15 Facts About Kylie And Travis That Left Us Wondering

There is no doubt that Kylie Jenner made some waves when rumors surfaced that her and her on-again-off-again boyfriend Tyga had officially decided to call it quits. However, it seemed like Kylie was quick to move on with a new love interest. Within what seemed like days, Kylie was seen with the rapper Travis Scott.

They were first spotted together in April 2017 and fans were never really given an inside scoop on their relationship. Kylie kept things super private during the time she was filming her own reality show Life Of Kylie.

It’s understandable that Kylie wanted to keep her new romance private, but before fans could even blink, the then-19-year-old found herself pregnant with Travis Scott’s baby. Of course, the news didn’t break for a few more months, but it’s very likely that Kylie and Travis were a little shaken by the news. Most people don’t plan a pregnancy with someone they were barely with for a month.

It’s a year later now and the happy couple has a beautiful little girl named Stormi, and appear to be happier than ever. But, in case you wanted a little more insight into the couple’s relationship, here are 15 facts about Kylie and Travis.

15 They Met Through Kendall


According to Popsugar, Kylie actually met Travis for the first time when she was still dating Tyga. Kylie’s older sister Kendall Jenner is actually the one who started it all. Kendall and Travis have been friends for years and have been spotted hanging out together since 2015. However, Kylie was completely distracted by Tyga back in those days.

Travis performed at Kendall’s 21st Birthday party back in November 2016, and it is likely that she is the one that led to Kylie and Travis inevitable dating.

Kylie and Kendall are super close and often hang out with the same group of friends. And, we all know that Kylie has a thing for rappers.

In the past, she said that she was the main initiator when it came to calling things off with Tyga because she didn’t want to feel like she was missing out on any life experiences while she was young. Maybe she was thinking about Travis when she ended things with Tyga.

Maybe she wanted to try something new and not feel super tied down. However, one could argue that immediately having a child with someone new is also tying yourself down in a way but again, it probably wasn’t on purpose.

14 They Were Only Dating For A Month

kylie and travis first date

It’s time to have some fun with math. We all know that it takes nine months to grow a baby, and according to TMZ who released Stormi Webster’s birth certificate, Kylie gave birth on February 1st. This means that Kylie got pregnant at the very end of April or very early May of last year. However, Kylie was still dating Tyga in late March. Cosmopolitan claims that a close insider told them that around April 3rd, the couple was having a “little break” but would likely get back together soon.

On April 16th, Kylie was spotted with Travis Scott, which sparked romance rumors. This was said not to be very serious because when she and Tyga are having drama, she tries to make him jealous by hanging out with other guys.”

A little over a week later, the two were spotted courtside at an NBA game, and again at the Met Gala on May 4th. And remember, Kylie conceived little Stormi at the end of April or very early May so it’s safe to say the couple was barely even established. There is a chance they weren’t even dating for a full month before Kylie got pregnant. It may have been one of their first times being intimate.

13 Rumored That Travis Wasn’t The Father


It’s no shocker that with the timing of Kylie’s pregnancy being so close to the time that her and Tyga broke up that he might be a little concerned that it could be his baby. It could have been a matter of two or three weeks from Kylie’s last time being with Tyga for her first time hooking up with Travis.

Tyga even posted on his Snapchat that the baby was his, but then he eventually deleted it. When TMZ finally found Tyga out and about, he didn’t have much to say about the matter. It’s possible that he was in shock or even denial that his ex-girlfriend was pregnant by another man. There is a good chance that Tyga still wanted Kylie back. After all, they hadn’t been separated for that long.

Of course, Kylie still has not given Tyga the DNA test that he’s been asking for since Stormi was born and it is really starting to get to Tyga.

Apparently, he is willing to pursue legal action because he just has to know for his own piece of mind. However, he is convinced that Kylie doesn’t want to get the test because she knows there is a chance that it could be his baby. Hollywood life even claimed that Kylie and Tyga were in contact throughout her pregnancy which clearly made Travis mad.

12 Kylie Spent A Lot Of Time With Travis’s Family

kylie-jenner-travis scott family

Fans were in the dark for most of Kylie’s pregnancy. By the time TMZ broke the news in September, that was about the last we saw of Kylie Jenner until her baby was born on February 1st. Kylie claimed that she stayed out of the spotlight because she didn’t want to get stressed or anxious because she knows it would affect her baby. However, Kylie did reward her loyal fans with a video that navigated her pregnancy. In that video we see Kylie’s friends and family discussing what it was like to think of Kylie as a mother. And, it also showed Kylie flying to spend a good amount of time with Travis Scott’s side of the family.

In the video, Kylie was seen eating delicious looking foods and chatting about how excited she was about the baby with Travis’s relatives. Although we only saw a tiny bit of Kylie’s nine-month journey, we saw even less of Travis. For someone who has been with Kylie for a year now and has a kid with her, it seems like Kylie’s fans would know a little more about the guy. But, since everything is still relatively new it’s likely Kylie is keeping things with Travis even more private.

11 The Couple Was Excited About Their Baby


Despite the initial shock of having a baby with someone you really haven’t been with for very long at all, the excitement starts to kick in. The baby name ideas, buying adorable outfits, decorating the nursery. Since money was never an issue or a stress for Kylie, like it likely would have been for most 19 or 20-year-olds, she could really embrace this new role of a mother and jump into it. Kylie has always wanted kids and according to Hollywood Life,

she even said that 30 seemed too late to start having children. Kylie ultimately decided that 25 was a good age.

So, Kylie may have jumped the gun a little bit, or you know, by five years, but who's counting. The important thing to remember here is that children were always something that Kylie wanted. So, it wasn’t hard for her to get on board once that positive pregnancy test came back. Of course, we don’t have any specific emotions from Travis about the matter, but according to reports from close friends, both Kylie and Travis were extremely excited about their little girl and looking forward to parenthood together. Their excitement definitely makes this a more joyous time for everyone.

10 Kylie Said ‘Stormi’ Wasn’t Her Favorite Name

After Kylie and Travis found out they were having a little girl, it was time to start picking out the name. Now, everyone knows famous celebrities don’t usually use just any name for their child, but I don’t think anyone was expecting such an uncommon name. Kylie originally explained to E! News that Stormi’s name was actually going to be Storm. Kylie didn’t remember how they had come up with it, but it never felt like the right name to her. But, it likely originated from the couple’s attachment to butterflies and as a tribute to Travis’s song “Butterfly Effect.”

“Storm is somewhat related to the butterfly effect and that's why they decided on the name,” the insider stated. Kylie wasn’t sold on it until they changed it to Stormi, and then it just stuck. Apparently, that wasn’t even Kylie’s favorite name but it simply felt like the right name and so they stuck with it. Kylie said Stormi basically picked out her own name and she just couldn’t bring herself to change it to something she might have liked better.

Clearly, Kylie and Travis must have liked the name enough to give it to their daughter, but it is slightly understandable what Kylie is saying. Sometimes certain names just stick and you can’t shake them no matter how hard you try.

9 Travis Stormed Off Right After Stormi's Birth

travis kylie big fight

According to Hollywood Life, Kylie and Travis got in a huge fight only four days after little Stormi was born. It is reported that he stormed off after a major blowout between the new parents. Travis apparently left Kylie’s Calabasas home visibly angry and sped off back to his own house in Beverly Hills. An eyewitness told Hollywood Life exclusively that,

“Travis left Kylie and their new baby in a raging fury, and began speeding home, illegally passing cars, driving recklessly and was very visibly mad as he drove to back to his place. He was clearly upset and very bothered about what had just happened inside with Kylie.”

Wow. Talk about baby blues. It’s pretty clear that the stress of fatherhood and a new baby was getting to Travis and he just needed some time to blow off steam. However, illegal driving and being reckless is not an ideal way to go about that. While Travis may have appeared to be excited about fatherhood just months before that, this first fight did not bode well for their future relationship. If they can’t co-parent within the first week, the next 18 years are going to be pretty hard for them.

8 The New Parents' Romantic Vacation

kylie travis Turks and Caicos

While the first initial days of parenthood may have been difficult for the young couple, it appears that the trouble in paradise has gone away. Kylie and Travis recently took a romantic trip for Travis Scott’s birthday.

While Kylie had already rented out Six Flags Magic Mountain for her man and some of their closes friends for an early celebration, this beach getaway was more intimate. According to E! News, Kylie commissioned a mega yacht to navigate through the Atlantic Ocean during the day, and then planned a group dinner at their resort that evening. Talk about celebrating your birthday in style.

Apparently, the couple also spent time on the beach and in the sun. They went swimming together, they watched the sunset, and from the people around them could see it truly looked like the couple was in a great place. There is no doubt that having a baby with someone creates a special and unique bond that you can’t get with anyone else. And, for Kylie and Travis, it is a great thing that they have the luxury to not only care for and provide for little Stormi, but they also have the ability to take these little mini vacations and give themselves time to invest in their own relationship too.

7 They Have Matching Butterfly Tattoos


Kylie and Travis got matching butterfly tattoos back in 2017 after only two months of dating. It’s possible that Kylie already knew she was pregnant at this point and this was their way of making things official. According to Kylie’s own words on her reality show Life Of Kylie, she said, I'm terrified—terrified of butterflies. All butterflies.”

Kylie clearly overcame her fears and decided to get the little insect inked onto her skin forever. While many of the Kardashians speak out against getting tattoos, and Kim has infamously said it’s like putting a bumper sticker on a Bentley, Kylie doesn’t seem to be fazed by it.

Perhaps permanence is something that she really likes. Although, Kylie did get a tiny little t tattooed on her ankle back when she was dating Tyga. Once the couple broke up and Kylie was with Travis, she changed the t to say LA, as a shout out to her hometown. When tattoos are tiny and little like that they are easier to change, but do we need to remember when Rob got a tattoo of his girlfriend Adrien’s face on his body? This is the same girl he ended up cheating on and she left him. Regret that big can’t be covered up with more ink, so hopefully, Kylie keeps the intimate tattoos small and cute. It makes cleaning up messy situations easier that way.

6 Stormi Has Made Them Stronger Than Ever


Most couples would admit that having a baby together adds another level of love and intimacy to their relationship. Usually, these couples are married or at least have been dating for quite a while. When it comes to Travis and Kylie, they never really built a foundation of love and trust before she got pregnant. They had nine months during pregnancy for just the two of them, but with the added pressure of a baby on the way, it is safe to say that their relationship may have felt a little pressure. According to E! News, Kylie, and Travis are stronger than ever because of baby Stormi.

An insider explains that Kylie and Travis share the special bond of a child that only they can understand.

So when Stormi has a milestone like smiling for the first time, nobody else is going to be as excited or as understanding as Travis is. Apparently, Travis has been working a lot and traveling, but he misses Kylie and Stormi like crazy and just wants to hold his baby because he’s “obsessed with her. Kylie and Travis are in love with this little family that they’ve created, and for all the new love that it has brought out between them.

5 His Song ‘Butterfly Effect’ Perfectly Sums It Up

butterfly effect travis kylie stormi

It’s pretty well-known now that Kylie and Travis’s “thing” is butterflies. That was something they bonded and connected over very quickly, which is why they got those matching butterfly tattoos mentioned earlier. However, all of this is said to have stemmed from Travis’s song, “Butterfly Effect.”

According to E! News, Kylie told ES Magazine that she is obsessed with Travis’s music and especially his May 2017 song that he released. While Kylie reportedly loves “everything” about Travis’s music, she specifically loves “the way it makes you feel.”

When it comes to the song “Butterfly Effect” the idea has to do with what that term means. The theory states that if you change one tiny thing, it could cause a ripple effect that ends up reaching the entire world. There is a good chance that Kylie and Travis view their early stages of hooking up as the start to this butterfly effect where they got pregnant and Stormi was born. That one hook-up led to a baby that is going to change their entire lives. It can get pretty philosophical when you think too much about it because it has to do with every single decision we all make on a daily basis. They all have consequences and could change the world.

4 Travis Spent $60,000 On A Butterfly Necklace


Alright, it has been established, this couple definitely likes butterflies. Can we move on now? Well, not quite. Kylie celebrated her 20th birthday last August and while friends and family likely new that Kylie was with child, the rest of the world was still completely in the dark at this point. Maybe Kylie wanted to wait until she was no longer a teenager before announcing that she was pregnant.

However, caring about fitting into societal norms does not really seem like a big priority for Kylie in her current life. She still had a 20th birthday party and her boyfriend Travis was not cheap when it came to his present.

According to TMZ, Travis Scott was spoiling Kylie with all kinds of birthday gifts, but this butterfly necklace topped them all. Apparently, it was made with 28 carats of high-quality diamonds and cost the rapper around $60,000. He had his jeweler make it in two weeks so that it would be ready in time for Kylie’s big day. Travis even took a page out of Kanye’s book and hired a private orchestra to celebrate Kylie on her special day. And, she was wearing her new necklace in the video.

3 The Couple Doesn’t Live Together


Although Kylie and Travis have been together for over a year and they have a baby together, the couple still doesn’t live under the same roof. Kylie has her huge house in Calabasas, and Travis has his place in Beverly Hills. Although the two are keeping their independence when it comes to their independent living situations, Travis is on the road a lot and traveling for work.

When he comes back to town he usually crashes at Kylie’s place with Stormi anyway. This is just one of the luxuries of having an enormous amount of money. It really doesn’t matter if they want to keep two houses. They can have two houses.

According to Hello Giggles, the couple is in no rush to permanently move in together, but they are doing great and still together as a couple. Ultimately, their happiness is all that really matters so if it works for them right now, what’s the rush to speed things along? An insider also gave a statement to Teen Vogue, saying that Kylie and Travis are not officially living together. He has his own place. They are co-parenting, though, and things are going great. They are together and happy.”

2 Travis Likes To Spoil Kylie With Gifts

Via: Page Six

Maybe I have been living under a rock, but I was not super familiar with the term “push present,” but I’m obsessed with the idea now. Basically, a push present is a gift that a father gives to the mother after she goes through labor and pushes out their child. Or, some people choose to give them the present right before labor begins as a little bit of encouragement.

Now, it’s clear at this point that Travis loves spoiling Kylie with a ton of expensive gifts in order to make her feel special. Travis’s push present to Kylie may actually put all other men to shame.

According to People,

a normal push present is usually the price of some sentimental jewelry. But, if you are Kylie Jenner, you get a rare $1.4 million car.

That’s right. The 20-year-old new mom was given a Ferrari LaFerrari with red interior and butterfly doors.

Insiders say that Kylie’s family members think it is the most ridiculous present ever, and don’t like the idea of an extravagant sports vehicle. But, Kylie has been into cars for a while now and apparently enjoys showing off her wealth and getting people to stare. Way to stay humble, Kylie.

1 They Are In No Rush To Get Engaged


According to Teen Vogue, Kylie and Travis are in no rush to get married or even get engaged. It’s unclear if Travis is the one who doesn’t want to put a ring on it, or if they both mutually decided to wait for that next step. The insider also added that the couple is just enjoying their little family.” As much as society tries to tell us that if you have a baby with someone, you need to get married, it’s important to remember that Kylie is still only 20 years old. There is still a chance that her relationship with Travis could go south within the next few years.

It is a lot easier to break up with a boyfriend than it is to go through all the details of a divorce. Take Kylie’s family as an example. When Kourtney and Scott broke up for good, that was it. They didn’t have to deal with legal ramifications or any sort of financial deals.

When Kim and Khloe went through their long and drawn out divorces, it wasn’t such an easy or cheap process. While society tries to make marriage and babies go together, they are actually two very separate things. And, Kylie and Travis understand this and are taking their time when it comes to building a strong foundation first.

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