15A Drama-Filled Life With Adam Lind

When Chelsea Houska first made her MTV appearance it was on the show, 16 And Pregnant. From the beginning, the series showed Chelsea and Adam's rocky relationship. They were an on-again-off-again item for a year before she got pregnant. There constantly fought, tears were shed and drama arose. Chelsea's dad, Randy,

disliked Adam from the beginning and constantly encouraged Chelsea to end things with Adam. However, Chelsea was hooked and the possibilities of Adam changing was a constant thought.

When Chelsea received news she was pregnant, at only 17, things got worse for the pair. The episode where Chelsea aired on, Adam can be seen fighting with her from the moment he found out about the pregnancy. He later went on a texting rampage, where he ended their relationship and tried to persuade her into other alternatives for the pregnancy. The next day, Adam came back begging for forgiveness and saying he was happy that they were expecting a baby together. Things were great for a while and she had never more in sync with him.

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