15 Disney Princesses Share Their Extra Sweet Moments With Their Babies

“And they lived happily ever after.”

But that doesn't mean it's the end. The Disney Princesses enchanted millions of children around the world for decades. Although the stories tell the most adventurous chapter in their lives (except for Aurora, who was sleeping most of the time while people were trying to save her), of course, the public would have loved to have a glimpse of their lives after they got married.

In fact, Disney has produced The Little Mermaid Sequel, where the public learned that Ariel and Eric had a child named Melody. The girl dreamed of the mermaid life, just like her mother used to dream about life as a human.

But, what about the other Disney Princesses? Did they also have children? Would Belle’s child be passionate about books? Would Jasmine and Aladdin's offspring be audacious like his or her parents? What kind of mother would Pocahontas be, and would she live in England with John Smith?

Although there isn’t an official storyline about what happened to our beloved characters, the imagination knows no boundaries. Some artists from around the world created an illustration of how they imagined the Princesses' families. Thanks to the dedication of these talented artists, people can now have an idea how the children of Snow White, Cinderella, Tiana, and others, evolved and what they look like.

15 The Apple Of Snow White's Eye


Snow White probably won’t be the type of mother who says, “an apple a day, keeps the doctor away,” and, most likely, fruits are not part of her shopping list.

She was the first Disney Princess to win children's heart around the world, in 1937. But we never knew what happened to her after the kiss. Thankfully, the illustrator, Grodansnagel,  had the perfect picture to help us find out what exactly happened to Snow White.

She portrayed Snow White and the Prince as parents of a baby girl “with skin white as snow, lips red as blood and hair black as ebony”, just like someone we know.

Perhaps, she even has the help of the dwarfs' children or the animals who all had little wee ones also. For those who love fairy tales, the TV Show “Once Upon a Time” shows what happened to Snow White, her family, and the other characters of the movie.

14 Happily Ever After For Cinderella

Amy Paulson

The movie ends with Cinderella and Prince Charming getting married and leaving in a royal carriage. (BTW, have you ever notice that, as long as they have a prince title, their names are not important?)

Of course, after she became a Princess, she doesn’t need to sleep near the ashes or do the grunt work at home. But, according to the artist Amy Paulson, who created an illustration series about the Princess, her Kingdom also includes children, where she is the ultimate role model as a mother.

With her skills, it is easy to imagine Cinderella baking amazing cakes, creating the children's clothes, sharing her cleaning hacks with other parents (sounds like Youtube moms to me, which if you haven't read the Youtube mom's list on BabyGaga, the link is down below!)

Perhaps, she also took her mouse helpers, from her previous home, to live with her and help around the Palace. Although, how amazing does this marriage proposal look? No wonder they went on to have 2 children afterward!

13 Double Trouble For Aurora


Illustrator, Grodansnagel, also gave her version of what happened to some of the most famous characters in the fairytale books. According to the artist, Aurora gave birth to an adorable set of twins, that are just as gorgeous as their parents. The couple look overwhelmed with joy and totally in love with their little offsprings.

We just hope they don’t have to chase dragons or have to protect them from an evil curse this time.

However, we can't help but wonder how Aurora is coping with motherhood and if the fairy godmothers are still around to help Aurora spin some magic against the wicked Maleficent.

Thankfully, Aurora was able to catch up on her much-needed sleep before the babies were born, because she will be awake for a long time with the twins newborns!

12 Jasmine Found Herself A Lifelong Friend, Other Than Her Tiger


Grodansnagel also imagined how Aladdin and Princess Jasmine's child would look. Princess Jasmine was one of the first Princess on Disney to take a stand for things she wanted and she made it clear by saying “I’m not a prize to be won," when her father was looking for the perfect husband to present to her.

Princess Jasmine represents an important change when it came to Princesses as she was not seen waiting to be rescued and is a great fighter herself. She makes her own decisions and knows what she wants. We believe, she is in the command of Agrabah, together with her shinning Prince, Aladdin. And, don’t be surprised if she is the one who wears the pants int he relationship (sometimes literally).

Their adorably cute baby has one heck of a role model to look up to! 

Curious to see what Jasmine looked like as a pregnant wife? Cosmopolitan teamed up with the artist, Isaiah Stephens, for the perfect shot! How happy does Aladdin look?

11 Mulan Did Pass As The Perfect Bride And A Perfect Daughter


Mulan is not officially a Princess, as we know, but she is a warrior. In fact, it’s believed that Mulan was a legendary warrior in the Chinese army and there are several stories about her, the most famous is called “Ballad of Mulan.”

As we can imagine, the real story doesn’t have much to do with the sugar-coated version of the movie. But, of course, we love the Disney version and cheered for her and Lee Shang.

In another illustration, created by the talented Grodansnagel, we can see the couple completely enchanted with their baby boy and waiting for their second bundle of joy. Who can blame them for wanting more? Look at that baby's joy!

But, it’s hard to image that Mulan would settle for an ordinary life and didn't fight for her own space.

Well, she definitely has amazing stories to tell her child at bedtime. However, if you're dying to see what Warrior Mulan looked like carrying her first mini warrior (or maybe this is her maternity shoot with her 2nd, who knows?) than Isaiah Stephens has perfectly shown us what she would look like. How gorgeous does she look?

Isaiah Stephens

10 Beauty And Her Babies

Amy Paulson

Who had any doubt that Belle would be a wonderful mother? Besides her kind heart, the Princess has a very strong sense of justice and is always there to stand up for people who need it most. Funny thing is that we still don’t know the real name of the Beast, even after the live action movie was released. Some rumors say it’s Prince Adam, but there are no official sources.

The illustrator Amy Paulson made of her version of the Disney Princess and her children. She created a lovely portrait of the Beast, their three stunning heirs and, of course, Belle is among them.

Belle looks at her best, holding a small baby who giggles at her father and siblings, peacefully cradled in her arms, with an overjoyed toddler, grasping her hand. The image also depicts the Beast' more genuine side, as he plays with his eldest daughter. We are sure when they grow up they will be very proud of their mom, and her love for the unknown face behind the mask.

9 Ariel Wanted To Be Part Of Our World

Ariel was a rebel from the get-go, who went against her father's wishes to pursue her true love. Ultimately, this led to her happily ever after with her marriage to Prince Eric. At least according to Disney, since the original history of Ariel has a completely different ending. But that is not our point, for now.

As we said before, Ariel was the only Disney Princess who was officially portrayed as a mother in The Little Mermaid sequel.

In the movie, she is the mother to a little girl named, Melody (who looks an awful lot like the Evil Queen when she disguises into Ariel on the ship,) who dreams about the mermaids lives.

If you haven’t watched the movie, don’t worry, no one did.

This artist portrayed our favorite ocean Princess as a mother to a little darling and did a quite amazing job! Although, Ariel is about to find out what life as a human mother is all about. I wonder if an under-the-sea baby spits up, does it simply floats away?

8 Rapunzel Didn't Pass Down Her Hair

Kristin K Reevers

We don’t know why it took Disney so long to produce a Rapunzel movie. We had to wait until 2010 to watch Tangled, but of course, it stole our hearts! Since she is part of a new generation of Princesses, Rapunzel is not just sitting in her tower and waiting to be rescued.

Disney’s Rapunzel is curious, brave, eager to learn and discover the world. She even saves her own Prince (although he's not a Prince, he's HER Prince.)

Rapunzel was portrayed by the artist Kristin K Reevers as a mother of a sweet little girl, who has much less hair than her mother. We are sure that Rapunzel will teach her little girl to be an independent young woman and we can even picture them backpacking together in some years.

7 Esmeralda Finally Settled Down


The Hunchback of Notre Dame is one of the most famous books from the French author, Victor Hugo. The book is far from being a fairytale and we can’t say that the original ending is a happy one. It’s quite daring from the Disney studios that decided to adapt the story for children, but of course, they had to make some changes.

As we know, Esmeralda ends up with Victor and they have their happy ending. In a Grodansnagel version of their family, we can see the couple with a lovely little boy - who has inherited his incredible eyes from Esmeralda. We hope he stays away from trouble, or at least the Huncback is there to save him, just like he did for Esmeralda!

They are a lovely family, aren’t they? Sorry, Victor Hugo, we will stick to this version.

6 Jane Clearly Stayed With Tarzan Afterall

Jane is also not a Princess, but she deserves to be on our list since she had to put a lot of effort to get used to her new life in the forest. Well, technically, isn't Tarzan kind of royalty over there… so we can consider her a type of princess too, right? Regardless, Jane's the best and she made the list. Point finale. 

Isaiah Stephens also give us his version of how their lovely family would look like. Jane and Tarzan are the lucky parents of a little boy.

And, just like his father, the child will grow amongst wild animals, befriend to most of them, and, of course, climb trees as easily as other children climb stairs.

We are also sure that his life will never be boring and will be fulfilled with adventures.

5 Pocahontas' Spinning Arrow Found A Direction

Isaiah Stephens

If you watched Pocahontas as soon it was released, you were probably surprised with the ending. Unlike the other Princesses we were used to seeing on the big screen, Pocahontas didn’t end with her “Prince”. She did find love, but she chose to stay and fight for her people, alongside her father, the Chief. It was also something new to Disney Princesses: there are other things more important than getting married and having a romantic life.

But does that mean that she never found love again? Isaiah Stephens also included Pocahontas in his list of portraits of Princesses with their babies. It is the most dramatic picture from his series. Both are asleep and there is something serene and special about it. The tone of this picture is also very spiritual and earthy, just like Pocahontas. Also, did anyone notice that there is no father in the picture? Did Pocahontas fall in love with Kocoum? Or was she pregnant when John Smith went back to England?

4 Elsa Is Definitely Not Alone And Free Anymore

Isaiah Stephens

We know that the most important relation in Frozen was not romantic, but family. The movie is focused on the sisters, Elsa and Anna. As we know, after a long period alone, Elsa ends up going back to the castle and taking the throne. It’s a great ending.

But, of course, one would have to wonder if the Queen of Arrandale ever found true love, as her sister did find true love with Kristoff. Can we all take a moment to image Elsa with a baby? Isaiah Stephens was the one who created this image. And, just like Pocahontas, there is no father in the picture, but we hope Elsa found someone who is worthy to trust and deserve the love of their powerful woman she is.

Judging by this baby's smile, and the lack of male figure, we can determine that Elsa is doing just fine as a mother, and has passed on her special powers to her baby.

If this is true, we can only imagine the troubles he would get into, together with Olaf. And the bigger question here is, do you want to build a snowman?

3 Anna's Love Is No Longer An Open Door

Chabe Escalante

Anna is much more naive and romantic than her older sister Elsa. And she always made it clear love was something that was important to her. Who could forget her engagement to Hans, after meeting him that same day? Which, in retrospect, almost caused an eternal blizzard because she set off the Queen so bad. Luckily, she found her happy ending with Kristoff. Who, by the way, was not a prince, but an ice harvester.

The illustrator, Chabe Escalante, was one of the few people who imagined Anna as a mother, a few years later. She has a lovely set of kids and the happily married couple is, probably, very busy teaching them to sled or carve ice. Maybe they're traveling to the Love Experts to get storytime in. Hopefully, the kids get to spend time in the castle with their cousin, and (hopefully) Olaf.

Ever wonder what their wedding looked like? Look no further, Disney fanatics, because this is such a gorgeous picture that we're hoping Disney will be able to use it in Frozen 2!

2 Merida's Fate Is With Her Triplets Now

Chabe Escalante

We know she was just a young girl in Brave, one of the best Princess movies from Disney. During the entire movie, Merida didn't want to entertain the thought of getting married to a man who her father would choose for her. She was too young and the main plot is about Merida’s relationship with her mother.

Although she is the least probable princess to have a child, it might happen one day.

Perhaps, while reigning her own kingdom, she will find someone she truly loves. Chabe Escalante imagined the scene of a grown-up Merida running around with her own set of triplets. If they are anything like her brothers, she will be overwhelmed by motherhood.

We just hope they don’t turn Merida into a bear at some point. We know how this story could end.

1 Megara Will Raise A Boy From Zero To Hero

You might not remember her name, but Megara was the fabulous woman from Hercules, whom she ultimately grows a relationship with. In fact, Hercules is a very underrated movie from Disney and people don’t pay much attention to it. But we love it!

Although she isn’t a Princess or even the main character, Megara has a very strong personality and ignores Hercules'advances when they first met. “ Well, you know how men are. They think ‘No’ means ‘Yes’ and ‘Get lost’ means ‘Take me, I am yours’, says Megara. Let's just remember that Hercules is not only a hero but the son of Zeus too.

In this picture, from an unnamed artist, we can’t see the face of their baby or even know if it’s a boy or a girl. But, with the strong personality of its' mother and the God’s DNA from the father, we know this baby is something special.

And if you're wondering if Hercules and Megara ever wed? Look no further, Disney friends, we got you covered!

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