15 Facts About The Celeb Moms Of Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl landed on Netflix recently and a lot of people are now revisiting this juicy, prime time soap...or discovering it for the very first time. The show is a slick and polished production, with incredible fashion, ritzy Big Apple settings and a remarkably attractive cast.

Gossip Girl is all about a group of rich New York City students who inhabit the city's pricey Upper East Side. There are some characters who have a little less, namely Dan Humphrey, his sister Jenny Humphrey and their gorgeous dad, Rufus Humphrey. They have to settle for living in a cool and edgy loft in Brooklyn, which most people would consider a dream home.

This show was a total sensation and most of its characters really had it all in terms of clothes, accessories, and lifestyles. However, all of them had their challenges, from Blair's competitiveness to Chuck's wish for a closer relationship with his dad to Serena's wild past and beyond. Let's not even get started on the many issues of "Lonely Boy", Dan Humphrey.

Today, it's time to learn fifteen interesting things about the celeb moms of Gossip Girl. This show is great fun and these ladies helped to make it the wonderful escape from real life that it is.

Will there be a Gossip Girl reboot someday? I actually hope there isn't, as it's sometimes best to leave things perfect. I won't be surprised if it happens, though.

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15 Kristen Bell Offended Candace Cameron-Bure

Life & Style

Instagram was the social media backdrop for a mini-war between Gossip Girl narrator, Kristen Bell, and Full House/Fuller House cast member, Candace Cameron-Bure. Kristin applauded Dick's Sporting Goods for stopping the sale of assault-type rifles. Bell remarked that the action of Dick's Sporting Goods execs was better than "thoughts and prayers".

Cameron-Bure then went on the offensive by letting Kristin know that the power of prayer shouldn't be diminished. The Instagram posts from Bell, Dick's Sporting Goods, and Candace Cameron-Bure are still out there online and this story received extensive media exposure from Yahoo News and tons of other websites.

Candace Cameron-Bure is known for her Christianity. The thing is, Bell is a Christian, too, so she's not really someone that Cameron-Bure should be displeased with. I think Kristin was right when she patted Dick's Sporting Goods on the back via social media.

What do you think?

14 Blake Lively Lost 61 Pounds In I4 Months

Daily Mail

According to her own Instagram account, Blake Lively gained a whopping 61 pounds while she was pregnant for the second time. Blake reported that it took 14 months to shed the pounds that she'd gained while she was expecting. After finally achieving her goal weight, she posted a picture of herself alongside her personal trainer. She was happy to have made it back to her pre-baby weight. Now, she's as sleek as Serena van der Woodsen again.

Serena was described as "Sunshine Barbie" by her sometimes BFF/sometimes nemesis, Blair Waldorf. Serena had piles of golden blond hair, tanned skin, perfect teeth and very long and shapely legs. Blake Lively is a beautiful woman and the Gossip Girl hair, makeup and wardrobe teams definitely knew how to highlight her many attributes. Of course, Blair looked fabulous, too. She was just really insecure.

13 Leighton Meester Has A Daughter Named Arlo

OK! Magazine

In real life, Leighton Meester does not seem insecure and competitive like her Gossip Girl character, Blair Waldorf. Leighton is often photographed in casual clothes, with little or no makeup. She seems extremely comfortable with a more natural look, although she still does glamour when it's appropriate (and she does it well).

Leighton Meester is naturally beautiful and needs no adornment to look amazing. That being said, it was so much fun to see her decked out in her signature headbands and lip gloss on Gossip Girl. The clothes on the show were outrageous!

These days, Leighton plays the role of mommy to her daughter, Arlo. Leighton is a private person and likes a typical family life away from the spotlight. Her daughter will turn three this summer.

There are pics of Leighton with Arlo. They've appeared on the Daily Mail's website and other places. Usually, they are paparazzi shots. Leighton isn't the type of actively seek out publicity with her child. The actress told Refinery29 that she doesn't talk about Arlo much, on purpose, partially because she doesn't want Hollywood to pigeonhole her in Mommy-type roles.

12 Kelly Rutherford Lost Custody Of Her Children


Kelly Rutherford has been through the wringer when it comes to her divorce and the blistering child custody battle that followed. According to People.com, Kelly lost the battle for her kids (who now live with their father, Daniel Giersch), during winter of 2015. The big issue is that Daniel lives in Monaco. This means that Kelly has to travel to Europe in order to see her daughter, Helena and her son, Hermes.

When divorces get nasty and couples fight for child custody, kids lose out the most. However, Kelly's suffered terribly, too. It's possible that she made some mistakes during the child custody battle which came back to haunt her later on.

A story at the Huffington Post website indicated that Kelly may have tried to thwart the relationship between her kids and their dad and this may have been the reason why she lost custody.

11 Margaret Colin Was A Soap Opera Star


Elegant brunette actress, Margaret Colin, played Blair Waldorf's Mom, Eleanor Waldorf. Before she was cast as Blair's fashion designer mother, whose approval and attention Blair longed for (but didn't always get), Margaret Colin was a soap queen. She learned the art of TV acting by spending decades playing the role of Margo Montgomery on As the World Turns.

According to Wikipedia and soap websites galore, she also appeared on another soap opera, The Edge of Night.

Thirty years on a soap is a long time. Her soap character must have been beloved. I thought she was great as Blair's Mom, so I bet that tons of soap fans adored her as Margo. Her decades of acting experience make her scenes on Gossip Girl very believable. Blair, Eleanor and the maid, Dorota, were an interesting trio, to say the least.

For Blair, Dorota was a great listener. Eleanor was someone who challenged Blair a lot, rather than just being there for her. Lots of Gossip Girl characters had complicated relationships with one parent or both, so Blair's up-and-down relationship with Eleanor was pretty standard for the show.

10 Kaylee DeFer (Ivy Dickins) Has 2 Sons


On Gossip Girl, this actress played a con artist, Ivy Dickins, who was after another girl's trust fund. Today, Kaylee DeFer is a loving mommy to two beautiful boys. At her official Instagram profile page, she describes herself as, "mother of two. actress in a past life". Her baby daddy and hubby is Michael Fitzpatrick, who fronts the indie pop band, Fitz and the Tantrums. Michael was born in France and raised in L.A.

Kaylee looks great and seems happy, based on her Instagram posts. She is clearly into motherhood and her boys are adorable. Kaylee was involved in the Hollywood world for about nine years and she's moved to the next step. She holidays in Mexico, smiles a lot, and takes plenty of pictures of her gorgeous kids.

Her Gossip Girl character, Ivy Dickins, was found only in the TV version. Ivy wasn't in the Gossip Girl novels.

9 Kelly Rutherford Went Bankrupt

Daily Mail

Kelly Rutherford has been through some drama. She lost custody of her kids and the money that she had to spend in order to fight that battle (legal fees cost a fortune) wiped her out financially. According to a Daily Mail story, Rutherford had to declare bankruptcy in 2013, mostly because of major legal bills which pertained to her child custody case.

It sucks that Kelly had to lose her money and file for bankruptcy. When you file for bankruptcy, certain people that you owe money to will not be paid. This is why filing for bankruptcy comes with penalties, such as a very poor credit rating and social stigma. Most people don't file for bankruptcy until their financial problems are so bad that they have no choice. Maybe that was the case with Kelly. She just ran out of solutions and options.

Luckily, Kelly can earn more money. It's always possible to rebuild and I'm sure she's done so. I checked her IMDB page and she's working. Her newest show will be The Perfectionists. It's due out in 2019. TV work is lucrative, so Kelly should be able to rack up some serious cash with the new show. Hopefully, The Perfectionists will be as fun to watch as Gossip Girl was!

8 Leighton Meester Is A Singer


Leighton Meester has a great voice and you can find several of her vocal performances on YouTube. She recorded an album, Heartstrings, which was released in October of 2014. Her genre is "dream pop/indie pop". Her album received a fairly positive review from The Phoenix News. Meester prefers a folk-inspired style and she loves Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, and Tori Amos.

Not sure if Blair Waldorf had any of those legendary artists on her personal playlists, but probably not!

If you're lucky, you may be able to see Leighton perform her songs live some day. She does tour around, playing smaller gigs. Clearly, she sincerely loves music.

Apparently, Leighton is really not like "Queen B"! She was known for being a quiet presence on the Gossip Girl set, where she'd wander off to read a book between scenes.

7 Blake Lively Has 2 Daughters

Hello Magazine

Unless you live under a rock, or you've gone off the grid entirely, you probably already know that Blake Lively married Deadpool hunk, Ryan Reynolds, and then had two babies with him. Their children are both girls. Their older daughter is named James and their younger daughter is called Ines. These are cute, fashionista names.

James is the name of a famous female model, James King, while a chic beauty named Ines de la Fressange was once a muse for the Chanel brand. Who knows why these two names were chosen. All I know is that they can be linked with the fashion world, which was a place that Blake's Gossip Girl character, Serena van der Woodsen, felt very comfortable!

Blake and Ryan tried to keep their kid's names a secret for quite a while, but the press is relentless and now Ryan says that "everyone knows" what they named their daughters. Ryan defended the decision to give their eldest daughter a traditionally masculine name in a Good Morning Britain interview. He feels that he and Blake didn't break new ground with the name.

6 Kristen Bell Has A Unique Parenting Technique


Kristin Bell has started locking her daughter in her bedroom at night so she'll go to sleep. This controversial parenting technique was the subject of a RedBookMag article which was posted online.

Kristen has two daughters named Lincoln and Delta. To get three-year-old Delta to sleep, she establishes boundaries by locking the door and leaving Delta to her own devices. What do you think of this parenting hack? Some people think it's too scary for a child, while others are fine with it.

Kristin knows that some people don't approve, but does it anyway. Her little daughter tends to act up at bedtime and this disturbs their other child. Apparently, locking Delta in calms her down.

Probably, this will be a short-term thing. Her daughter will get older and won't need to be locked in to get to sleep.

Some actresses are definitely lightning rods for controversy and Kristin is one of them. She's outspoken and her role in Frozen has made her a Disney legend.

5 Leighton Is Married To Adam Brody


This has got to be one of Hollywood's cutest couples. It's a Gossip Girl and The OC marriage that is made in heaven! Did you watch The OC, which starred Leighton's handsome hubby, Adam Brody? I think I tuned in for a while and enjoyed it, although it didn't give me the same kind of buzz as Gossip Girl.

If you watched both shows, you probably love the fact that Leighton and Adam got together. They seem very happy together and they have a little girl named Arlo.

Leighton and Adam are both acting now, even though they may never be on shows as hot as the ones that made them so famous. Leighton appeared on The Last Man on Earth and in Making History. Adam is going to appear in Isabelle, which is currently in post-production.

4 Kelly Rutherford Is Close To Matthew Settle


Matthew Settle is a total dreamboat who was sweet and sensitive as Dan and Jenny's dad on Gossip Girl. His patience with his kids made him a very endearing character. He was the foil to less-patient parents on Gossip Girl, including tough-as-nails Bart Bass and self-involved Eleanor Waldorf.

On the show. Matthew played aging one-hit wonder musician, Rufus Humphrey. He kept getting involved with a certain old flame, Lily van der Woodsen, who was played so perfectly by Kelly Rutherford. Lily couldn't seem to stay away from gorgeous Rufus and who could possibly blame her? Bart Bass was pretty attractive, too, as it happens.

There are rumors that Matthew and Kelly dated in real-life. Today, they are good friends and acknowledge their ongoing closeness via their Instagram profiles.

Matthew also appeared in Band of Brothers. That was probably his most famous role, aside from Rufus Humphrey.

3 Leighton Auditioned For The Part Of Serena


Did you know that Leighton initially tried out for the part of Serena van der Woodsen, but decided that she was a better fit for the role of scheming diva, Blair Waldorf? It's true and not just another rumor from the mysterious "Gossip Girl" who sent so many scorching "blasts" out to socialites and wannabes during the TV series!

According to Elle, Leighton wanted to be Blair and was willing her dye her then-light hair much darker in order to score the role. She became a brunette to get the part and the rest is history. It's hard to imagine her playing Serena, isn't it? Leighton is so good as Blair that it's tough to imagine anyone else playing her role, too.

Clearly, Leighton recognized a juicy role when she saw one. It's probably more fun to play villains. A lot of actors and actresses find it more entertaining than portraying "good" characters.

2 Leighton And Blake Are Rumoured To Hate Each Other


Leighton and Blake aren't close in real life and never were. They were co-workers and they don't follow each other on social media nowadays. Rumors of a feud between the two were everywhere online years ago and popped up again recently. According to an OK! Magazine story, the two actresses were trying to avoid each other at a 2017 Golden Globes party!

While it's doubtful these two women were ever at each other's throats, they might just be really different. There is a ton of gossip about their lack of friendship out there online, but it's all from inside sources. Blake has said that she doesn't like the way that society pits women against each other. She was likely addressing the feud rumors with her pointed comments.

Ed Westwick (Chuck Bass) doesn't follow Leighton on social media, either, but he's close to Blake. Ed's got his own problems these days and they are serious. According to a Vanity Fair story, three women have accused him of assault. His BBC show is shelved until an investigation into the accusations is completed.

1 Leighton Told  Sources That Blake Is “An Egomaniac”


Is Blake Lively an egomaniac? According to Wetpaint, Leighton Meester thinks so! A source reported that Leighton isn't wild about Blake because Blake looked down on Gossip Girl. She thinks she's too good for a TV show like that.

Penn Badgley, who dated Blake is real life, has expressed disdain for the whole Gossip Girl experience. Maybe he and Blake had that disdain for Gossip Girl in common.

When Gossip Girl was filmed, most of the cast was very young and had plenty of growing up to do, just like their characters. If Blake did feel like she was "slumming it" by appearing on Gossip Girl, she may not feel the same today. She's said she's open to a reboot in the future. People do change and Blake is a mommy now, just like Leighton. Blake and Leighton have matured.

If you enjoyed reading about Gossip Girl here today, be sure to tune into the show on Netflix. I won't tell you who Gossip Girl really is, just in case you don't already know. If you binge-watch the series, you will find out!

References: People.com, Wikipedia.com, Wetpaint.com

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