15They Are Matthews Not Middletons

As much as Pippa has always wanted to do her own thing, her children will be second-tier celebrities compared to Kate Middleton’s kids.

First and foremost, we are talking Pippa Middleton here, not Kate Middleton. In other words, it’s not the Duchess of Cambridge here. Pippa is in a whole different league than her sister. Sure, she married well, but she didn’t marry a prince. And she’s technically not considered a Middleton anymore.

She’s a Matthews and her children are going to be a part of the Matthews family.

Sure, it sounds harsh but it’s also reality.

Plus, who can forget this gem of a quote from Pippa herself? According to The Telegraph, she once said, “I have finally perfected my signature. It took hours of practicing... I decided early on just to write Pippa, not Middleton.”

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