Meghan Markle's Siblings: 15 Things That Surfaced Before The Wedding

Everyone has their eyes glued on Meghan Markle. Everyone just wants to know more and more about the seemingly regular gal who is set to marry a prince! Meghan seems like the common American gal, which is why the world really cannot get enough of the romance between the actress from the United States and Prince Harry of Cambridge.

Unfortunately for Meghan, she comes from a family with some members who are not too happy about her royal relationship, instead, feeling swindled in a way. They are not in Meghan’s life, and have not been for some time. But, now Meghan is really famous and is soon to be a royal! Meghan’s family now really wants in on whatever she is going to get, living the life of a princess.

Meghan Markle has two siblings, both of whom are half-siblings as they share a father, but not a mother. Although she has a half-brother, Thomas and a half-sister, Samantha, she does not have a positive relationship with either of them. If you are following any of the royal news, then you are well aware that both of Meghan’s siblings seem to be on a mission to essentially ruin Meghan’s life. Read on and learn some things that have surfaced in regards to Meghan’s siblings before her big wedding day, which is right around the corner!

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15 All About Meghan’s Loose-Lipped Half-Sister

Meghan Markle’s half-sister, Samantha Grant, has been very outspoken in regards to how she feels about her sister and how she feels about the royal wedding in general. In a nutshell, she does not approve, and has been very, very vocal about it. According to The Sun UK, Samantha is 53 years old, has three children, and is confined to a wheelchair because she suffers from multiple sclerosis.

Once the world was introduced to Prince Harry’s girlfriend, and now fiancée, Meghan’s sister felt the overwhelming desire to share her opinions with just about anyone and everyone. The Sun UK reports that Samantha Grant claims that her sister, Meghan Markle, does not have the type of behavior or background that is fitting for a future member of the royal family.

She has been all over Twitter and any media outlet that allows her to spew her hatred towards Meghan and this important event in her sister’s life. We all can agree that none of us would ever want a sister like Samantha! She is bold and uncaring. She lays it out for the world to hear, and it is all negative towards Meghan. Samantha has really never said anything positive about her sister.

14 All About Meghan’s Outspoken Half-Brother

As for Meghan Markle’s half-brother, he is not the kind of brother, or person, anyone would really want to be around, it seems! Thomas Markle is 51 years old and lives in Oregon. He is divorced and has two sons. According to The Sun UK,

Thomas has a history of not being able to contain himself physically, or even with regards to drinking.

Reportedly, in January 2017, Thomas threatened his girlfriend, Darlene by holding a weapon to her head. Although he claims to have been very intoxicated, he was immediately arrested. Looks like he doesn’t pick good company either because his girlfriend, Darlene, has also been arrested for assaulting Thomas! Thomas’s ex-wife claims he is very aggressive and enjoys getting intoxicated.

Well, it does not seem like much of a surprise as to why Meghan would choose to not be around this character. Her brother does not seem like a very stand-up kind of guy. However, he has not taken kindly to Meghan’s decisions to refrain from any type of relationship with either him nor his sister. Due to this, Thomas has taken it upon himself to create a smear campaign targeted towards Meghan and how she is not fit to be Prince Harry’s wife, nor a member of the royal family.

13 Why Meghan Hasn’t Talked To Them In Years

People reported that Meghan Markle has essentially never really had a relationship with her siblings, Thomas Jr. and Samantha. After what we have already learned about these two, can you really be surprised? Who knows what they were saying or doing to Meghan prior to her being in the royal spotlight! Thomas and Samantha certainly do not act like they are a good brother and sister to their little sister, Meghan.

It was not just Meghan turning into royalty that started the strain on the relationship, either. It has been years in the making. It is only with Meghan in the public’s eye that we are aware of their difficult, and lack thereof, relationships. Harper’s Bazaar reported that the popular news show, Good Morning Britain, got the exclusive chance to speak with Meghan’s brother’s ex-wife, Tracy, and their son, Tyler. Tyler said that they have not spoken with Meghan in over three years, and while that is too, he, himself (unlike his father) does not hold any resentment. He and his mother, Tracy, seem supportive of and happy for Meghan, and were quoted as saying, “This is a fairytale come true for so many people”.

12 The Letter Her Brother Wrote To Prince Harry

In a move of all moves, Meghan’s estranged brother, Thomas Jr., actually hand-wrote a letter to Prince Harry. Just imagine being Prince Harry and receiving this, well, crazy, hand-written note! This letter was made public after Prince Harry received it in April.

The letter, written on yellow legal paper in blue ink starts off just as any friendly letter would with a "Dear Prince Harry", except this letter was not of the friendly kind. The first line says it all, and The Sun UK obtained a copy from In Touch.

It read,

“It’s not to (sic) late, Meghan Markle is obviously not the right women (sic) for you.”

Wow! Right? That takes some nerve to write and send! Thomas Jr. goes on to tell Harry that with time he will see what a mistake this is, the biggest mistake in royal wedding history.

He claims Meghan is simply acting the part of a princess and that her “tiny bit of Hollywood fame has gone to her head”. He calls her a “jaded, shallow, conceited woman, that will make a joke of you [Prince Harry] and the Royal family heritage”. You have to wonder how Prince Harry and Meghan reacted to this letter!

11 Sister Says Meghan Is Not A Good Person

Are you a fan of Meghan? Do you find her to be just like one of us, and are just completely overjoyed that a prince, none other than the most eligible bachelor prince- Prince Harry, fell head over heels for a regular gal? Well, most of the world feels exactly that way! We are enamored with Meghan. That is, all of us except for her siblings! In particular, her big half-sis Samantha, who is 17 years older than Meghan. Could that be the issue? Samantha’s pretty younger sister landed a prince. Hmm.

Samantha might be jealous, we might never know why she has been behaving the way she has, but one thing is for certain, she is trying her darnedest to ruin the image that we all have of Meghan, and also trying to ruin what Prince Harry thinks of her sister. Is it working? Obviously, not. But the media has taken notice, that is for sure. Samantha claims she loves her sister, according to The Sun UK. But, also from the same source, and multiple other sources, which have reported that Meghan’s big sister has called her nothing but a narcissistic social climber. Is it a wonder she is not invited to the big day?!

10 They Blame Her For Their Father’s Financial Trouble

When Meghan’s brother and sister first came out to the media about Meghan not being a fit for a royal prince, it appeared they thought Meghan was turning her back to their father. That is not the case, as we have learned. Meghan’s half-siblings have a father in common, Thomas, Sr., who is an award-winning lighting director. Meghan’s dear old dad worked in Hollywood for quite awhile, which may have inspired Meghan to pursue her acting career and eventually meet a real prince.

Meghan’s siblings blame her for their father’s alleged financial woes. According to Town and Country online magazine,

Thomas Sr. won a $750,000 lottery jackpot which he used to help boost Meghan’s rise as an actress.

He has even quoted as saying, “She [Meghan] was always the family’s princess, but now she’s going to be a real princess and I couldn’t be more proud”.

So, hello to Meghan’s siblings, jealous much? They claim that Meghan has taken so much of their father’s money that he essentially has none now. Perhaps there is some truth to the siblings' claims, however, The Daily Beast reports that Meghan has admitted to having had a fall-out with her father in the past, but now they are on good terms, and he will be walking her down the aisle.

9 Diary Of A Pushy Sister

Apparently, Meghan Markle’s half-sister thinks she can sell a tell all book about her soon to be royal little sister! That is right, multiple media outlets, including People, have had interviews with Samantha Grant, who has readily admitted to penning a book titled The Diary of Princess Pushy’s Sister. If that wasn't enough, she has even changed her last name back to Markle. Oh boy.

On Good Morning Britain, Samantha Markle said that “there is so much the public does not know [about Meghan].”

People wrote this quote from the down and out sister of Meghan,

“Well, it is true that I’m writing a book and the title is accurate, what is not true [is] this unbelievable swell that’s been created that it’s some sort of slamming ‘tell-all.’"

Samantha claims it is not a book that totally slams Meghan, and that the title of the book was given to her, not one she thought up herself. Hmm, do you believe that? Not sure when or if this book will ever be actually written or published, but, really, who is going to read it?! It seems the world already is well aware of the crazy antics portrayed by Meghan’s half-siblings.

8 Brother Says The Meghan We Know Is 'All An Act'

Before Meghan Markle caught the world’s eye by being the American who was dating Prince Harry, she worked as an actress. Her biggest claim to fame was a role on the USA television network’s popular show, Suits, where she played a character by the name of Rachel. Many know her from this show, and consider her a good actress.

Meghan’s brother, Thomas, also thinks she is a good actress. Apparently, a good enough actress to basically con Prince Harry into thinking she is worthy of marrying him and joining the royal family, according to Town and Country and other media outlets.

Thomas, Jr, Meghan’s half-brother, is not ashamed to tell just about everyone and anyone who will listen that Meghan is really all an act. That she is not this kind, nice girl that the world has seen.

Well, Meghan surely must be some kind of actress to be able to trick Prince Harry into falling head over heels for her, and also getting his family, including the Queen herself, to love Meghan! Wow, we really wish we had the acting chops to pull something like that off! Thomas Jr. does claim that one day the true Meghan will be revealed. Okay.

7 Strangers Were Invited, But They Weren't

The world was abuzz with excitement when Prince Harry popped the question to, let’s face it, a regular gal like the rest of us, the beautifully stunning, girl next door, Meghan Markle. Some people thought Prince Harry would never settle down! Now, here he is making a fairy tale come true like in the hearts of every little girl who dreams to become a princess. Meghan will always be our kind of princess.

Except for those two siblings of hers, they do not approve, as we have learned. Based on their behavior, they have been not the best to Meghan for many years. This is the reason, we assume, that Meghan decided to not invite them to her wedding. Can you really blame her?! At first, Thomas Jr. and Samantha thought they had an ally with the father the three siblings all share, Thomas Sr. They really thought he was not invited to the royal wedding either.

Even if Meghan’s relationship with her dad is not the best, or has not been the best it could be over the years, he is coming to the wedding. Not just that, he will be walking her down the aisle! And, that makes her siblings mad... like really mad. According to The Sun UK, they claim the lack of an invitation has torn their family apart.

6 Who Just Cuts Out Their Siblings From Their Life?

When it comes to families, drama is always going to be there. For many families, that is just a fact of life. Clearly, Meghan’s family has more than their fair share of drama. We probably have no idea what Meghan endured from her siblings, or even her parents or other relatives too, over the years. There is so much that happens behind closed doors, we may never get the full details. But, when it comes to the way Meghan’s siblings are now, you can only imagine.

We know lots of things, and in our opinion, and in basically the world’s opinion, it is perfectly fine for not only Meghan to NOT invite her half brother and sister to her royal wedding, but, also, to completely cut them out of her life. Who needs toxic people like that, right? News.com.au basically sums it up very well for us.

Meghan’s siblings have bashed her in hurtful and almost criminal ways, her brother has been aggressive and arrested for it, her own sister calls her such terrible names, and the list goes on.

News.com.au really summed it up best though when they wrote, “Meghan Markle’s family dramas have the makings of a Jerry Springer episode.” That is kind of true, right?! The only thing though, is that Meghan is doing her very best to remove herself from those people, so good for her!

5 Sister Tweeted For Harry To Man Up

Via: Who Magazine

Daily Mail UK reports that Meghan’s half-sister took to Twitter to voice her apparent concerns with Prince Harry marrying Meghan. That is right, she tweeted at him. She actually tells Prince Harry to “man up”, and it seems to be in regards to Meghan not inviting the Markles.

Well, we have learned that Meghan did invite the Markles that mattered to her, her mom and dad! Clearly, her half brother and half sister are not on that list! It doesn’t end there with the Twitter campaign that Samantha decided to launch, with her target aimed right towards both Meghan and Prince Harry. She even threw in a little bash at the Prince himself, calling him a hypocrite.

You wonder why Samantha and Thomas Jr. are so angry at Meghan. Clearly, they have not had the best kind of relationships over the years. Meghan is estranged from both of them, for years now, too. Why, in Samantha’s wildest imagination, did she think that by tweeting at none other than Prince Harry, that that would change Meghan’s mind? Don’t you wonder what Prince Harry’s reaction was to that tweet?! It makes you wonder if he even saw it at all!

4 She Has Forgotten Where She Came From

Meghan’s siblings have claimed numerous times that it appears that their half-sister has totally forgotten where she came from. According to The Mirror, UK, Thomas Jr. has been quoted as saying that Meghan, his half-sister, has “clearly forgotten her roots”. The Sun UK reports that Meghan was born and raised in Los Angeles.

However, once Meghan landed her role in the USA television program Suits, she moved to Toronto, Canada for filming. Thomas Jr. has said, according to The Mirror UK, that

her move across the country and into Canada is a big part of why they lost touch. And, that could be true.

However, Thomas Jr. has not exactly been a prize brother to Meghan. Even if they did lose touch for innocent reasons, he seemed to get angry, claiming that Hollywood got to Meghan’s head. Both of Meghan’s siblings like to say that Meghan, who was once a regular girl, has forgotten where she came from.

And now, with marrying Prince Harry and becoming a royal, that is even worse, that she will never remember her roots they claim. Mirror UK reports that Thomas Jr. actually said that “divorcee Meghan was portraying a false image of herself and trying to reinvent herself as the new ­Princess Diana.”

3 Jealous Much?

It certainly does not take a genius to realize that much of the reasons behind Meghan Markle’s sibling’s crazy antics are due to just plain jealousy. In fact, some would say they have always been jealous, maybe even from the moment she was born! Let’s look at this for a moment. Meghan was always the baby of the family. According to The Sun UK, Meghan’s own half-siblings have admitted that the father they all share would call Meghan his princess.

Did he ever call Samantha his princess? Or dote on his son, Thomas Jr.? Maybe, maybe not. We’ll never really know. Then, Meghan goes on to become a great actress in a popular cable television show. Then, she ends up engaged to Prince Harry!! Oh, and let’s not forget, she is totally beautiful!

All of those things could easily make any bitter sibling green with envy. Samantha and Thomas Markle are just regular, ordinary folk. They are nothing special, that is for sure. Perhaps it really is total jealousy. Very wrong, yes, since they are actually quite mean. The Mirror UK strongly believes that none of this would have ever happened had Meghan just invited them to the royal wedding. You never know. But hey, we’re on Meghan’s side!

2 They Didn't Attend The Wedding - But Who Did?

Meghan Markle was born to parents Doris Ragland and Thomas Markle in Los Angeles, California. They divorced when she was just two years old. According to ABC News, Meghan’s parents maintained a healthy relationship in order to raise Meghan together, as a family. Meghan’s father had two children, Thomas Jr. and Samantha, from a previous relationship.

ABC News reports that Meghan’s mother visits her in England, and Meghan also travels back to her hometown in Los Angeles to see her mom and to update her on all those exciting wedding plans! Meghan’s mother will be at the royal wedding, especially since Prince Harry reportedly adores Meghan’s mom. Meghan’s dad will also be attending his daughter’s wedding, and will be walking her down the aisle. Both parents are very excited about this one-of-a-kind wedding!

As for Meghan’s half-siblings, they are not invited to the wedding.

If you have been watching the news at all, you have likely heard about the relentless bashing that her half-brother and half-sister have been spewing to the media. They have also made their disapproval for their estranged sister's relationship with Prince Harry abundantly clear.

Not too surprisingly, Meghan made the decision to exclude them from her big day.

1 They Tried To Sabotage Her Wedding

It certainly appears that Meghan Markle’s not so dear brother and sister are trying to ruin her and especially ruin the wedding that they will not be attending (no way Meghan would ever decide to invite them now!). The Daily Mail UK reports that Meghan’s decision to exclude her siblings from her wedding came with good reason. We see that now! It is quite bizarre the things that Meghan’s half-siblings are saying and doing in an effort to, what, make Meghan seem less-than, or make them seem like the victims? No matter what their intentions are, if they even know, one thing is for sure, they want to ruin Meghan’s wedding to Prince Harry.

Maybe media outlets, including MSN, have said that

Meghan’s attempt to keep her estranged family, especially Samantha and Thomas, out of her life by not inviting them to her wedding, essentially backfired.

They are constantly in the news with something horrid to say about Meghan. It is sad, really. As far as any of us know, Meghan and Harry are planning on getting married on May 19th. It will certainly be a gorgeous royal wedding. Now, let’s just hope that Meghan’s half-sibling’s don’t decide to crash it!

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