15 Disney Princesses Who Suffer From A Mental Disorder

Didn’t we all spend a lot of time thinking about all the Disney princesses, most likely not because we tried to find out their psychical state, more because we wished we were one of them? Well I surely did, and the older I get, the more I see the reasons why some of them really, I mean really urgently need to see a psychiatrist! Wait, what ?! Am I talking about the beautiful princesses, dressed in gorgeous dresses and shiny tiaras, with their incredible hair and flawless skin? Yes ladies I am totally talking about them, when I say some of them really should employee a whole team of psychiatrists to help them!

Maybe you’re sitting there, thinking about it and you can’t think about even one princess with any mental disorder. Believe me, as soon as you read through this article, you will see that some of their actions really do make so much more sense if you assign to disorder them.

The question I am asking myself is, did Disney created these characters with those mental disorders on purpose? Should it be a sign to us, written between the lines, that it is totally okay if you are not on your best all the time?


15 Belle - Stockholm Syndrome

Diagnosis : Stockholm Syndrome

Even though Beauty and the Beast is my favourite Disney movie, I have to admit, that Belle shows some signs of an medical disorder.

If you look up Stockholm Syndrome, then you will see that Belle is actually the perfect person to associate with this mental disorder, because she develops romantic feelings for a person who is keeping her as a prisoner. It´s quite weird that Belle falls in love with the Beast, as he has a huge lack of etiquette, keeps his employees as slaves and his huffiness combined with his abusive nature. So you can see, there are not that many advantages that lead to him. It could also be possible that Belle´s feelings were created by her, because she believed she would never leave the castle and that way her stay would be much pleasant.

14 Jasmine - Bipolar Disorder


Diagnosis: Bipolar Disorder

The sweetheart of Aladdin is most possibly suffering with an Bipolar Disorder, which is a manic-depressive illness. You can see some prove for that in quite a few scenes of the movie. Jasmine has quite a few unusual mood shifts in a cyclical pattern during the movie.

She is also very impulsive and enjoys to attends risky actions without a doubt. You can see that when she runs away from home, steals an apple or when she goes on a joyride on a magic carpet with a man who is a completely stranger to her. She also gets annoyed pretty easily, which you could see in the scene where she harasses all the possible suitors. She also feels hopeless or depressed sometimes, which you clearly see, because she is crying very often during the movie.

13 Anna - ADHD

Diagnosis : Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Anna is lovely and all kinds of awesome. But yeah, clearly this home girl is all over the place. She runs through the castle, swings around poles and crashing into horses. Don´t you get exhausted only watching her as well?

So yes, she likely deals with the Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). People with ADHD are known for being unable to sit still or even focus on one thing. You can see those behaviors of Anna in the movie, when she for example jumps on couches, speaks incredibly fast or get excited over boring things like salad plates.

Another thing that people with ADHD do very often is, that they make quick decisions without even blinking. So, Anna agreeing to marry a prince who she only met a few hours earlier, is a quick and not fully elaborated decision.

12 Alice - Schizophrenia


Diagnosis : Schizophrenia

So if you think about this movie, now that we are all grown up and no kids anymore, there are a few big warning signs you wanna teach your children. Discovering a doorway that leads to another dimension, eating and drinking some kind of weird stuff just because it´s written on it that you should do so and it magically grows and shrinks your body size – no kids don´t do that!

Further in her adventure she is talking to a caterpillar and a floating cat. And don´t let us forget the fact, that Alice truly believed after she woke up, that everything she experienced and all the people she meet were real. So honestly, to me that sounds like a big hallucination either caused by some kind of really bad drugs, or the mental illness Schizophrenia.

11 Ariel - OCD

Diagnosis : Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder

What, the Little Mermaid should be suffering with any mental illness?! Unbelievable, right? Well it wont be this unbelievable anymore after you read this and see the signs of it clearly.

After seeing Prince Eric the first time, she essentially becomes obsessed with him. You would say, no she is not obsessed, just in love. Believe me she is obsessed, she even has this lifesize statue of him, which she nurses like a real person. In fact, she becomes so obsessed with him, that she takes the opportunity without blinking, to lose her voice just to get a chance to meet him.

As you could see in her little hollow, she does not only hoard this statue, she hoards everything, which could be a fear of getting rid of things which sometimes accompanies OCPD.

10 Aurora - Depression


Diagnosis : Major Depressive Disorder

Well, the Sleeping Beauty is clearly suffering from Abulia, many people know it by the short form DDM, standing for disorder from diminished motivation. So this is a lack of will or initiative she shows a few times in the movie.

Aurora goes for a walk in the woods, where she gets to see Prince Philip who she instantly falls in love with and wants to marry. Shortly after their encouter, she learns that she must marry someone else who she has never even met, which essentially breaks her heart. She don´t want to see, hear or speak to anyone anymore.

This is a big sign for DDM. People who suffer with it often lose all their energy, vitality and they don´t want to do any activities anymore.

9 Cinderella - Dependent Personality Disorder

Diagnosis : Dependent Personality Disorder

Cinderella might quite possibly suffer with an mental illness called Dependent Personality Disorder. People with this disorder are often described as ones that constantly need to be taken care of, and it usually occurs with people who have dealt with some sort of separation anxiety in their childhood.

Cinderella lost her mother in early days and after her father married the witch step-mother, he also dies, which is the best example of an traumatic event of separation.

Even though her step-mother and her step-sisters treating her like trash, she wont pack her bags and run from them. No, she even tries to pleasure them all the time by cleaning the house several times a day, serve them their food and darn their dresses. By the end of the movie, she marries the Prince who then begins to take care of her. So this diagnosis makes totally sense.


8 Snow White - Maladaptive Daydreaming


Diagnosis : Maladaptive Daydreaming.

Sweet, little and adorable Snow White is the perfect example of Maladaptive Daydreaming, categorized by an extensive fantasy that replaces human interaction. This mental disorder is often caused by a traumatic childhood, which poor Snow White most definitely had: Her mother dies after giving birth to her, which is sad on it’s own, but then only after a year has passed her father take a new wicked and vain wife. The narcisstic step-mother, as we all know wants Snow White not only out of her eyes, but out of the world for good. So I think having your witch step-mother put a hint on you really does count as a traumatic childhood event, right? And honestly if she feels it, why shouldn´t she sing with the birds, dance with the rabbits and dream of a better world?!

7 Elsa - Avoidant Personality Disorder

Diagnosis: Avoidant Personality Disorder

Unfortunately, Elsa´s mental illness is far whose than her sister’s. Elsa suffers with an mental illness called Avoidant Personality Disorder, which means that she constantly feels inadequate, incompetent and keeps herself locked up from everyone else.

Since the accident in their early childhood, where Elsa accidentally hurts Anna with her ice power, she hides in her room until she has to come out because she is going to be the new queen. After accidentally terrifying the townsfolk with her uncontrolled ice power, she runs away from home, deciding to live in isolation atop a mountain in a castle built by her own ice power. She believes that she is incapable as a queen and that the folk thinks she will never be good enough to govern.

6 Mulan - Atelopophobia


Diagnosis: Atelopophobia

Sweet and brave Mulan is clearly suffering with Atelophobia, which is the terrifying fear of not being good enough and believes that everything they do is wrong. Mulan is terrified by the thought of disappointing her father, because she knows and felt that she didn’t fit the mold of a traditional Chinese woman and submissive wife.

Persons with Atelpophobia also set huge goals for themselves that they know they will never actually achieve. You could see her decision to join the army to help save her home from the Huns and regain her family’s honor as one of those huge goals. Throughout the whole movie you can clearly see, that she always tries to get better and do everything right, so everyone would like her.

By the end of the movie, she succeeded, and was finally good enough and she did regain the family's honor.

5 Tiana - Acute Stress Disorder

Diagnosis : Acute Stress Disorder

Well, to me it´s not really that surprising, that Tiana suffers with Acute Stress Disorder. This illness contains constantly pushing yourself beyond your limits, most of the time caused by a traumatic life event.

I mean, she had a restaurant to run and a dream to fulfill, which took her night and day-jobs 7 days a week. After meeting Prince Naveen she then also desperately needs to find a way to get back tot he human being she was. So yes, this poor little girl Tiana, has a whole lot of stress in her life. I am not sure if this got any better after fulfilling her dream of the own restaurant, and then being a princess on the other hand, but hey no pain no gain right?!

4 Rapunzel - Depression and Stockholm Syndrome


Diagnosis : Garden-Variety Depression and Stockholm Syndrome

Okay, little cute Rapunzel suffers with more than one mental illness? Unfortunately, the poor thing really is.

So the Garden-Variety Depression is not the kind of «everything is dark and in a black whole» kind of depression. People with this depression still play there role like all the health people, it´s just that they are often sad or whiny about things they know will never happen. It can be described as a disappointment, but it just holds on much much longer with this depression than it normally does. You can clearly see that when Rapunzel still dreams to see those lights after 18 years and maybe several times her «mother» Gothel said no to it.

Coming to the Stockholm Syndrome, which we read about up at Belle´s. Even after the revelation that Gothel is not actually Rapunzel mom, she still expresses love and grief for Gothel when she dies.

3 Megara - Borderline Personality Disorder

Diagnosis: Borderline Personality Disorder

Megara, otherwise known as Meg, is a servant of the diabolic Hades. Pretty much as soon as she meets Hercules, she falls in love with him.

You can see a lot of proof in the movie that shows of her Borderline Personality Disorder. Persons suffering with this mental illness have to deal with self-image issues, mood swings and most of the time self-hurting. In the movie it gets really clear, that she has quite some issues to clarify to herself where she belongs. Should she try something new and try to be good by the side of Hercules, or should she stick to the only thing she knew her whole life, the bad side lead by Hades. She is also constantly scared that Hercules might leave her, but she gets easily annoyed by him on the other hand. So she clearly has some issues situating herself in this world.

2 Pocahontas - Histrionic Personality Disorder


Diagnosis: Histrionic Personality Disorder

No, really?! Cute, and also strong Native American Pocahontas is suffering with some kind of mental illness? Unfortunately, yes she is.

Her mental illness is called Histrionic Personality Disorder. Persons who suffer with this disorder, do have a constant need to be noticed and they will oftentimes try to gain people’s attention by acting in a dramatic or inappropriate way. People with this disorder also happen to be very good at manipulate others, so they will do what they want.

So now does this all fit in the picture of Pocahontas? She causes a lot of love triangles, does a lot of forbidden things, and she convinces her entire to do whatever she wants. Another evidence is the nickname her father, the chief gave her: «little mischief». Perhaps if the chief had given her a sister he wouldn’t have had this problem.

1 Merida - Antisocial Personality Disorder

Diagnosis : Antisocial Personality Disorder

Merida, you would think is a total normal teenage girl, but if you look at her actions more detailed, you will see that there is definitely more to the story.

People dealing with an Antisocial Personality Disorder mostly fails to accept and follow cultural norms. They also don´t accept or follow the main rules and rarely respect other people, neither their rights or feelings. Merida clearly does not want to get betrothed. She apparently distances herself from her parents and culture. It´s almost as she tries to escape the fact that she still is a princess, no matter what. She is really dramatic as she thinks the fate of the world is on her shoulders, and no one gets it or even want´s to help. So she considers herself to be socially inept.


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