15Mom Loses Grip

via: http://www.lehren.com/news/television/breaking-news/rip/listen-pratyusha-banerjees-devastated-mothers-recording-20161207

In September 2015, a family boarded a bus in India not knowing that tragedy would strike less than an hour later. Husband and wife boarded the bus together with their 14-month-old son Smeet Jat. Smeet’s mother took a window seat and placed her son on her lap. Investigators later pieced

together that as the bus headed down a busy highway, the toddler was leaning out the open window. As his mother nodded off, her grip on him loosened and her son plunged fatally to the roadway below.

A biker riding behind the bus noticed an object (later to be identified as Smeet) fall out the window and immediately sounded an alarm. Paramedics were summoned to the scene and the child was rushed to the nearest hospital with devastating injuries to his head and spinal cord. He later died. No charges were laid as investigators summed up the situation as a tragic accident.

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