The Other Olsen Sister: 15 Facts About Growing Up The Third Wheel

When most people hear the last name "Olsen", they think of the Olsen twins from Full House. However, these days, an increasing number of people are associating the Olsen last name with the "other" Olsen sister, Elizabeth.

Elizabeth is an actress, just like Mary-Kate and Ashley, but unlike both of them, she tends to take on edgier roles, garnering her critical acclaim for her performances. Despite the headway she has been making in her career, it's safe to say that being the sister of these ultra-famous twins has been rough.

Elizabeth has had an unusual upbringing because the twins got famous so young. She has paid the price for their fame in countless ways.

Elizabeth isn't sitting around feeling sorry for herself because she's been in the shadow of her famous sisters for so long. She's forging her own identity, one gig at a time. This doesn't mean that she doesn't suffer because of who her sisters are. She just deals with it as best she can.

Her sisters are more consumed with fashion than acting these days. Their brand The Row  offers wearable and sophisticated clothing to discerning women. Actress Cate Blanchett recently posed in a suit by The Row for Vogue Magazine.

Look, we started talking about Elizabeth Olsen, and ended up talking up the Olsen Twins instead! This is something that happens a lot, so now, let's put the focus back on Elizabeth by looking at fifteen reasons why Elizabeth Olsen's life was dominated by her twin sisters.

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15 She Had To Change Her Name In High School

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One clear signal that Elizabeth's life was destroyed by her famous sisters is the fact that she went by a different last name in high school. She didn't want to be recognized as a member of the Olsen family. That speaks volumes. Maybe she was afraid that people would use her, or make fun or her, or do other bad things because of who she was. She preferred to stay under the radar with a false last name. Some of it may have been about creating an identity of her own.

Think for a moment about just how famous the Olsen twins used to be. They were on glossy magazines, in numerous TV movies, and were involved in tons of big money projects. They were just everywhere.

Elizabeth must have wanted to escape from their orbit by using another name. She was probably protecting and liberating herself all at the same time.

According to Boomsbeat.com, she used her middle name, Chase, as a last name while attending high school. Already at such a young age, she was fed up of her association to her famous sisters.

If you were her, would you have used your real last name? Or would you have done what Elizabeth did?

14 She Is More Insecure Than Mary-Kate And Ashley

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Mary-Kate and Ashley seem very confident. They were brave enough to create their own fashion line, even though they knew that their brand, The Row, would be scrutinized like crazy because of their acting on Full House. They may have known that some people would be harder on them because of who they were, but it didn't stop them from going for their dreams. Also, the twins have very unique senses of style which show bold confidence. Their fashion choices range from bohemian to kooky to classy. They do what they want and look how they want. There isn't a lot of obvious insecurity with them.

Elizabeth does get insecure. According to Harpersbazaar.com, she will cry if she doesn't like an outfit that she has to wear to a premiere or other special event. Since Elizabeth is so beautiful, it's hard to understand why she would get that upset. Maybe the years of being compared to her sisters have left her vulnerable. She may fear criticism if she doesn't look just right. Since she says she is "self-conscious" when it comes to fashion, she's definitely a lot different than her sisters, who are extremely confident when it comes to clothes. They are so confident that they design clothes for other people.

Maybe Elizabeth will be more confident in the future. She is stunning and has no reason not to be. Sometimes, women have to get a little older before they feel truly comfortable in their own skin.

13 She's Instructed By Her Sisters To Stay Quiet

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Elizabeth is very restrained and careful when it comes to her relationship with the press and this may hurt her career. According to Elizabeth-Olsen.com, she isn't fond of social media. Other reports found online indicate that her sisters have warned her not to reveal too much to reporters. She is wary because of her older sister's advice. Since Elizabeth does have a cagey approach to doing press, she may not get as much press coverage as ingenues who are willing to be more candid during interviews.

Elizabeth does do press. She's just careful about what she says, because she fears her words will be twisted around and misconstrued.

Sometimes, saying less is actually a good thing, as actors and actresses who are quieter tend to have more mystique and this mystique makes it easier for them to convince movie-goers with their performances. Since Elizabeth keeps a lot to herself, her fans may find her more believable in roles, simply because they do not know her that well. I know that actors who don't have social media presences, such as Ryan Gosling, tend to be a subject of fascination, because they are a bit more mysterious than most thespians. Long-term, Elizabeth's quiet approach to the media may pay off for her. However, it could be detrimental.

12 She's Judged Because Of Her Privileged Upbringing

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One thing that Elizabeth hates about being a member of the Olsen family is the way that other people dismiss her because she had such a privileged upbringing. According to Telegraph.co.uk, she feels like she has to convince other people that she's able to relate to them if they aren't rich and privileged.

A lot of people see her as being out of touch because she is a member of a wealthy family.

Elizabeth is becoming a respected member of the indie film community and she's also making headway in huge movie franchises. She must be great to work with or she wouldn't be having this kind of success. New actresses who are hard to work with tend to miss out on big roles. So, it's a sure thing that Elizabeth is impressing a lot of people, even if she thinks that she's being judged due to her rich family. Sometimes, the things that make us vulnerable push us forward. They motivate us to succeed. This seems to be what is happening to talented and driven actress, Elizabeth Olsen.

While Mary-Kate and Ashley's fame has definitely negatively impacted in Elizabeth in tons of ways, she is strong enough to survive and thrive. She may end up having a body of work that people respect much more than the twin's performances on Full House.

11 She's Always Been In Her Sisters' Shadow

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Elizabeth Olsen is taller than the twins, so a lot of people assume that's she's older, but that's just not true. According to Wikipedia.com, Elizabeth is three years younger than Mary-Kate and Ashley. For so many years, Elizabeth has lived in their shadow. They were so famous and Elizabeth was not. It must have been very weird growing up in that situation.

Elizabeth probably felt envious at times, because everyone was bending over backward to please her famous sisters. She must have felt both left out and jealous for most of the time. These are just my own thoughts. Elizabeth hasn't talked extensively about how being the older sister of Mary-Kate and Ashley has made her feel, but it's not hard to empathize and figure out the emotional challenges that it would inevitably bring.

She's hinted at stress by addressing other aspects of her childhood, which relate to Mary-Kate and Ashley.

According to Cinemablend.com,

she decided to skip being a child actress, after a single role when she was just five years old. She consciously took a different path and decided to spend her free time on dance and after-school sports instead.

If it weren't for the twins, she might have enjoyed being a child actress. It's possible that her famous sisters spoiled things for her. There wouldn't be many surprises left for her to discover, as her sisters had already seen it all.  Of course, Elizabeth moved towards acting in the end.

10 She Has To Take Her Sisters' Hand-Me-Downs

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It's safe to say that hand-me-downs from the wealthy and stylish Olsen twins are better than typical family hand-me-downs. However, they are still hand-me-downs. Elizabeth drives a car which is a hand-me-down from her big sis. According to Zimbio.com, Elizabeth has a Range Rover which was donated to her by Mary-Kate or Ashley. Range Rovers are really nice, but maybe Lizzie feels awkward about having to take big items, such as vehicles, from her older sisters.

It might get old to be financially dependent on your older sisters. It might create some bitterness and envy. Usually, these types of financial imbalances between people do cause some tension, whether that tension leads to disagreements and hurt feelings or not.

Elizabeth may well be mature enough to handle all of this well and even be grateful for what she receives from her successful sisters. If she isn't, she's taking steps to get wealth that's all her own. Maybe someday, she'll donate a car that she bought to someone else, just to pay it forward.

The more great roles Elizabeth gets, the further away from being the "other Olsen sister" she gets. Achieving success in Hollywood is the key to repairing some of the damage from growing up with sisters who are rich, famous and integral parts of American pop culture.

9 She's Much Poorer Than Her Sisters

Via: Teen Vogue

The Olsen twins were estimated to have a combined net worth of a hundred million dollars back in 2007. That's a great deal of money. This information comes from Forbes.com. Elizabeth Olsen is estimated to have a net worth of a million and a half dollars. That's a ton of money for a young woman, but nothing near the level of wealth that her sisters possess.

It's unlikely that Elizabeth will catch up soon. She'll need to do massive film projects where she gets a chunk of box office profits in order to rack up that kind of cash. Usually, only the biggest celebrities on earth are allowed to get a share of a film's proceeds, on top of their salaries.

Once Elizabeth earns a few more million, she'll be able to start living a really wealthy lifestyle if she wants to. She won't need to take hand-me-downs. She'll be able to buy superb real estate in glamorous, desirable neighborhoods, without needing to ask for a loan from one or both of her sisters. Again, I'm sure that Mary-Kate and Ashley would help their little sister with anything. Who wouldn't share if they had so much. On the flip side, asking people for money just sucks and Elizabeth may hate doing it, or never do it at all.

8 She's Had To Fail More Than Them

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When Elizabeth did decide to get into acting, she had to put up with the usual rejection than an aspiring actress gets most of the time. It's hard to make it in Hollywood. For example, she auditioned for a role in Spy Kids and that didn't end well. She didn't get the part. She must have considered the fact that Mary-Kate or Ashley probably would have scored the role without an audition. It's actually pretty harsh what actors and actresses have to deal with before they "make it" and get to pick and choose from the best projects.

Was Elizabeth committed to making it on her own, without her sister's help? She probably was. It's hard to believe that Mary-Kate and Ashley wouldn't help her to get established in Hollywood. I checked out Elizabeth's IMDB.com page and found out that she was born in February of 1989 and that her middle name is Chase. She started acting in 2011 and her projects have gotten steadily more prestigious through the years.

She's had a slower climb to big success than her sisters. It's clearly been much harder for her to land big projects, but she's getting them now. Success must be so sweet. However, her sisters are still way more famous than she is. This may always be the case.

7 She Was Tempted To Quit Show Business

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Elizabeth thought about giving up her Hollywood dreams when the press started to focus on Mary-Kate and Ashley's alleged eating disorders. The twins did get hounded about their low weight for a long time. The level of scrutiny that they were subjected to is pretty creepy. Every super-famous American celebrity gets the same freaky scrutiny. It's obvious that Elizabeth, who goes by Lizzie for short, was appalled at the media's speculations about her older sisters and this made her mull over getting out of the public eye for good.

According to the Daily Mail, Lizzie found the press coverage of her sisters to be a major turnoff. She considered the coverage to be "abusive". She wondered if the movie/TV industry was really the right choice for her. By 2011, she had put her fears and doubts to rest. She had landed a role in the movie called, "Martha Marcy May Marlene", which got her plenty of positive attention, minus the creepy scrutiny.

After that role, she moved onto a mixture of mainstream and indie movies, even securing a role in the reboot of Godzilla.

Elizabeth has doll-like features, just like Mary-Kate and Ashley, but she's not her sisters. She's her own person and she's having to cope with more media scrutiny lately, but she's probably mature enough to cope with it. Mary-Kate and Ashley handled it and Elizabeth will too.

6 She Lives in A One Bedroom Apartment

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Maybe living in a one-bedroom apartment isn't the end of the world. The problem is the contrast between her own living space and her sister's palatial city homes. According to E Online, Mary-Kate and Ashley used to live the high life at a Bel Air estate which was valued at four million bucks. Later on, the twins splurged on the entire top floor of a high-rise in the Big Apple's West Village. They did it because they went to NYU (New York University) and thought that living in the dorms would subject to them to a ton of attention which made the lives of their roomies harder.

The New York home cost over seven million dollars. Today, the twins don't live together anymore. Maybe someday Elizabeth will be able to buy her own seven million dollar home in New York or Los Angeles.

If she keeps scoring huge movies roles, it may happen. However, she's probably not there yet and won't be for a while.

It must be weird having older sisters who are that rich. Do they give Elizabeth money? There's no evidence that they do, but they might. There is always the possibility that Elizabeth doesn't want to live like that anyway. Having tasted big wealth through her siblings, she may not know how to live any other way.

5 Her Younger Life Centered Around The Twins' Needs

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When your older sisters are uber-famous, people are going to give them more attention than they give you. You are going to feel it when strangers freak out over your sisters everywhere that you go with them...and ignore you while they do it. According to Pjstar.com, everything revolved around the twins, including family vacations, which had to be scheduled for times when the twins were not working.

Elizabeth doesn't sound super bitter about any of this. She talks about it in a factual way, without self-pity. However, she must have felt that she was behind her sisters in so many ways. Usually, older kids do dominate in families, just by virtue of being older. In the case of Elizabeth's sisters, they weren't just older than her, they were rich and famous, too. They were big money-makers and people were interested in making sure that they were happy and productive. Hopefully, Elizabeth's parents gave her attention as they also tended to the needs of her older sisters.

According to Lifeandstylemag.com, the twin's father was the one who pushed Mary-Kate and Ashley forward in their careers. Sometimes, with famous child actors, there is a "stage mother". In this case, there was reportedly a "stage father". His name is Dave and his left the girl's mother for their secretary. He said that the girls were "fine" after he got together with another woman.

4 She Had To Develop An Intense Acting Style To Stand Out

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Elizabeth has had to to carve out her own identity by being more intense with her acting style than her sisters. This unique acting style helps her to avoid being compared with them. Personally, I hated Full House and thought it was bland and unfunny. I would much rather watch Elizabeth challenge herself in an intense role than watch Full House. In fact, someone would probably need to pay me to watch Full House.

I know tons of people love Full House. That's why the recent reboot, Fuller House, is so popular on Netflix. According to Forbes.com, it's been renewed for a fourth season.

Elizabeth is taking a different pathway as an actress. She's pushing herself and taking projects that require a lot of different emotions. She isn't sticking to delivering one-liners like her sisters did on the original Full House. Mary-Kate and Ashley aren't involved in the reboot of Full House. I'm not sure why they didn't want to participate. I think that they probably find life as fashionistas more fulfilling and I can't say that I blame them. Succeeding in the world of high fashion must be very satisfying.

Elizabeth has given awesome and critically-acclaimed performances in many films, including Avengers: Age of Ultron in 2015 and Captain America: Civil War in 2016.

These roles have made her much more famous than she used to be. The Avengers and Captain American franchises are extremely popular with film-goers. Most recently, she has kicked butt in Avengers: Infinity War.

3 Her Sisters Didn't Get Acting Jobs For Her

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According to The Guardian, Elizabeth's sisters didn't step in to get her acting jobs. This may have been because she didn't want them to! When you spend your life being overshadowed by two rich and famous older sisters, you will be naturally driven to make it on your own. However, Elizabeth does have a famous name. It's safe to say that most directors she reads for are aware that she is the other Olsen sister. In this sense, her name probably does help her get roles, even if Mary-Kate and Ashley don't get parts for her directly due to their influence and connections.

While Elizabeth has had to work harder to get her Hollywood career going, it's possible that the tables have turned now. I'm not sure the Olsen twins could get parts in the Avengers and Captain America films. The Olsen twins were hugely famous for a long time and they are still very well-known. However, the public isn't as fascinated by them as they used to be and their image probably isn't right for huge action film franchises. This is just my opinion. If I'm right, it means Elizabeth is now able to get parts that her sisters could not get.

2 She's Always Asked About Her Sisters

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It's rare to find an interview with Elizabeth Olsen online where she isn't quizzed about her older sisters, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. This must get so tiresome! Elizabeth has never been able to escape comparisons with her sisters and reporters who are looking for information about the twins try to get it while interviewing Elizabeth. I'm sure Elizabeth would rather talk about her own work when she does press. She's probably so sick of weighing in on her sisters, whom she is protective of.

According to The Independent, Elizabeth is a woman with her own personality and opinions. In a recent interview, she complained about the low neckline of the Scarlet Witch costume that she wore in Avengers. She wishes that she didn't have to show cleavage while doing the role. At least this tabloid took the time to ask Elizabeth about herself, rather than her sisters, which is quite rare! I am sure that Elizabeth feels a sense of relief when she doesn't have to talk about the twins. She'd had to talk about them for almost her whole life.

Elizabeth loves and admires her sisters. They are family. That doesn't mean that she hasn't found the process of needing to talk about them when she's promoting her own career to be very difficult.

1 The Paparazzi Used To Bait Their Family

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Having the paparazzi dogging you might sound glamorous if you're not famous. However, the reality is that it means zero privacy. Elizabeth has said that she dislikes the paparazzi and press, since they used to follow her family when she was younger and everyone lived together. According to Vanityfair.com,

she's a very low-key person, so she must have found the presence of the paparazzi disturbing when she was growing up.

When Elizabeth goes out without her famous sisters, she usually goes unnoticed. However, people often find that she appears familiar. They are clearly seeing traces of the Olsen twins in her face, or else they recognize her from her roles, but don't know her name. In the future, she may find it much harder to stay under the radar when she's out alone in public. Her star is definitely rising.

Lizzie told the Vanity Fair reporter that she prefers it when things aren't so precious. For example, she isn't into manicures and things like that, because her pro manicures get ruined when she picks flowers while hiking or while she washes her own dishes. I wonder if Mary-Kate and Ashley wash their own dishes. I guess they might.

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