15The Shettles Method

The theory for timing conception is credited to Landrum B. Shettles, founder of the popular conception plan named the Shettles Method. This method asserts that male sperm swim faster and therefore they are more likely to reach and egg first compared to female sperm.

Thus, if a couple is shooting for

a baby boy, they will want to try to conceive very close to ovulation so that the male sperm can reach the egg swiftly. The claim is that this method guarantees a 75 to 90 percent success rate for conceiving the desired gender.

That said, couples who are dreaming of a little girl may want to abstain from sex close to the ovulation date and try to conceive in the days leading up to ovulation only, even as many as two or three days beforehand. It is thought that by giving both male and female sperm time to get through to the cervical opening that many of the male sperm will die since they are weaker.

Female sperm are stronger and more likely to live through the waiting period until an egg is released. At that point, they are essentially there waiting on it.

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