15 Facts About Celeb Mommy Sarah Rafferty

Isn't Sarah Rafferty awesome as Donna on Suits? Her character is a legal secretary and a feminist icon. Donna is confident, attractive and funny. She's one of the reasons why Suits has been such a huge success, season after season.

I always look forward to Donna's scenes and I bet you do, too. I'm also looking forward to Katherine Heigl joining the cast of Suits next season. Heigl tends to spice up every show that she's on, although she's rumored to be hard to work with.

She's educated, she's classy and she cares about other people. Also, she looks fantastic because she takes good care of herself.

If you love Donna on Suits and you're curious about the woman who plays her, be sure to check out every single item on this list. You'll learn so much about Sarah Rafferty. She's a good buddy to her Suits castmates, including Meghan Markle, who was written out of the show because the producers were pretty sure she'd be marrying into the royal family. They were right!

Sarah is 45, so she's done a lot of living and accomplished a lot of goals. She's someone who seems to succeed at everything that she puts her hand to.

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15 She’s A Natural Redhead

Sarah Rafferty is a natural redhead. While she may need a little help with color now that she's 45 (most women tend to be gray by then or have at least some gray hair), she was born with her beautiful ginger tresses. She has one ginger child, too.

She's always been a gorgeous redhead and it's hard to imagine her as a blond or brunette. Her hair is long, glossy and absolutely stunning. I would love to have her hair, but I'm a sucker for redheads. I think redheaded women, such as Sarah Rafferty, Julianne Moore and Rose Leslie (Game of Thrones) are some of the prettiest women around.

Sarah used to avoid wearing certain colors, such as pink, because she believed that they clashed with her bright locks. However, the woman who picks out her clothes for Suits loves putting "Donna" in pink and in other colors that are a little bit unconventional for redheads.

Sarah has learned to wear more colors and now has lots of pink pieces in her wardrobe.

14 She Knew “Harvey Specter” Long Before Suits


If you've watched Suits, and few people haven't, you've probably noticed the electric chemistry between Donna (Sarah Rafferty) and Harvey (Gabriel Macht). This chemistry is one of many reasons why the show rocks.

The truth is that Sarah was no stranger to Gabriel when they were both cast in key roles on Suits. They'd actually known each other for twenty years before they started working on the show together. So, they have a long history and this is great. It means that their important friendship on Suits feels completely real and believable.

Sarah knew Gabriel well because they attended drama school together. Gabriel was the one who gave Sarah the script for Suits so she could audition. Today, they are close and their families are close. This is a friendship that will last forever.

13 She’s A Sagittarius


Sarah Rafferty fits the profile of a typical Sagittarius to absolute perfection. She loves to travel and she's very fond of outdoor adventures. She loves to explore up in the mountains. She says that her mountain adventures put her in her "happy place".

Sag ladies are almost always into seeing the world and they love outdoor exercise, too. Sarah also fits the Sag profile thanks to her outgoing nature. She is very social and she's involved in groups and causes which allow her to get together with others and make a difference.

Other famous Sag ladies who march to the beat of their own drums include Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Bette Midler and Julianne Moore (another beautiful redhead).

Also, Sagittarius is the zodiac sign that is linked to higher education. If you keep reading this list, you'll soon find out that Sarah is quite an educated woman. A lot of actresses don't have her academic credentials.

12 Her Daughters Have Unusual Names

Sarah has two daughters. Her first child, Oona Gray, was born in October of 2007. Her second daughter is named Iris Friday and she was born in January of 2012. One of these girls is a redhead, just like her gorgeous mom. The names that Sarah chose for her girls (with her husband's help, of course) are pretty, yet unusual enough to be interesting.

The name, Oona, is a version of the Irish name, Una. Oona comes from a Gaelic word which means, "lamb". Iris isn't quite as rare of a name, but the addition of Friday as a middle name makes it a lot more creative. The name, Iris, means "rainbow" in Greek.

So, a lamb and a rainbow. Sweet and happy imagery for Sarah Rafferty's beautiful baby girls.

11 She Looks Amazing At 45

E! Online

Sarah really knows how to work it as Donna Paulsen. Of course, she gets tons of help from the costume department and from hair and makeup. She's said that it takes hours to get the Donna look. It is a process which includes a lot of hair styling, makeup, manicures and squeezing into designer dresses and separates.

It probably takes more time for Sarah Rafferty to become Donna than it does for most women to get ready for their wedding days.

However, Sarah Rafferty doesn't really need all of these blowouts, lip gloss reapplications and designer clothes in order to look good. She has a more natural look when she's off-camera, running errands or parenting, and her stripped-down, off-camera look is actually very appealing. It's slightly sporty, but also a little bit bohemian.

Sarah Rafferty doesn't need a lot of adornment but definitely goes all out with fashion and styling at special events.

TV is about fantasy and the cast of Suits, including Sarah, know how to take us out of real life, just by looking so fabulous.

10 She’s A Brain Health And Aging Advocate


Acting isn't Sarah's only passion. She's also into charitable causes and the cause that is currently closest to her heart is The Brain Project. This project raises money for brain health and aging research. The project sells interesting artworks in order to fund work which may lead to a cure for Alzheimer's Disease.

If you know someone who's afflicted with this devastating degenerative brain disease, you will understand how important The Brain Project is.

This disease may strike any of us when we're older. It wipes away memory and comprehension and it's just very sad. Sarah Rafferty is trying to make sure that no one has to live with this disease.

Meghan Markle is also into causes. The ladies of Suits are definitely thinking about much more than their acting careers.

9 She’s Very Close To Meghan Markle


Sarah is really friendly with most members of the Suits cast, if not all of them! For example, she's gushed about how amazing (and pretty!) Patrick J. Adams is and most people know that she's been close with Gabriel Macht for decades.

Sarah seems to love Meghan Markle. I wonder if they'll be able to maintain their friendship now that Meghan is marrying into the royal family? That's a very big change for Meghan. Markle will become a duchess and she'll be in England a lot in the future. She'll probably make it to the USA once in a while, though, because both of her parents live there.

When she does visit America, she may make a beeline for her former castmates, who were such a big part of her life for so many years. Will she and Sarah hang out in Toronto, Canada, where Suits is filmed, or meet up in Los Angeles or New York City? Maybe.

It's also possible that Sarah will visit Meghan at Nottingham Cottage, where Meghan lives with Prince Harry.

8 Almonds Help Her Stay Slim

ET Canada

Hollywood is changing and women in Hollywood are feeling more empowered these days, thanks to the #metoo movement. However, most actresses still feel an enormous amount of pressure to stay thin. The old adage that the camera adds ten pounds is part of what drives actresses to watch their weight. The other is the commentary that they receive when they gain a few pounds.

It can be brutal.

Also, there are contracts that stipulate that actresses need to keep their appearances the same as when they were hired. Ninety-nine percent of actresses put a high priority on exercise and diet. Sarah does, too.

She's a bit of a health nut, although she indulges in sweets sometimes. Most of the food that Sarah Rafferty eats is very healthy and she relies on almonds in order to help her stay slim and camera-ready. Almonds are satisfying and they are loaded with nutrients.

Sarah prefers organic food and she also takes a ton of supplements. She's definitely the type of person who would shop at Whole Foods, which is nicknamed, "Whole Paycheck". Sarah wouldn't need to burn through her whole paycheck to shop there, so she's lucky.

7 She’s Got A Sweet Tooth

Daily Hive

Most people have sweet tooths. I don't. I'd rather have sushi, cocktails, salty chips, etc. Sarah is a sweet tooth person and she's posted shots of amazing cupcakes that she's made for her little girl's birthdays. Hopefully, she ate some in addition to baking them. Meghan Markle loves to bake, so Meghan and Sarah have this in common. Both eat healthily but like to indulge in desserts sometimes. Both ladies work out enough to burn off the calories from occasional treats.

Sarah Rafferty says that if someone is kind enough to make a dessert for her, she is going to have it! That's the type of spirited comment that Donna Paulsen would make. I believe that Sarah does eat these desserts, rather than just pretending to. She seems healthy and she's extremely active, so she can kick back and relax with some cupcakes, creme brulee or whatever else is on offer, without worrying about it too much.

She'll balance it all out with healthy meals and workouts.

6 She Went To Yale

Image result for sarah rafferty yale

Most of us haven't gone to Yale or any other Ivy League school. While most people pretend to not be impressed by these kinds of academic credentials anymore, the truth is that an Ivy League education still carries a lot of weight and opens a lot of doors. Sarah says that her education at Yale, where she studied English Literature and Drama, allowed her to perform for the hottest agents in America. This led to many roles and even her future success on Suits.

Sarah met her future hubby while she was attending the Yale University School of Drama, where she earned a Master's Degree in Fine Arts.

Raffety had a very nice upbringing. She grew up in Greenwich, Connecticut and her Mom taught English at a girl's school (the private, expensive kind). Sarah spent a summer at Oxford in the UK.

5 She’s Married To A Stock Research Analyst


Sarah's hubby's hame is  ‎Aleksanteri Olli-Pekka Seppälä. He went to Yale, where Sarah was also a student. Aleksanteri was probably smitten by the willowy redhead right from the first second he saw her. Sarah Rafferty definitely stands out. Her hubby is cute. He's very fair and he's usually smiling in photos. He looks like a happy person. He works as a stock research analyst.

Marriages between actresses and non-Hollywood men seem to work out pretty well. Sometimes, it's nice to date a normal person, rather than an actor who is in the same fishbowl of fame, vanity, and publicity. Sarah's hubby is outdoorsy like she is. They like to go skiing, hit the saunas and travel together. She found a good match at Yale and the marriage seems like a happy one. The couple has two cute daughters.

4 Her Husband Is Finnish

Image result for sarah rafferty husband

Sarah married a guy from Finland. He's introduced her to some Finnish traditions, such as swimming in icy pools and then hitting the sauna. He's also a great companion on the outdoor adventures that she frequently craves. The couple escaped from their parental duties once, by heading for the ski slopes, doing several runs and then heading back home.

This couple enjoys physical activity and nature. They seem very in tune with each other and hopefully, this marriage will last forever. They have been together for a long time already.

It's nice that they got together before she rose to fame on Suits. He knew her before she was famous, rather than falling in love with her because she was a celebrity.

They seem like a perfect match to me!

3 She Cares For Her Hair With Coconut Oil Masks

Image result for sarah rafferty

Coconut oil is so popular these days. People rely on it for just about everything, from hair care to skin care to nutrition. Coconut oil is a rich emollient which is ultra-natural, so it's not surprising that health nut and organic product fan, Sarah Rafferty, relies on coconut oil hair masks in order to keep her lovely red tresses looking amazing.

Sometimes, the basic and natural products are the best. Organic coconut oil is pure and it's easy to use as a hair mask. If you want to try Sarah's trick for shiny, healthy-looking hair, melt one tablespoon of extra-virgin coconut oil in a bowl and then apply to it your hair. Blend it so that it's evenly distributed. Massage it into the scalp, too. Leave it for half an hour and then shampoo it out.

2 She Does Ice Water Facials In The A.M.


Getting up early just sucks and actresses who work in the TV and film business need to get up extremely early. Meghan Markle said that building a strong relationship with Prince Harry was tough because she had to get up at five in the morning after flying away to see her new man.

The combination of jet lag and early call times was hard on Meghan. Sarah has to get up just as early to film Suits. It takes forever to get these already-beautiful actresses camera-ready.

To perk up her face after she wakes up, she dips her face in a sink full of ice. People have been using this uncomfortable trick for decades. It takes down puffiness instantly and also helps with waking a person up.

While she probably doesn't do the ice facial every day, she knows that it works and relies on it when it's necessary.

1 She Stays Lean With Pilates


Pilates is a form of exercise which is very popular with models and actresses. It gives the long, lean look and doesn't bulk up the body. Sarah Rafferty is into Pilates and her love of Pilates is one of the reasons why she looks so great in her Suits outfits, which often come from the world's best fashion houses, such as Dior and Gucci.

Remember, Donna Paulsen gets paid more than any other legal secretary in the city! She is the best! Harvey Specter used to pay part of her salary himself and didn't tell her. Then, she started working for Louis Litt and Louis squirmed when he found out how much she was paid!

If you want Sarah Rafferty's lean look, try a Pilates class yourself. Also, eat organic, go downhill skiing, be active with family and friends and do hair masks in your rare downtime.

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