15It’s Safe

When the topic of home birth comes up, the number one sentiment that many people express is whether it's safe at all. Research shows that home births are indeed safe with high rates of survival being reported in home births that were supervised by certified and trained attendants.

Studies show that

home births are just as safe as hospital births and some may even say safer. Furthermore, home births is linked to fewer deaths, infections and injuries. The risks of complications or injuries are significantly reduced when the birth is supervised and coordinated by a certified professional midwife.

With a professional in place, the risks of complications such as hemorrhaging reduces. In addition, home births have been shown to be linked to lower mortality and even to better survival for the child increases chances of survival in the first year.

The bottom line is this: The safety of this birthing method is mainly determined by the physical condition of the mother plus the experience and know-how of your midwife.

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