15She Had To Change Her Name In High School

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Elizabeth must have wanted to escape from their orbit by using another name. She was probably protecting and liberating herself all at the same time.

One clear signal that Elizabeth's life was destroyed by her famous sisters is the fact that she went by a different last name in high school. She didn't want to be recognized as a member of the Olsen family. That speaks volumes. Maybe she was afraid that people would use

her, or make fun or her, or do other bad things because of who she was. She preferred to stay under the radar with a false last name. Some of it may have been about creating an identity of her own.

Think for a moment about just how famous the Olsen twins used to be. They were on glossy magazines, in numerous TV movies, and were involved in tons of big money projects. They were just everywhere.

According to Boomsbeat.com, she used her middle name, Chase, as a last name while attending high school. Already at such a young age, she was fed up of her association to her famous sisters.

If you were her, would you have used your real last name? Or would you have done what Elizabeth did?

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