15 Dirty Secrets This Is Us Cast Doesn't Want Fans To Know

Occasionally there are always shows that hit us a certain way. They are iconic in their cast, and their storyline. It has been a while since a show has hit the scene that makes us feel the way the hit show This Is Us does. Ever since its debut in 2016, it has become a mega-sensation that has viewers tuning in every episode. They usually end the episode in tears, either from joy to heartbreak.

If you haven’t seen the show, I will try and give a brief synopsis without ruining the entire show for you. It is a generational story that follows the life of Jack and Rebecca Pearson and their triplets. Jumping from the past and present, it shows the times of struggle and the times of joy this family shares together. It has a star-studded cast with names such as Mandy Moore, Milo Ventimiglia and Chrissy Metz.

When a show is this popular, it is bound to have secrets. When it has a cast that is this amazing (and attractive), there are bound to be some secrets hidden that they may not want us to know. So, what do we do? We find them and figure them out! Some secrets may be better left unsaid, but we are in an age powered by information, and access to this information.

What makes a secret dirty? Well, I guess that is subjective. Some may find a secret so disturbing, while to others it is merely a blip on the radar. I guess it is up to you to decide how ‘dirty’ these secrets are.

15 Family Secrets

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One of the best-known stars of the show is Mandy Moore. At least if you grew up in the 90’s, you will know her right away. She started her career as a pop queen, and then furthered into acting. It has been a while since we have seen her in anything, so it was a refreshing surprise to see her star as Rebecca Pearson, mom of the triplets in This Is Us.

Mandy has her own vault of secrets, just like the rest of us, and I don’t think she cares if people know this one, but it is not widely known that she comes from a very unique household. Mandy has two brothers, both of which are gay. Her mother and father also divorced because her mother fell in love with another woman. Again, this is not a big dirty secret, but it is something not a lot of people know, and it is definitely something that is interesting to say the least.

14 Rags To Riches

Crissy Metz personal photos Waiting on dates from rep (Lanford was asking, they were sent to her by rep) Courtesy Chrissy Metz Rep info for reuse: Cheryl McLean

Chrissy Metz is one of the newer faces on the show, and she has gained popularity since the very first episode. Metz stars as one of the triplets, Kate, and we get to follow her journey as she struggles with finding love and losing weight. The show covers a lot of her life as she struggles as an overweight child and teen and all the hardships that can come with that. It follows her into adult life where she continues to face the same struggles, and a few new ones.

Metz also had a lot of struggles in her personal life. When she auditioned for the role of Kate, she was dead broke. I mean completely broke, to be exact she had $0.89 in her bank account on the morning of her audition. Not even enough to get a cup of coffee. Needless to say, her bank account has since grown, and we doubt she will have any more money troubles.

13 Trailer Park Trash?

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While we briefly touched upon Chrissy Metz’s struggles when she was growing up, it is nothing compared to her overall upbringing. Her parents divorced when she was a young girl, and her father completely disappeared. Metz grew up living in a trailer park with her mother, and step-father and step-sister. Her family stated that she was often bullied, and referred to as the ‘chubby girl’ by all of her classmates.

Her step-father and step-sister stated that the odds were all stacked against Metz growing up, and that it is nothing short of a miracle that she has been able to persevere through it all and become the instant Hollywood star she is today. To make everything worse, Metz’s mother had a massive stroke and lost the ability to speak. I bet all the kids that were mean to Metz growing up, are sure biting their tongue now and wishing they were just a bit nicer.

12 Tatted Up Dad

Milo Ventimiglia has been stealing our hearts for a long time. First appearing on The Gilmore Girls as well as many other shows, he snuck into our hearts and stayed there. Milo plays Jack Pearson on This Is Us, the fun-loving, gorgeous dad who has a problem with alcohol. He is one of the most popular characters on the show, but he is only seen in the flashback portions.

Milo has his own set of secrets, and while they may not seem so dirty to us, they apparently are to him. He has a lot of tattoos, and while that is nothing to phone home about, he is very serious about keeping them private. He has them covered for any role he plays. Even if the role calls for a man with tattoos, he asks for his real tattoos to be covered and have fake ones placed on him. He states that they are very personal, but we are all wondering if he has some embarrassing ink he doesn’t want us to know about.

11 Dirty Jobs

https://www.instagram.com/p/BSHG4TcgYZm/ sterlingkb1So, I've been working on @the_predator_movie with the wonderful @_trevante_ , & try as I might to believe otherwise...that brother reminds me everyday that I'm 40 years old! ?? Even still...thanks for the inspiration young man. It is greatly appreciated! Sterling K BrownÕs ridic abs on set of predator Source: Sterling K Brown Instagram

Very few people go right from school to the land of Hollywood, they usually must work a few jobs to get through until they reach their big break. This rings true for Sterling K. Brown as well. Brown is known for his role as Randall in the popular show. The member of the triplet trio that doesn’t quite belong. He has a rocky past story, but remains one of the most loved characters on the show. He is the hard-working child, and the same is shown in his real life.

Before becoming and award-winning actor, Brown had to do what everyone else had to do, and that was work a regular job. He actually had a few dirty jobs that were probably not as glamourous as his employer now. He worked as a dish washer as well as a mechanic while he waited for that role to come along. These may not be dirty secrets exactly, but they are definitely dirty jobs!

10 Addicted To Marrying Soap Opera Stars!

While getting married and divorced is not an uncommon occurrence now, especially when it involves relationships in Hollywood, there is one star who seems to prefer marrying soap opera stars. Justin Hartley plays Kevin in This Is Us. The oldest of the triplets, and possibly the most damaged. He is known as the golden boy of the family, and has a lot of pressure put on him by his parents to succeed. He follows his father’s footsteps and has encountered a substance abuse issue.

Hartley may be very different than his on-screen character, but he is addicted to one thing. Marrying women from soap operas. His first wife, was a co-star when he starred in a soap opera. The pair were together for 8 years and had a daughter together. That relationship did not last, but it didn’t take him long to find his next (and current wife). Her occupation? That’s right, she stars on a soap opera.

9 Which Star Wears A Fat Suit?

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If you are a fan and avid watcher of This Is Us, then this may be a shocking secret that you had no idea about, at least I know I had no idea. Chris Sullivan plays the role of Toby, the loving and faithful partner to Kate Pearson. Toby is one of the crowd favourites, as we all swoon for his large romantic gestures and unending faith in his girlfriend. We see Toby in the same light as Kate, where we watch him suffer with weight loss. It got serious at one point, where we all watched our beloved Toby have a massive heart attack.

There is a secret that the whole cast of This Is Us would rather us not find out, and that is that Sullivan is actually wearing a fat suit when he plays the role of Toby. He is not that large in real life.

8 What Is In A Smile?

We are going to go back to our lovable Milo for this next one. Have you ever wondered why we all love Milo so much? Is it his acting skills and charm? Or is it that quirky little smile that he gives off? I am sure there are a lot of things we love about Milo, but that smile quickly jumps to the top of the list. Well, that smile does not just come naturally to Milo, there is a reason for that perfectly imperfect smile.

On the left side of Milo’s mouth, all of the nerves are dead. It is just something he has always had, and they made multiple attempts to fix it, but none were successful. It has seemingly worked in his favour, as it helped him be cast as Rocky Balboa’s son in a film. It also has made hundred (maybe thousands) of women fall in love with him.

7 Rocky Personal Relationship

One of the main things about This Is Us is it really highlights the importance of the different relationships in our life. Parents and children, children and their siblings, and romantic relationships are always the front and center of this show. Most relationships portrayed in This Is Us are pretty stable and concrete, but that is not the case for one of the stars personal relationships.

Sterling K. Brown, who plays Randall, has been married to his wife since 2007, which by Hollywood standards is pretty long. The relationship has not always been love and passion. They have experienced multiple break-ups and make-ups over their marriage. There was even a period in there where the pair did not speak to each other for three years! They have since seemingly patched things up and have two children together.

6 Mental Illness For Mandy

Mandy Moore is known for being many things, a great singer, actress and over all bubbly person. She always appears so happy and positive whenever she is seen in a public interview. However, she does have something in common with her character, Rebecca. They both had a run in with a serious mental illness. Rebecca Pearson struggled with some pretty severe PPD, a part of the show that was heartbreaking for a lot of real-life moms out there.

Mandy Moore also had a run in with depression in 2007. It was after her break-up with actor Zach Braff. While she does state that the break-up was not the sole reason for the depression, it definitely added to what she was feeling. She stated that she just found herself very sad and negative, when she was normally a very positive person. It forced her to ask herself some important self reflecting questions.

5 Crazy Cat Lady

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This may be our last entry on Mandy Moore, it is about time we leave the poor girl alone, but this last one was to fun not share. Mandy Moore is an animal lover, and she has a few cats that she calls her family. She was on Ellen DeGeneres and was discussing her love of cats, but a problem she was having with her grey one. She explained that she had just moved, and her cat was just not happy. He would cry and meow all night, and she tried everything to make this cat happy.

She had a great idea to call a pet psychic. The psychic told her that the reason her cat was unhappy was because he hated his name. He was crying all night because the acoustics in her apartment (that was still empty) were fantastic and he liked to hear himself sing. The psychic said if she changed the cats name to Figaro, then all of this would stop. If you believe it, it worked.

4 Hump Day!

When you start your career as an actor, there are hundreds of jobs you take before you get your big break. You are so desperate to work in the field, that you may take just about any acting job that comes your way. It is all about building a portfolio and gaining that much needed experience. Chris Sullivan, a.k.a Toby, is no different and he took a job that he may not want everyone to know about.

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He voiced a camel in a Geico commercial. You may remember it. It was the commercial that was set in an office, and a camel walks through the scene saying that it is ‘hump day’. Probably not one of his proudest moments, and I am sure he laughs about it now. Excuse me while I go and try and find that commercial on the internet!

3 Homeless

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We are going to talk about a star that we haven’t touched on yet. Jon Heurtas plays the role of Miguel on This Is Us. He is Jack’s best friend in the flashbacks, and Rebecca’s husband in the present time. We have yet to find out how the transition occurs, but we are all anxiously waiting to find out all the details. Heurtas is quite a successful actor now, with his net worth being about $5 million, but things were not always this way.

There was a point in time where Heurtas was homeless. He spent two weeks living in his truck with his two dogs. All his belongings were in the back of the truck with a tarp over it to try and protect it from the elements. He has used his experience to fuel his desire to help others who are in similar situations.

2 Top Secret

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I want to use the last two spots here to discuss secrets about the actual show, This Is Us, that they really don’t want you to know. Of course, in this age of information, we found it all out. One of the biggest secrets they are holding on to is (SPOILER ALERT) the circumstances around the father, Jack’s, death. We know from the very first episode that Jack does die, but they have kept us in the dark about what actually happened.

We are starting to get bits and pieces of the big mystery. We know the approximate age of the triplets when he dies, and we saw Rebecca crying at a house that was on fire, but that’s about all we know. The truth is, the cast does know, but they are sworn to secrecy. They are forced to sign a non-disclosure which forbids them from talking about it with anyone. They go to great lengths to keep this a secret.

1 Octuplets?

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For any die-hard fans of the show, this one may come as a shock to you, as I know it did me. The TV show was originally supposed to be about octuplets, and it was supposed to be a movie! Can you imagine, just one movie and it is all over? I much rather prefer the weekly episodes! It was supposed to be about a bunch of siblings, and focused on a divorced sister, and super famous actor brother.

The truth is the cast does not have a lot of dirty secrets that they would be ashamed of. While, we may have been looking forward to some dirt, it is actually a good thing and very refreshing to come across a cast of Hollywood stars that appear to be nothing more than humble, and genuinely good people. This is a rare find in Hollywood.

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