20 Essential Baby Products Moms Can Buy For Under 10 Dollars

When it comes to preparing for, and taking care of a baby, many parents break the bank trying to buy everything they see for their little one. Some of the products they buy are necessary, while other products they just think would be so perfect for their little one.

It is hard not to want to spoil your child. Especially if it happens to be your first child. Whether it is clothing or toys you just cannot seem to have enough. There are many parents who spend way over their budgets for their babies. Sometimes even neglecting some of their own needs to make sure the child is taken care of.

Parents don’t always have to go broke taking care of their babies, there are a lot of helpful products out there that are plenty cheap enough. And we are listing 20 of those items here and hopefully, you will find some of these things helpful. These are all products that are under 10 dollars. Some of these are things you would probably be buying anyway. Your baby deserves the best, but the best doesn’t always have to cost an arm and a leg. Enjoy this article and if you happen to be expecting a child, we wish you all the best.

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20 Safety 1st Nursery Thermometer - $4.49

This baby thermometer can be used in three different ways. You can use it orally, under the arm, or as a rectal thermometer. In the case of a doing a rectal reading, it has a flexible tip for better comfort and it also has an over-insertion gauge so you don’t go too far. It makes a beeping sound when it is ready.

This thermometer also comes with a protective case. One thing you always want to be sure to do is to make sure that you clean it off after every use. Never keep using a thermometer without cleaning it, after all, you really only use it when the child is sick, which means cold germs. As a matter of fact, anything that touches your child should be sanitized properly.

19 Bumkins Pacifier Clip - $7.00

Even though they now make glow in the dark pacifiers so that at least when it is dark you can find that elusive nuk, the best solution of all is to not lose them in the first place, and that is where Bumkins pacifier clips come in handy. If you keep your baby’s nuk clipped to his clothing you will have no trouble keeping it where it belongs, with your child.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be Bumkins, we are just giving you one example here where you can get them cheap.

Pacifier clips come in all different shapes, patterns, and colors to suit your individual taste.

You can probably even choose one to go with each outfit and occasion. Even though these clips are such a simple invention, they are so helpful.

18 Little Snugglers Baby Diapers - $8.99

Huggies is a very popular and very trusted brand. These diapers are my favorite because they feature my favorite character, Winnie-The-Pooh. A pocketed waistband prevents leaking, a breathable outer cover for your baby’s comfort, and they also have a color-changing wetness indicator.

Obviously, diapers are one of those things you are really going to go through a lot of so you will probably want to be looking for good deals yet at the same time not compromising your baby’s comfort just to save money. This price is very reasonable for such a trusted product so it is definitely something I would recommend. Some brand names speak for themselves and Huggies is one of those brands trusted for generations, and probably for many more generations to come. Your baby is worth it.

17 Boogie Wipes - $5.00

Boogie Wipes... what can I say? I don’t think I really need to explain these at all, we all know what they are for and how useful they become.

Whether you are cleaning the baby’s bottom, wiping their hands, or cleaning off their toys, boogie wipes are essential to mom and her baby's health.

Some people use baby wipes even if they don’t have children because they are very handy in so many ways. They are also good for traveling. Many people use these wipes to clean off the seat in a public restroom. But as far as using them for your baby, you will more then likely go through quite a bit of them, but they don’t have to be costly, you can buy them cheap if you look around for bargains.

16 Johnson’s Baby Lotion - $2.00

Johnson’s Baby Lotion has been around for a long time, it is a very trusted product, and is actually the preferred choice for most hospitals. I have never used anything but Johnsons for my children. It is great for keeping your baby’s skin soft and moist and leaves a fresh scent as well.

You can even trust using it for yourself if you have any issues with drying skin, and so both you and your baby can lay down at night feeling soft and clean. I don’t believe that two dollars are much to pay for a bottle of baby lotion from one of the most trusted names out there. And when it comes to your little one you will want the best that there is, and without even spending all that much.

15 Kushies Washcloths - $6.00

Washcloths are an absolute necessity for bathing your little bundle of joy. You can never have enough of them. Keep a good supply at home and have another supply always ready in the diaper bag if you plan on letting a family member keep your baby for the night.You can buy a 6-pack of Kushies Washcloths for only 6 dollars. Cheap enough to buy some extras.

They come in all sorts of bold colors and are nice and soft for your baby’s delicate skin.

I know how sometimes things can get so hectic that you might not always have the time to get the laundry done right away and so this is one good reason to have extras on hand. Maybe even buy a pack to keep at grandma’s house.

14 Inflatable Duck Tub - $8.88

Tubby time is always fun with a baby, and this inflatable duck tub is a great buy. It has a disk that turns white if the water is too hot for the baby. The bottom of it is textured so the baby won’t slip. It is very easy to wash out and you can deflate and fold it up quickly and easily which makes it good for traveling as well.

This tub is perfect for children 6-24 months of age. Great for putting right inside of the bigger tub and your baby will get the feeling of sitting in the big tub without actually sitting in it. There is enough room in it so that the child will be able to still have fun splashing around. Another great product at another great price.

13 Formula Dispenser - $6.03

This formula dispenser holds 3-8 oz servings and comes with a bottle that holds one 8 oz serving.

Take these dispensers with you and you will have 4 feedings worth of formula.

If you plan on going away for the day you can get it all prepared before you leave the house and you won’t have to mix any formula all day. You will have breakfast, lunch, and supper all prepared.

Even if you are not planning on going anywhere, you will still have whole days worth of meals ready, can’t beat that. Some of the most handy items seem to also be some of the most simple inventions at simple prices. There will always be those people who feel like they have to spend top dollars when it comes to their baby.

12 Baby Einstein Musical Toy - $5.99

This musical toy plays 7 different songs and is so very affordable. One thing all babies like is flashing lights and music. Most musical toys are a hit with these little ones, especially when they have both the music and the lights, you can’t beat that.

Even toddlers like to play with musical baby toys. It is always good to have some toys that your child won’t grow out of so quickly. I have caught myself playing with some of my niece's musical toys now and then, hey, don’t we all have a little child inside of us somewhere? Ok, so some of us grow up much slower than others.

This toy also has a lot of bright colors, which is something else that babies like. All baby toys should have some feature that helps to stimulate their senses.

11 Bottle Drying Rack - $9.74

The Munchkin High Capacity Drying Rack holds up to 16 bottles and accessories at once. It is great for keeping your clean bottles from falling on the floor while they are drying. Keeps them all in one place so you know right where to go to grab a clean bottle.

At $9.74, you are getting a very useful product that will help to make things a little easier.

When the baby is no longer using bottles anymore you could always use this rack for cups. I love a product that can serve multi purposes. Besides once the child is past the bottle stage he or she will be using the sippy cups, and now you can keep them together as well. The price is cheap especially when you can use it for more than just bottles.

10 Glow In The Dark Pacifiers - $9.00

How many times have you had to go around the house searching for pacifiers? I remember searching inside the cushions, under the furniture, and then sometimes even having to rush out to the store to buy a couple more. With the nuk night glow. Glow in the dark pacifier it will be much easier to find those hiding nuks.

You may still have to do a little bit of searching, but at least at night with the lights off you will have no trouble at all finding those pacifiers, since they glow in the dark. I wonder if they make keychains like that?

I think I would have had less nighttime trips to the store if I would have had some of these when I was raising my children.

9 Little Remedies Sterile Saline Mist - $6.67

This saline mist is 100% natural and will help to loosen the mucus in your baby’s nose, which will help them to breathe easier.

This mist is not only good for babies it is good for any age so this is one of those baby products that you can also benefit from. Squirting a mist up your nose might not be the most pleasant experience but then again it sure beats being stuffed up and when it comes to your baby, if they are feeling stuffy they will be miserable and this will help them and you so much.

It’s really not a bad price at all, and it works a lot faster than a humidifier when it comes to clearing out those mucus monsters. Next time I am blocked up I may just try this myself.

8 Munchkin Deluxe Dishwasher Basket - $8.00

I remember the days of having bottles all over the place and when it came to washing them, it seemed like it was hard to keep them all together and then somehow, just like with socks in the dryer, some of the bottles would be missing the tops.

This Munchkin deluxe dishwasher basket is perfect for keeping your bottles and nips all together while they are being washed and while they are drying, no more having them scattered all over the place, and the best part is that it costs under 10 dollars.

Once you place your bottles and tops all together in the rack, you can then place the whole rack in the dishwasher. This makes them so much easier to take care of. I know if I had a little one this would definitely be on my list of things to buy.

7 Munchkin Easy Squeezy Spoon - $7.99

This spoon is a nifty little invention.

Instead of lifting the spoon from a bowl or plate to the baby’s mouth, you just give a little squeeze to let the food fill the spoon right there at your child’s mouth. It is a good way to prevent spilling. I think this would even be a good invention for adults, you could carry it around with where ever you go. Also for older children on car rides.

I think you could come up with all sorts of good ideas for a product like this. Also if you are outside feeding your baby, maybe at a picnic or something, it would be great for keeping the bugs out of their food, you would be able to set it down and then come back to it with no worries.

6 Ring O’Links Rattle - $5.62

These types of rattles are a very common toy for babies. Almost any household with a baby in it more than likely has a similar rattle for their little one. They are very easy for the child to hold on to and shake around. The links that are attached to the ring have little bumps on them to stimulate their sense of touch. It may seem a little too simple but almost all baby toys no matter how simple they are, have a certain purpose to their design.

This is probably one of the easiest types of rattles for a baby to hold on to. This toy like many others also has a variety of colors to it which catches the child’s eye. With the links, you have smooth and you have bumpy for a difference in texture for their little fingers.

5 Medicine Dispenser - $4.61

The Munchkin Medicator is an awesome way to get your child to take their medicine without spitting it out or getting sick.

They don’t have to take it all in one shot. With this dispenser, you can just attach it to a bottle nip and the child will take the medicine slowly. This is a nice little invention I wish I would have had years ago, instead of fighting to get them to take their medicine.

Today baby products are advancing so fast, it seems like there is a new baby product out there for every possible situation. You can buy the medicator at the very low price of $4.61. A very helpful product to add to your collection of items that you will be using for your little child. No more spoons, no more eye droppers.

4 Fresh Food Feeder - $6.99

The Fresh Food Feeder is definitely one of those must-have products for your baby, it lets him or her have real fruits and vegetables without the choking hazards. The mesh only allows for very small amounts of food to pass through to the baby making it safe for them to enjoy foods they otherwise would have to eat all squashed up in a jar. This way they can actually have their fruits and veggies fresh.

This is one of those products I will highly recommend, and for what it is used for I think the price is very good. It could even replace the pacifier for longer periods of time, possibly making it easier to wean them off of it quicker, which can sometimes be quite difficult to accomplish.

3 Animal Themed Changing Pad - $9.82

Not too much to say about these. All mothers know how valuable changing pads are. You really only need one or two but at this price, you could also pick up a couple of extra ones to give out as gifts if you know of anyone who is expecting a child. They would make good baby shower gifts.

Although they may not be an absolute necessity, they are however very helpful. They are animal themed, which it seems that many baby products are, whether they are toys, games, or clothing when it comes to babies, everything seems to have little animals on it. I guess it adds cuteness to the products.

Many of the pads today are made with memory foam which makes it much more comfortable for the baby.

2 O-Ball - $8.00

The O-Ball is a great toy for babies to enhance their grasping skills. The O-Ball has come along way, there are all sorts of ways that they are improving them. To add enjoyment for the child, you can buy them with rattles in them so that not only will they learn to grasp things, they will also learn that by shaking the ball it will make a noise, and therefore they learn how their action has a reaction.

Even once the child is crawling on the floor they can still get plenty of enjoyment from it. Not only can they grab ahold of it and make in rattle, but now they can roll it on the floor. They can actually get a couple of years out of it.

1  OXO Tot Bottle Brush - $6.99

Bottle brushes are a wonderful necessity for getting all the way down inside the bottles, and this one has an easy grip handle that won’t be slippery when it is wet.

You can also use these for your glasses and cups. It is good to soak them in bleach once in a while when you are not using it to help keep it sanitized.

You can even throw it in the dishwasher once in a while, but the best way to keep it germ-free is with the bleach. Although they are good for your other dishes, I would keep the second one on hand for that to be double sure you use a germ-free brush for bottles do not wash bottles and dishes with the same brush, keep them separate.

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