15 Embarrassing Things Expectant Women Do Durring Pregnancy

Pregnancy is such an incredible time in a woman’s life. The excitement that comes with waiting for the precious little one, feeling the baby kick, seeing the belly growing into a beautiful, round baby bump…It’s all so amazing – and it’s also pretty weird.

There are so many changes that a woman goes through during pregnancy – both physical and mental – and some of those changes can lead to pretty embarrassing moments. Curiosity, aches and pains and things that become difficult to control (like the bladder) can all make expectant women go through some downright awkward moments – some that they can’t control and others that they knowingly do, but would never do if they weren’t already expecting.

Pregnancy is certainly amazing, but there are some moments that can make women want to run and hide their head in the sand. Despite the weird things that can happen, every expectant woman keeps on chugging along and takes those embarrassing things in stride because she knows that in the end, all of those times that may have made her turn a little red in the face are totally worth it.

For those who are newly expectant and wondering about some of the things that they can expect to experience, or if they're well-established in their pregnancy and are looking for confirmation that they're not alone in the embarrassing moments that they have endured, than this is the right place!

Ladies, all expectant women go through some pretty embarrassing situations, they’re kind of par for the course. Here’s a look at some of the most embarrassing things that women do during pregnancy.

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13 Get Up Close And Personal With The Birthing Gear

Most pregnant women are curious about how their bodies are changing, including, ahem, “down there.” It’s totally normal to be curious, after all, you are growing an entire human being inside of your womb, and the changes that occur to the body while doing so are quite incredible – and sometimes a bit weird.

One of the areas that can change while pregnant is the lady bits. Pressure from the baby and a huge surge in hormones can have a definite impact on a pregnant woman’s nether regions. Ladies can’t see this part of their body easily when they aren’t pregnant, forget about trying to look over that baby bump.

So, to check things out down there, some pregnant women will grab a mirror to get a closer look at their lady area. There’s nothing to be embarrassed about, it’s totally normal to be curious and explore your body... especially when you are doing something as incredible as creating a baby.

12 Experience Grooming Woes

If you normally like to keep the hair on your legs (and in other places) trimmed up, you may find that this task will become difficult when you are expecting. It’s hard to reach over that baby bump, and your center of gravity can be thrown off, which can make you feel unsteady on your feet.

As a result, you may choose to avoid shaving, and for some women, that’s embarrassing.

Having hairy legs and other parts (the bikini area) can make you feel a bit grizzly. If you are feeling embarrassed about your inability to maintain your hair growth, you may decide to ask your partner or someone else help you with the chore – and that can be embarrassing, too.

Have no fear: Soon, it’s totally understandable, and soon, you will be able to get back to your normal grooming habits.

11 Having Wet Undies

Of all the bathroom issues that expectant mamas may have to contend with, this is perhaps the most embarrassing. It’s not unusual to leak urine while pregnant. This can cause a little dampness in the undies, and in some cases, it can make them downright wet.

Why does it happen? Those hormones are to blame again! Relaxin, the hormone that relaxes the muscles to prepare them for childbirth, also relaxes the bladder. On top of that, the baby puts pressure on the bladder. The result can be difficulty holding onto urine. It is particularly problematic when additional pressure is placed on the body while laughing, sneezing, coughing or doing anything that strains the bladder.

To avoid embarrassment, try doing some Kegel exercise to strengthen up the pelvic floor. You can also wear a panty liner to absorb any urine that may slip out.

10 Feeling Frisky

Many pregnant women report that they experience a huge increase in their sex drive, and it makes total sense. Blood volume increases significantly during pregnancy (by as much as 50 percent), and that extra blood flows to the nether regions. This can lead to a strong desire for intimacy.

Also, many women feel a close connection to their significant other when they are pregnant, which can make him or her more desirable.

While feeling friskier than usual may not seem like a cause for embarrassment, for some women, it can be, especially if they have difficulty with their moves between the sheets because of their growing bellies.

If you’re feeling embarrassed about your increased sex drive, you shouldn’t. Unless your doctor has said that you shouldn’t engage in sexual activity, we think that you should embrace your friskiness and enjoy some intimacy before the baby arrives. If you can't pull off all of your usual moves, don't worry, your partner will more than likely understand and be willing to make adjustments.

9 Talking In Her Sleep

If you are in a deep slumber and startle yourself awake by making a big scream or just blubbering strange words, or if the person you share a bed with says that you were talking in your sleep, you may start to feel a little red in the face.

Talking in your sleep can be the result of some crazy dreams. During pregnancy, the mind is running in circles, trying to digest all of the changes that your body is going through – and all of the changes that you are about to experience once the baby arrives.

An increase in rapid brain activity combined with being overly tired can lead to some pretty crazy dreams. When crazy dreams happen, it’s not unusual to physically react – and you may actually end up blurting out some things while you are sleeping. Talking in your sleep can be pretty embarrassing.

8 Snore Their Freakin Head Off

Snoring woman

The body changes in a myriad of ways during pregnancy. Swelling of the mucus membranes is one of the dozens of changes that occur (sorry, I know that doesn’t sound glamorous.) The increase in hormones and excess fluid retention are to blame for the swelling, and since the sinus cavity is comprised of mucus membranes, they can swell, which can lead to a stuffy nose.

For some reason, it seems like those sinus membranes swell even more when you are sleeping. Add to that the fact that the increase in weight and yep, there’s a definite chance that you may start snoring when you are pregnant. Even women who have never snored a day in their lives have reported that they snored so loudly when they were pregnant that they woke themselves up.

If this is an issue for you, take comfort in knowing that it should subside once the baby is delivered. Also, wearing an anti-snoring strip or sleeping on more pillows can help to ease the snore.

7 Walking With A Waddle

Near the end of pregnancy, an expectant woman is carrying much more weight than she is used to. The weight of her baby combined with the fluid she’s retaining can make it super difficult to get around. Add to that the fact that her body is producing a hormone known as relaxin, which helps to relax the muscles to prepare for childbirth – specifically the pelvis – and walking can become a difficult task.

Given all of these factors, it’s not unusual for pregnant women to develop a waddle when they walk. No matter how they try to disguise it or how they try to fight it, it’s just a fact of pregnancy, and many women find it embarrassing. Don’t let your waddle get you down; embrace it and be proud!

6 Take Frequent Trips To The Bathroom

Most pregnant women will have an increased urge to use the bathroom. It usually happens somewhere mid-pregnancy, but it can start happening as early as the end of the first trimester – and the urge to go only increases as the pregnancy progresses.

An increased surge in hormones are partially to blame. Their goal is to relax the muscles in the body to prepare it for childbirth, but they relax all the muscles, including the bladder, which can cause an increased need to go. On top of that, the added pressure of the baby on the bladder and most pregnant women feel like they have to constantly go to the bathroom.

The need to make frequent trips to the bathroom can certainly become embarrassing, especially when it happens in the middle of a work meeting, or when you are with a group of people and you have gotten up to use the toilet several times.

5 Spending Too Long In The Bathroom

Not only do expectant women experience an increased need to use the bathroom, but they often spend long periods of time in the bathroom.

Constipation is an issue that many pregnant women experience. Increased hormones (yeah, they are to blame for a lot of pregnancy woes) are to blame for this issue, too. Those heightened levels of hormones cause the digestive tract to slow down in order to ensure the body is absorbing as many nutrients as possible for the baby.

On top of that, the baby puts pressure on the gastrointestinal tract. Both of these things can make it difficult to pass, well, #2. As a result, many expectant moms spend long periods of time in the bathroom.

If you are suffering from constipation, try adding some fiber to your diet and increasing your water consumption to get things moving.

4 Scratching The Lady Lumps

It’s no secret that pregnancy causes the breast to grow. Surging hormones, weight gain and the fact that the body is preparing for the arrival of the little miracle growing in a mama’s womb all lead to increased breast size.

Though many women do like this side effect of pregnancy, it can also cause some embarrassment – namely, itching. As the breasts grow, the skin around them stretches. That skin is sensitive and it rubs up against the fabric of bras and shirts. As a result, the breasts can get itchy, particularly the nipples.

Let’s face it, constantly having the urge to scratch those itchy breasts can be pretty embarrassing. If you are suffering from itchy breasts, try moisturizing. Dab thick lotion or nipple cream onto your girls and spread it in. Do this several times a day and you should notice a decrease in the itching.

3  Do Some Pimple Popping

Pimples don’t only plague teenagers, they can happen any time, especially during pregnancy.

Pregnancy hormones are little (or big) trouble makers, affecting a woman’s body in so many different ways. They can cause the oil glands to become excessively active, which can lead to breakouts. Pimples are embarrassing at any age, but even more so when you are past the teenage years. To combat those pimples, many expectant women resort to popping and picking.

Yes, it sounds gross and it can certainly be embarrassing, but let’s face it, more people do it than will admit to it.

If you’re experiencing breakouts, avoid the temptation to pop those pimples. Doing so could make matters worse. Instead, wash your face more frequently with a mild soap. You can also speak to your doctor about options that could help to prevent those little suckers from forming.

2 Get Their Shirt Wet With Milk

When you’re pregnant, not only can you have some leaking issues in your nether regions, but you can also have some leaking issues in the top portion of your lady parts.

As your body is getting ready to welcome that little baby you are growing, it adjusts accordingly. Naturally, the breasts are going to change, as they are intended to be the baby’s main food source. To prepare them for breastfeeding, the body starts to produce high levels of prolactin, the hormone that is responsible for getting the breasts for nursing.

Increased prolactin starts as soon as you conceive, and it continues throughout your pregnancy. Higher levels of this hormone can cause the breasts to leak. This can lead to wet shirts, which can be pretty embarrassing.

To prevent this issue, wear nursing pads. They will absorb any fluid that leaks and avoid those embarrassing wet spots from forming on your shirt.

1 Passing Gas Uncontrollably

It’s a matter of fact that every living being passes gas – even the most prim and proper ladies. However, despite this fact, you may try to conceal your gas to maintain your ladylike persona. However, during pregnancy, your ability to hold in those burps and farts can really hard to do.

During pregnancy, the production of progesterone spikes. This hormone is vital to a healthy pregnancy. However, it can impact the body in a myriad of ways. It makes your digest system breakdown food much slower, which can lead to a lot of gas buildup, and that gas needs to escape, and it does – from one end or the other.

It can be super hard to control when that gas escapes, too. Sorry, ladies, but despite how embarrassing it may be, burping and farting is just a part of pregnancy. Take comfort in knowing that you aren’t the only one who is letting it go…

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