15 Facts About Celeb Dad Jeremy Meeks

Jeremy Meeks is one tatted up stud, there is no doubt about that. His perfect skin tone, his baby blue eyes, and his chiseled bod have sent him soaring onto the runways as well as into the hearts of women across the globe. The Hottie-Felon has certainly come a long way from his days of being in and out of the slammer and running with his gangbanger friends that's for sure. The days the model is working all of the hottest fashion shows, driving around in his fancy car and spending his downtime with his mega-rich heiress girlfriend named Chloe Green. He is about to become a father to a bouncing baby boy and rumor has it a lavish wedding is in the works.

Jeremy Meeks is certainly living a very charmed life, but he has a boatload of skeletons in his double walk-in closets. Meeks may have left behind a life of crime, but he also left behind a wife and a child when he decided that he was destined for bigger and better things. Here are fifteen juicy facts about this hot dad that you may have never heard.

This guy is good looking, but shade all the way.

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15 Meeks Was Still Married When He Got Together With Chloe

The beginnings of Chloe and Jeremy's romance is wonky at best. He was definitely still married to Melissa when they met and actually still married to his former wife as the new lovebirds cozied up in all corners of the world for an entire summer. Jeremy gave interviews proclaiming his love for Chloe and the two made no secret of their feelings for one anther for months. The summer of 2017 was nothing but love for these two beauties and all the while Jeremy's wife sat at home with their kid, seething at the man she loved and supported for years.

In fact, Jeremy was spotted vacationing with Chloe in St. Barts on the day the divorce filing became public, and that was in October!

In December the pair were seen shopping in Beverly Hills, (but of course,) and Chloe reportedly had a giant rock on her finger, this according to Your Tango. Engagement rumors ran rampant and all of this before his divorce to Melissa was even finalized. This baby boy that they are expecting is supposedly due this coming June. So was Jeremy technically married when Chloe got pregnant? The math isn't all the complicated. Babies do take nine months to grow people!

14 His Ex-Wife Had A Miscarriage Because Of The Divorce

Jeremy's ex wife Melissa noticed that her husband had started following a beautiful Chloe Green on Instagram. She asked him straight up if there was anything going on between them. Of course he denied that there was. A few days later pictures of the steamy pair on a boat went public. There was no more denying that he and this mystery woman were more than acquaintances.

In July, Jeremy went to his wife's home to take their boys and saw that she was in bad shape. She was barely functioning due to the depression from Jeremy's straying. He apologized, she cried, then he asked for a divorce. A few days later Melissa and Jeremy spent some time as a family with their children and one thing led to another. The next thing Melissa knew she was pregnant, this according to The Sun!

Melissa claims that a few weeks into her pregnancy she lost the baby due to the massive amount of stress she was under as she watched the love of her life paint the town red with a younger, richer woman. Of course this is all from Jeremy's less-than-thrilled ex wife and there are always two sides to every story, but we can't help wonder how much of this is true. This guy is hot, but definitely not a winner.

13 What Does His Teardrop Tattoo REALLY Mean?

If there are two things that Jeremy Meeks has a lot of, it's hotness and tattoos. The convict-turned-model-turned boyfriend-to-a-billionaire is practically covered in ink, which only makes his bad boy persona more alluring in my opinion. The guy even has a famous teardrop tattoo up by his dreamy little eye. Teardrop tats are often used to signify a gang-related death.

According to the Dailymail, when asked about the notorious teardrop that, Meeks said that all of his tats were part of a past that he was trying to shed and that telling teardrop is one that he is not proud of.

So does the tear-tat mean that Meeks is more than criminal in the looks department? It's hard to know, but considering his past gang affiliation, the tat might mean exactly that.

Jeremy used to be a part of the Northern Crips gang and has more than one inky nod to the group that he used to run with in his youth. According to The Sun, the teardrop tat has other meanings though, so maybe we can still pine over him without feeling extra guilt for daydreaming over a slayer. It can signify a long prison stint or even that your friend was gunned down and you are seeking revenge. These days the 34-year-old father-to-be runs with a much different group comprised of business owners, beautiful people, and Kardashians.

12 He Has An 8-Year-Old Son

Chloe Green is about to become a first-time mommy to a baby boy with her hottie, felon man Jeremy Meeks! While this is Chloe's first parenting rodeo, it is definitely not Jeremy's! He became a first time father years ago when he and his then wife Melissa gave birth to their son Jeremy Jr. That little boy is now eight years old and is reportedly living with his mother, a nurse, who has two other children from prior relationships.

Jeremy Junior's mom revealed that while she felt initially shocked when she heard that her husband was about to become a father again, she also paired that with saying she knew it was coming eventually. According to The Mirror, Melissa stated: "To me, starting a family with a billionaire’s daughter is the golden ticket, right?” Pretty much Melissa. You said it though, not us!

While only time will tell if Meeks and Green go the distance and tie the knot, one thing is for sure. This kid is bound to be beautiful beyond measure and be clothed in only the very best outfits money can buy. With a smoking hot, model father and an heiress fashion mogul mother, how can he ever go wrong? We can't wait to see the little kiddo blow up Instagram!

11 He Was In A Gang

You gotta love what people are able to just sweep under the rug in the name of love. Chloe Green is focused on her man's good looks and high profile career these days, and she seems not at all concerned with his guy's uber shady past and the company her man used to keep. You would think that someone who is the heiress to a billion dollar company might pay better attention to the people that she chooses to associate with, or procreate with, but nope. Chloe is not literally in bed with a former criminal and all that comes along with that.

His family, his friends and many of the people Jeremy grew up with don't exactly walk the righteous path. We wonder if Jeremy will be inviting the guys from the Crips gang he used to run with to his lavish wedding? Oh yeah, aside from breaking the law Meeks was a gangbanger too. While Chloe spent her youth floating along on million dollar boat, Meeks ran the streets with a tough crowd. He claims this part of his life is behind him, but crazy people come out of the woodwork once you catch a taste of fame, so who knows.

10 Chloe Was Dating A Cavalli When She Met Meeks

It has become common knowledge at this point that Jeremy Meeks was a married man before meeting and falling for the Topshop heiress and his future baby's mama Chloe Green. The Blue-eyed Bandit and his former wife Melissa spent eight years hitched and even welcomed a son together, before Jeremy decided to turn to "greener" pastures. The convict model has caught a ton of heat for leaving his son and wife under shady circumstances to hook up his a billionaire babe, but he wasn't the only one who apparently strayed from their relationship to pursue their heart's desire.

Chloe Green was reportedly off the market when the pair met as well. While she wasn't married, like Jeremy was, there was speculation that she was with the son of famed designer Roberto Cavalli.

Right before the Cannes According to the Dailymail, Film Festival last year Chloe and Cavalli's Instagram accounts were totally saturated with images of the two gallivanting around the globe while enjoying the finer things in life. Whatever flame might have burning between the two rich kids was quickly put out though because it was that Cannes Film Fest that served as the initial place of sparks and lust for Jeremy and Chloe.

9 He Spent A Lot Of Time Behind Bars

Jeremy Meeks is certainly living the high life these days, but let's not forget that just a few short years ago the guy was living his life behind bars. Actually, he has spent a whole lot of time in the slammer. Meeks is what you would call a frequent flyer when it comes to prison. He has been in trouble with the law since 2002. That's a just about half of his life that he has spent in trouble with the law! He started his life of crime by serving a two year sentence for grand theft of a person only to get out of jail and return two years later in 2005. This time though he got caught committing identity theft.

Records out of Spokane, Washington have him listed as the defendant in a criminal case a whopping five times from 2005 to 2007. Then in 2014 Meeks was arrested, according to ABC News, after leaving a house in Stockton where a search warrant was being carried out. Police found a gun, some reefer and ammo in his vehicle and back to the slammer he went. This wasn't all bad luck though. It was during this stint that scored him his famous mug shoot that served as the catalyst for his successful modeling career.

8 His Parents Are Criminals Too

The families of Jeremy and his new baby mama could not be more different if they tried. While she grew up with a silver spoon in her mouth, surrounded by only the finer things in life, Jeremy grew up surrounded by a family of criminals, this according to The Sun. His mother has been in and out of jail more than once for using illegal substances and his father did 33 years in the pen for taking someone's life! Jeremy's mom, Kathy was also convicted of aggravated battery in 1989 as well as using fake checks and driving under the influence.

Jeremy was only nine months old when his dad, a former street sweeper, was put away for life because of his crimes. Even before he ended up in a Washington Slammer for offing someone, he had worked up a rap sheet back in his hometown of Kansas. Jeremy's brother Emery has quite a few offenses to his name as does his sister. This wedding is going to be something else. If Jeremy and Chloe decide to tie the knot the event will certainly be an eclectic one with her family of billionaires and their wealthy friends and then his rough rider kin and his former gang member pals.

7 He Started A #HotFelon Modelling Trend

What is the world coming to when we have people like Jeremy Meeks starting hot fashion trends such as "The hot felon." Because of his steamy 2014 mug shot, the entire world knows this guy as exactly that. His mug shot actually catapulted him to fame and fortune beyond his wildest dreams and it seems that his sudden success has paved the way for other good looking lawbreakers.

A 19-year-old North Carolinian landed in the slammer but walked out with a modeling contract all thanks to this new fascination with good looking felons.

According to US Magazine, Mekhi Atlante Lucky was given a new lease on life after leaving the county jail by working for St. Claire Modeling all because of his nice looking 2016 mugshot. Lucky found himself in a mess of trouble after stealing a car, but all that is clearly behind him now.

The guy not only scored a modeling contract but walked in New York's Fashion Week after getting sprung from the slammer. One year after his release, Lucky is keeping his nose clean and working in the fashion industry making bank by strutting down the runways. He most certainly has Jeremy Meeks to thank for his shot at a better life.

6 He Is Making A Lot Of Dough

There is little doubt that Green's gal is crazy rich. We are totally sure her mad amounts of status and wealth had absolutely nothing to do with his initial attraction to here though...riiiight. Chloe Green's father, Sir Phillip Green, is the Topshop brand mogul. The guy is also a billionaire, not a millionaire, BILLIONAIRE people! This means that Chloe is more than set for life when it comes to dough.

While most assume that her former jailbird of a boyfriend is only with her for her wealth, Meeks isn't exactly strapped for cash these days. Sure his income is a drop in the bucket compared to what Chloe makes simply by breathing, but it also is nothing to be ashamed of either. We would say that the guy is doing pretty good for himself considering where he was in life a mere five years ago.

After being sprung from prison Jeremy scored a lucrative modeling contract (thanks to that iconic mugshot of his,) and bought himself a Maserati and a mansion! Those things aren't cheap ya'll! He was rumored to have been pulling in a million dollars all for flaunting his God-given assets to the world.

While we think that is a bit of a high estimate he could very well be raking in hundreds of thousands of dollars. If he were to be hired by exclusive fashion designers, he could make $15,000 to $30,000 a month, translating to $180,000 to $360,000 annually, according to TMZ.

5 He Claims To Be Religious

I'm not sure just how much Jesus this character had in his heart when he was gang banging and breaking the law on a fairly normal basis, but my guess is not much. When he was incarcerated, however, Meeks had a lot of time to sit around and ponder the wonders of the universe. There isn't all that much to do while you are rotting away in prison. One of the things that he did turn his attention to while locked up was religion.

According to Meek's sister, the hottie with a bad reputation is a practicing Christian and has been for nine years or so. Maybe he just forgot that whole "being a good Christian" thing in 2014 when he was brought up on all sorts of charges ranging from possession to gun charges. According to the Hollywood Life, a niece of Jeremy's reiterated the sentiment saying that back when Meeks met his first wife Melissa he gave up the thug life and turned towards a life of God. We aren't exactly sure how accurate this all is, but so long as he isn't running with gang members and packing heat any longer, we are going to take it as a step in the right direction, religious or not.

4 A Troubled Childhood

I think it's fair to say that Jeremy Meek's and Chloe Green's child will have a much different childhood than Jeremy did, considering this baby's mama of his is the heiress to Topshop and daddy is now an in-demand, working model making money in his own right.

According to Metro, Jeremy didn't have it so good from the get-go and sadly had a rocky childhood.

His mother struggled to stay clean and walk the straight and narrow and his father wasn't in his life considering he started serving a life sentence in federal Prison when Jeremy was only a baby. His siblings and him struggled through their younger years and fell victim to an abundance of negative influences. Jeremy's older bro and sister both have a troubled past with lengthy rap sheets and Jeremy turned to gang life and crime early on.

As a child, he took a lot of his anger out by fighting. According to Bossip, way back in 2002, Meeks beat up a sixteen year so badly that the kid was described as, "a bloody pulp." Let's hope that these days of aggression are far behind him as he prepares to welcome another child into the world in the near future.

3 His Mugshot Became An Internet Sensation

It was that fateful 2014 mugshot that kicked started Jeremy's new life, as well as a little prison sentence. His striking blue and his rubble, bald head sent the internet abuzz with desire and lust from women everywhere. Meeks made ladies crazy with felon-envy. In just a few days his Facebook mugshot scored 59,000 likes and gathered a whopping 17,000 comments, most of which were focused on his hotness.

Before anyone, including Meeks and his ex-wife, knew what was happening, his face was being photoshopped everywhere and he was in dozens of trendy Twitter hashtags such as #freeJeremyMeeks, #HottieThug and #FelonCrushFriday. He claimed that he was just an innocent guy who loved his wife and kid, but looking at his life now we aren't so sure he didn't love the attention even back when the Jeremy buzz began. He doesn't strike us as someone who doesn't love a little attention, especially from the ladies.

Even if he wasn't digging all the love back in 2014, clearly he has adjusted to life in the spotlight. If he does end up marrying little Ms. Rich and Famous he won't be getting a break from the limelight anytime soon. The Jeremy and Chloe buzz is here to stay for a bit at least.

2 He's Not In It For The Money

It's hard to believe even for a second that Meeks isn't at least a little bit drawn to his new flame because of the fact that she is rich beyond any of our wildest dreams. When the hot new ticket in your life can take you on month-long yacht trips that cost more than my home does, well you might be able to look past certain flaws or undesirable behaviors. Money talks and Chloe Green has a whole lot of cash to burn on her smoking hot new boy toy. Regardless of what the entire world seems to think, that Chloe is, of course, Jeremy's meal ticket, he swears that his love for her is so much deeper than her pockets. 

Jeremy told the Sunday Mirror: "I love Chloe for her and if she didn’t have a dollar I wouldn’t give a s*** because we’re so happy." We would love to believe that, especially since you two are getting ready to welcome a child into the world really soon here, but truly you can't blame us for being just a little bit skeptical of this whole "real romance" thing.

Sure he could be the Romeo that Chloe has been searching for, but he could also be an opportunist looking to capitalize on a very wealthy woman.

1 He Was Once Deported

While most of the world, primarily female, is a little bit obsessed with this steamy dude and his baby blue eyes that seem to bore a hole through your soul, not all of the universe is enthralled by him. In fact an entire country gave him the boot. That's right!

Last year Meeks was across the pond for a photoshoot but didn't get much work done considering he was deported for his previous criminal record.

Meeks was none too thrilled at London's decision not to roll the red carpet on out for the former criminal-turned-model. According to The Huffington Post, he told the world that he had been denied and that "London doesn't want me here." He ranted and raved about how he had already served his time, so what was up with this? Well Jeremy, just because the ladies are throwing their panties at you and you landed yourself a billionaire girlfriend doesn't mean entire countries are going to rewrite there laws and regulations just so that you can work there. Actions have consequences and you have apparently forgotten that before landing this modeling gig you made a whole lot of poor choices. You can't erase all of your past.

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