15A Feeling Of Accomplishment

The pressure is ON once a woman finds out about her pregnancy. To successfully carry an extra being inside of mom’s womb is not in any way as easy as it sounds. There are perhaps a hundred restrictions and tons of procedures to follow.

Simple tasks like going to the loo and picking

things up from the floor start seeming herculean.

Then there are these irrational and very strong urges to eat everything in sight. Seriously, this can range from chocolates to chalk. Expectant women have eaten some really strange things.

After all of this struggle is followed by the nightmare that labor is, childbirth seems like a miraculous feat. Labor pain has been classified as the worst sort of pain, not to mention that it lies well beyond the threshold of pain that can be tolerated by an average human.

So obviously, after going through a crap ton of trouble, to hold your newborn in your arms is the ultimate feeling of accomplishment that any woman can experience, we're willing to wager.

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