14Binkie Winkie

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When multiple babies are in the hospital nursery, they are all adorably cute, very needy and look incredibly alike to non-relatives. Therefore, a busy nurse is bound to make a slip-up or two.

One such fairly innocent mistake is when we say no pacifiers or bottles for the baby because we

plan to exclusively breastfeed. We also know it can cause nipple confusion and how baby latching onto a bottle instead of a breast isn't ideal if mom is intending to continue breastfeeding exclusively.

Then the baby comes back or we stroll by the nursery and the baby has a bottle or binkie all nestled in close. It's not necessarily done on purpose —for all we know, that bottle was meant for the baby on the other side of the nursery. But it can be disconcerting to see our precious baby already loopholing his way through our orders.

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