15 Facts About Fuller House's Candace Cameron

Candace Cameron-Bure was born in April of 1976 and she rose to fame playing D.J. Tanner-Fuller on "Full House". She's been in the news lately because she threw shade at Frozen star, Kristin Bell, when Kristen applauded Dick's Sporting Good for stopping the sale of assault rifles. Kristin posted online that what Dick's Sporting Goods is doing is better than "thoughts and prayers". I agree, but Candace thinks that Kristin should edit her social media posts, because they diminish the power of prayer.

Candace is a strong Christian and she's been involved in a lot of controversy over the years, mostly because she's so open about her old-fashioned parenting methods and her Christian way of life. She's been accused of homophobia and a whole lot more.

Today, I'm going to share fifteen things that you might not know about this TV star, who also starred in the Full House reboot, Fuller House.

She's married to a former hockey star. She owns a vineyard. She's got three kids. She writes books. This busy, beautiful woman doesn't seem to age, but she's someone who irritates a lot of people. Her brother, Kirk Cameron, also gets some hate for pushing his faith on others, just like Candace does.

Whether Candace Cameron-Bure annoys you or inspires you may have something to do with your own faith. She has a lot a ton of fans and just as many haters.

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15 She Into Anti-Aging Lotions And Potions

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To keep her complexion youthful-looking, Candace relies on a mix of high-end products and cheap, old-fashioned favorites. She makes sure to take her makeup off every night and often uses inexpensive Vaseline to remove her eye makeup.

She also loves luxury Lancer moisturizers and depends on sunscreen to stave off photo-aging from the California sun. Filling in her brows because they are naturally sparse is a step that she never skips when she's getting ready.

I think Candace's round face is the key to her youthful good looks. I read in a fashion magazine once that ladies who have rounder faces tend to look great as they get older. Their fuller faces still have a pleasing plumpness when aging sets in.

Also, Candace lives a clean lifestyle and clearly takes excellent care of herself. She looks great.

14 She’s Gotten Criticism For Being Homophobic

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Candace is Christian and used her platform as a guest host on The View to defend an Oregon bakery which refused to bake a cake for a gay wedding. She fought with Raven-Symoné about the issue. Candace said it’s not discrimination. She said it’s acceptable because baking the cake would have conflicted with the religious beliefs of the bakery owner.

Raven-Symoné hangs out at gay bars and has a girlfriend. It's safe to say that Candace's comments made her feel a little bit sick. The two argued about the issue, but reportedly made up later.

I don't think being gay is a choice, so I'm not really down with Candace's views. There have always been gay people, there will always be gay people. They are not doing anything wrong. They pay taxes like everyone else and should be able to get married and enjoy their lives. They deserve nice cakes when they get married.

I don't like it when religion separates people. But, sometimes, it really does.

13 She Fought With A RuPaul's Drag Race Contestant

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Candace was also accused of homophobia when she Instagrammed a shot of herself wearing a “Not Today Satan” t-shirt. This phrase was one that a RuPaul's Drag Race contestant, Bianca Del Rio, used a lot while appearing on RuPaul's reality TV show.

The drag queen called her a homophobic Republican and sent his fans to diss her on social media. Candace got attacked online and responded to the shade by calling Bianca Del Rio out for siccing his fans on her.

I'm not sure why Candace wore this t-shirt and posed in it online. What message was she sending? Was she unaware of the connection between the phrase, "Not today Satan" and Bianca Del Rio? There's always the chance that she was totally clueless. I can't see her sitting down with the hubby and kids and some snacks and binge-watching RuPaul's Drag Race. Can you?

What would Candace binge-watch? Maybe Lifetime movies.

12 She Believes In Harsh Discipline

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Candace has talked about the fact that she believes in physical punishment for kids and has used spanking to discipline her own children.

This isn't really a modern view of parenting, but that's kind of the point. Candace is going for the old-school approach. In the old days, teachers would swat kids with rulers and many parents would give their kids a whipping when they were "bad".

Violence doesn't really create peace (how can it?), so I think that spanking is counter-productive. It just scares kids. Ruling kids with fear is negative. It is bad energy. They're going to store up rage because they are getting spanked and their anger is going to come out, whether it's directed back at the spanking parent, society, or whatever else; the anger is going to seep out somewhere.

It's nice to live in a world where most parents prefer a non-spanking approach. I don't feel like I have the right to spank my child just because he's my child. Of course, my son is now 23, so this doesn't really come up, but I never felt like I had some divine right to give him a spanking, just because I gave birth to him.

Better to talk it out and discipline in some other way.

11 She Threw Shade At Kristin Bell

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Kristin posted online to show support for a sporting goods store that stopped selling assault rifles. Kristin feels that this move is better than thoughts and prayers, which makes sense.

Candace Cameron Bure went after her on social media, saying that Bell shouldn’t discourage people from praying.Kristin is Christian, too, and says that she's turned to her faith to overcome depression and anxiety. She's probably not someone that Candace should be going after, as they are pretty much on the same team, anyway.

We can love God and pray, but, sometimes, it doesn't save us. I think what Kristin posted is good. Concrete action is needed to protect children from school shooting and to protect all Americans from mass shootings.

This is maybe why I would prefer that Candace STFU. What do you think?

10 She Used To Suffer From Bulimia

Christian Today

In her 20s, Candace had a serious eating disorder and she credits her faith with providing her with enough strength to stop binging and purging.

I can see why Candace would develop an eating disorder. She was a child star and had to go through puberty in front of the whole world. Her body changed and she was never allowed to forget that she was filling out, like most girls do when they become women. She began to obsess about her weight and then became bulimic in order to control her weight.

Our appetites are a natural part of us. We're meant to get hungry daily. Eating keeps us alive. When we try to mess with Mother Nature by overeating and then vomiting the food, we set the stage for serious illness, both physical and psychological. Bulimia is very serious and a lot of famous women have had this eating disorder, including the late Princess of Wales (Princess Diana). Bulimia puts a terrible strain on the body and spirit.

Candace looks very healthy now. Although I disagree with practically all of her views, I'm so glad that she was able to get better.

9 She’s An Author


Candace is pretty successful and a lot of people agree with her old-school religious viewpoint. She writes books about how to be kind and books about how to look good. Personally, I don't really need to read a book by a sitcom star in order to understand kindness. Maybe I'd like the beauty book better.

Candace has turned her Christian lifestyle into pure gold by writing these books and selling them to her Christian fan base. I'm sure it's all been really lucrative. She's found a solid niche as an entrepreneur. A lot of child stars don't continue to achieve when they are older, so she's definitely got it together. She keeps moving forward and is always doing new things. She clearly is very confident and unafraid.

I think that her books would be a big snoozefest, and possibly outright annoying, but maybe I'm wrong. I'd rather read Jane Austen in my pajamas, or Bridget Jones' Diary, or almost anything else but Candace's self-help books. Others clearly disagree as Candace has been on the New York Times bestseller list.

8 She Became A Christian When She Was 12

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Candace didn’t grow up in a religious family, but she made up for lost time. She adopted religion when she was only twelve and she’s deeply religious now. So is her brother, Kirk.

These two siblings are pretty much the poster boy and girl for the strongly Christian lifestyle in America. Kirk Cameron can't separate his Christianity from his public image now. It's a part of him and something that people think about immediately when they hear his name. It's pretty much the same deal with Candace Cameron-Bure.

Christians are supposed to spread the word about their faith and try to convert others. They are on a mission to save souls. So, it makes sense that Candace and Kirk keep sharing their views on religion with the world.

A study shows that 70.6 percent of Americans identify as Christian. Obviously, there are so many people who share Candace's faith and ideals. She has a huge audience who are all in line with her thinking. Only 3.1 percent of Americans identify as Atheists, although a lot of Atheists probably don't take surveys about religion.

7 She’s A Republican

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Most celebs aren’t too open about being Republican because admitting to right-wing political beliefs is out of fashion and tends to offend a lot of their fan base. However, Candace is proud to let the world know that she veers to the right.

A lot of her fan base probably votes Republican, too, so she's got nothing to worry about. I'm assuming she loves Mike Pence because he's super-religious, but who knows?

Candace wasn't a Trump supporter during the last election. Let's give her credit for that. She preferred Ben Carson. It's nice to keep in mind that many Republicans are not behind the Orange One. He is very polarizing. People either love The Donald or hate him. There's not really a lot of middle ground.

Ben Carson is a neurosurgeon as well as a politician. I think things would be very different if a brain surgeon was running the country. That's a job that requires some dedication, smarts, and responsibility! So, I have to give Candace credit for supporting Ben over Donald.

6 She’s Married To A Former NHL Star

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Candace’s hubby is Valeri Bure, a former NHL star who played right wing and his brother, Pavel, was a big hockey star in the same league. The Bure brothers were a big deal in the hockey world, although Pavel was considered more of a superstar than his brother. Candace actually goes by the name Candace Cameron-Bure now.

Valeri is very loyal to his brother and got mad when Pavel was overlooked by the Hockey Hall of Fame in 2011. Valeri and Pavel are Russian. Valeri played in the NHL for a full decade. That's a long and successful pro-hockey career. He had to bow out of pro-hockey in 2005, because the injuries to his back and hip were making it too hard to play at the elite level. Most elite athletes do get to a point where their injuries impact their ability to compete. Now, Valeri runs a Californian winery with his wife. He looks very content.

5 She Supports Chick-Fil-A

Image result for Candace Cameron-Bure chick fil a

Candace gets on the bandwagon and supports companies which are renowned for their homophobic views, including Chick-Fil-A. It's become something of a badge of honor among certain Christians to head for Chick-Fil-A and chow down on chicken biscuits and waffle potato fries.

When a celeb posts a pic of an outing to Chick-Fil-A on social media, he or she is saying: I am down with Chick-Fil-A's political and religious views. Period.

It's safe to say that a lot of celebs would rather eat glass than be captured on film enjoying the fast food that this American restaurant serves. On the other hand, Candace is proud to nosh at Chick-Fil-A. The corporate culture at Chick-Fil-A is very Christian and always has been. The founder of the fast-food chain, S. Truett Cathy, was a Southern Baptist. The company believes in glorifying God.

The problem that I have with Candace is that she works in an industry (showbiz) which utilizes the services of many talented and creative gay people, from stylists to makeup artists to writers to directors and beyond. Do these people not have the right to live their lives as they see fit, including marrying their partners?

Where would Hollywood be without gay people who contribute to films and TV?

4 Her Brother, Kirk, Is Also Super-Religious

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Kirk Cameron is also controversial because he brings religion into a lot of his interactions with the press and public. He made some very sketchy comments about the reason for Hurricane Irma. He made a video and talked about the hurricane and other huge storms that happened around the same time. In his view, these natural disasters were not "Mother Nature in a bad mood".

He clearly felt that God was sending down some wrath. He quoted from Job 37:13, which states that God, "causes storms" for the purpose of punishment...or to nourish the land with water and show love.

Plenty of devout Christians were surely frightened by Hurricane Irma and inconvenienced by it (or worse). Was God punishing them, too? When Christians make comments like these, which are extreme, they do open the door to some negative commentary.

3 Her Christian Fans Found Fuller House Offensive

TV Line

Some adult-themed humor on Fuller House offended her Christian fanbase. When you live the Christian lifestyle and profit from books that promote that lifestyle, and then you go ahead and do a show which features a lot of grown-up humor, you're going to hear about it.

A lot of people were surprised by the sexual commentary that was showcased on Fuller House. This show is supposed to be as bland as possible, right? There were plenty of cheesy double entendres and some outright raunchy comments.

Candace went on the show and made money off of it. She probably figured it was worth offending her fanbase in order to get some cash and glory. Plus, she's close to many cast-mates from the original show, which means that it was probably a fun job for her. She could reconnect with the people that she grew up with.

She did get some hate for participating in the show, thanks to its adult humor. Her fans found the "light swearing" and sexual innuendo offensive. They felt like they couldn't watch the show with their kids.

2 She Has One Daughter And Two Sons

The Christian Post

Candace doesn’t really look much older than her nineteen-year-old daughter and she has two sons also. Candace takes good care of her skin and is very active. Her lifestyle keeps her looking good.

Her daughter is named Natasha. Her sons are called Maksim and Lev. I personally really love these Russian names. They sound very cool. At 41, Candace has created a very nice life for herself. Her kids are adorable and are pretty much grown-up at this point.

Candace says that being a stay-at-home mom was the best choice for her and that she's happy and grateful for the stay-at-home mom lifestyle. Her hubby, Valeri, would have made good money in the NHL, plus Candace made TV money for years, which is typically a lot of money.

Candace and Valeri had financial security at very young ages, which separates them from almost all other young people.

1 She’s Been Married For 20 Years

Image result for Candace Cameron-Bure marriage

Candace has been married for a whopping two decades. By Hollywood standards, that’s like being married for a century. Her wedding pics are really sweet and Valeri looks so cute. He still looks great today.

It is impressive that they are still together. Beyond her faith and any issues I have with her, she's stuck it out with her husband and that is something that I respect. These two are obviously meant for each other. So many Hollywood marriages fail, but this one is still going strong. Maybe it's because Valeri was a pro athlete from Russia, rather than an actor. He comes from a different background and may have different values.

When you think about the fate of other child stars, such as Dana Plato and Corey Haim, it's clear that Candace Cameron-Bure has made a big success of her life. She lives the way that she wants to and has a lot of people around her who love her. It's just that her opinions get her into trouble sometimes.

Sources: People.com, ENews.com, FoxNews.com

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