Teen Mom 2: 15 Facts About Newly Pregnant Chelsea Houska

For those who grew up watching 16 And Pregnant and Teen Mom 2 will already know who Chelsea Houska is and how she became famous. For those who don’t know who she is though, Chelsea Houska was a simple teenage girl who lived in Vermillion, South Dakota. She had a great early life until she met her infamous ex-boyfriend, Adam. She had an on-again-off-again relationship with Adam for a year, she was a softball player and she had an amazing dad who she was living with and was very close to. Things quickly changed when Chelsea found out she was pregnant, at the end of her junior year. That is when she made her television debut, by staring in season two of the MTV television show, 16 And Pregnant. Her season focused on 19 girls, including herself, and their lives as they tried to balance school, relationships, and being pregnant.

After her season ended, the show went on to make 3 more seasons, all with different girls. She was later offered another television role on the show Teen Mom 2, where she would be able to show more of her life since her days on 16 And Pregnant ended. The show focused on three other girls, all who were in the same season with her on 16 And Pregnant. The showed aired on January 11, 2011, and is still running in its ninth season about to air on May 7.

Here are 15 facts about Chelsea Houska from her unfortunate days with Adam into the fairy tale ending we all wish we could achieve.

15 A Drama-Filled Life With Adam Lind

When Chelsea Houska first made her MTV appearance it was on the show, 16 And Pregnant. From the beginning, the series showed Chelsea and Adam's rocky relationship. They were an on-again-off-again item for a year before she got pregnant. There constantly fought, tears were shed and drama arose. Chelsea's dad, Randy, disliked Adam from the beginning and constantly encouraged Chelsea to end things with Adam. However, Chelsea was hooked and the possibilities of Adam changing was a constant thought.

When Chelsea received news she was pregnant, at only 17, things got worse for the pair. The episode where Chelsea aired on, Adam can be seen fighting with her from the moment he found out about the pregnancy. He later went on a texting rampage, where he ended their relationship and tried to persuade her into other alternatives for the pregnancy. The next day, Adam came back begging for forgiveness and saying he was happy that they were expecting a baby together. Things were great for a while and she had never more in sync with him.

14 Chelsea Had Aubree At 18

Through her episodes on 16 And Pregnant, we learned that Chelsea became pregnant at the end of her junior year. Around her 30th week, she started to have Braxton Hicks contractions and had to start attending weekly ultrasounds to make sure everything was okay with both her and her baby.

By the time she had returned to school to start her senior year, she was 35 weeks pregnant and ready to pop. Her first day was a tough reality at the cons about teenage pregnancies, as she couldn't fit in her desk. Instead, Chelsea had to sit on an exercise ball while in class.  Labor pains finally arose when she was in her math class, where she was removed from class and rushed to the hospital. She gave birth five weeks early to her daughter, Aubree Skyee Lind, on September 7, 2009. Sadly, Aubree had to remain in the hospital for almost two weeks due to her being so tiny.

While Chelsea made sure to go see her daughter every chance she could, Adam was a different story. She had to beg and argue with Adam for him to come see Aubree. On the 8th day of being hospitalized, Adam finally showed up to see his daughter, only to bail shortly after to work on his car with his friends. The next day, Aubree was released from the hospital and allowed to go home, where Adam refused to come help bring Chelsea and Aubree home.

13 Chelsea Almost Changed Aubree's Last Name

At 5 weeks old, Aubree fell sick with what is called RSV, or Respiratory Syncytial Virus. RSV is a common virus that can cause respiratory infections in infants. Being a new mom, Chelsea was terrified and frantically called Adam, in the hopes he would come with her to the doctors. However, Adam never answered. After this incident, she got to thinking and decided to talk to him face to face. This ended badly though. He came over a few days after the RSV scare and Chelsea sat him down. They talked, she told him how she felt, and he got mad and left. He completely shut her out for a few weeks after that.

When Aubree was 10 weeks old, Chelsea decided to leave her with her dad while she attended the homecoming game. Being the mama bear she is, Chelsea was so nervous about leaving Aubree that, after she and her friends had dinner at a local restaurant, she went straight home instead of going to homecoming.

Adam, being the controlling freak he is, lost his mind and started an argument with Chelsea, for having left the baby at home to go to the homecoming without him. He called her a bad mom and sent her a message with hateful words, including, "Tell me where and when to sign the papers over for that mistake.” Afterward, Chelsea took matters into her own hands and filed to get Aubree’s name changed from Lind to Houska. However, she would actually later go on to change it back.

12 Chelsea Is A Licensed Beauticien

There was one thing that Chelsea’s dad was very adamant on, which was she must graduate high school. Unfortunately, things did not work out that way. By the time she felt comfortable enough to go back to school, it had been too late. The school work had piled up too much for her to be able to catch up, and there was no way she was going to pass her senior year. Chelsea decided her best option was to drop out. Later, she enrolled in online schooling, got her GED and started beauty school. At that point, Chelsea was balancing her career goals, a new house, a new baby, and supporting deadbeat Adam.

It took a lot of hard work, but she finally graduated her cosmetology course and received her beauty license, where she went on to accept a part-time position at a local salon. As all single and, especially, teenaged moms, Chelsea worked to support her daughter and herself. At this point in Chelsea's life, she had it all except the perfect guy.

11 Chelsea Met Her Husband At A Gas Station

After all the lies, the cheating scandals, and the countless heartbreaks, Chelsea was finally able to break things off officially with Adam. She had had enough and was taking charge of her life. It took a lot out of her, but Chelsea knew it was best for her and her daughter's best interest. She remained single for a while, only thinking about her daughter and building a good life for her.

It wasn’t until a trip to the gas station, in 2014, where she would meet the love of her life, Cole DeBoer. While pumping gas, they saw each other but were too shy to say anything. They went their separate ways, without saying a word to each other. It wasn’t until later that Chelsea would get a message from him on social media, that their relationship would begin, and later flourish enough that Cole moved into the Houska household.

10 Chelsea's Dad, Randy Houska, Approves Of Cole


If you watch the show, then you know that Randy never liked or cared for Adam. There were many times he would voice his opinion about Adam and wasn't afraid to do it either.  Randy cared for his daughter and wanted to make sure she was well taken care of, which Adam obviously wasn’t doing when they were together. As typical daddy-daughter bonds, Chelsea would tell Randy about every argument or lack of parenting on Adam's part, so Randy knew exactly what to say when to say it, and who to say it to.

However, in time, all stories have a happy ending. Cole met Randy and they instantly hit it off. Her father was genuinely happy for Chelsea from the get-go. He knew that Cole was a great guy and that he had a good head on his shoulders. He was employed and could support himself, had no criminal record, was intelligent, and great with children. Who wouldn't like him?

9 Chelsea Adopted A Pig

In 2015, Chelsea Houska and Cold DeBoer welcomed their first child together, a pig named Pete. If you are the type of person who has never thought about getting a barn animal as a pet, then this little guy will change your mind. He is the most adorable little thing in the world.

New papa and mama were quick to post pictures of their new little guy, to both of their personal social media accounts. Chelsea uploaded a video to her page captioned, “Hi Petey. Welcome to the family beebee!” While Cole uploaded a picture of all three of them together and wrote, “We got out little boy today. Finally, have our pig. Good ol' Pete is home!” They weren’t the only ones excited over the news, though. Aubree was overjoyed joyed and quickly made Pete The Big her new best friend.

8 Chelsea Found A Great Father Figure For Aubree

Chelsea might have made a mistake with her ex-boyfriend Adam, but that mistake led to the greatest thing that could have ever happened to her, Aubree. Unfortunately, Aubree had never had a father figure in her life. From day one, Adam had always been in and out of her life. If you have ever watched her show, then you can witness this first hand, as he is constantly seen blowing off his scheduled days with her and breaking countless promises. It was also apparent that Adam had alternate plans, as he would pick up Aubree and continue leaving her with his parents to attend gatherings with his fellow buds.

This is where Superman Cole comes into the picture. This guy is amazing and deserves an award for Best Dad, because no offense to all the other dads out there, but he truly is. He really stepped up when it came to Aubree and showed her what a real dad truly is. He even took her to her daddy-daughter dance, back in 2017. Aubree had invited Cole and Adam, but of course, Adam never showed up. On the upside, Aubree had a great time with Cole. He even took her this year to her most recent daddy-daughter dance. What a guy!

7 Chelsea Had The Most Magical Engagement


When it comes to engagements, Cole really knows how to blow all other men out of the water. The day he proposed to Chelsea was one of the greatest moments of her life. She knew right away that something was up because of the way he was acting. Then, he drove her out to one of his favorite spots in the woods and she knew, as soon as she saw all the pictures of them hanging up on the trees, what was about to happen.

What makes Cole even more special in everyone’s eyes is the fact that he made sure to include Aubree in the proposal. She was in attendance as Cole got down on one knee to propose to Chelsea, and then he proposed to Aubree. Is that not the cutest thing ever?

Sadly, if you are a fan of the show Teen Mom, then you didn’t get to see it. Chelsea made it very clear that when it came to certain events, like her engagement and wedding, MTV would not be there to film it. However, both, Chelsea and Cole, made sure to post lots of cute pictures of the event.

6 Chelsea Announced She Had A Bun In The Oven, And It Was A Boy


From day one, Chelsea’s life was all about her precious daughter, Aubree. She struggled with her relationship with Adam, struggled with being a single parent, and never deserved what she was put through. Yet, Chelsea still managed to come out on top and being a single parent made her into the woman she is today: a gorgeous and successful mother who literally takes the world by storm.

When Cole came around, everyone celebrated at their union. She was so happy, Aubree was even happier, and all her fans were overjoyed. So, when Chelsea Houska announced to MTV producers that she was pregnant, I was one of those fans that cried my eyes out. First, she started off by showing the crew her pregnancy tests, they filmed the producers' reactions, and the special surprise Chelsea and Cole had done for Aubree to let her know she would be a big sister, it was beyond emotional.

What made it even cuter though, was the gender announcement they had made to announce to the world that they were having a baby, let alone a boy. Chelsea and Cole had professional shots done of this very special announcement, which consisted of some boy clothes hanging on a clothesline. Very creative and cute, in my opinion.

5  Chelsea Makes The Cutest Babies

When Chelsea first gave birth to Aubree, she was only 18. She was young, still in school, living with her dad, and one could say she was technically single from her in-and-out boyfriend, Adam. When she fell pregnant the second time, things were a lot different and much better. Chelsea was 25 years old, had an amazing guy in her life, had her own house, and had her degree now.

Chelsea happily gave birth to her first child with Cole, on January 25, 2017. They named him Watson Cole DeBoer, and he is the cutest little thing I have ever seen. Watson is Chelsea’s second child, but Cole's first. Luckily for Cole, he was able to get the dad role on point from his experience with the angelic, Aubree Skyee.

4 Chelsea And Cole's Wedding Was A Fairy Tale

If you don’t watch the show, then you probably don’t know that Chelsea and Cole actually got married before Watson was born. They had a small ceremony with a few close friends and family on October 1st, 2016. Chelsea made the conscious decision that she didn’t want to walk down the aisle, in front of all their family and friends, while pregnant. She wanted to wait until she was able to fit back into her stunning lace dress, so Cole and Chelsea decided to put the wedding planning for a year.

On their one-year wedding anniversary, they celebrated with a big reception, a deer head cake, and lots of friends and family, including Adams ex-girlfriend and second baby mama, Taylor and her daughter Paisley. Chelsea looked stunning in her wedding dress and Cole looked very handsome in his outfit. Her wedding was not filmed for MTV, but they did share intimate pictures of the event afterward.

3 Chelsea Had Aubree’s Last Name Changed To Lind-DeBoer

When Aubree was born, Adam eventually signed the birth certificate and give her his last name. A few weeks later, Adam sent some very hateful text messages to our new mother, Chelsea, including one that asked where he could sign over his parental rights. Chelsea, with the help of her trusted dad, quickly went to change her name from Lind to Houska afterward. Adam was able to make his way back into her life and the change in last names never went through. Aubree remained, Aubree Skyee Lind.

In a recent episode, in 2017, Aubree had said that she wished she could have the same name as her little brother and her mom. Since getting married to Cole back in 2016, Aubree was the only one left without his last name. Thanks to an article written by In T0uch, we now know that Chelsea was able to add on DeBoer to Aubree's last name. Aubree’s new name is now Aubree Skye Lind-DeBoer.

2 Chelsea No Longer Shares Custody With Adam


When we first saw Adam appear on 16 And Pregnant, he was a muscular, car-loving party boy. He cared more about hanging with his friends and working on his car than he did about Chelsea and their little girl Aubree. Since then though things have changed dramatically for him. He beefed up, is covered in tattoos, has a daughter with his ex-girlfriend Taylor, and has been in trouble with the law so many times that we have lost count. Between illegal substances, not paying his court-ordered child support payments, and even some domestic abuse charges, we are thrilled that Chelsea got herself and Aubree out of that situation.

Thankfully, the court system in North Carolina seems to be in the right direction as Adam has officially lost custody of both his daughters. In a recent article by In Touch, we learned that Chelsea now has full custody of their daughter Aubree. Adam no longer allowed to have visitation rights with his daughter. His bi-weekly weekend visits have now become weekend visits with Grandma Donna, Adam's mother, where Adam is not allowed to attend those visits. Grandma Donna is allowed to take her one weekend a month, Friday to Sunday, and have lunch with her one day a week at school.

1 Chelsea Announces Baby #3


Chelsea is officially pregnant with baby number 3! She officially announced in March that she is expecting her second child with husband Cole DeBoer, and it is a baby girl. She shared a cute picture of her ultrasound with the words, “It’s A Girl,” on to her Instagram for everyone to see. She labeled the picture, “Guess What! A sweet baby girl will be joining the DeBoer clan in a few short months! We could not be more excited.”

Anyone who watches the show will know that right after Watson was born, Chelsea has had baby fever. She expressed her interest in making "lots of Cole babies, and have them all running around." I say if you have the money and the patience, then go on right ahead. Congrats Chelsea and Cole on your new bundle of joy. Also, we are sending our congrats to big brother Watson and big sister Aubree on their new sibling. We cannot wait to share the birth announcement when the time comes!

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