15 Things Kate And Meghan Are Not Allowed To Do In Front Of The Queen

Way back when many people were hooked on the fairytale love stories they watched in the movies. Movies like Cinderella definitely filled every girl’s childhood. The picture-perfect scenes captured young hearts alike. As a result, we also like to become like her or other Disney Princesses. When asked about our dreams, we never hesitated to answer that we’d like to become a princess someday. Even when we grew up, the desire to become a princess never goes away.

So it’s not news to many people when one of the daydreams of most girls is to become a princess, to marry a wholesome and handsome prince and to actually live in a castle. While others accept that they won’t make it and that they’re aware that it’s a bit of a punch to the moon, some girls are just plain lucky to capture a heart of a real-life prince. Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle are two of the best examples for that.

Kate, who is now called Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, is married to a British prince named William. And Meghan Markle, an actress, is currently engaged to Prince William’s brother, Prince Harry. It seems like Kate and Meghan are living the dreams of their lives and making other girls’ dream seem possible.

While it seems like they’re enjoying their royal journey, the situation isn’t always rainbows and cupcakes. It’s also important to realize that the in-betweens are not always about having fun and all. Royal etiquette may sound cool, but it’s not that easy to follow, most especially if the person is used to being an ordinary girl. Rules will always be there although British are laxer nowadays; it doesn’t give them the privilege to break rules. Laid-back or not, they must always follow the rules and avoid breaking them as much as possible.

When it comes down as to how Kate and Meghan will interact with the queen, there are a lot of rules they must be aware of. Duchess Catherine of Cambridge and Meghan who is soon to be a ‘princess’ when she marries Prince Harry, have to follow lots of rules that fit into the Royalty’s standard etiquette.

To know more about these rules, let’s dive in and discuss a few of the things Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle aren’t allowed to do in front of the Queen.

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15 Questionable Dinner Conversation

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It may sound exaggerated, but yes, dinner conversations are strictly orchestrated by the Royals. We may think of it as a not so important rule, but for Royals, it must be strictly followed. So it also goes for non-royals who are invited to a banquet with the Queen. Royals are well-trained for their dining etiquette and this is one of the things they are proud of, primness when dining and table manners.

When the dinner begins, the Queen speaks to the person in her right. Her Majesty and the guest speak to each other until the first course is done. And when the second course of the dinner starts, Her Majesty speaks to the person in her left during the entire course of the feast.

It is pretty acceptable that not everyone is well aware of the rule. One of the classic examples of inappropriate dinner conversation was made by Lewis Hamilton, a famous racecar driver. According to The Telegraph, he was unaware of the etiquette surrounding dining table conversation and chit chatted with the Queen the whole time. Lucky for him, one of the guests told him that it was inappropriate and that he must follow the rules regarding dining conversation. After realizing that he made a mistake, he apologized later on.

Obviously, Kate and Meghan can’t easily barge into conversation with the Queen whenever they want. They must always pay some respect with regards to this rule. Dining with the Queen will always be a part of their lives and they must not forget to follow the dining rules all the time.

14 PDA, Especially While Travelling

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People may perceive Royals as unaffectionate with their partners and that they don’t love each other very much, but what we don’t realize is that there’s definitely a reason for that. Public displays of affection are prohibited for Royals, especially those who are already married to each other. They are refrained from holding hands or making physical contact in public as much as possible. They are not allowed to cuddle with each other in front of the crowd or in front of the Queen either.

Nevertheless, it seems like Prince Harry and Meghan Markle don’t seem to care that there are not abiding by the rules or at least they will be abiding them after they get married. They were always clingy with each other, even when they are in public places. Their hands can’t seem to let go of each other.

According to The Sun, they were even spotted holding hands at the Invictus games. The two apparently love each other so much that they don't care that they are defying some rules. It makes us wonder how the Queen reacted to that. Members of the royal family are all about primness and formality; smooching in public is a bit contrary to that. Although it’s still okay for Prince Harry and Meghan to be affectionate with each other, they must already practice being not so sweet now that they’re going to get married soon.

13 Expressing Political Views

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According to Elle, Meghan has been very expressive about political issues in the past. She even shared a post attacking Donald Trump, who is now the President of United States of America who was a Presidential candidate back then. Meghan was also open about her support for Trump’s opponent, Hillary Clinton, who eventually lost the battle.

That was quite acceptable back when she was an actress. But now that she is on her way to becoming a princess, things like that are strictly prohibited. If she wants to marry Prince Harry and become a part of the Royal Family, she must learn how to keep her political opinions in-house. She must not express her political views in public.

Meghan and Kate are not allowed to choose political sides.

They are expected to stay neutral with regards to most matters. Meghan, who is also known to be expressive with her views and opinion must not forget this very important rule. In relation to this rule, they are also not allowed to vote.

Politics is way too dirty for a righteous royal. Staying away and not being able to get involved with it is the best decision. Royals choosing political sides will really cause chaos, not just to their land, but to the whole world as well.

12 Eating After the Queen Has Finished Her Meal

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Everybody loves eating, unfortunately not everyone loves following the rules. While members of the Royal Family are known for their primness and manners, most of their rules revolve around dining etiquette and table manners.

Anyone dining together with the Queen must follow all the rules to not be perceived as rude and improper. When dining with Her Majesty, everyone is expected to practice and follow this rule: follow Her Majesty’s moves all the time. The concept of this rule is basically “what the Queen does, everybody does.” If the Queen sits, everyone sits. If the Queen stands, everyone stands. If the Queen begins to eat, everyone begins to eat. If the Queen stops eating, everyone must also stop eating. Following every move of the Queen essentially means that people are paying attention to Her Majesty. Doing that means giving due respect to the Royal Highness.

Even Royals themselves must follow this rule, including Kate and Meghan. When dining with Her Majesty, Kate and Meghan should never eat first. No one should start eating before the Her Majesty and no one should carry on eating after she has finished, even though guests are not yet full and ready to stop.

11 Signing Your Name

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Non-royals, especially actors and actresses are used to giving autographs to their fans. A signature is something they easily share with others, but for Royals, it is a whole different story. Consequently, they’re not just normal celebrities anyway.

The Royal Family is not allowed to sign autographs. The reason for this is simple; there might be a risk of their signatures being forged for wrongful intentions. Royal signatures are so precious, people can’t easily obtain one. But when asked for it, Kate and Meghan must politely refuse and explain to them that they are prohibited to give out their signatures.

Obviously, this rule is as strange as a moon in the afternoon for someone who is used to writing her signature down for her fans. Meghan Markle is an actress with lots of supporters who would like to have their idol’s signature pinned in their notebook or diary or anything which could be kept. Once she and Prince Harry tie the knot, she will be no longer be allowed to sign any autographs for anyone. She could only sign papers for Royal business-related affairs. She must politely refuse or even explain that signing one is prohibited if anyone asks for it.

10 Taking Selfies And Posting Them Online

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Millennial or not, everyone loves taking photographs. Selfies, which everyone enjoys, is a kind of photography in which people take a photo of themselves or together with other people. It has become a natural part of everyone’s daily life. Some people can’t even stand a day without taking pictures of themselves. Either Snapchatting what they do or posting anything they eat or sharing to social media their current location.

Royals are no exception to loving selfies, most particularly that they could afford mobile phones with a good camera. Everyone has a selfie or two on their phone. They may even share it on their social media profiles. Meghan and Kate are gorgeous women who also love taking a selfie. One of the royal rules which are most likely not suited for millennials is not being allowed to take selfies.

Members of the Royal Family are also not allowed to post them on their social media profiles. Additionally, they can’t have a social media account.

It may seem like a strict rule, but one way or another, it does make sense. They promote formality and taking a selfie, which is a pretty vain thing, would contradict that. As for Meghan who has an Instagram profile, she must delete her account before or after her wedding ceremony with her fiancé, if she wants to tie the knot with him.

9 Eating Shellfish

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While most people love eating seafood, according to Unilad, members of the royal family are not allowed to eat shellfish and the likes. This is said to be a precautionary measure rather than an actual rule. Shellfish may trigger allergies and cause food poisoning, which may result in a Royals getting sick. This item is not seen on any menu for Royal family dining. However, other royal members may sneak out and eat some for the reason that this rule is laxer than any other.

With all the things they can afford, getting sick isn’t one. Royals need to be healthy all the time because of their busy schedules. Time spent in bed because of an upset stomach is definitely time wasted.

The Queen chooses not to eat shellfish for health concerns, but others like Prince Charles, Prince William and few others will happily eat it. This is one of the most lenient rules in the Royal Family. On the other hand, Kate and Meghan probably won’t eat shellfish when they are in front of the Queen. That would be a bit disrespectful to Her Majesty’s. If this rule continues in the next royal generation or not, we will find out soon enough.

8 Believing In Christianity

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The Queen, as the head of the Church of England, is not allowed to believe in Catholicism. This rule also applies to other Royal members. Believing in Christianity is a no-no for Royals. According to Popsugar, the Royals have been a part of Protestant Anglican Church since the 16th century.

Most of the people think that the British Royal Family is Catholic. What they don’t know is that they actually don’t believe in Catholicism and that they are not allowed to believe in it. The Royal Family is the head of the Church of England. Consequently, they can’t put their faith in another religion. Although Royals are allowed to marry a non-believer, their soon to be spouse must be baptized and confirmed in the Church of England before they get married.

According to tradition, Royals were not allowed to marry any person of any other faith. However, that was changed in 2011 when their regulations with regards to this was updated.

Meghan Markle was baptized and confirmed into the Church of England before her wedding. Kate, who was already baptized before her marriage, was also confirmed in the Church of England before she married Prince William.

7 Wearing Casual Clothing

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Royals are looked up to when it comes to their way of clothing. They are the leaders in fashion with their classic yet elegant style. Their attire is usually hip and modest. Wearing casual clothing is not included in their wardrobe options. There are no faded, holey jeans and ragged t-shirts allowed.

While they are strictly prohibited from wearing casual clothing, there are members of the Royal Family that don’t care.

They are also not allowed to wear fur. However, the Queen herself doesn’t mind wearing it.

Cleavage is prohibited in the Royal dress code as well, but as many of the rules have been violated, Diana dishonored this rule. According to Good Housekeeping, Diana wore casual clothing at an event and used her clutches as a means to hide her cleavage when getting out of a car.

As for Meghan and Kate, they should not ignore the dress code. They should make sure that they dress according to the dress code regardless of how late they are or how eagerly they want to wear clothes that are not in the dress code. A clean cut is a must for the Royals. Being noticed by the Queen for not wearing a proper dress would cause a not so good impression.

6 Leaving The Tiara At Home

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Most non-royal women don’t wear hats at all occasions, except maybe for those who are up for something unique and elegant. Women who are part of the Royal Family must wear hats to all formal events. The fancier the hat is, the better. Wearing fancy headdresses are their masterpiece. Their hats are always on point. Obviously, they can afford fancy and expensive ones.

Bustle reports that after 6 pm, hats are off and tiaras are on. Although tiaras were traditionally worn towards the front of the head, the modern style is worn farther back on the head at a 45-degree angle. The tiara must be angled properly and it must be worn with much elegance. Women are trained to balance wearing a tiara in their head to keep their posture upright. Female kids are also trained to prepare them for when they will eventually wear one.

Kate is already living with this practice. She’s slaying every outfit and hat she wears; just the right amount of class and elegance. While Meghan can easily adapt to this rule because she certainly has a chic wardrobe, she shouldn’t be all hyped up and just dress or wear hats that are not in accordance to the prescribed ones.

5 Opening Presents On Christmas Morning

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Naturally, people love to open their presents on Christmas Day. They actually enjoy unwrapping the gifts after waking up in the morning of Christmas. The excitement is over-pouring and undeniable. However, this is not the case for the Royal Family. Royals are not permitted to open presents on Christmas mornings. Because of their busy schedule, they don’t have to time unwrap the gifts they receive from their family or from other people. According to Daily Star, instead of opening presents on Christmas day, they open their gifts in the Red Drawing Room on Christmas Eve while having their tea party.

It is also part of the tradition of the Royal family to stay together in one house at Christmas. They want everyone to stay close and bond with each other on that special day. While this may seem to be easy to follow, Kate Middleton broke this rule when she decided to spend her first Christmas with her parents and siblings, away from the Royal Family. This doesn’t seem to be fine with the Queen when she did it the first time. The Queen was reportedly upset after Kate did this.

Meghan who is known to be a family-oriented person will have a hard time following this rule after she marries Prince Harry. Not spending Christmas with her family, most especially with her mom, will undoubtedly be tough for her.

4 Using Nicknames

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Nicknames are part of people’s lives. Having been called a good nickname sounds really sweet. While regular people love being called by their nickname, the contrary is true for the Royal Family. One of the absolute rules of Royals is that they can't be addressed by any nicknames or other names that signify informality. People cannot and must not speak to them with informality. Saying the Queen’s full title while talking to her is a sign of respect. Memorizing Her Majesty’s full title, which is pretty long, means that the guest of honor really devoted time to the Queen before visiting the Royal Highness.

Addressing Royals with nicknames is strictly prohibited.

Meghan and Kate calling the queen "Lizzie" would definitely be sternly frowned upon. They must not forget this firm rule if they want to get along well with the Queen. Kate and Meghan must face the consequences if they ever call the Queen “Lizzie” or “Liz.” Calling the Queen by a nickname will put them into a good scolding session in the palace. Luckily, no one was ever reported bending this so important rule. Even addressing Kate and Meghan using their nicknames is prohibited. Meghan, who is called Flower by her mother Doria Ragland, might think of addressing her by her proper name once Meghan is married to Prince Harry.

3 Sitting Wherever You Want 

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As a regular citizen, people don’t really follow certain professional rules or seating arrangements when there is a formal event. Most of the time, it’s just fine not to be arranged whenever people attend an event or visit other people’s houses.

While this is true for many people, rules are perfectly laid out when it comes to the order of precedence at processions, photographs or even seating arrangements for the members of the Royal Family. They follow a strict code when it comes to this subject. They even have organizers for this kind of matter. The family walks in a very special order. People will never see them out of this order at any event they attend.

Royals always line up according to title regarding who is next in line for the monarchy. The Edwardian Promenade puts it in perspective and give the official order as this: Queen Elizabeth II is first, and her husband, Prince Philip, is always right beside her. Next are Prince Charles and his wife, Camilla. Prince William is up next, followed by the Duchess, and so on.

This rule applies not only when the Royal Family are walking around at an event, but it also applies when official photographs are being taken.

2 Go In For A Hug

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Meeting other people the first time will often mean a good handshaking and hugging session. While this is pretty normal for us, this may not be so cool for the members of the Royal Family. People thinking they are allowed close to the Queen and think they can just walk up to her like one would a neighbor is definitely not allowed.

Never touch a Royal, most especially the Queen herself. This may sound simple but this rule is one of the most broken rules ever recorded. This is included in the most strict rules mentioned. The Atlantic states that the reason for this rule dates back to medieval times. Monarchs were said to be appointed by God to rule the throne, thus they were seen as gods and as gods, they cannot be touched. However, the idea of this has been reduced and become more laid back, but that doesn’t mean you can go touching the Queen beyond a formal handshake.

Meghan and Kate should also follow this firm rule. They should always wait for the Queen to extend her hand first and pay respect all the time. They must also curtsey to the Queen anytime anywhere. Even Kate, as a Duchess of Cambridge, is not allowed to be touched by non-royals. Kate's reaction when LeBron James threw his arm around her was evidently awkward and created a big controversy on social media. This rule is one of the most important rules to be strictly followed, however, it is also one of the most often broken by us touchy-feely Americans.

1 Not Perfecting The Curtsey

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When meeting the Queen, everyone is expected to pay respect. Giving attention to the Queen and not turning your back is a sign of respect. Royal or non-royal, everyone must do this. To express best regards and honor, men are expected to give a proper bow and women must curtsey. This is one of the most traditional ways that has been followed by the royals and non-royals for as long as anyone can remember.

Kate and Meghan are also expected to give a curtsey to the Queen whenever or wherever they meet.

Meghan should perfect her curtsey if she wants to remain in the good graces of Her Majesty. There is an etiquette that Meghan needs to follow and never forget when it comes to remembering who to curtsey to before and after their marriage. She will need to give a small curtsey to all blood members before her marriage with her fiancé. After their wedding ceremony, she may only have to curtsey to more senior members of the Royals. That should not be so hard for Megan to follow.

Kate and Meghan are also not allowed to turn their back to the Queen. They must pay respect, curtsey to the Queen and not go around hugging her. The longer they hold the curtsy, the more respectful they are.

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