15 Times The Media Uncovered Secrets About The Royal Family

The British royal family is so fascinating to Americans primarily because we don't have anything remotely close to a reigning monarchy. In order to not deprive ourselves of something as fun as a King and Queen we Yankees have to borrow the royal family across the pond and obsess over them as if they were our own. Britain's Queen Elizabeth and her band of merry mess makers are always up to something juicy in the tabloids.

No matter how stoic and stanch Queen Elizabeth claims to be in her public portrayals, you can't help but notice that her kin has not exactly inherited her talent for remaining demure and discreet. The wild and out Windors seem to be creating drama, scandal, and rumors every other day and while they aren't crazy about their dirty laundry being aired out for the entire world to see, we personally love it. From Prince Harry's recent engagement to an African-American divorcee to Charles and Diana's tumultuous marriage and drama infused divorce, the Royals are a dynasty packed full of scandalous secrets.

We for one can't get enough of hearing about the Queen's shady children and secret cousins. Not only is Elizabeth the Queen of Britain, she is also the Queen of Family Secrets. Try as she might, she couldn't keep these fifteen juicy shockers from us royal family fans.

15 The Secret Cousins

A 2011 British documentary called The Queen's Hidden Cousins, shed some light on a royal scandal that prior to this had stayed hidden in the dark for decades. Back in the 1940's disabilities of the mind weren't understood like they are today. They were seen as an embarrassment by the royal family.  These views and attitudes surrounding mental disabilities ended up being the reason that two of the Queen's first cousins, Narissa and Katherine Bowes-Lyon, were committed to a mental institution in 1941.   It was here where the sisters lived out their entire lives and were reportedly never visited by any members of the royal family.  The royal family has disputed these claims, but institution nurses remain adamant that the cousins were completely isolated from the world and their family once they made camp at the institution.

14 Questionable Connections

The Queen's uncle Edward was an interesting character to say the least!  He rocked the royals to the core when met and fell in love with American actress Wallis Simpson, even abdicating his throne to be with her. This, of course, was only the beginning of Edwards scandal-laden life.  Once the pair got hitched, they started double dating with some married friends. The eyebrow-raising friends, however, were none other than Adolf Hilter and his wife! Considering the atrocities that Hilter is responsible for, this is not the kind of company you want to be keeping. The United Kingdom's M15 security service was convinced that Wallis was a German spy divulging military secrets over meals.  They also believed that the Germans promised Edward that once the war was won they would restore him to his throne.

13 Charles's Phone Call To Camilla

These days, Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles are grandparents enjoying life with one another while doting on their royal, growing brood.  Before they were an elderly married couple, however, they were star-crossed lovers having a sordid affair with one another while still married to other people.  Back in 1992, the year Diana and Charles officially separated, a lewd phone call between Prince Charles and Camilla was leaked to the public. Over the course of their conversation, you can hear Charles expressing his wishes to 'live inside' his now wife. We are certain The Queen had some very harsh choice of words for her son over what would come to be known as "T-gate."

12 Diana's Desperation

Princess Di and Prince Charles had one of the most notoriously rocky unions in recent history. Their relationship played out like a twisted soap opera, but it was no fictional tale, it was real life.  It is no secret that Diana was downright miserable in her marriage to Charles.  While most members of the royal family have made an art out of staying as mum as possible, Diana was nothing if not open and honest about her life. In a 2004 interview, Diana described in depth the sadness she endured throughout her marriage to Charles. She claimed that she even tried to take her one life at one point. When she was three months pregnant with William she threw herself down the palace stairs and landed at the feet of the Queen!

11 Beatrice's Boyfriend

Princess Beatrice isn't that far from the British throne, she is 7th in line actually. Knowing this you would think Bea would be slightly more selective in who she chooses to date, but not so!  In 2006, at only 17 years old, Princess B. started dating an American named Paulo Liuzzo. Before the two become involved Liuzzo had already earned a title for himself, but it was far from a royal title.  The young dude had previously been arrested on manslaughter charges after he pummeled 19 year old Jonathan Duchatellier.  Somehow the charge was even dropped further, being reduced to battery, but nonetheless, the kid had earned his bad boy title in the eyes of many. This flame, though, burned out almost as quickly as it had been lit.

10 Princess Anne's Son-In-Law

Princess Anne's lovely daughter Zara married Rugby Ace Mike Tindell back in 2011.  These days, the Queen's granddaughter is awaiting the birth of her second child and enjoying the company of her cutie pie kiddo, Mia. Before Zara and Mike settled into domestic bliss, however, Mike had a wild night at a club in New Zealand to celebrate a victory over Argentina. Go ahead and let that sink in for a second. How is that even a thing?  Although Mike wasn't the actual team member to throw the dwarf, his mere presence was enough to cause a media frenzy and public outrage. Royals can't be chucking people across a club...like ever. Mike clearly had a lot to learn about entering a royal family and being a decent human being in general.

9 Diana's Eating Troubles

The beautiful Princess Diana struggled with a number of mental illnesses throughout her adult life. She suffered from bouts of depression and a boatload of postpartum issues.  The People's Princess also attempted to take her life while expecting her son William.  On top of these scary conditions, she also battled a very dangerous eating disorder.  Charles referring to her as "chubby" triggered Di into unhealthy habits.  She began binging on the sugary sweets that she relied on to help her cope with the stressors in her life and would then purge all of it up so not to gain any weight. Living life under such intense, public scrutiny must have made Diana's already delicate mental health suffer far greater than it would have had she lived a normal life.

8 The Paternity Rumors

Prince Charles and Princess Diana created two beautiful sons in William and Harry before they divorced. While the Royal House has never made any statements of claims that anyone other than Charles fathered Prince Harry, the tabloids, and royal gossip gurus have their own feelings about whose DNA truly surges through the strapping lad's body. The newest royal paternity scandal involves a man by the name of Mark Dyer. The former Welsh Guards Officer is rumored to truly be Harry's father. Not only do the two redheads have a striking resemblance to one another, but sources say it was Mark, not Charles who stepped into the parental role after Diana passed. Mark is also rumored to be invited to the upcoming nuptials and was the first person Harry introduced Megan to.

7 Phillip's Philandering

While there is no indisputable proof that Phillip stepped out on his wife the Queen, there sure is a lot of circumstantial evidence that some hanky panky went on while Elizabeth's crown adorned head was turned the other way.  According to a book, My Husband and I: The Inside Story of 70 Years of Royal Marriage, Phillip had a fling with Sarah Ferguson's mother (Susan Barrantes,) actress Pat Kirkwood and television personality Katie Boyle.  Obviously the guy gets around. We think Philandering Phil needed more Princely tasks to attend to during his and Elizabeth's younger years! Furthermore if there is any truth to the Netflix series The Crown (which the Queen herself is reportedly a fan of herself,) some shady loving most definitely went on behind Elizabeth's back.  Googling Russian ballerina Galina Ulanova right now!

6 Princess Margaret's Secret Relationship

The Queen's sister Margaret was a wild one for sure!  She lived her life loud and fast and was pretty much the opposite of her demure, straight and narrow, Queenly sister Elizabeth.  Aside from falling in love with an older man as a teen and being known in certain circles as a total party girl, Margaret put the icing on the royal cake of scandal when she had a raunchy love affair with the gardener!  Margaret and Roddy Llewellyn conducted much of their love story on the remote island of Mustique away from the scrutiny of the Royal family and the public, but try as they might they couldn't keep the affair a secret forever. Honestly was anyone even surprised that Margaret stepped out on her man? Nope. Margaret was a lady who did what she wanted and balked at regret.

5 Harry's Stint In Rehab

Considering Harry's lineage of his Great Aunt Margaret and then his very public mother Di, it is no great surprise that Prince Harry had his moment falling off the royal rails too.  Harry's life has been no picnic, he lost his beloved mother at a young age, he has to play second fiddle to the adored Prince William and his dad is kind of a nerd. Poor Harry found solace and comfort in certain substances and developed some serious party-boy manners. During his years at Eaton he was even known as "Hash Harry."  Prince Charles noticed a change for the worse in his boy and took him to the Featherstone Lodge Recovery Center in South London.  He spent some time going to sessions and witnessing first hand the effects of drugs and alcohol had on addicts' lives.

4 Attack Of The Royal Pups

The Royals love themselves some canines. Elizabeth is particularity fond of her Corgis, and her daughter Anne is a doggie lover as well. Too bad these royal animals never learned the polite and gracious ways of the royals. These dogs were some real trouble-causing pistols!  In 2002 Anne and her husband were putting their pups into their vehicle after a nice walk through Windsor Great Park.  Suddenly one of their English Bull Terriers escaped and attacked two young boys who were minding their business and riding their bikes!  The pup parents were taken to court and ordered to pay a fine, marking this the first time ever a royal family member was charged with a criminal offense.  The dog was allowed to live, much to the anger of the victims' families, but ended up killing one of the Queen's beloved pups the very next year!

3 Royal Love Child?

Queen Elizabeth's only daughter, Princess Anne, was married to Lieutenant Mark Phillips for roughly 20 years.  Over the course of two decades the pair certainly faced their fair share of scandal, both none greater than that of Mark's love child!  Mark was teaching a riding class when he met a school teacher taking lessons.  The two engaged in a one night stand that resulted in a baby.  The baby's mother kept mum about the whole debacle, but all hell broke loose when she requested that Phillip's name be put on her daughter's birth certificate.  The baby, named Felicity, is now in her thirties, very well educated and is a mother herself.  Her father has yet to claim her as his own though.  That is some seriously shade-tastic royal juice!

2 Queen Elizabeth's "Un" Maternal Instincts

Queen Elizabeth's maternal instincts have come into question several times since she became a mother some seventy years ago. Her oldest child, Prince Charles was born in 1928, before Elizabeth became Queen and assumed her rightful place on the throne. Once the royal crown was placed upon her head, her parenting duties fell to the wayside. While her first two children were still very small, Elizabeth and Phillip embarked on a six month Commonwealth tour.  Young Charles and his sister were left behind in the care of staff. It is reported that when they returned home Charles stood in line to greet her mother and his father. When it was his turn to welcome them home he had to merely shake their hands, just like all the other guests greeting the royalty.

1 Prince Andrew's Unsavory Friend

Queen Elizabeth's son, Prince Andrew, is probably best known for his incredibly poor choices in friendship forming.  One of the people that he has kept company with is billionaire Jeffery Epstein.  Epstein and Andrew were thick as thieves until Jeffery got caught being a disgusting and vile human being.  He served thirteen months in prison for soliciting sex from under aged girls!  Nothing says classy like getting chummy with a sex offender Andrew!  He tried to publicly denounced his former friendship in hopes of helping the nasty situation blow over more quickly, but it doesn't help that Andrew was also besties with a convicted drug smuggler, Tarek Kaituni.  Maybe this guy should lay off the friendship making and focus on royal duties.  We don't imagine the Queen has been overly pleased with Andrew's choices.

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