Sister Wives: 15 Facts About The Brown Family

Who doesn't love TLC's Sister Wives? There is something so juicy about this reality show that revolves around one man, his four wives, their eighteen kids and their endless snarky spats and family drama. The Brown family notoriously smiles and grits their teeth through their couch interviews while you just know that behind those complacent faces they seriously want to rip each other's hair out.

How can they not? They share a husband, new women are added to the family and revered at the whim of their mighty husband and there never seems to be enough of Kody to go around. Someone is forever needing him to help lift a couch or be a sounding board over some mundane topic of conversation. The patriarch Kody is often seen running from house to house like a chicken with his head chopped off, all the while doing his best to act cool and collected. Truthfully, he is a confused man who truly bit off way more than he could chew when he decided to take on FOUR wives.

What I would give to be a fly on the Browns' walls when the cameras turned off. Here are fifteen shady secrets and scandals the Brown family would prefer the public not know about. After all, image is everything.

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15 Meri's Not-So-Secret Internet Fling

Kody Brown and his four sister wives have made one thing crystal clear. Infidelity is not tolerated. Once the deal is sealed, no hanky-panky can ever take place on the part of the wives. Kody is to remain chaste until he is united with a wife via a spiritual marriage as well, although he is clearly allowed to be looking around for a new lady at any given time. Meri rocked the Browns' worlds when she started an online, emotional affair with a person named Sam. What started out as harmless chatting spiraled into something far more sinister. Sam was actually a woman and Meri ended up being the victim of a catfishing scam. As of now, Meri and Kody are still "spiritually united," but who knows if their relationship will weather such a storm.

14 Kody And Robyn Caused A Family Scandal!

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For a really long time, all was well in Camp Brown regarding the number of wives Kody chose to marry. Three appeared to be their "magic" number and there didn't seem to be any room for yet another woman in the family. Enter Robyn. The younger, thinner, bubbly Robyn caught Kody's eye and became the newest Brown on the block in no time flat. Kody's first three wives never locked lips with their hubby until they were married, so when word got out that Robyn and Kody had smooched prior to the wedding bells, all hell broke loose. Christine was especially hurt by this exception to the rule. Perhaps this is because she is just sensitive by nature, but it also might be partly due to the fact that she was giving birth to her and Kody's baby while Kody was courting Robyn. Little baby Truely was only six weeks old when daddy took his fourth wife.

13 Not All Wives Are Created Equal

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One assumption people often make regarding the Browns is that Kody is a machine in the sack. He must be! After all, he has to rotate between four women and attend to their needs right? So wrong. While Kody does try and spend equal time during the daylight hours in each of the wives' homes, his nights are reportedly reserved for his fourth wife, Robyn.  Word on the street is that Kody is only intimate with his now legal wife Robyn and she is the only one warming his bed these days. This new intimacy arrangement has ruffled some feathers among the wives for obvious reasons. So is there serious truth to this rumor? Well, Robyn has been pumping out babies as of late, so we are thinking that this one might be more fact than fiction.

12 5th Wife Joining The Family?

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Kody is pretty adamant that he is not looking to add a fifth wife to the already complex marital mix ever, but remember, he was all good with three women until Robyn sauntered into his life. Sources close to the Browns paint a very different picture regarding this hot topic, saying that Kody is definitely on the hunt for lady number five and even has her pegged! Fourth wife Robyn's step-niece is a nanny to the family and is rumored to be next in line for the Brown Family Throne. Kody and the nanny have been seen out and about, spending time together and getting to know one another on a deeper level. She is apparently as into him as he is to her and would be more than happy to settle into the Brown Bonanza and pop out a few more kids for Kody Brown.

11 Janelle Had Another Husband!

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Well, color us shocked! Janelle is the ever-practical,even-keeled, non-emotional second wife of Kody Brown. Judging from Janelle's persona, no one would have guessed that Mama Janelle was carrying around some scandalous baggage. Janelle was actually married once before... and to her sister wife's brother to boot! Janelle and Meri's bro were together and Kody and Meri were hitched, and then Kody and Meri figured that Janelle would be a great addition to their plural matrimony arrangement. Meri's brother got the boot and Janelle married Kody, becoming the second Brown wife. Got all of that? What is really bizarre is Meri's brother still comes around and spends time with his sister and the family. This scandal is certainly old news and happened decades ago, but it still has to make for some awkward holidays and family gatherings.

10 Janelle Flew The Coup

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Second wife Janelle has certainly faced some serious, personal struggles during her time on the Brown compound. After she married Kody, she quickly became preggers with her oldest son Logan making her the first of the wives to bear any of Kody's children. This certainly rubbed the first wife Meri the wrong way! Janelle went on to pop babies out at rapid speed and by her eighth year of marriage, she had five children! It was after her fifth child Gabriel was born that Janelle sank into a serious depression. Her mental health was suffering greatly and an especially nasty fight with first wife Meri sent Janelle over the edge. She packed up her young children and left the family. She stayed with her mother for a number of months before she was able to buy her own home. She lived away from Kody and Meri for multiple years before returning to the family once a larger, more relaxed home was purchased by Kody.

9 The Brown Daughters Are Second Class Citizens

In this day and age, one would hope that sons and daughters born here in the first world, in an industrialized nation, are treated as equals, especially by their own parents. You don't often hear moms and dads admitting that they prefer their sons over their little ladies anymore and even if these thoughts exist, they are typically kept private. Sadly it is pretty obvious that father Kody prefers his boys over his daughters. He is often seen out and about with his male spawn or is captured on camera rough-housing with the boys while the women do more "womanly" things. Kody's daughters' place is in the home with their mothers and he doesn't have much contact with them outside of common pleasantries. The fact that he was right by his daughter Madison's side when she birthed her baby was quite shocking, considering the fact that he isn't all that close to any of the female children.

8 Brown Child's Big Coming Out Announcement

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The Browns live a pretty conservative lifestyle, all things considered. They are made to cover up and dress modestly, they instill values of chastity in their children, they don't drink alcohol and they worship the man as the head of the household. We can only assume that Kody and his wives also consider marriage to only occur between a man and a women, (or in their cases "women"). Recently Meri and Kody's daughter Mariah dropped a giant bomb on her family revealing that she is, in fact, homosexual. While most of the wives showed full and immediate support, Kody clearly struggled with the concept and her mother Meri was in a state of shock and confusion. They all seem to have come around and have chosen to love and accept their daughter for who she is, but Mariah's preferred lifestyle certainly isn't a part of their religious doctrine.

7 The Brown Kids Are Not Following In Their Parents Footsteps

The Browns have a grand total of eighteen children and who knows if that will end up being the final number. Robyn is still popping them babies out and if Kody takes on a younger, fifth wife that number might very well skyrocket over the next decade! While some of the Brown kiddos are too young to be thinking about their future married lives, plenty of Brown babies have grown up and become full-grown adults, ready to make those very important life choices. Not a single one of the kids has decided to live a polygamist lifestyle. Maddie, Aspyn, Mykelti and Logan are all married or engaged and have made it crystal clear that one spouse will be plenty. A few more of the kids have made public statements about their desire to live monogamously as well. We aren't so sure this declaration speaks well of polygamy.

6 Browns Go Broke

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The Brown Bunch is never not dipping their toes in some new business venture. Some of these entrepeneur ideas pan out ok and others are a major flop. The family has launched a jewelry line, Meri sells clothing online, a few of the wives have dabbled in real estate, and I think they considered opening a gym at one point. You have got to give it to them, there isn't much that they will not do to keep food on the table and roofs over their eighteen children's heads. Times are certainly looking up as of late, but back in the late nineties and earlier part of the 2000s, the Browns fell on some pretty hard financial times. Janelle filed for bankruptcy in 1997, followed by Kody and Meri in 2005, and then Christine in 2010!

5 Janelle And Kody Are Step-Siblings

Janelle and Kody

Living a polygamous lifestyle is fairly unconventional, but this family gets a lot deeper and darker than just a smattering of sister wives. Kody married his second wife Janelle after Janelle divorced Meri's brother. During Kody and Janelle's courtship, Janelle's family was extremely distressed at the thought of their daughter becoming a sister wife...everyone but Janelle's mother that is. Janelle's mom Sheryl was so curious about the idea of polygamy that she ended up deciding to take this lifestyle up as well and she married none other than Kody's own father Winn! Winn and Sheryl were married three months prior to Kody and Janelle tying the knot, which made them brother and sister-in-law by marriage, as well as husband and wife. While Janelle and Kody Brown have been spiritually joined for decades, they have never been legally married.

4 The Wives' Bedrooms Are Strictly Off Limits

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Kody and his harem used to all live under one roof so it is hard to believe that there would be spatial boundaries within the family, but there definitely are. Even though the big move to Las Vegas afforded each wife and their spawn to have their own home, the wives are often seen coming in and out of each other's abodes at their leisure. It certainly seems like the sister wives share a lot more than just a husband, but in truth, a lot of their space is completely off limits. The women can not even look into each others' bedrooms because the thought of seeing their husband's belongings in another woman's home makes their tummies turn. We saw this discomfort first hand in one particular episode where the women all brought their hen party into Robyn's room. Their discomfort was obvious. It seems that they all know that that is where the action is going down these days.

3 Fake Friends For The Cameras

When watching the TLC show we get these scenes and snippets of spite and resentment weaved in with so much fake friendship it's almost comical. We don't believe these four women truly enjoy each other in the least. We know Meri and Janelle have had a long and strained relationship and the two are often seen working out their differences in therapy, but apparently, they are not the only ones at each other's throats. Meri and Robyn have some hard feelings towards one another as well, even though they seem pretty buddy-buddy on the show. The rumor is that Robyn has always felt insecure about her status in the family, forever wondering if her bond to Kody will ever be as strong as his is with the other wives. Meri is also pretty cheesed over Kody's nightly romps with his fresh new wife.

2 Robyn's Creepy Gift

Robyn loves herself some Kody that is for sure. While the other wives are seen rolling their eyes at him or poking fun at all of the dumb things that tumble out of his mouth, Robyn still makes big brown googly eyes at her new hubby. She is so obsessed with her new husband that she has tried to wipe her past slate completely clean of any other men. This is a pretty hard thing to do considering that Robyn has three children from a prior relationship. After marrying Kody, she hired an artist to fashion a portrait of a younger Kody posing with her own three kids (all in their younger years as well), so that she could pretend to have a similar history with him as the other wives do. Robyn, you can play all you want but this is pretty out there. We wonder what her kids think of this pic?

1 The Big Vegas Move Was Only For Ratings

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The Browns have made their big move to Vegas one of the most shown story lines in their television series. Who could forget how they portrayed anxiety and fear over being split apart and jailed back when living in Utah? The cameras made sure to expose the family's vulnerability and disparity that came about from them going public with their lifestyle. The Browns told their children that they were packing up and moving to Vegas in a matter of days. The children were shocked and deeply saddened to have to leave their lives behind and we all ached for those innocent kids. Inside sources have revealed that the drama was played way up for television ratings and in reality the family had held numerous discussions regarding a possible move. That is some serious Brown shade right there.

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