14Tom Didn’t Contact Suri For Nearly 1,000 Days

According to the same article, "Tom's adherence to Scientology was pointed out as the reason for the severance of ties with his only biological child."

An article in the June 2016 issue of In Touch Weekly reported that he then 53-year-old Top Gun star has not 'seen or spoken to Suri in 1,000 days.'

Post-split, Tom did not pick up his phone even to say a ‘Hi’ to his daughter for a very small period. A

small period of 1000 days! 1000 days means almost two and a half years! It seems he was occupied with his film commitments. Interesting enough, post-split he had managed to make at least one film every year until 2015!

The bizarre ‘disconnection’ policy by the Scientology church could also be the reason for his deliberate distance. Katie cannot introduce her boyfriends To Suri - a post-divorce settlement clause by Tom. I have always felt that divorce is not only the separation between parents, it is also the separation of kids from parents, it is the breaking up of a family. In a divorce always the affected party are kids no matter what their age is.

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