15 Facts About Kevin Jonas As A Dad That Will Get Fans Talking

Unless people have been living under a rock their whole lives, they probably know that Kevin Jonas rose to fame as the oldest brother in the band The Jonas Brothers. The band first started back in 2005 and were extremely popular on the Disney Channel around the time of Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, and Demi Lovato. The group created their own “Disney high school” in a way.

However, in 2013, Kevin’s younger brother Nick Jonas announced that the band was splitting up and their newest album would not be released. In a later interview, Kevin mentioned that his wife Danielle was seven months pregnant at the time so things would have been changing anyway. In February 2014, Kevin’s first daughter Alena Rose Jonas was born, and in October 2016, his second daughter was born.

It’s clear that Kevin has been taking time away from the spotlight to focus on his wife and his new little family. However, there are so many things that his fans still want to know about him, especially now that he is a father. Being a dad really changes you, and for Kevin, it seems like he has only gotten better. So, here are 15 facts you didn’t know about Kevin Jonas as a dad.

15 He Still Has To Raise His Children In The Public Eye

kevin jonas kids public eye

Despite the Jonas Brothers' split up almost five years ago now, Kevin Jonas and his family are still in the public eye much more than normal people would be. Kevin’s brothers Nick and Joe have continued to work in the entertainment industry despite the band's breakup. Nick released a little bit of solo music before starting an acting career, and Joe joined a band called DNCE that has been extremely successful.

While singing and acting might sound like your absolute dream job, doing it while raising a family can come with a price. Kevin was originally going to be touring after his daughter Alena was born and raising a child on the road can be hard. However, being followed by paparazzi and having fans recognize you everywhere might be worse when you have two little kids.

14 Kevin Loves Posting Pictures Of His Daughters On Instagram

kevin jonas

It seems like Kevin is in the middle of a love-hate relationship with the public eye. While he loves taking pictures with fans and signing autographs, it can be difficult when his four-year-old little girl doesn’t understand why all these strangers keep crowding around her dad. On the other hand, Kevin does not seem to be shying away from social media at all. Kevin loves posting pictures of his wife and two little girls.

Of course, staying out of the limelight when you have kids is something that a lot of celebrities think is important, but who can argue with an adorable picture? Once you become a parent, all you want to do is talk about your kids and brag about your kids, and Kevin Jonas is no exception. With two adorable daughters, his fans are very lucky to get an inside look at his family life.

13 Having Another Baby Was A Lot Of Work


There are some families who have upwards of five kids running around and anyone looking in from the outside can’t imagine how those parents stay sane. However, the truth of the matter is that most mothers with multiple children say that the hardest transition ever was going from one to two. This is because once you have your first child, everything is new, but your undivided attention is also on that one child. Once you have a second, your attention is cut in half and you are pulled in two directions.

Balancing this can be hard and Kevin and Danielle definitely understand this first-hand. According to Danielle, having another baby is definitely a learning curve. She actually said in an interview with People Magazine that it feels like you have five kids because you have to juggle so much.

12 His Daughter Alena Loves Attention

alena jonas

Like father, like daughter. Can anyone really blame Alena for enjoying attention from others? After all, her dad was a pop star and her two uncles were famous band members too. It seems like seeking attention runs in the family. When everyone around you is creative and funny and enjoys entertaining people, it can be a lot of work to get their attention. It can feel like a competition for attention.

However, Alena has an advantage while she is young. Everyone knows that children are way more adorable than adults and once they grow out of that stage, they can’t simply demand attention because they aren't cute and young anymore. And with Alena’s new little sister Valentina being born, her days of stealing the spotlight may be numbered, so she better enjoy it while it lasts.

11 Kevin Is Okay With His Girls Going Into The Entertainment Industry


While Kevin may have escaped the insane spotlight for now, he may be in trouble when it comes to his daughter Alena and her desire to be the center of attention. There is a chance that his daughter may want her own shot at breaking into the entertainment industry, and Kevin said he won’t stop her. During an interview, he explained, “She just hams it up. I am never going to be that parent to push her. I will also explain to her how difficult it can be, but at the same time, if she wants to go into that world, I will absolutely be there to support her just like my parents did.”

Talk about being a supportive and loving father! Kevin knows the ins and outs of show business better than most parents, and that might be extremely useful if his daughters really do decide that that’s the path they want to go down.

10 Kevin And His Wife Danielle Are Already Looking At Schools

alena jonas school

When thinking about their life and how much had changed since having their second daughter, Kevin and Danielle reflect on how fast life is going by. They are trying to take time to enjoy every moment of it, but they mention that they are already looking for schools for their four-year-old daughter Alena. It is truly crazy to think that Kevin Jonas is about to have a daughter that is starting kindergarten. So many of his fans were in elementary school when Kevin and his brothers first became famous and now he has a child about to start elementary school.

Time really does go by fast and as a parent, Kevin is fully understanding that. It isn’t long before your child is starting school and you are reminiscing about the diaper days and how small they used to be. However, every stage of life is fun and exciting and should be cherished because before they know it, Alena will be graduating high school.

9 Nick Is The Godfather Of Kevin’s Daughter, Valentina

nick jonas valentina

Kevin’s younger brother Nick Jonas announced on social media that he was the godfather of Kevin’s second little girl Valentina Angelina. The idea of being a godfather is a huge honor and most people that get asked are absolutely thrilled. However, being a godfather can actually be a lot of responsibility as well. Usually, as a godparent, you are expected to take an active role in the child’s upbringing.

For Nick, this shouldn’t be too hard seeing as baby Valentina is already part of his family. However, Nick is also responsible for legally taking care of Kevin’s daughter if anything were to happen to him or his wife Danielle. There is a level of parenting that would have to take place and for some people, the honor can be a heavyweight as well.

8 Danielle And Kevin Dedicated Their Daughters

baby dedication

Nick Jonas posted a photo on his Snapchat story of the day that his niece was dedicated. In the Christian faith, parents often take part in a baby dedication ceremony. The ceremony is usually held within the baby’s first few months of life and the purpose of it is for parents and church members to recognize that child as a gift from God. As much as the ceremony is for the baby, it is for the parents as well.

Basically, the family shows that they are asking for grace and wisdom through their journey of raising the child. The ritual allows the parents to express their desire to raise their baby in a biblical and God-honoring way. And, since Nick Jonas and Danielle’s sister Katie were both asked to be godparents, they were lucky enough to have a photo opportunity with little Valentina on her special day.

7 Kevin Has Become An Avid Coffee Drinker

While being a Disney star can feel like a lot of work, nothing really compares to the exhaustion of parenting. Although Kevin knows what it is like to play multiple sold out concerts back to back, have his own show on Disney Channel, and spend countless hours in the studio recording new music, it appears that parenting is harder. Kevin Jonas has always liked coffee, but he claims to drink more now after becoming a father of two.

The countless sleepless nights, the diaper changes, midnight feedings, and long days give parents a new meaning to the word 'tired'. Anyone who thinks they loved coffee before they had kids will gain an entirely new appreciation for the caffeinated drink. Kevin not only had to go through this with his first daughter, but he had to deal with a newborn and a toddler when his second was born. Talk about a need for caffeine.

6 Danielle Wants To Save Every Drawing Their Daughter Makes

alena jonas creative

As a parent, it is easy to feel like every little thing your child creates is a keepsake and is something that should be stored away forever. However, this will lead to a house of clutter in absolutely no time at all. Your child’s drawings may seem precious and unique when they first do them, but after the years you might start to wonder why you were keeping these scribbled on pieces of paper in the first place.

The best advice that someone could give Danielle is to keep her absolute favorite drawings that her daughter Alena does. She doesn't need to keep all of them unless Alena really wants her to. After a year of building up drawings, the few favorites should be tucked away for memory's sake, and the rest might need to be sneakily thrown away.

5 Kevin Brought His Daughter To New York Fashion Week


Just about every little girl dreams of going to New York fashion week. It is a place of excitement and beauty. The super tall models, the beautiful new outfits, the celebrities, the lights, the cameras, it can all be so appealing. However, most little girls are never lucky enough to be given an invitation to an event like that.

Fortunately for Alena Jonas, her dad paved the way for her entrance into the entertainment industry scene. She was given a front row seat with her dad and got to walk the red carpet with him. Talk about a little girl’s dream come true. If only we could all be that lucky. Plus the two of them got to go on a father-daughter date in New York that looked way too cute to be real.

4 Kevin Left The Jonas Brothers When Danielle Was Seven Months Pregnant

kevin jonas pregnancy announcement

Growing a baby inside of you is no easy task but raising that child after they are born is arguably much harder. Can you even imagine trying to raise a newborn while traveling around the world on a tour bus? That sounds so incredibly hard, but Kevin’s wife Danielle was willing to do it in order for her husband to live out his dreams. Danielle didn’t want to ask Kevin to give up his career as one of the Jonas Brothers to stay home with her and raise a baby. So the only other option was for her to hit the road with them.

However, two months before Danielle gave birth to Alena, the Jonas Brothers broke up for good. While this crushed the souls of millions of fans, it was actually a really good thing for Kevin and his growing family. It allowed him to be home with his wife and help take care of their newborn together.

3 Keven Wanted Both Pregnancies To Result In Girls

it's a girl! Kevin Jonas

It is always adorable to see a dad who is hoping that his wife is pregnant with a little girl. There is nothing cuter than having a daddy’s girl, but Kevin didn’t want just one girl, he wanted two! Most dads seem to want at least one son, but not Kevin. His wife Danielle was a little surprised by this news as well, but once Kevin explained it, it all made sense.

Kevin claims he only wants two kids and he said that he always wanted both to be girls. His reasoning was because he was raised around boys his entire life. Think about it, he has three brothers. There were no girly clothes or pretty dolls to play with when he was growing up. Everything was boy stuff and having two girls gives Kevin a chance to counteract that male household he grew up in with a female one. Luckily, Kevin got what he wanted with both pregnancies. Not everyone is that lucky.

2 He Only Wants Two Kids

kevin jonas two girls

Kevin has three brothers and was one of four kids. It is always interesting to see how kids respond to their own family dynamic once they grow up and are able to create one for themselves. Usually, they either loved the dynamic they grew up with and want to recreate it, or they didn’t like it so much and want to do the complete opposite. Kevin Jonas lands somewhere in the middle of this spectrum and it is not surprising.

Kevin is the oldest brother, he has always been the wisest and most mature one of the bunch simply because of his age. However, Kevin has made it clear that he only desires to have two kids. This is pretty small when compared to the four kids his parents had. He cut the family size in half. However, maybe Kevin realized that traveling when he was younger was a lot of work, or fitting in a normal-sized car was never an easy task. Maybe he just wants a simpler and slower lifestyle and two kids are more conducive to that.

1 Kevin Admits It Took Time To Bond With His Daughter

kevin jonas bonding

Being a parent is a new and scary adventure. As much as someone wants kids, once you finally have that newborn, it can be overwhelming. According to Danielle, it took Kevin a little while to warm up to Alena when they first brought her home. Apparently, Kevin was just nervous about doing something wrong or hurting his new little precious baby. Newborns are extremely fragile and even if you read every parenting book out there, you still won’t be prepared enough.

However, once Kevin’s second daughter Valentina arrived, he was a complete pro. He claims that it took him a while to get back into the groove of swaddling, but besides that, he remembered everything from the first time around. He was more confident in his abilities as a dad and it wasn’t his first rodeo so his confidence level was probably much higher.

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