17Unschooled Kids

If you haven’t heard of the Unschooling movement, you might soon catch wind of it. The trend which originally began in the 1970’s is showing a strong presence in today’s modern families. Unschooled kids are children who receive no formal education and no formal homeschooling either. The

point of this rebellion against standardized learning is to let kids learn at will. Parents put high levels of confidence in their children, by trusting that they will learn exactly what they need to learn when they are ready to learn it. The concept throws out all grade level spectrums and encourages children to seek out whatever interests them regardless of whether they are 5 or 15. Part of the reason for the recent resurgence, may be due to the confirmation of values in this system, as the public learns just how successful the grown up Unschoolers can be. You might say these families are practicing extreme parenting choices and you might also agree that their ideas are spot on.

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