15Elsa The Villain

But what if Anna and Elsa were not royal? What if they were not sisters? In fact what if Elsa was evil? Not such a fun loving family hit then!

Disney's 2013 hit film, 'Frozen' is one of their most successful movies to date. You cannot leave the house without hearing a young child belt the lyrics to the anthem 'Let it go' at the top of their tiny lungs. Some may say its over-rated, others may say they are

fed up of it. A few years may have already passed since the release of this iconic movie, but the majority of the public is still in love with the heart-warming story of magic and love between the two royal sisters.

The original plot for 'Frozen' was to feature Elsa as the evil, anti-social, ice queen, and Anna as an innocent and loving girl who, of course, falls in love. But when that love turns sour Anna begs Elsa to freeze her heart and this is indeed what Elsa does, making Anna's heart as frozen as hers.

Yeah, don't feel so happy now, right? Luckily, they felt this story was overdone and wanted to make Elsa more of a troubled-but-nice character, as ScreenRant points out. Thank goodness they made these changes otherwise we may never have heard the wonderful Idina Menzel sing 'Let it go' and I think we can all agree we need that hit song in our lives.

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