, because I have been good." This is enough to break any mother's heart. He never knew what a bath was or what eating a proper meal was like, so when his foster mother first began bathing him he was terrified. At first, he showed extreme discomfort while eating as well. After some time in foster care, it was reported that the child is a "lovely little boy, very chatty, open, and likes to please people."

Now the boy has a chance for a wonderful life thanks to the loving foster mother who took him in. We hope that he gets to enjoy a real childhood where Santa will visit him every year.

12 My Children Were Left Alone With "Mary Jane"


A mother in her late 20's faces charges of child neglect. According to police, she left her two children, ages 1 and 2, at home (with a babysitter) in squalid conditions with marijuana within reach of the two kids. According to the babysitter, a young 18 year old girl, she had left the children home alone for at least 30 minutes to go to the store, but later changed her story saying she was never at the home to begin with. When a neighbor noticed that the supervising adult had left the home, she peaked through the window and found the two children staring back at her, alone.

When police entered the premises, they found smoked marijuana cigarettes on a table that was within reach of either child, along with moldy food. While searching the rest of the home, police found the home to be completely unsanitary for two young children to be living in. Their clothes were also extremely dirty and diapers were soiled. Upon the mothers arrest, police found that she had a warrant out for stealing from a local shopping center. It is unclear as the where the father is and whether he will be facing charges as well.

11 Roach Infested Home

In this particular home, officials found a couple housing 6 children in a home that was  ridden in garbage and roaches. There was also no electricity in the home. When the found the children, they were covered in dirt and their own soils and had appeared to not have been bathed in quite some time. According the the mother, she did bathe the children using a pot of water that she would heat up on the grill, since there was no electricity to obtain hot water for a real bath.

Upon entering the house, police said there was an overwhelming smell of dirt and animals. The did fine one dog and at least 3 cats in the home, along with a pig in the back yard. If the children were filthy and not bathed, then there is no doubt that the animals were also ridden with dirt and other soils.

What's even more disturbing is what the investigator found in the home. Trash bags were overflowing with moldy and spoiled food, with insects living inside the garbage bags and spilling out onto the stained floors. Bug and roaches crawled on every surface, including beds and other furniture. A cooler with dirty water was kept with chicken nuggets inside and cans of beer. The parent's were arrested on counts of child neglect and the house was condemned, as it was seen as a fire hazard.

10 All You Could Smell Was Urine

Police were called to a home by a neighbor who saw two young children playing outside by themselves in a driveway with no parental supervision. Before police could arrive, a concerned neighbor clothed and fed both children, as one was completely naked while the other was wearing nothing but a soiled diaper. Several complaints had been made against the mother, with one stating that she wrapped tape around her child's head and face, causing minor injuries.

Upon entering the home, investigators found the house to be extremely messy with no electricity, and the smell of urine was overwhelming. The living conditions within the home were unfit for two young children, and they were taken by the towns Department of Children's Services, while the mother was charged with two accounts of child neglect, along with aggravated child abuse. She was then transported to the local jail with a high bond.

9 Flies And Feces, Damp Urine And Mold


In a house in Long Eaton, Derbyshire, officers responded to an incident in which they were surprised to find more than they bargained for. Upon entering the home, investigators found two young children living in treacherous conditions. The entire property was swarming with flies, with feces smeared on walls through out the home. The was a strong odor of dirty diapers, urine, mold, and human waste.

In the children's bedroom, they found empty bottles, wrappers from chocolate, and dirty underwear and diapers covering the entire floor. There were two mattresses in the room, which were completely dirty and covered in flies. The also found feces smearing on one of the children's headboards, and a lock at the top of the door, in which the mother used to lock her children inside their filthy bedroom.

There was no fresh food in the home, and any food that was found was spoiled and covered in mold and flies. The entire floor throughout the home had questionable matter on them, if not covered with bags of garbage, spoiled food, or any other type of rotting matter. Although no food was found, both children were neither thin nor emaciated and did not show any signs of being malnourished.

8 Naked, Cold, Dirty And Hungry

A concerned father called the police to investigate the home of his 3 children and their mother. When police arrived on the scene, they immediately found feces smeared on the walls, floors, and even bed sheets and pillow cases. There was no heat running through the home, while the children were either wearing one article of clothing or were completely naked. They must have been freezing in these poor conditions.

Investigators also discovered a bath tub that was half full with water, and since the children were completely unsupervised, one of them could have easily drowned to death. It was also noted that there was a strong smell of excrement while they searched the rest of the house. Two of the three children were trapped behind a baby gate, screaming, unable to leave the room they were forced to stay in.

The reason as to the children being unsupervised was the result of a hungover mother, who was asleep in a different room. All three children were handed over to their father who is caring for them while the mother is only allowed to see them under supervision.

7 Urine Soaked Mattresses


5 children were found living in horrendously filthy condition after authorities were called to the home after the 17 year old daughter had ran away and had gone missing for 3 weeks. A concerned neighbor called the police and upon arrival found the house to be completely unlivable and unsafe for everyone living in the home. The home contained urine soaked mattresses, feces covering all of the walls, all rooms filled with trash and a serious bug infestation.

The children had severe medical conditions due to neglect. One of the children was barely able to eat because his teeth were so badly rotten. None of the water sources in the home were in working condition, including showers, toilets and sinks. Since there was barely any water running through the home, it was obvious that all the children had not bathed or showered in a long time.

The children are currently living with relatives, who were unaware of the terrible living conditions of these poor kids. The mother was sentenced to jail, facing five counts of child neglect.

6 Living With An Offender


A home was discovered with 11 children and 10 adults living inside in terrible conditions, including a registered sex offender. All 11 children were taken into protective custody. Upon entering the home, authorities found 3 of the 11 children tied up, one girl who was blind, and the other two were toddler boys. Of these children, 9 of them were under the age of five.

None of the children ever attended proper schooling, and even neighbors claimed they had no idea any children were living in the home because they were never seen outside.  Some of the older children living in the home were runaways from their foster homes. One of the adult males in the home, who had a young child living with him, was completely unaware of the neglect and abuse from the others living in the home.

Extra housing was seen in the backyard where sheds can be seen to house other people who were currently living there, as the house did not have enough space to accommodate for over 20 persons. No criminal charges have been places against any of the adults in the home from neglect and abuse.

5 Imprisoned And Tortured


A young girl spent the first 13 years of her life tied to a toilet. When she wasn't tied down to her crib, of course. Her father was the one to "raise" her, and never taught her how to speak. If she made any type of sound he would beat her and scratch her with his fingernails.

Two of the younger children were taken from the home, after a neighbor saw them covered in their own feces and called the police. Once inside the home, the corpses of three infants were found. The mother was described as being mentally ill and was forced by her husband to keep the children a secret. One of the children was unable to speak, underweight, and had limited exposure to daylight.

The younger children were placed in foster care, and the older children went to live with their paternal grandparents. The youngest children will require a lot of medical treatment, along with patience to overcome the abuse they had to endure.

4 Primal Screams


Two young toddlers were forced to live in a home with no carpets and dirt all over the floors and walls of the house. When social workers came to the house for inspection, they found that the children had an infestation of head live, they were covered in sores from head to toe (along with blisters) and the only way they knew how to communicate was through primal screaming. The only word they knew how to use was "car". Their legs were completely red due to them being kept in a cold environment.

Luckily for the children, their upstairs neighbor became extremely concerned and contacted the local authorities to investigate. Once the police and social worker arrived to the scene, they found both children wearing nothing but torn t-shirts and had feces stuck in between their toes and serious cuts on their hands. Once the social worker walked into the children's room, she was immediately horrified. There was only one toddler bed, with a disgustingly dirty mattress, the bedroom curtains were ripped and covered in feces. There were hand prints on the walls made with feces, and it spread from the walls all the way up to the ceiling.

The father was sentenced to 29 months in jail and the children were put into a foster home. The father also showed no remorse for his actions and lack of caring for his children.

3 The Gloucestershire Home


For an undetermined amount of time, 9 children were left to live in a home that was filthy and covered in animal waste. 4 of the children were malnourished with bad infestations of head lice. Doctors, teachers, social workers and health professionals were well aware of the family and what was going on in the home, but the parents somehow kept beating the system by playing the authorities. No kind of action was ever taken, until one day one of the children had severe diaper rash and had to be admitted to the local hospital.

All of the children lived in bedrooms that had an overwhelming smell of urine and animal feces. Their mattresses were also soiled, covered in human and animal waste. One of the younger children, a 3 year old girl, was unable to walk due to a number of health problems caused by developmental, physical and emotional neglect. The children, after being examined by health professionals, were found to be suffering with tooth decay, delayed development (including cognitive, mental, emotional, and physical), anemia, and overall poor hygiene.

One of the reason why the mother was able to get away with this for so long was because of how manipulative and aggressive she was. She knew how to play and cheat the system and she used it to her advantage in order to neglect and severely harm her children. These poor children suffered for so many years under her care, and luckily the system was finally able to come through to save the kids. The mother was sentenced to 2 years and 9 months in jail, while the father received 2 years in prison. The children were placed with other family members, while others were sent to foster care.

2 The Cupboard Under The Stairs


Police were called to a disturbance to a home, and when they arrived they couldn't believe what they found. The 16 year old son notified the police about his younger step brother and the horrible treatment he was receiving in the home. A couple had been keeping their 5 year old son locked inside of a cupboard underneath the stairs, while he was wearing nothing but a diaper. He was severely malnourished, bruised and all of his bones could be seen protruding through his skin. Some of his skin was even peeling off his back.

The child was immediately brought to the hospital for treatment, where he is in a state of emergency due to his extremely poor health and malnourishment. Investigators release photos of the young boy, showing how emaciated he had become. Both parents were arrested and charged with endangerment of a child. The child remains in the hospital where health officials are keeping a close eye on him, while Child Protective Services are requesting emergency custody of the 5 year old.

1 The Blame Game

A young 22 year old woman with cerebral palsy was neglected and abused by her mother, which sadly led to her death. She was so malnourished, that at age 22 she only weighed 40 pounds. Police originally took her out of the care of her mother because she was found in a hot car alone (with the engine off and the windows rolled up) while her mother was off doing drugs in a nearby home. The 22 year old was then sent to live with a family member, who eventually returned her to her mother because he was unable to deal with her disability. Since her mother was to have no parental rights due to her death, the 22 year old's grandmother took care of her until her death.

While police were investigating the matter before her death, it was difficult to put together solid evidence on her abuse and neglect since she could not speak and had no way of communicating with the authorities. During an interview with her mother, she claimed that her daughter had an eating disorder, and would eat and then spit her food back up, and was never seen consuming any food that was given to her. However, her brother did not claim for this to be the case while the 22 year old was living under his care.

At one point, the mother took her daughter to live in a home with no electricity and the young woman was left there alone for an unreported amount of time. At some point there was a fire and both mother and daughter had to be treated for burns they sustained. Her mother has been charged with aggravated assault, abuse and neglect, along with bail violations.

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