15 Facts That Could Only Describe The Richie Family

Lionel Richie's daughter, Sofia, has been in the news a lot lately, because of her relationship with Sott Disick, Kourtney Kardashian's ex. In the past, it was Lionel's older daughter, Nicole, who captured the imagination of the public, due to her antics on the reality TV show, The Simple Life, which co-starred blond hotel heiress, Paris Hilton, but the roles have switched.

These two daughters, along with Lionel's son, Miles, grew up with a lot of privileges. Lionel's silky-smooth voice is legendary and his career has spanned the decades, which means that he has racked up major cash over time.

If you've every listened to his melodramatic ballad, "Hello" or grooved to his cheesy pop tune, "Dancing on the Ceiling", then you already know that Lionel delivers top-notch vocals and plenty of emotion. His most classic and moving tune is probably, "Once, Twice, Three Times a Lady", which he recorded with The Commodores. Lionel is talented with a capital 'T". His talent has allowed his kids to grow up rich and indulged, whether this is a good thing or a bad thing.

According to the official Lionel Richie website, Lionel's 2018 tour, "All the Hits" is in full swing and taking the world by storm. This means that he's in the media more these days, along with his 'celebutante" daughters. Now, let's share 15 twisted facts about the Richie family...

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15 Justin Bieber Dated Sofia Richie

Via Us Weekly

Justin Bieber used to date Sofia Richie. In March of 2017, half a year after they broke up, he complimented Sofia by leaving a comment about how pretty she looked on one of her Instagram photos. This made everyone wonder if maybe he was trying to rekindle the flames.

Some of the fans hoped he'd get back together with Lionel Richie's pretty young daughter.

According to the Daily Mail, Justin was into Sofia while they dated, but feared that the relationship was getting more serious than he wanted it to, so he pulled the plug. Would Sofia be better off with Justin than her current man, Scott Disick? It seems that Sofia has a taste for the bad boys. I think both of these guys are trouble. They both have a lot of money and influence and they've shown that they have trouble committing over the long term.

I guess it's possible that Sofia will tame "Lord Disick", but I doubt that it'll happen.

14 Scott Disick Scares Lionel Richie

Lionel seems a bit freaked out by his daughter Sofia's current relationship with "older man", Scott Disick. Lionel's been fairly nice and diplomatic about Scott so far, but has let some of his fear and anxiety seep into his public remarks about the Disick/Richie romance.

According to the EOnline, Lionel believes that the relationship is a "phase". He clearly doesn't think it's meant to last. He is trying to stay calm about it, despite the fact that Scott Disick is 34 and his daughter is just 19. A fifteen year age gap is major, so it's not hard to see why Lionel doesn't think it's a match made in heaven.

Lionel is probably worried that his daughter will be hurt, like Kourtney Kardashian was. Time will tell is Sofia is the love of Lord Disick's life.

13 Lionel Had A Side Chick

Daily Mirror

Lionel's first marriage tanked when he was caught by his wife, Brenda, with another woman, whose name is Diane. Men who are rich and famous like Lionel tend to attract a ton of women, some of whom do not care if they are married.

Lionel got hot and heavy with the other woman and got busted.

This set the stage for his first divorce, which was very expensive.

According to The Sun, Lionel married Brenda, who went to high school with him, way back in 1975, and their marriage lasted until 1993.

Lionel says his divorces (two in all) cost him a bundle and he doesn't want to get married again. He now has a partner, Lisa, Parigi, who is a model. She travels around with Lionel while he's on tour and she's reportedly not interested in tying the knot, so she's fine with her boyfriend's "no marriage" rule.

12 Nicole's Troubling Years

Rich Hollywood kids typically lead a decadent lifestyle and they are exposed to a lot of temptations, including illegal substances. Nicole Richie went off the rails for a while, but seems very stable now that she's married to rocker, Joel Madden.

According to Gawker, Nicole was arrested for possession of an illegal substance of the "class A" type! Today, Nicole is open about her struggles with addiction and according to The FIX, will let her kids know about the whole issue.

Nicole blamed her addiction issues on boredom. Now that she has a hubby, kids and a career as an author and fashion designer, she has plenty of keep her mind and body occupied, so she doesn't need to medicate herself with illicit substances.

11 A Little Too Thin


There are some disturbing pictures out there on the Web of Nicole Richie and Lindsay Lohan. In these shots, both young women looked scarily thin. Nicole was curvier when she appeared on The Simple Life and then, she began to lose weight rapidly.

Was there a connection between her weight loss and her arrest for possession of an illicit substance? According to The Fix, Nicole was treated for addiction to a couple of illegal substances and also treated for eating disorder issues. Her "bad girl" past is something that she's going to reveal to her two kids, Sparrow (a boy) and Harlow (a girl), little by little.

She wants to "ease" the kids into the facts about her wilder years.

By sharing her experiences, she hopes to keep her kids from doing the same things.

10 Lionel’s Wife Took Her Anger Out On His Mistress


When Lionel's wife, Brenda, found out that Lionel was seeing another women, she went completely berserk. She caught Lionel and his other lady red-handed at a hotel and then went after both the mistress and Lionel. She screamed at her hubby and kicked him. She also went after the mistress physically. Talk about a nasty situation!

According to People, the violent incident, which was motivated by jealousy and rage, happened back in 1988. A source told People that Lionel has been seeing "other woman", Diane Alexander, on the sly for years before the situation reached critical mass.

Lionel and Brenda got a divorce. They had been in love since high school, but their marriage wasn't meant to be. Lionel wanted to be with the other woman instead of Brenda.

9 Nicole Was Adopted

Heart Radio

Nicole Richie was the daughter of a musician that Lionel knew. Lionel met Nicole at a Prince concert and the rest is history.

According to The Huffington Post,

when Lionel saw Nicole for the first time, she was just two years old and she was shaking a tambourine onstage with Prince.

Later, he talked to the little toddler backstage. Lionel quickly recognized that the girl needed more stability in her life and he wanted to be the one to give her that. He and his first wife, Brenda, decided to step in and become her legal guardians. Eventually, they adopted her.

Nicole had been in a rough family situation before Lionel and his wife stepped in to give her love, care and support. When Nicole starting living with the Richies, she had fears about abandonment, but Lionel and Brenda made sure that she wouldn't have to worry about abandonment in the future.

8 Lionel Married The Mistress


Lots of famous guys move onto wife number two. They start out with wives who knew them before they got famous and then end up marrying gorgeous ladies who only got to know them once they had fame, money and status.

Wife number two was Diane Alexander, who had two children with Lionel. Diane is mom to Sofia and Miles. Ex-wife Brenda is Nicole Richie's mother.

According to EOnline, Lionel and "other woman", Diane, stayed married for seven years before breaking up. Diane had been a fashion designer and dancer before she married the rich crooner and became a mom to two kids. According to The Telegraph, Lionel's second wife asked for a lot in his second divorce settlement and Lionel thought that her demands were "crazy". Both of Lionel's divorces cost him a fortune and that's one of the reasons why he's done with marriage.

7 Lionel’s Wife Got Big Bucks During the Divorce

Radar Online

Wife number one, Brenda Harvey, got plenty of money from Lionel when the divorce settlement came through. Although Brenda had been arrested for a violent attack on Lionel and the other woman, Diane, who became his second wife, she still cashed out big-time during the divorce.

According to The Telegraph,

Lionel lost a big portion of his fortune during divorce number one. During divorce number two, from Diane, he had to shell out a whopping 20 million bucks,

so that his ex-wife could continue to enjoy the lifestyle that she was used to.

Lionel is still very rich, with an estimated fortune of 200 million bucks. However, he'd be way richer without the divorces to pay for. He's learned that marriage comes with some strings attached and he has zero desire to walk down the aisle again.

6 Nicole Was Taken Into Custody For DUI

Via The Smoking Gun

Nicole Richie was a wild child. She grew up being passed around from relative to relative because her parents weren't in a position to give her stability. Then, she was adopted by the Richies, who tried their best to give her what she needed.

Lots of people have wild phases in their lives and then get over it and become productive and healthy people who are stable. Nicole seems to have gotten it together so well. She recovered from the crazy Hollywood lifestyle and found a more fulfilling way to live.

According to TMZ, Nicole was booked on a DUI charge in December of 2011. Tests that she took after her arrest showed that she wasn't intoxicated due to alcohol. Other illicit substances were the problem and Nicole admitted to having taking other incapacitating edibles.

These days, Nicole is calm and successful and seems happy. There's never any scandal attached to her anymore.

5 It Happened At A Club

Have you ever been arrested during a club brawl? Nicole Richie has been. According to People, Nicole was apprehended by the police after a fight broke out in a nightspot in NYC. Later, all charged related to the incident were dropped.

Before the incident, Nicole leveled with her parents about her issues with addiction and the family worked together to get her help.

She attended a rehab center in sun-soaked Arizona.

Lionel was proud of his daughter for owning up to her problems and asking for assistance.

Nicole's biological parents trusted the Richies to give her a life that they couldn't provide. It looks like they made a smart choice. Lionel and Brenda stick by Nicole through thick and thin and Nicole is doing great these days. She's put her troubled past behind her.

4 Nicole Was A Party Girl


People argue all of the time about whether or not a certain natural substance should be illegal or not. In some states, it's not illegal anymore and it's with these green sessions that Nicole has had her issues.

Nicole admitted to using the substance when she was pulled over by the cops while driving. She also admitted to taking something else, an opiate. It's kind of hard to deny it when a test shows that it's in your system and this is what happened to Nicole after she was arrested. She was tested and two substances were found in her body at the time of the DUI.

It's been interested watching Nicole grow up in the public eye. She could so easily have become just another "Hollywood rich kid" tragedy. Instead, she turned everything around. She seems to have found real happiness with her musician husband.

3 The Richies' Forgotten Son


Lionel has a son, Miles, whose mom is Diane Alexander. Miles looks quite a bit like Dad and has an Instagram account that is loaded with glam shots of him posing shirtless. Miles models. He's covered in tattoos and seems close to his Dad. He often talks about Lionel when he posts at Instagram. Miles official Instagram account is, @milesrichie.

Miles is a Gemini, like his Dad. Miles used to pal around with Kylie Jenner. When he was close to her, he ended up in the tabloids on a regular basis.

According to The Daily Mail, Kylie actually helped to tattoo her initials on Miles' hand!

These days, Kylie has moved on and had a daughter with a new man. She seems very content with daughter, Stormi and her new life.

2 Lionel Vows To Never Marry Again


Lionel has paid so much money to his two ex-wives. They both took a big bite out of the fortune that he'd amassed through his talent and hard work. After the divorces, Lionel took a close look at his finances and decided that there would never be a wife number three. These days, he's dating a model named Lisa Pagini and they travel the world together while he tours. Both seem happy with the way that things are.

Since Lionel's first two marriages failed, it's not a surprise that he's had it with the institution of marriage. When he doesn't marry, he gets to keep the money that he earns, rather than giving it away to his exes.

According to The Telegraph, Lionel, who is now 67, wouldn't mind becoming a father again with his gorgeous partner, who is Chinese-Swiss. But he won't propose. Hopefully, Lionel's racking up some serious cash on his current, "All the Hits" tour.

1 Did Sofia Copy Kourtney Kardashian's Look?

Hollywood Life

Sofia Richie got some shade online when she darkened her blond locks. She's a natural brunette, so she was just going back to the look that God gave her. however, with darker hair, she's a dead ringer for Scott Disick's ex, Kourtney Kardashian. Both women have similar facial structure and features. When Sofia began posting pics of her look on social media, Kardashian fans went crazy. Many of them felt that Sofia was trying to look like Kourtney.

According to the Girlfriend, Scott Disick likes a certain look and Sofia may have been trying to please him by going back to brunette.

Sofia looks good as a blonde or a brunette. However, she doesn't look nearly as much like Kourtney when she's blond.

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