15 Epic Celeb Dad Fails Too Public To Ignore

Some men have what it takes to be great fathers and others just don't. Apparently, being in the spotlight doesn't change this either.

To be a good parent, you really have to have an unselfish heart. Your kids' needs have to come first and you have to have the ability to think further down the road beyond the here and now. I mean, if we all lived in the heat of the moment then many more emotional problems would exist.

In fact, the heat of the moment is were most of the issues begin anyway. Either a man engages in unprotected sex when he's unwilling to care for that offspring or he's simply unable to get past his own ego to give his children the care they deserve.

Another issue with rotten parents, specifically dads, is that most of them think they are great. A lot of them say that they love their kids, but this love doesn't extend past a feeling. Feelings don't pay for food on the table. Feelings don't wipe away tears or teach self-discipline. You see where I'm going with this?

There is a saying that goes, "Bad parents always think they great parents. Great parents always think they're not doing enough." Even in Hollywood I'd venture to say that this is true.

Just because you passed on your incredibly talented genes doesn't make you a great dad. We'll see what you think of some of these guys.

Here are 15 celebrity dads who reek of failure. Enjoy!

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15 Gabriel Aubry

As you may very well know, the gorgeous Halle Berry and the equally gorgeous Gabrial Aubry has a child together named Nahla. The two parents have decided that joint custody was the best option. So, young Nahla spends half her time with mom and half her time with dad.

While this might seem like a great option and as if Aubry is stepping up to the plate, it's taken a questionable turn.

Aubry has completely stopped working and here's why: Berry pays him $16,000 per month in child support. He no longer works or even looks for work because he lives completely off of the child support.

I'm not sure what he's going to do when Nahla grows up and the money isn't rolling in.

14 Alec Baldwin

You might already be familiar with the notorious phone message Alec Baldwin left for his daughter Ireland Baldwin back in 2011. Alec and Kim Bassinger's only daughter was very young at the time. Far too young to be addressed as a "rude, thoughtless little pig" simply for not answering his call.

I'm not sure there is an appropriate age where that kind of name-calling and outburst would be acceptable?

Apparently, Ireland has had to put up with it all of her life. She voiced her opinion that the voicemail wasn't as big a deal as everyone made it out to be. She said this sort of thing happened all the time and she just shrugged it off.

I guess when you're used to being treated that disrespectfully, it doesn't shock you. This doesn't get Alec off the hook, though.

13 Woody Allen


The story of Woody Allen and his adopted daughter leave a lot of people asking questions. He was dating Mia Farrow when the two adopted several children together. Soon Yi-Previn was actually adopted by Farrow and former partner Andre Previn, so she wasn't legally adopted by Woody Allen.

Nevertheless, the two began to have what Allen called "a fling" and that's all it was supposed to have been. It developed into more, though...much more. Because of the affair, Mia Farrow and Woody Allen split.

Although Previn swears she doesn't see Allen as a father figure, Allen has made it well-known that their romantic relationship worked because of Previn's need for someone paternal.

Woody Allen's paternal...err, non-paternal role in Previn's life will forever be etched in our minds as questionable.

12 Hulk Hogan

I'm guessing you've never held a pose like this with your own father before. That's probably because most fathers don't objectify their own daughters as forthright as Hogan. Although it's not normal to view either your own daughter or father in a sexual light, it seemed to be happening.

For Brooke Hogan and her dad Hulk Hogan the lines are blurred. At least that's the way it seems to be in the spotlight.

Although, she vehemently denies anything perverted about their relationship, he's been seen rubbing lotion on her backside. Then, of course, there are the sexual retweets. You can't un-see this awkward photo of the two of them either.

Maybe this kind of behavior is all she's known, so she doesn't think it's abnormal. Who knows?

11 Travis Henry

NFL: Tennessee Titans vs Buffalo Bills 30-29

Having a brood of children is no crime. In fact, this kind of large family was the norm for years and years. Times have changed, though. Child raring has swayed from having financial assets to having financial responsibility.

No one can preach this financial shift quite as well as NFL star Travis Henry. He has 11 (possibly more) children with 10 different women. Here's a breakdown of births:

One in high school.Two while at the University of Tennessee.Six during his seven-year NFL career.Two after retiring.

The number of children isn't the only thing raising questions with this fellow. He's notoriously in and out of court because of his past-due child support. Last reported, his yearly support equaled $170,000.

10 John Phillips


Although people do tell stories, I'll leave it up to you to decide to believe this one or not. The music group The Mamas and the Papas were a smash hit back in the day. Its founder and musician John Phillips died before huge accusations were hurled his way by daughter Mackenzie Phillips.

In her memoir High on Arrival she revealed that her father how to roll a joint when she was only 10 years old. That's not the worst she revealed either. She claimed that the two had a consensual 10-year sexual relationship with her father after an incident during a drug binge.

She went on to explain that the relationship became consensual over time, but it didn't start out that way. Since John Phillips died before the allegations were made public, he can't confirm or deny any of it. In an interview on Oprah, Mackenzie Phillips admitted that she finds it hard to believe that she's the only one it happened to.

Whatever the truth may be, it's an odd story and a heartbreaking one to say the least.

9 Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen is not shy about much, especially when it comes to his personal drama. Most of the time, the theatricalities surround his opinions about the mother's of his youngest children. It's no secret that Denise Richards takes most of the heat.

Many people find this odd because when both he and his newest ex Brooke Mueller were both in rehab, Richards was the only one willing to take care of the Sheen/Mueller twins, Bob and Max.

Accusations of his domestic violence have come in abundance, as well. The children were removed from the home as Sheen continued to bash all his exes.

What goes on behind closed doors often goes unproven, but the things that Sheen has etched on the World Wide Web are there to stay...even when his kiddos start reading.

8 Eddie Murphy


Eddie Murphy has issued statement after statement declaring what a great father he is and that he takes his fatherly responsibilities seriously. Also, he trumpets what a fantastic example he set for his children and hopes they all know what he does for them.

The problem is that it's documented in a court of law that many of his children went ignored until the court system stepped in. The women with whom Murphy fathered children all had to pursue child support through the court systems.

One of the most notorious cases of this was with his daughter Angel with Mel B. Although, they only dated for a short time, Mel B got pregnant with Murphy's child. After numerous court sessions, it was found that he was the biological father and was ordered to pay child support.

7 Mathew Knowles


Mathew Knowles might be very well compared to the modern day Joe Jackson (we'll talk about him in a bit). He fearlessly lead Destiny's Child to stardom and successfully managed the one and only Beyonce, as well.

Behind the scenes, he might not have been so great at managing his own affairs. Knowles had an affair while he was still married to Beyonce's mother Tina. This affair resulted in Taqoya Branscomb's pregnancy with daughter Koi.

It came to light that Knowles paid Branscomb $225,000 of what Houston's Judge David D. Farr pegged as "hush money." Paternity was established and Knowles ended up having to pay $1,496.00 per month in child support as well as Branscomb's attorney fees which were topping $50,000.

6 Shawn Kemp

1991 Slam Dunk Contest

When you read about Shawn Kemp, you typically game read stats surrounded by about a hundred rumors involving his personal life. Rumor has it he has a serious cocaine problem. Rumor has it he has never been married. Rumor has it he wears boxers not briefs. You catch my drift.

People believe what they want to believe. One thing no one can deny is whether or not another human exists, though. This seems to be something Kemp has a tendency to forget.

Shawn Kemp has 7 children with 6 different women and he doesn't have much of a relationship with any of them. What can be said of him is that he had a meltdown because of the increasing pressures of paternity and child-support obligations. His on-the-court performance took a serious hit as his obligations caught up with him.

5 David Hasselhoff

David Hasselhoff, Hayley Hasselhoff, Taylor Hasselhoff

David Hasselhoff is most famous for his time aside Pamela Anderson on Baywatch as well as his crime fighting days with KITT on Night Rider. At some point in time, he portrayed a hero to us all whether we just needed some well-deserved beach time or a little justice.

Sadly Hasselhoff also suffers from an intense drinking problem. At the lowest of the low, an intoxicated Hasselhoff asked his 16-year-old daughter Taylor to tape one of his drunken episodes.

So, Taylor did just that. Hasselhoff drank too much and Taylor recorded his behavior. Some say it was too much to put on a teenager - basically swapping parent/child roles. Hasselhoff defends his decisions by revealing that should he feel like a relapse, he wants to reference back to that awful tape.

Alcoholism is a lot for any person to handle and many people involved in another's recovery become co-dependent. Sometimes loving your children means protecting them from yourself, according to the experts, who say Hasselhoff's moves were narcissistic in nature.

4 Ryan O'Neal


Ryan O'Neal has been named the "worst father in Hollywood" on more than one magazine cover. Why all the fuss, though?

He has one of the worst tempers Tinseltown unfortunately. It's been reported by more than one source that he was violent towards his children. He took the most aggression out on his son Griffin. Griffin would beat Ryan at a game of pool and Ryan would turn violent by punching and hitting him.

Tatum was only 15 when her dad told her she was fat then advised her to snuff cocaine to help her lose weight. He wanted to get her some cocaine from the same drug dealer who had assaulted her on a previous occasion.

When she couldn't handle anymore of his emotional abuse, she tried to commit suicide by slitting her wrists. His response to her was, "You cut the wrong way."

His children Tatum and Griffin don't have much to do with their father, but do stay in communication with him.

3 Joe Jackson


Joe Jackson was the patriarch of his famously talented family. He crafted the successful careers of his children including both Michael and Janet. This wasn't the only thing that Joe Jackson was famous for, though.

Michael and some of his siblings accused Joe of being physically and mentally abusive. Joe  painted the successful picture by claiming that his behavior was necessary for the professional discipline of his children.

He refused to let any of his children call him Dad. Before Michael's death in 2009, he completely shut his father out of his will. Joe Jackson still attempted to lay claim on his late son's estate.

Distastefully, he used a press conference after Michael's death to promote his startup music company.

2 Michael Lohan

Let's just start off with saying that it's unlikely Michael Lohan, Lindsay Lohan's father,  could ever be confused for Ward Cleaver. Lohan is a former stockbroker who recently took up celebrity boxing, he’s done time for criminal contempt in a securities case, racked up DUIs and convictions for assault and breaking a protection order, and been threatened with more jail time for not paying child support.

It comes as no surprise that he's been accused of being an emotional con man or an opportunist, per se. Although, one part of Lindsay desperately wants to have a good relationship with her father, another part protects herself and keeps the relationship at bay.

In fact, Lindsay's management aggressively keeps him out of the picture because of how much anguish he causes for her.

1 Karl Malone


Karl Malone has a very involved history. He fathered twins when he was just 17 and still in high school. He has maintained a relationship with the twinsDaryl and Cheryl. In fact, Cheryl played for the WNBA azndhe's been to a few games.

When he was 20 and a sophomore in college, he fathered another child with Demetress Bell who was only 13-years-old at the time.

It wasn't until 1998 that he claimed any of these children. But he was forced to even to do that. He spent his time fighting to not have to pay child-support, but it didn't work.

He doesn't spend time with his youngest son. His excuse is that it's too late for him to be a good dad, so why should he waste his time trying now.

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