15 Eye-Opening Whisper Confessions From Test Tube Babies

These are the babies born via in vitro fertilization, who were, quite literally, conceived in a laboratory.

We have all heard about it before like it’s a dream cooked up by the best science fiction writers: babies created in test tubes. These are the babies born via in vitro fertilization, who were, quite literally, conceived in a laboratory. Sometimes “staying in a freezer” for a while before being injected into the mother’s womb to grow into a happy and healthy baby. Because you see, in vitro fertilization takes the sperm from the dad and the egg from the mom and puts them together in a lab before putting the fertilized egg back into the womb.

So it might feel a little trippy and might sound a bit too outlandish to be real, but it is. Which is why we have a lot of Whisper confessions coming from these babies themselves. Whether they are confessing their fears, their trepidations, their frustrations, or their disappointments, it sure is worth checking out. We have come a long way since Louise Brown - the first test tube baby - and many more babies are being born this way every day. Here are 15 Whisper confessions from test tube babies. After going through them, you will definitely have your eyes opened and your perspective challenged!

15 Being Human


What does it mean to be human? Does it mean to think, to understand, to feel? Does it mean to feel pain? We human beings are always trying to find the meaning of our existence and the core of our humanity. It is a question we will never stop asking ourselves about the world we live in. We ARE human beings, but we often cannot pinpoint what being human really means.

The funny thing is, even if we don’t know what being human means, we always find a way to express what being human is not. We say things like torture or genocide are considered inhuman. We can claim that artificial intelligence is not human even if it looks human. For this test tube baby, their central qualm lies in their very humanity: “I’m a test tube baby and I don’t feel human because of it.”

14 Broken Inside


Some of us have had our fair share of “daddy issues.” Maybe our father left our mother when we were kids, or maybe he died too early for us to spend time with him. Maybe the marriage didn’t work out and the divorce is all we can remember from our childhood. For this confessor, their daddy issues stem from a similar root: the fact that they didn’t get to spend any time with dad.

But what makes this seemingly normal confession more shocking is the fact that the confessor is actually a test tube baby! We’ll never know how the events unfolded. Maybe the dad left the mom before the child grew up, hence the child had no father figure. Maybe the “father” aka the sperm that met the egg was a different man than whom they grew up with. What we do know is that the confessor feels “damaged beyond repair.”

13 “Joke’s On them”


With the advent of advanced scientific research and technology, in vitro fertilization has already improved by miles from the first time the procedure was performed. And perhaps its usage is not only restricted to cases of couples unable to normally conceive (hence the need to resort to fertility treatments like in vitro fertilization). Maybe some couples tried it so they can tailor-fit the baby’s sex to what they desire. At least, this is one possibility this test tube baby’s confession hints at.

“My parents paid to have a test tube baby and then to only implant the boys,” the confessor said. So now we know his parents have always wanted to raise a boy! This person continues on, “I’m now mtf [male to female] trans!” So he is now a she, and instead of a son they still got a daughter in the end!

12 “I’m Sorry I’m Such A Waste Of Your $72,000”


Ever bought a really expensive item, whether it’s a phone or a car, with the use of your parents’ credit cards, only to damage it in the end? Maybe the phone fell into the tub or the car crashed into a tree. Or ever gone to a university that costs a fortune only to have way too many failing marks? During these times, did you ever say, “dear parents sorry for wasting your money?” What if it was your very existence that you felt you needed to apologize for?!

We can’t help but feel bad for this poor soul who carries the weight of $72,000 because they didn’t turn out “perfect.” Because they probably made more mistakes than others. But hey, our humanity is not valued by our mistakes! And other people make mistakes too, but they only have to bear the weight of their lessons learned. So to this test tube baby: keep your head up!

11 Dodging Awkward Questions Since Birth


Babies are well-loved and highly celebrated topics in society. Things like sex, on the other hand, are still taboo. These topics are not only sometimes controversial - same-sex relations or premarital sex - they’re also quite a bit awkward. And one of these things is thinking about sex in the same sentence as the word “parents.” Which is weird, but inevitable, because how else were we brought into this world?!

Ah, but the funny thing is, now there ARE different ways to be brought into this world. One of which is through a laboratory. So, for those who can say “Eureka!” upon the discovery that indeed, your mom and dad didn’t do the do to bring you into this world, consider yourselves lucky. This test tube baby surely had this thought when they confessed that they were proud to be an IVF baby. Mostly because they can “deny my parents ever had sex.”

10 “I’m Scared”


Who knew that things like in vitro fertilization could bring about anxiety at an intergenerational level? This test tube baby surely felt it though: the weight of the looming possibility about their own fertility because of their family history. And indeed it is because of IVF that they’re reminded of the fact that they may be infertile too. After finding out that they’re a test tube baby, they immediately got scared that they would be infertile.

The reason? Their parents went through IVF because they experienced infertility issues. Yikes! Moreover, this test tube baby confessed that “What if I can’t have children? All I’ve ever wanted was kids.” A sad day indeed for that parent-to-be if they find out they are infertile. But on the bright side, we have a whole lot of advanced fertility techniques in this day and age!

9 Like Primetime TV Drama


Our parents keep many secrets from us. Outside of the family, they have led different lives that we won’t be able to fully grasp. Sometimes they would omit telling us certain things either because it isn’t necessary to tell us or maybe they were protecting us from getting hurt. We often don’t think about these situations unless an opportunity makes itself known. For this confessor, the very core of their existence was unraveled when they found out a huge secret about their identity.

This test tube baby confessed that they just learned that they were conceived in a test tube! And the reason they found out? Just like some very dramatic twist on television, they found out through accidentally coming across the signed paperwork for it. He or she was grown in a test tube for 3 months before being put into their mother’s womb.

8 I AM As Old As I Look


You know sometimes we just don’t look our age. We’re either told we look like we’re in high school even if we’re 24 or sometimes we’re told we aged so much over the summer. Or “oh my gosh I didn’t know you’re still in college,” even if we’re really still 17. Even Hollywood has given us totally unrealistic standards. Have you seen Dane DeHaan? That guy is 31 and has a kid and honestly, he still looks like a 17-year old. And don’t get me started on Thomas Brodie-Sangster. He’s kinda immortal.

Funnily enough, sometimes we’re right. And this test tube baby confessor knows it! Everyone apparently kept telling them they look older than they actually are, so instead of denying it or making excuses, they told them the cold, hard truth. They were literally in a freezer for two years! “Test tube baby life!” That’s the spirit, pal.

7 “I Shouldn’t Even Be Alive”


Many of us in our lives have made numerous mistakes. Numerous, embarrassing mistakes. So it would only be natural to want to forget those mistakes. Maybe in grade school, you crapped your pants. Or in high school, you missed the Wet Floor sign and slipped in front of your crush. But what if it was your life you regret? Even without the mistakes? Ever thought of that?

This is what one test tube baby confessed on Whisper, saying that they are “so ashamed” of themselves, even going so far as to say “I shouldn’t be alive!” This is a really strong, but understandable, reaction upon finding out about their conception. But given the blooming technologies in our age, we should encourage and educate people more on the concept of IVF. That way we save people from feeling the burden of not being conceived “normally!”

6 The Sign Of Three


If our previous test tube baby confessed his or her burden of feeling ashamed about his or her conception, this confessor has an even darker history. This test tube baby confessed how they had three supposed to be siblings, only, their mother had three abortions before they were born. The confessor darkly stated how the babies should be known as “tries” or “mistakes,” perhaps to lessen the burden of knowing about those lives that were lost.

“Three siblings that had to die for me to live,” seemed like too much for this individual. Perhaps the Whisper confession has been helpful in lightening the load. But hey, it does take a little bit of communication and understanding for us to get through issues like these. Hopefully, this person sorted things out with their parents and found the peace of mind they need!

5 Connection Lost


“Hey, you look exactly like your dad when he was a teenager,” is something we would usually hear from our friends when they end up rifling through the photo albums when hanging out in the house. Oh, all those embarrassing baby pictures! But anyway, it’s perfectly normal to look like one or both of our parent figures. But not for this test tube baby…

Whether it’s anger, sadness, joy, or reluctance, this test tube baby confessed on Whisper that they “feel some kind of way” he looks just like his dad. A feeling of connection, perhaps? Which is going to be super strange, because he was conceived in a lab! But wait, you might say, the dad would have just given his sperm right? Yeah, sure, except this guy’s dad (growing up) is not the dad who gave his sperm for the IVF process.

4 “PTSD For The Last 4 Years”


Imagine growing up in a world that doesn’t tolerate you because of your skin color, gender expression, or family relations. Oh wait, that’s exactly the world we live in now! Which makes us sick knowing that there are people who hate others because they are different than how others were brought up. Take for example this person who said many people kept telling them that God doesn’t love them.

And it resulted in their PTSD which, at the time of confession, has been ongoing for four years! Or, it could be that people kept telling them they weren’t loved because, besides having PTSD, they were also a test tube baby and interracial (remember the intolerant society we talked about?). But we’re here to stop the hate and spread the love. So for all the interracial, test tube babies out there, keep your chin up!

3 “Sometimes I Wish…”


Sometimes the in vitro fertilization process takes a while to succeed, that’s why doctors often have more than one embryo stored in place for the couples. This is also why sometimes if the first one doesn’t succeed, they place another in the womb. Which is what happened to this person’s mom. She had 3 embryos placed inside of her before this Whisper confessor was born.

And in the same fit of confusion or self-loathing, or from another perspective, in a fit of curiosity and wonder, this test tube baby confesses that they wonder what it was like for the “others” who were placed in the embryo. And that sometimes they “wish they had been born instead of me.” In fairness, not everyone conceives successfully the first time even in “regular” pregnancies. Perhaps it’s really the concept of IVF that’s a bit difficult to grasp.

2 Other Half


In what might be one of the most inspiring sibling stories we’ve ever come across, this test tube baby confesses something very terrifying. But not horror slasher-movie terrifying. Or cockroach flying toward you terrifying. Not even murderous clowns terrifying! But more of the fidgety, balled-up energy type of exciting.

Why, do you ask? Well, this person just found out: (a) that he was a test tube baby and (b) he has a twin brother! So, of course, what do you do when you find out that somewhere out there is your long lost sibling? You find them! Which is exactly what this gentleman is going to do. He’s gonna find his brother who lives in LA. This is a big venture because apparently, he has “never left this island” wherever that may be. He’s terrified, but we’re pretty excited at the prospect. Rooting for you, guy!

1 What Would God Do?


In another confession where God is mentioned (he’s a pretty popular figure, huh), this test tube baby wonders if God did not want his parents to have kids, because, as mentioned by the confessor on Whisper, they always seem to complain about him! Which makes us wonder, what would God do? But hey, this baby is also a product of science - the marvelous in vitro fertilization - so maybe the whole concept makes the situation super confusing for this confessor.

I mean think about it, they probably had the IVF procedure because they had a difficult time bearing kids, right? So they went for the test tube approach - and succeeded! But they, according to the offspring, seem to complain a lot about him, which leads him to think that maybe having children wasn’t right for these people. What do you think?

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15 Eye-Opening Whisper Confessions From Test Tube Babies