15 Evil Parents That Should Have Been Sterilized

In American children are being born for all the wrong reasons. Whether it be a welfare check or entrapment, there are stories you hear almost daily of women getting pregnant who aren't quite fit to be parents. You look at the parents and just know that child is doomed for a life of skating by, in and out of trouble and never quite getting the advantages he or she deserves.

However, there are parents out there who take their unwantedness for children to an entirely new level. Whether they got pregnant for evil reasons or something switched in their brains along the way that made them look at their children as whipping posts or objects -- the end result is always the same: terribly broken children who never had a fighting chance.

Call it harsh, but whenever I see these horrific parents on the news, all I can think is that someone should sterilize them before they bring more broken children and terrible parents into this world. I mean, don't we learn how to parent by watching our parents? Sure, there are the occasional Harvard grads that grew up in a meth lab, but they are so rare they get their own Oprah segment. They are the exception and not the rule.

Here are 15 of the absolute worst parents on earth that need their reproductive organs removed before the world goes to hell in a handbasket.

15 Druggies Overdose In Car With Child

Druggies overdose with child in the car.

Heroin is a drug that claims the soul of most people who choose to dance with the devil. Their bodies shrivel and gray and their minds become consumed with the next high. It's one thing to let the drug kill you -- but to put your child in harm's way, that's unforgivable and that child and any other children should never be left in your care again.

The couple are Rhonda Pasek and James Acord who overdosed on heroin while in the vehicle with Pasek's 4 year old in the backseat. The couple had been driving down the highway erratically and pulled up to a screeching halt by a school bus full of children when officers approached the vehicle and discovered this nightmare.

An Ohio police department shared the above disgusting photo to their Facebook page to spread awareness of the dangers of heroin use.

"We are well aware that some may be offended by these images and for that we are truly sorry, but it is time that the non drug using public sees what we are now dealing with on a daily basis," the caption accompanying this horrific photo reads.

14 Parents Ditch Newborn Baby In A Bush

Parents Ditch Newborn Baby In A Bush

Culturally-speaking, in India's poorer areas, little baby girls are considered a curse. When families birth them, all they can see is the price tag of an expensive dowry down the line. However, nothing justifies what one couple did -- throwing their brand-new baby girl in a thorny bush and leaving her for dead.

Anyone who is literally willing to kill their offspring for what sex they are deserves to lose the privilege of bringing any more children into this world.

This beautiful baby girl was thankfully discovered before she died of exposure. While she was bleeding from the thorns piercing her skin, she is expected to make a full recovery.

A search is currently underway to find the birth parents of this little fighter. Hopefully when they are found, they hand them a vasectomy and tubal ligation and lock them in jail.

13 Parents Who Were Charged With "Worst Child Abuse Ever"

Parents Who Were Charged With "Worst Child Abuse Ever"

Little Baby Faith may have found a new family, but the fact remains that there isn't a punishment harsh enough for her birth family who abused this one month old so viciously doctors said it looked like she was dropped from a two-story building.

The emergency room nurse who first met this little warrior said the abuse was the worst she had ever seen -- with injuries varying from 40 broken bones and fractures, including two broken arms and two broken legs.

Doctors said many of the injuries on this one month old were more than three weeks old. So, her demonic parents, Christine Johnson and Darrell Mason, were abusing her from just a few days old.

Thankfully, Faith has lived through this tragic ordeal, though she is still healing from some of the injuries. She has been adopted by her foster family and will hopefully enjoy a happy childhood regardless of her worthless birth parents.

12 Father Keeps And Abuses Daughter For 24 Years

Father Keeps And Rapes Daughter For 24 Years

When I hear the phrase "worst parent in history," immediately the evilly shriveled face of Josef Fritzl comes to mind. If you've had the hideous misfortune of watching his documentary or reading the books about him, you would know he kept his own daughter prisoner in a makeshift cellar where he raped her relentlessly for 24 years.

The Austrian man lured his daughter, Elizabeth, into their family cellar where she never left for over two decades.

Over the time in her prison, Elizabeth birthed seven children. And, yes, they were all her father's children -- three of which never saw sunlight until their eventual rescue. Three other children were surprisingly raised in the main home by Josef and his wife, Rosemary, who was allegedly unaware of Elizabeth's imprisonment. Josef weaved lies of the children being dumped on them by Elizabeth who "ran away from home" and Rosemary believed the stories.

The seventh child was a twin and died shortly after being born -- its body being burned in a boiler by Fritzl.

The 42 year old daughter was discovered with a full head of white hair and completely emotionally and physically broken by the endless torment her father put her through.

11 Father Who Abused His Infant Daughter To Death

Father Who Raped His Infant Daughter To Death

Stories like these make me seriously wish parents had to undergo intensive testing before allowed to take children home from the hospital.

This 22 year old Detroit man was sent to prison after abusing and raping his 8 month old daughter until she eventually passed away.

James Saltmarshall is a deeply disturbed man. So disturbed, in fact, that his own mother said if authorities would have listened to her, little Janiyah would still be alive.

"I just wanted her safe,’ the woman said. ‘I didn’t have to have custody of her. She just needed to be a in a safe environment, and the environment she was in was not a safe environment," the grandmother said.

As soon as Janiyah's birth mother regained custody of her daughter, she knew the baby was in terrible condition. She was rushed to the hospital with cranial trauma as well as rectal tearing. Sadly, the doctors were not able to save this little girl's life.

10 Parents Torture Child For Years Until He Dies

Parents Torture Child For Years Until He Dies

At what point is enough enough when it comes to leaving children with their abusive parents? Apparently, for little Adrian Jones, a 458 page social services file as well as confiding in his social worker of his horrific parental torture wasn't enough to save this little boy from succumbing to the abuse and passing away.

Michael and Heather Jones, Adrian's father and stepmother, told the state they didn't want the seven year old any longer. Yet, the little boy remained in their care.

A social worker got a call to their hotline in 2013 regarding Adrian's unstable home environment

“The mom beats the living daylights out of the kids for no reason," the call stated.

During the social worker's visit, little Adrian confided in the extent of abuse he is exposed to.“Sometimes he kicks me on the back of my head and little bone come out,” Adrian told the worker. “My daddy keeps hitting me in the head and punches me in the stomach and my mom keeps pulling on my ears and it really hurts.”

However, the boy continued to remain in their care. Adrian's remains were found in the Jones's home in November -- however, the autopsy shows the boy may have passed a month prior.

9 Parents Starve And Abuse Child Until He Is Hospitalized

Parents Starve And Abuse Child Until He Is Hospitalized

A Wisconsin couple deserves to be sterilized after their five year old son was discovered weighing a meager 29 pounds -- his body suffering "refeeding syndrome" due to being in constant starvation mode.

Bradley and Kimberly Fahrenkrug, the boy's parents, were charged with with first degree reckless injury, causing mental harm to a child, first degree recklessly endangering safety, child neglect resulting in great bodily harm and false imprisonment after the boy's hospitalization, weighing in in the 0.08 percentile on the development chart.

It wasn't just lack of food that made these parents demonic-worthy, the couple made the boy wear a helmet, compression vest, flippers and weights and continuously march throughout the house and fed him a little bit of soup here and there.

The saddest part of all is the boy had siblings who were allowed to eat whatever they liked while the boy starved and watched them eat. At night, the parents would swaddle the boy in his bed so he couldn't get out and eat.

8 Little Girl Rendered Mute After Years Of Abuse

Little Girl Rendered Mute After Years Of Abuse

There is a father in Los Angeles that deserves a hell of a lot more than sterilization after his 5 year old daughter became an "elective mute" due to his years of sexual abuse that started before she was 2 years old.

The dad, Dennis Henderson, got away with raping his daughter for years despite the girl's mother, Faye's, attempts to save the child from his wrath.

Faye said she attempted several times to keep the girl from her dad after seeing vaginal injuries on the 3 year old when she returned from a visit with him. However, authorities weren't buying her story and Dennis told police Faye had injured the girl to get a better divorce settlement.

''Nobody would listen to me,'' Mrs. Henderson said. ''Everybody told me, 'You're going through a divorce, all women say that.' ''

Once the child was rescued from her father's visits, her trauma was so severe she stopped talking to anyone by her mother, living in constant fear of anyone she comes in contact with.

While undergoing intensive therapy, the girl's mother is suing authorities who didn't listen to her. Her lawyer says it's important to spread the message of helping parents protect their children from abusers, even if they are parents.

''The public will simply not believe that a human will do this to a child,'' Faye's lawyer said. ''But sometime, someplace, somebody's got to stand up and say, 'something horrible is happening,' and do something to protect the children.''

7 Parents Leave Toddler Locked In Cage And Newborn All Alone

Parents Leave Toddler Locked In Cage And Newborn All Alone

Thankfully, this scumbag from Pennsylvania was arrested after his three little kids were found home alone -- one of which was locked in a cage.

Cecil Kutz, also known as Gene, left his 22 month old in a homemade cage, his one year old in a playpen and one day old daughter on the floor in a car seat -- with no one else in the home.

The cage the toddler was left in was so small, he couldn't even stand up in there. Obviously, there is never a good reason to put a child in a cage, let alone as a "babysitter."

"I think something like this is so egregious that most people I would think would know to not put a kid in the cage regardless of what you think the good reason was. There is no good reason. There isn't any reason to put a child in a cage," said Sgt. Fred Krute, Pennsylvania State Police.

And what was so important the children were left unsupervised? Allegedly Kutz wanted to visit his girlfriend in the hospital.

Let's hope these kids never make their way back into his custody.

6 Child Abuse Case Goes Down As Worst In History

Child Abuse Case Goes Down As Worst In History

If CNN is regarding a child abuse case as the "worst in history," you know this is the type of crime that is deserving of the most painful of punishments. Such is the case of Baby Brianna a five month old who was killed after her mother beat and bit her to death.

Yes, Stephanie Lopez, the girl's mother, Andy Walters, and an uncle, Steven Lopez were at fault for extensive cranial injuries on this beautiful baby girl as well as 13 adult bite marks all over her body.

During Brianna's extremely short life, the girl was constantly tortured -- slapped, kicked, punched, pinched, thrown, raped, etc. If she cried? Her parents would laugh and stuff objects in her mouth to drown out her screams.

Surprisingly, the girl lived 153 days before meeting her demise when Andy and Steven decided to "play a game" with the girl that involved tossing her in the air until she hit the ceiling and then fell to the floor.

The girl survived the night, but when she woke up, Andy decided to sodomize her with his fingers and foreign objects. Finally, later that day, Stephanie decided to take her  to the hospital where she died.

5 Couple Try To Sell Their Baby On Craigslist

Couple Try To Sell Their Baby On Craigslist

There's a special circle of hell for abusive parents and this Tennessee couple will have a one-way ticket after attempting to sell their baby on Craigslist.

Deanna Greer and John Cain abused, neglected and endangered their child before, ultimately, trying to sell their five-month old for $3,000 on Craigslist.

The horrors don't end there, because when Greer was questioned by police about selling her child, she admitted this wasn't her first time selling humans for cash.

"She said she had done this before," agent Chris Wilhoit said in during their trial. "She had an 11-year-old daughter who was doing well, that she had given up in the past in this way."

Greer was full of many surprises during her trial -- admitting there are more potential cash cows on the way.

"She told me during a conversation that she was pregnant," Wilhoit said. "(She said) she got pregnant real easy, even when taking birth control pills. She said she was ill and had a tumor."

4 Couple With Five Children Living In Bug Infested Drug Den

Couple With Five Children Living In Bug Infested Drug Den

While a lot of parents (myself included) let their cleaning fall to the back burner when their children are little -- this Florida couple let the situation mount to terribly horrific conditions with piles of filth, urine, crack pipes and broken glass surrounding their five children.

“The conditions in this home were the worst I’ve ever seen,” said Sarasota Police detective Megan Buck in a press release.

The couple would bring their five children to other family member's homes to shower and wash clothes once a week since they had no running water.

Running water is one thing, but being surrounded by drug paraphernalia, insects infesting every surface, dirty dishes and the inability to move throughout the home was a next level of abuse.

When police responded to the welfare check, they found the mother, Amanda L. Dean, hiding in a closet because she was afraid to go to jail.

3 Twin Girls Found Covered In Feces And Bed Sores

Twin Girls Found Covered In Feces And Bed Sores

Two precious twin girls were discovered covered in feces, bed sores and malnourished in one of the hospitals worst cases of child neglect it's ever seen.

Kevin Fowler and Aislyn Miller were arrested after their twin girls were hospitalized with horrific injuries -- feces in their ears, hair tied around their finger and infected, bed sores, malnourished and even maggots were living on one of the girls.

The parents were interviewed and said they were new parents who had no idea how to raise children -- however, the girls hadn't seen a doctor since they were born and appeared to be skeletons.

Thankfully, both girls have been removed from their parents' care to hopefully give them a fighting chance at recovery and living a happy life free of abuse and neglect.

2 Munchausen Mother Murdered By Abused Daughter

Munchausen Mother Murdered By Abused Daughter

One mother who kept her daughter in a wheelchair, convinced her she was sick, made her pretend to be unable to walk, shaved her head and collected charitable contributions was murdered by her daughter's boyfriend after years of mental abuse.

The mother, Dee Dee Blanchard, is the basis for the HBO documentary "Mommy Dead and Dearest" which will make your stomach flip with the twisted ways she kept her daughter Gypsy prisoner in a life of pretend illness.

Dee Dee had the disorder Munchausen By Proxy which meant she lived off the attention she received from having a "sick" child -- keeping Gypsy in a wheelchair with a feeding tube and never letting the girl out of her sight.

Finally, Gypsy snapped and orchestrated her mother's grisly murder. Gypsy and her internet boyfriend murdered Dee Dee while she slept.

Afterward, the severely broken Gypsy took to Facebook to brag about her murder."That bitch is dead!" the Facebook post read.

1 Couple Tortures Boy For Weeks, Leaving A Hundred Bruises

Couple Tortures Boy For Weeks, Leaving A Hundred Bruises

An Alabama couple is in prison after it was discovered they were torturing the woman's 9 year old son for years.

Cecily Charmaine Burton and Marzel Devon Mills were arrested after a relative reported to police that something wasn't right with Burton's little boy.

When examined by medical staff, it was discovered the boy was severely tortured for several years -- with over 100 bruises on his body, a homemade stitched up ear, fluid behind his eye, broken bones and was starving.

The police sergeant in charge of their case said this was the most horrific case of child abuse he had ever seen in his 20 year career with law enforcement.

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