13Regular Pads Would Present Problems


You may be reading this and thinking, I don’t want to use some crazy huge sanitary napkins provided by the hospital… I’ll just bring my own pads.

Think again, mama.

In this case, a regular old pad as purchased in a pack at the drugstore simply won’t do. It doesn’t have the

width. It doesn’t have the required absorbency. It doesn’t have the length that will likely be required to (at least mostly) contain the early hours and days of postpartum flow.

Sorry to be graphic, but this is all about being prepared, right? Knowledge is power, as they say.

What about those crazy overnight ones with the wings and the raised borders, you say? Nope.

Worried that something so large just won’t be comfortable enough for you? Don’t.

These are used commonly for a reason: because they do the trick of helping brand-new moms to keep things as contained and clean and comfortable as possible after giving birth to a baby.

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