15Questionable Dinner Conversation

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It may sound exaggerated, but yes, dinner conversations are strictly orchestrated by the Royals. We may think of it as a not so important rule, but for Royals, it must be strictly followed. So it also goes for non-royals who are invited to a banquet with the Queen. Royals are

well-trained for their dining etiquette and this is one of the things they are proud of, primness when dining and table manners.

When the dinner begins, the Queen speaks to the person in her right. Her Majesty and the guest speak to each other until the first course is done. And when the second course of the dinner starts, Her Majesty speaks to the person in her left during the entire course of the feast.

It is pretty acceptable that not everyone is well aware of the rule. One of the classic examples of inappropriate dinner conversation was made by Lewis Hamilton, a famous racecar driver. According to The Telegraph, he was unaware of the etiquette surrounding dining table conversation and chit chatted with the Queen the whole time. Lucky for him, one of the guests told him that it was inappropriate and that he must follow the rules regarding dining conversation. After realizing that he made a mistake, he apologized later on.

Obviously, Kate and Meghan can’t easily barge into conversation with the Queen whenever they want. They must always pay some respect with regards to this rule. Dining with the Queen will always be a part of their lives and they must not forget to follow the dining rules all the time.

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