14She Is More Insecure Than Mary-Kate And Ashley

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Mary-Kate and Ashley seem very confident. They were brave enough to create their own fashion line, even though they knew that their brand, The Row, would be scrutinized like crazy because of their acting on Full House. They may have known that some people would be harder on them because

of who they were, but it didn't stop them from going for their dreams. Also, the twins have very unique senses of style which show bold confidence. Their fashion choices range from bohemian to kooky to classy. They do what they want and look how they want. There isn't a lot of obvious insecurity with them.

Elizabeth does get insecure. According to Harpersbazaar.com, she will cry if she doesn't like an outfit that she has to wear to a premiere or other special event. Since Elizabeth is so beautiful, it's hard to understand why she would get that upset. Maybe the years of being compared to her sisters have left her vulnerable. She may fear criticism if she doesn't look just right. Since she says she is "self-conscious" when it comes to fashion, she's definitely a lot different than her sisters, who are extremely confident when it comes to clothes. They are so confident that they design clothes for other people.

Maybe Elizabeth will be more confident in the future. She is stunning and has no reason not to be. Sometimes, women have to get a little older before they feel truly comfortable in their own skin.

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