15It Rids All Family Members Of Ignorance About Autism


When you see someone talking to themselves, repeating words and phrases over and over, or if someone just can't seem to stay on topic in a conversation, many people will just write that off as that person is being weird.

Autism makes people behave in certain ways that are not aligned with regular social norms, and can be perceived as "socially awkward" or "strange." If you have an immediate family member with autism, you become familiar with their quirks and understand that this is just the way they are wired.

Other people, who are not so familiar, can find these behaviors off-putting or it can even make them uncomfortable to be around a person with autism.

However, if you are someone who grew up with an autistic sibling or have an autistic child, then you know that person probably has some type of autism. It is almost like you can spot it from a mile away. While people who are ignorant of autism might believe that the person has control over that type of behavior, you know better than anyone that they most certainly do not.

You know how to shut down statements such as, "autism is just an excuse for bad behavior", "this kid is just lazy" or "leave him be and he will grow out of it." Those statements of denial are nothing more than ignorance.

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