15Shia Labeouf - Charged With Trespassing

shia labeouf

Shia Labeouf got his big break back in 2000 when he landed the lead role in the Disney Channel series ‘Even Stevens’. Shia played a 7th-grade misfit and even went on to the big screen to star in ‘Holes’ in 2003. Shia started facing legal trouble in

2007, shortly after his 21st birthday. He was arrested at a Walgreens in Chicago after appearing drunk and refusing to leave the store.

As the years went on, Shia got in bar fights, car accidents, refused to take a breathalyzer, and refused to appear in court for an unlawful smoking ticket. He has been charged with trespassing and even plagiarism. Shia keeps making the same mistakes over and over again and is truly the perfect example of a Disney child star who went crazy and continues to get in legal trouble. It is truly unfortunate for all of his fans, who only want the best for him.

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