15 Secrets About Kailyn Lowry (Only Revealed In Her Memoir)

Kailyn Lowry is an American actress. She was selected to be a personality in the MTV reality show, Teen Mom 2 after starring in 16 and Pregnant.

Kailyn Lowry was born in 1992 on the 14th of March. She was born in Nazareth, which is situated in Pennsylvania. At the age of 17 in 2009, Kailyn became pregnant by Jo Rivera who was her then-boyfriend. Kailyn’s episodes focuses on the absence of support from her own family, causing her to rely on Jo’s family. She gave birth to a son, Isaac Elliot Rivera, on January 18th, 2010.

Later that year, MTV said they were going to do a follow up series of Teen Mom 2. Kailyn was one of the girls chosen for the show, just like the first season. Lowry fell in love with Javi Marroquin in season five and had another son, Lincoln Marshall, on November 16, 2013.

Kailyn wrote a memoir entitled Pride over Pity that was published on 17th of April 2014. It reveals some shocking things about her that many did not know. It reveals distressing information about the atrocious years she went through before she became a teen mom. Here are 15 secrets about Kailyn Lowry that she brought to light in her memoir.

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15 Her Dad Left When She Was A Baby

Kailyn’s mom was obviously not the mom of the year, but she was the only family she had ever known. Kailyn revealed that her dad abandoned them when she was only six months old and her mom never really wanted to talk about what had happened.

Years later her mom found him with the help of detectives and lawyers. When Kaitlyn was three months pregnant, her father’s sister made contact, so a flight to Texas was arranged. According to Starcasm.net, her father disappointed her right from the start. She said that the man who greeted her was a wreck. He had a mullet, was missing teeth and a foot shorter than she thought he would be. Her trip ended up being an utter disappointment and the relationship with her father never took off. It was not all bad since she discovered she had a sister and cousins, with whom she formed a close bond.

14 Her Mom Signed Custody Over To Her Neighbours

In the memoir, Kailyn describes how her mom moved them a lot and never settled in one place. She also says that her mom was involved in a lot of relationships and one of the boyfriends even tried getting the mom help.

Consequently, Kailyn’s mom signed temporary custody over to the neighbors, the Hopwoods.

Within a matter of time, she had become a reckless teenager because she barely had any adult supervision. She says that she got into fights at her school and would occasionally get physical and throw a punch that got her kicked out of school and in school suspensions. Kailyn also revealed that when her mom was in high school, her sister Jodi died in a car accident. She believes this was the root of her mother’s drinking. She also confesses that during her teenage years, she resorted to a certain green plant to escape her loneliness.

13 Kissing Boys At An Early Age

Kailyn tried to navigate through life with very little parental supervision. Regrettably, this has led her to being promiscuous at a very tender age. She did it for the first time when she was in eighth grade on a concrete footpath, as they had nowhere else to go. She also recalled her relationship with her ninth-grade boyfriend named Toby, which she claims was purely platonic.

However, on a certain night when they were alone at his house and despite denying him, he persisted. She believed Toby loved her dearly, so she decided she could give him this one thing as long as he suited up for the occasion. Regrettably, Toby took off the protection and she was understandably mad, but after that night, she said that Toby ignored when she tried to get into contact with him.

12 She Had A Girlfriend In Middle School

When Javi and Kailyn were in a relationship, things started heating up in a bad way because of her anger problems, but they still stayed strong as a couple. The biggest difficulty in their relationship was when Aria, a former close friend who, according to RadarOnline.com, revealed some secrets about Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn admits that while she was in middle school she had a girlfriend. She said that they kissed each other.

At that age, she did not think about her orientation, but she knew that their relationship was unique. Years later, her friend came out as a lesbian. Kaitlyn had never had any relations with a woman again until she met Aria. They got together once while still living at Jo’s, although they never dated. Eventually, Aria told Javi that Kaitlyn was gay and that she would leave him to be with her and this caused Javi to leave. Javi calmed down after an attempt to talk to him and they got past it.

Since then, Kaitlyn has been haunted by questions about her orientation.

11 She Made The Hardest Decision At 16 Years Old

This was doubtlessly a Sweet 16 to remember. Before Kailyn submitted to Toby’s pressure that night, he had told her that they should have a baby, stay together forever and this wish almost came true. Subsequently, at 15, she became pregnant for the first time. After she informed her mother that she was pregnant, her mom’s only concern was her reputation as a mom of a knocked-up teenager so she was given no choice but to have an abortion.

Her mother called Toby’s family and demanded that they pay for the whole thing and despite Kailyn having a choice, her mom made the decision for her, saying that she would not live with herself if she kept it. According to Hollywood Life.com, on her 16th birthday, she got an abortion instead of celebrating the most precious birthday of any teenager. She said that Toby’s parents made him sit through the whole procedure with her. She then explains how the procedure added weight to the already heavy burden she was carrying around.

10 Her Mother Always Had A Bottle

Fans of Kailyn Lowry and the series have been made familiar with her mom and her drinking problem only a few times. Currently, it seems that the two are not on good terms and don’t have a relationship. In her book, Pride over Pity, she reveals about her childhood with a mother who was an alcoholic. Lowry explains that she did not have a normal childhood.

She couldn’t have hobbies nor participate in clubs and sports because her mother barely remembered to pick her up from school.

Kailyn also describes how she tried to hide the fact that her mom came to pick her up from school while drunk sometimes. When her teachers confronted Kailyn about her mom’s behavior, Kailyn defended her saying that her mom was upset about other things that had happened the previous night and was really shook up. She admits that her mom hurt her even though she would like to pretend she did not. To Kailyn, it seemed her mom enjoyed spending time drinking rather than spending time with her daughter.

9 Her Early Days With Jo

Fans are well aware of how Kailyn is not one of those girls who show emotions or get worked up about a new guy. It turns out that Kailyn and Jo first met at McDonald's. She says that it was not the classiest place to meet a boyfriend, but she gives herself a point for not meeting with him at a dive bar where contracting certain diseases is almost certain.

She also says that there were no sparks that ignited at first and she was not impressed by him. Her attraction for him was not instant. She admitted that she was not planning on dating Jo, but because of a mutual friend that had been crushing on Kaitlyn, the three hung out a lot and the relationship between her and Jo developed. Eventually, she told Jo she would not sleep with him again until she was in a committed relationship. Jo respected that and finally asked her out officially.

8 It Happened On Prom Night

Kailyn claims that they broke up every other week and their personalities clashed. She said that she couldn’t explain why their relationship lasted, but adamantly continued their bumpy path right up until Jo’s senior year (her junior year). For Jo and Kailyn, however, prom night was much more important to them because on that night he would lose his v-card and it was the night that they conceived Isaac.

After she was sure that she was pregnant, she handed Jo the positive test and he went ahead and told his mom.

Janet, Jo’s mom had his brother when she was 16 and when she sat down to talk about it with them, Kailyn knew for sure that abortion was off the table. During Jo’s graduation party he announced it and to her surprise she received congratulations from everyone. Kailyn says that Jo’s family support made her feel so much more confident about having the child.

7 Entering MTV And Reality TV

Kailyn’s mom was obviously not happy with Kailyn keeping the child, so the decision was made that Kailyn and Jo would live together in his parent’s basement. However, as they prepared the basement, she tried to live amicably with her mother. She tried to distract herself by watching MTV’S 16 & Pregnant, which was successful with its first season. When she went online she found out that it was casting for the second season. According to TeenMom.Wiki.com, it did not take long before she was picked.

She honestly did not know what to expect from participating in the show. The first thing the show wanted was to film her at school, which made Kailyn uncertain. She says that the first hours of filming were very awkward and she was not used to having a lot of attention directed at her. Cameras were following her around which was overwhelming and she was unsure if she could handle it.

6 Jo Was Sneaking Around With Other Women

In the face of drama and pregnancy, In Touch Weekly reported that Kailyn worked her behind off to make sure she finished high school and graduated. Jo had been working very hard at Taco bell to prepare for the coming baby. This resulted in their relationship deteriorating and they grew further apart emotionally. Jo worked many shifts late at night.

He skipped classes at the community college in Northampton making Kailyn begin to suspect that she wasn't the only woman in his life.

In the long run, when they were at an appointment with a doctor, Jo declared that he hadn't been faithful to her. He confessed he was seeing someone else and had gone as far as putting on his uniform to make Kaitlyn believe that he was going to work and then changing into the regular clothes. He would then meet up with the other girl. This could have been caused by them growing apart emotionally and physically.

5 Isaac’s Troubling Illness

Despite there being issues in their relationship, they continued staying together and soon enough Kaitlyn was going into labor and MTV tried to catch every minute. However, the cameras did not show the whole process of labor and having the child. After the birth, Isaac was diagnosed with jaundice because he had been born early by one and a half months and his liver had not yet fully developed.

Sadly, after coming home from the hospital, Kaitlyn experienced another shocker when, according to WetPaint.com, Isaac experienced seizures when he was only 4 months old. She explained that before this happened, Isaac was on her lap and she was bonding with him as usual. He would laugh, but she would not get much out of him, which was very unusual for him. Suddenly Isaac’s movements stopped. He became weak and his eyes rolled back. He then threw up. She immediately dialed 911. Isaac had another seizure while they were in the hospital and has never had another seizure since.

4 She Started Dating Jordan

After the birth of Isaac, On Valentine’s Day, Jo proposed to Kailyn with an engagement ring from his mom and she said "yes". Unfortunately, four months later they ended the relationship. Kailyn started looking for a job to get her out of the house and help make money to sustain both her and her child.

As she was doing this, MTV called her and told her that she had been chosen for Teen Mom 2.

Although the engagement between her and Jo had ended, they were still living together and this is when she met Jordan. In the beginning, they were just “friends” but she still hid the relationship. No one was happy with her dating someone else, especially Jo’s parents, but they accepted it, and she had to move out. She found Valley Youth House, which is a program that houses single mothers. She did not admit to anyone that she spent two nights there to qualify. She told everyone, including Jordan, that she was doing community service.

3 The Relationship Stress

Things were going very well between her and Jordan, but the constant attention from the media got to both her and Jordan. Despite her sincere feelings for Jordan, Kailyn ended up seeing Jo behind his back. She then broke up with Jordan and met Caleb, whom she started casually seeing. He eventually asked her out on a date, but their relationship stayed platonic. One night, Caleb went to Kailyn’s apartment drunk and said they needed to talk. According to DailyMail.co.uk, she let him in and then he took advantage of her.

She describes how she screamed and tried to push him away, but to no avail. She was no match for his strength and she could barely move. She felt her skin tear and immediately knew she was bleeding. When he finished, he left her crying and she screamed for him to leave. She never revealed what happened to the police and Caleb never contacted her again. She admits that this awful experience made her to withdraw from people.

2 Hitting It Off With Javi

She was trying to move on with life by attending classes in college and the traumatic experience. She did not want to be in a relationship and it is clearly understandable after what she had been through. This was the time she met Javi Marroquin. They first met when she was working at a clothing store.

She convinced the 15-year old young man to buy an expensive shirt, but he brought it back the next day and asked Kaitlyn if he could take her out for ice cream.

The guy turned out to be Javi. They were friends for about two months, but Javi drove himself all the way to where she was filming a reunion show of Teen Mom 2 and she could not deny his attraction to her any longer. She told him that she did not intend on having a relationship with him and after they became distant for a while, their friendship blossomed again. When they were visiting his cousin at West Virginia University she told him she wanted to be with him.

1 Her New Life

The book Pride over Pity was published in 2014 and written after Lincoln, Javi and Kailyn’s son, was born in November of 2013. However, it does not take into account their horrible breakup. At this time, however, they seem to be happy. The day before she went to Javi’s graduation from the Air Force in Texas, Jo stepped back into her life.

He started saying that he had not been sleeping the past year. She was very surprised at the tone Jo’s voice had taken on. As he spoke, she couldn’t help but notice that he did not mention his girlfriend even once, but still did not acknowledge the fact that he was single either. She wondered why and assumed it was because he had kept his true feelings from his girlfriend, although he never admitted any of this while on camera. Kailyn obviously turned him down, but this explains the weird attitude Javi and Jo had and have towards each other.

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