15All About Weight Gain

First things first, moms will need to gain weight during pregnancy. After spending years trying to avoid weight gain, in this case, a little weight gain is healthy. Don't worry, though, it's not just all belly fat. According to Mayo Clinic, the average mom only gains about 6-8

pounds of fat.

Where does the rest of the weight come from?  Of course, there's the baby (7-9 pounds), increase in breasts (1-3 pounds), growth from the uterus (2 pounds), placenta (1.5 pounds), amniotic fluid (2 pounds), increased blood volume (4 pounds), and increased overall fluid volume (2-3 pounds).  So there you have it!  Every mom will need to gain weight, but it's not all fat.  So, if she steps on the scale and sees the numbers increase, it's important for her to know that it's totally normal.

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