The Truth About Anna Duggar: 15 Little Known Facts

As women, we are socialized in a way that can become quite oppressive if not properly checked. We have an inbuilt tolerance for pain and endure a situation for far longer than we ever should, never saying enough is enough. Issues within the marital life come in many forms and although they can be physical, they are more often emotional, which is the most debilitating and probably the number one culprit for a marriage failing.

No doubt about it, Anna Duggar is emotionally troubled. Nothing spells out "victim" more than seeing a woman say "I have chosen to help him recover," in the face of finding out that his eyes and hands had strayed elsewhere. Even in the wake of his infidelity, she chose to stick with him and help him seek help from pastors. As much as the world feel he has psychological issues, the Duggar family believes it's the devil's work and so they sought help for him from pastors.

Behind every successful man is a woman and Anna’s complicity makes Josh brazen. With a wife like Anna, it is no wonder that he would choose to keep some of the things that go on behind closed doors secret. 

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15 Her Upbringing Was More Rigid Than The Duggars

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If you thought that the Duggars have a strict upbringing, try the Keller family. While these two families are familiar in so many ways, like the fact that both families are large, they attend church with the same doctrines, such as the fact that women are expected to be submissive, the Keller family was strict on a whole new level. In this family, emotions are not allowed. If you are upset, you bottle that down and do not bother the rest of the family.

Growing up, Anna had scheduled 15-minute meetings with her mother to discuss any personal issues she may be harboring. With this kind of upbringing, it is no wonder that the woman cannot tell when she is being emotionally harmed. It may also explain why she got married to Josh even knowing his past.

14 She Is Estranged From Her Sister Susanna

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Coming from a highly conservative family, the children are not allowed to date without a chaperone. They go on strictly supervised dates and no one is allowed to hug apart from those side hugs. Relationships remain strictly celibate until the deal is sealed at a wedding. It is quite rare to see an unmarried mother. While most people view children as a gift, these people prefer to receive the gifts after wedlock.

Susanna is Anna’s sister. That’s a girl’s best friend. She is her blood. But, according to the Duggar religion, Anna is a sinner having born a child outside wedlock. It is a sin by their standards to even look at a man lustfully, let alone do the deed. Anna needed support from her family and mostly from her sister, but according to In Touch Weekly, the family was so incensed by this unbecoming behavior that they forbade Jill from helping Susanna during her pregnancy, even though she is a trained midwife. Anna, on the other hand, cut ties with Susanna.

13 She Knew Who The Real Josh Was Before Marrying Him

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Josh Duggar, Jana Duggar's twin brother, does not act like the rest of the Duggar children. While the boys in the Duggar family know to keep their heads bowed when they see a woman, Josh openly ogles women. In an episode of 19 Kids and Counting, Josh apologized for taking advantage of five girls. The Duggar family kept this scandal hush-hush, but it appears there was one person who knew about this disgusting habit that Josh kept hidden, his wife-to-be Anna.

Before she married him, according to People.com, Anna knew about Josh’s past. She asked for guidance from her parents who gave their consent. Apparently, when the parents give consent for a marriage, the girl has to get married because that is how she was brought up and it is what is expected of her.

12 She Owes $14,000 In Back Taxes

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Jim Bob Duggar is deeply opposed to any sort of debt. The guy is so frugal that Michelle makes her own laundry soap to save a few dollars. His son though is deep in debt. According to Radar Online, Josh and Anna Duggar owed $14,000 dollars in back taxes. When the story first came to light, Josh said that they had paid the debt and they owed nothing. It later emerged that he lied about it.

For a family that is so religious, they should have read that part that orders one to give Caesar what is his and God what is his. Josh and Anna seem to have opted to keep what is Caesar's and the same has resulted in a neat pile of dollars in back taxes.

11 She Almost Got A Divorce

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The picture-perfect image the Duggars portray of moralists who can do no wrong is the reason that Josh doesn't want you to know that his wife almost left him in the wake of his highly publicized scandals. While she knew of his past before marriage, she did not expect him to keep up the bad behavior.

When it emerged that he had a profile on a dating site that he created specifically to aid him in finding other women, Anna was understandably heartbroken. She could not believe that her upright, Christian husband could do this to her. According to Cafemom, rumors surfaced that Anna is considering divorcing Josh, which many fans would consider it to be the right thing to do.

10 Did She 'Improve' Her Nose?

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When someone breaks your heart the first instinct is to get a revenge body. It doesn’t matter how attractive one is, the first seed of self-doubt is sown in the wake of infidelity. Women have been known to hit the gym, while others go on crazy diets to make themselves feel attractive or spend thousands of dollars getting plastic surgery. Anna, it would appear is no different. In an episode of 19 Kids and Counting that aired in 2015, Anna’s fans noticed that she looked different and her nose was a lot more attractive.

According to In Touch Weekly, Anna spent some days in Florida after Amy Duggar-Kings wedding there. It may be argued that she was left behind to recuperate after the scandal of her husband's infidelity after all, hibernating is always the first thought in cases like this but that does not explain her differently shaped nose. We do feel it suits her and if it made her feel better then kudos.

9 No Need For Birth Control

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They may insist theirs is not a cult but in this church, but birth control is frowned upon. This explains the reason that Michelle Duggar has 19 and counting kids and the reason that Anna has five kids of her own. In this day and age and with the cost of living rising higher every single day, Anna does not seem to feel the pinch and she completely refuses to use birth control and is set to give Michelle a run for her money.

Anna believes children are a gift from God and for this reason, she wants to receive as many gifts as God is willing to give her. Maybe it is because she comes from a large family, married into an even bigger family, but now her family has shrunk, having been exiled together with her husband. With this desire, it may explain why Josh is looking elsewhere since she is always pregnant.

8 The Upside Down Smile

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Nothing destroys a woman more than infidelity. It tends to destroy the woman’s self-esteem. The thoughts of "What did I do wrong? Why am I not enough? What is wrong with me?" plague a woman whose husband didn't keep his hands or eyes to himself. Women tend to interpret faithfulness and loyalty to mean love.

Anna is understandably miserable after the scandal and so miserable that she is reportedly not as much fun as she used to be. According to The Hollywood Gossip, a fan who goes to the same church as Josh and his family claims that Anna seems miserable. This could be because, like a good wife, she had to also be estranged from her big family and her church. She had to move to a different town and attend a separate church in order to support her husband. Looks like she got the short end of that stick.

7 They Met At A Homeschooling Convention

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Most of us meet our better halves at a club or a coffee shop. Some of us even meet in buses or hiking in the Himalayas. For Josh and Anna, they met at a homeschooling convention. The first meeting wasn’t the reason she fell in love with him though.

According to In Touch Weekly, she fell in love with him when she saw him on TV in the reality show 14 Children and Pregnant Again. He apparently was quite prolific about love and relationships as a teenager. Apparently, in that episode, Josh was vocal about how he planned to get the perfect girl who would love him and that he would not get carried away by his emotions. He was sixteen then. They would later meet at an ATI conference and in one of those group games, Josh guessed her age correctly and that swept her off her feet.

6 She Is Pro-Life

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It is a woman's prerogative to do as she wants with her own body. A woman decides when and how to have children and how many she wants. That right is what gives Michelle Duggar the freedom to have the many children she has. In some states, abortion is legal and while we could debate on the morality of this until the cows come home, it still is the woman's decision to keep or terminate a pregnancy. For some women, they really have no choice.

Anna is openly pro-life and she feels that even if you can not afford it, a child comes with its own plate and that it is a sin to kill the unborn child. The real answer for this one is a long debate that we cannot carry out here, but we maintain that a woman has the right to choose what to do with her own body and her life.

5 Continuing The Homeschooling Cycle

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The Duggar family homeschooled their children and so did the Keller family. One would think with her miserable existence she would not want to give her children the same life she had, nor would she instill the same doctrines on them. It appears though that she is bent on raising them up the same way she was brought up. Anna is homeschooling her kids using the same ATI curriculum she went through.

This curriculum is so oppressive that it appears to be grooming kids to become potential offenders. This curriculum teaches that victims somehow did something wrong to attract the inappropriate actions, be it in through their clothes or the way they talk. Now, why would any mother want to use such a curriculum on her children? In light of her husband's past misdeeds, we had hoped that at least Anna would try to get her kids out of such a situation where inappropriate acts towards children are rarely reported nor noticed.

4 She Is A Member Of A Questionable Organization

Anna Duggar is a member of Independent Baptists and also a member of the Institute in Basic Life Principles and the Advanced Training Institute (ATI). Founded by Bill Gothard, the doctrines advanced here are akin to those of a cult. The female members are expected to submit to their husbands at any point. ‘Headaches' are not allowed for these members. The cult advocate's for gender-defined roles; the women slave in the kitchen and raise kids while the men just remain well, men.

Bill Gothard was caught in a scandal when his children’s nanny said he had turned her into his slave. This man made a curriculum that teaches victims that they are to blame. The curriculum is a recipe for disaster, but they still followed it.

3 She May Have Appeared In An Episode of 'Married With Children'

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For a family of moralists, it is hard to believe that her strict family would allow her to be in the set of Married With Children. But it is also interesting to note the claim brought forward by

According to Hollywood Gossip, Anna Duggar may have appeared in an episode of which aired in the 90s, featuring a couple involved in a miserable marriage. She was four years old at the time and was filmed among other children.

The irony of the allegations is that she was in the series about a miserable marriage and in later years her marriage seems to be in the same kind of a mess thanks to her deviant husband. However hard it may be for us to believe this, Anna does seem to hint at her brief career.

2 'Lost Her Zeal For Life'

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It is said that people change after marriage, maybe because of the many expectations that come with it and it is not surprising that Anna has changed also after years of marriage to Josh. Her change does seem dramatic though according to In Touch Weekly. A Reddit user, annalove178, claims to live in the same area as the Duggars and says that Anna seems miserable and she attributes it to marriage to Josh. According to her, Anna used to be in love with marriage and she was genuinely happy, but it appears her bubble burst and she is no longer happy. She claims it’s probably because everyone is judgemental about her decision to stay with Josh.

We understand that the looks from neighbors and church members are enough to depress anyone and we hope she will get the support she needs as opposed to the judgment she is getting now.

1 She Might Never Leave Him

Anna does not plan to divorce Josh. Even though it has been hinted that she planned to leave him, she got cold feet, probably in light of her sibling's divorces and she probably doesn't want to be a single mother like Susanna. Whatever her reasons, she seems hell-bent on making her marriage work as she has purposed to support her husband through his rehabilitation.

In an earlier episode of 19 Kids and Counting, and reported by screenerTV.com, Anna claimed that she would not divorce Josh because her faith does not allow it. She claims to have made her vows first to God and then Joshua. With this kind of mentality and with that revelation what would stop a guy like Josh from cheating over and over again, after all, it will be a long time before this devotee can denounce her vow to God.

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