David Beckham And Victoria Are Leading 'Separate Lives': 15 Signs We Missed

David and Victoria Beckham have been one of the biggest power couples in the celebrity world for over two decades now. They’ve gone through a lot together, but have managed to remain by each other’s side, through thick and thin. At least, that’s what they want the public to believe. It’s without a doubt that a lot of things go on behind closed doors but you’ll never hear about it, just because David and Victoria Beckham are so secretive about their private lives.

What’s more, they both know that their careers depend on their public image and persona. One bad move could mean the end of the Beckham brand.

Yet, there are multiple reports that indicate David and Victoria are leading separate lives these days. For some, that seems like a huge shock. For others, it’s really no big deal. After all, they’ve been married for a very long time. What married couple doesn’t go through different stages in their relationship? We ‘ve all had our hot and cold moments, haven’t we?

But then again, we are talking about two of the biggest household names in the entertainment business here. Here are 15 clues about David and Victoria’s marriage that we might have missed.

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15 They Reportedly Wanted To Split But Never Did It

Now, no one really knows what is going on between Victoria and David Beckham behind closed doors. We can only guess. But reports have indicated that the couple has been pretty close to pulling the plug on their marriage several different times. As hard as it is to keep things together, Victoria knows that her career depends on the two of them keeping their image intact, for better or for worse.

“I'm a very stubborn person. I think it has helped me over my career. I'm sure it has hindered me at times as well, but not too many times. I know that if I set my mind to do something, even if people are saying I can't do it, I will achieve it,” the Daily Mail quotes David as saying.

14 What’s Holding Them Together?

The glue that might be holding David and Victoria Beckham together is their bank account. Of course, only one can guess.

But if there’s a motivating factor in them keeping things the way they are, it’s their wealth, their fame and of course, their power.

While many power couples come and go, David and Victoria Beckham are one of few that have managed to beat the test of time.

According to The Mirror, David once said, “I would never complain about the position I'm in or the attention I get. At the end of the day, I'm very lucky to have what I have and do what I do, but I don't see myself as any different from anyone else who works hard and is a dad and a husband.”

13 Are They Just Doing It For The Kids?

Is the love dead between David and Victoria Beckham? That’s what fans want to know. A lot of people think that the couple are just together for their four kids.

Apparently, it’s the only thing that is keeping them together these days.

Plus, Victoria has opened up about her mom guilt in the past. She once recalled a very important conversation she had with another designer about being a working mom. “For me, I was having dinner with Diane von Furstenberg a few months ago and she’s a woman I have an enormous amount of respect and admiration for,” she said, according to People Magazine. “I said to her, ‘Diane, when your children were younger and you were working, did you feel guilty?’ And she said, ‘Absolutely not. It’s a waste of time, a waste of energy, it’s aging.’ And she said, ‘Actually, you’re setting a good example with the fact that you’re a women, you’re going to work. You really are setting a good example…’”

12 All Of Those Rumors From The Early Years Of Their Marriage

Do you remember the name Rebecca Loos? You probably do if you were keeping up with celebrity scandals back in 2004. Rebecca is the glamour model that allegedly got in the middle of David and Victoria’s marriage. She was the children’s nanny but had a famous “kiss and tell” interview in which she detailed her supposed affair with the international soccer star.

Speaking to The Daily Mail in 2016, Rebecca says she has no regrets about what happened. She said, “I like the way my life has taken me. If I hadn't been famous, I would not have been invited on the TV show where I met my husband Sven and had my lovely boys. I would not have had the life I have now. I took a lot of wrong decisions, and got talked in to a lot of things. Of course if I could go back in time I might change some things, but wouldn’t everyone? I have no regrets.”

11 Keeping Up Appearances

As we all know, the celebrity world is all about keeping up with appearances. It doesn’t matter what you say or how you say it, all that matters is how you look. And if there is one couple that knows this all too well, it’s David and Victoria Beckham.

They’ve not only built a brand and a family, they’ve built their very own image of a soccer star and a pop star coming together to become one of the entertainment world’s most powerful couples.

According to People Magazine, David once said, “In my career, there's many things I've won and many things I've achieved, but for me, my greatest achievement is my children and my family. It's about being a good father, a good husband, just being connected to family as much as possible.”

10 They Need Their Personal Space

But then again, everyone needs their personal space, right? David and Victoria are no different. Reports indicate that they even have “his” and “her” wings in their house. And neither of them see it as weird or unusual. It’s their new “normal,” so to speak.

Victoria wrote a letter of what she would tell her younger self for Vogue magazine in 2016. She wrote, “I know you are struggling right now. You are not the prettiest, or the thinnest, or the best at dancing at the Laine Theatre Arts college. You have never properly fitted in, although you are sharing your Surrey school digs with really nice girls. You have bad acne. You think the principal has put you at the back of the end-of-year show (in a humiliatingly bright purple Lycra leotard) because you are too plump to go at the front. (This may or may not be true.)”

9 Is Victoria The One Who Won’t Let Go?

Victoria Beckham has managed to do what many others have failed to do in her position, and that’s cross over from the music world to the fashion one. Believe it or not, she’s become a very respected fashion designer with a high-end label. That might also be the reason why she doesn’t want to let go of David.

She needs his support, no matter what.

Victoria told Net-A-Porter back in 2016, “There are two types of women out there: there’s the kind of woman who finds something nice and likes to keep it to herself, and then there’s the other type, which is me, who wants to share. I have worked with the best makeup artists, hairdressers and stylists, and I’ve learned so much. I haven’t always got it right, but when I’ve got it wrong, I’ve actually learned an enormous amount from that, too. And I want to share everything I know.”

8 Suspicious Media Coverage

A lot of people are giving David and Victoria major side eye these days because of suspicious media coverage about their marriage and family life. In other words, this doesn’t sound too good for them or for their marriage. The last thing they would want is for people to think they are

“together, but separate.”

The sad truth is that the gig might be up for these two. There’s only so much pretending they can do.

“They will always be family,” an insider exclusively revealed to Us Weekly. “But David and Victoria are leading very different lives. Victoria just wants an easy life — she doesn’t want stress. It’s not unusual for couples to change and grow apart. They are like every married couple I know — some days lovey-dovey, other days cold. It comes with being together so long.”

7 Is Victoria Too High Maintenance?

Let's face it: both David and Victoria are very good looking people in their own right. After all, a lot of people lust over David Beckham because of his good looks, his charm and of course, his talent on the soccer pitch. And while Victoria might not be in every man's fantasies, a lot of women do aspire to look just like her. Some would even say that she's a high-maintenance wife. I mean, did you think that looking the way she does costs next to nothing? We didn't think so either.

Apparently, her beauty routine consists of a whopping $1,635 of products. As Celebitchy put it, “Okay, so using Victoria’s beauty routine with my bank account, I can afford to moisturize my body (not my face), have one eye made up and I guess buy a hat to hide my hair? Personally speaking, I think Victoria looks great so it’s $1,635 well spent if she has the dough (she does). And I realize that this is a total collection, not to be worn all at once – seriously there are amphibians with less moisture at their disposal.”

6 The Importance Of Their Brand


We’ve said this before and we will say it again: David and Victora Beckham are not just a couple, they are a brand. They are worth more money together than they are separate, obviously. That’s why they do such a good job of hiding their problems and making it appear as though they’ve got everything working the way it’s supposed to be. As much as David and Victoria would love to walk away, they know it’s not an option in their lives right now.

"Nothing comes in the way of our family and nothing comes in the way of our children," David said, according to ET Online. "They're our priority, but you have to make time for each other as well. That’s the important part. We're busy, but we make it work as a family."

5 They Couldn’t Decide On Where To Live

The Beckham family has lived in plenty of different places, countries, and even coasts throughout their marriage. Even though they’ve always considered London to be their home base, they moved to Madrid and Los Angeles for David’s soccer career. And now there are reports indicating that

David wants to move to Miami to form a new MLS soccer team. And it’s a move that has Victoria furious.

The Sun reports, “Their three youngest — Romeo, 15, Cruz, 12, and Harper, six — will remain at school in London while the ex-England skipper relocates to Florida to set up his Major League Soccer franchise. A source close to him and the ex-Spice girl said: ‘She is seething, devastated and furious. Having to spend so much time away from the family will put a real strain on things.’”

4 Career Frustrations

For David and Victoria, there have been plenty of highlights and lowlights along with quite a few career frustrations in their lives. David wasn’t always the star soccer player on his team while Victoria wasn’t always the best singer in the group or most talented designer in the crop.

“Being in the Spice Girls was so much fun, but I was never the best singer or dancer. I learned an enormous amount during that time, though: the staging, the lighting, the costumes – the package excited me. But I love fashion – this is what I’m genuinely interested in… When I look back at my past self, [the way I dressed and behaved] was probably a sign of my insecurities. I feel quite confident in myself now – getting older doesn’t bother me,” she told Elle back in 2017.

3 Too Much Stress In The Public Eye

It’s safe to say that David and Victoria are two different couples, both on and off camera. We doubt that it’s one of those cases of “what you see is what you get.” There’s a lot of stress for them to appear a certain way in the public eye.

But at home, it’s a different story and not always a bad one.

Explaining how David is great with childcare, Victoria told Elle magazine, “Yes, he’s great. During fashion week, when I’m working, the children will be in New York and he’s already planned to take them to museums then out for dinner on Saturday night, so he is very good at that sort of thing – as am I. That’s how you can show your support in a marriage, by saying, ‘You know what, I’ve got this.’ That’s what makes a good partnership.”

2 And Even More Rumors….

Well, this is bad news. Back in 2017, reports indicated that David Beckham might have been getting a little too close to an aristocratic party girl named Lady Mary Charteris. Sure, sources claim that they are just “friends” but what woman would want to be “just friends” with someone like David Beckham? And who in their right mind would allow someone like David to have a “friend” like Lady Mary? Certainly not Victoria Beckham, if you know what we mean.

The Daily Mail reported, “David and Lady Mary met at Glastonbury this year. According to The Sun, he has been hanging out with Lady Mary during ‘late night parties’ after they were introduced to each other by his best friend, Dave Gardner. A source said: ‘They were introduced by Dave, and Victoria is very worried that she [Lady Mary] is not the best influence on David. They met at Glastonbury but Victoria is not fond of her.’”

1 The Number One Reason They Are Still Together

A lot can be said about David and Victoria Beckham but one thing is for certain: these two are very persistent people. And we can even go as far as saying as their professional lives are just as important as their personal lives.

In other words, they don’t want to do anything to mess it up.

Plus, Victoria is one very smart businesswoman. Sure, she might not be the most gifted singer in the world, but she has a sixth smell when it comes to making the right decisions. Right after the Rebecca Loos story broke out, David denied the rumors while Victoria had this to say, “We have been through a lot worse than this, and we're definitely going to get through this." And rightly so. Nothing – or no one in this case – will stop the Beckhams.

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