15 Facts About Victoria Beckham's Marriage

The celebrity couple of Victoria and David Beckham is arguably one of the most watched pairs in Hollywood right now. This is due partly to the fact that there are not a whole of long-term couples left to gawk at anymore. It is hard to be married for any length of time in general, let alone if the entire world is watching. Their failures are public, the tabloid rumors are rampant, and it seems like everyone is just waiting for them to stumble.

We all love to watch these two because they are completely intriguing; they are beautiful, famous, and by all regards seem to have the perfect life. Yet just like any normal human beings, they are not faultless. They have had their share of ups and down—just like the rest of us.

Their almost 20-years of marriage doesn’t prove that they have the “perfect” marriage, but rather that they are willing to fight to stay together. Through all of the muck that has been thrown their way, this power couple continues to come back to one another—even in the worst of times.

And it seems that they have had a decent amount of trials and tribulations…

14 He Wears Her Nnickers

Yes, folks—this is actually true. David likes to wear Victoria’s underwear. How did this juicy tidbit leak to the public? Let me tell you.

Victoria was being interviewed on the television show The Big Breakfast in the early 2000’s and let it slip that he liked to borrow her nickers. She even elaborated after prodding from the hosts to admit that he actually preferred her thongs.

Poor David.

Eventually this rumor caught up with David himself who shrugged and said, “She said a few things in the past that we really laugh about. Um, about me wearing her underwear. … She's just an honest person and it's all true.”

Is it weird that the thought of him wearing her undies does nothing to take away from his hotness? Anyone else?

13 Victoria Lies To David

Victoria doesn’t always tell her husband the truth, which I think many women can relate to. Luckily she seems to only lie to him about the little stuff.

Victoria had bad acne when she was younger, and sees a doctor on a regular basis to make sure that she keeps her skin in tip-top condition. But she is not always honest with David about where she is off to.

She confessed, “I try to see Sarah Chapman at least once a month but I’ve been known to tell David I’ve been to a meeting when really I’ve gone to Chelsea to see Sarah. ‘How come you’re back from the meeting not wearing make-up’, he’ll ask. You’re not wearing make-up which isn’t like you!”

Let’s be honest—there are way worse things she could be doing.

12 Rumors Of An Another Woman

In 2004 a woman named Rebecca Loos accused David of cheating on his wife. She claimed that their affair lasted over four months, and that during that time she acted as her personal assistant. Later that same year, Sarah Marbeck also claimed that she, too, had a fling with Victoria’s hotty of a husband.

This is a tired sort of story in Hollywood that frankly I think all of us are used to hearing. Who knows if the women made up their stories to garner fame or if David is actually that big of a dumb-dumb. The point is, Victoria stood by him through all of it.

Posh and Becks don’t seem to have that Hilary/Bill relationship in which they stand by each other to further their careers—they still seem genuine.

11 David Bailed Out Her Clothing Line

Rumor has is that Victoria’s fashion line hit a rough spot a couple years back. According to the Daily Mail, David invested £5.2million into Victoria’s flailing business. They reported, “It comes after Victoria, 41, who made a turnover of £34m in 2014, set up her own store in Mayfair, London two years ago.

The shop cost her nearly £3m and items included Damian Hirst artwork on sale for £600,000.”

Everyone is always saying that it takes money to make money, so maybe David investing more money into Posh’s fashion line will actually work out for them in the future. She does seem to have an eye for success. Why not toss some cash towards another entrepreneurial escapade than in the volatile stock market.

Furthermore, according to many men--happy wife equals happy life.

10 They Made A Killing On Their Wedding

Posh and Beckham were married in 1999 in Ireland and it is rumored that the wedding cost over £500,000(today that would be $615,285).They had a lavish ceremony which took place in a castle and apparently there was an orchestra that played exclusively Spice Girls throughout the reception. (I really want to hear a classical rendition of “If You Wanna Be My Lover” now.)

But the Beckham’s were smart about financing their private lives. They were trading money for pictures way before the Kardashian brood and cashed in to make a killing on their wedding. It is reported that OK Magazine paid them £2.2 million for exclusive access to their nuptials.

Too bad there was no reality TV back then, because I would have watched these two walk down the aisle…

9 David Is A Cryer

David Beckham is a man’s man in many senses; he is athletic and covered in tattoos. Women swoon at the sight of him. But he is actually a very emotional dude.

There are countless videos of Beckham crying, especially after a good soccer match. He gets really worked up during the game and releases it all after the competition has ended. People make fun of him for being so emotional, but when it comes down to it does it really matter? The guy is an exceptional athlete who has proven himself time and time again on the field. So what if he sobs for a couple of minutes afterward?

Besides, women love an emotionally intelligent man. Especially if they are built like an ox and parade around in their boxers.

8 Pregnancy Troubles

It’s easy to look at a celebrity couple and think that you know everything about them. You assume from their fame and their riches that they must be blessed in every way. But it rarely so.

David and Victoria, for example, have struggled with fertility issues. Victoria suffers from a condition called polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). This causes an overproduction of certain hormones, enlarged overtires and other problematic symptoms. According to UCLA, “PCOS can adversely impair a woman’s health by increasing her risks for infertility, obstetrical complications, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.”

Posh and Beck have managed to overcome this condition FOUR times already, which is quite impressive. Fans are hoping there is a fifth in the works, but only time will tell if we get to see another baby Beckham.

7 David Suffers From OCD

Nobody is perfect, but David Beckham seems pretty close. He’s gorgeous, he seems to love his family, and he’s a soccer (nay football) star. But he does have one blemish that we know about: he suffers from OCD.

In a TV interview he explained, "I have got this obsessive compulsive disorder where I have to have everything in a straight line or everything has to be in pairs. I'll put my Pepsi cans in the fridge and if there's one too many then I'll put it in another cupboard somewhere.”

This illness can be debilitating to people. It can cripple them mentally and socially and ruin their lives. If David’s just causes him to over-organize his cola, he’s still doing pretty good. It’s likely, however, that his OCD appears in more ways than just this.

6 She Gave Him A Risky Nickname

It’s always embarrassing when a nickname emerges publically. Especially when it is between a husband and wife. And just like normal people Posh’s nickname for her husband is hilarious and a little gross.

In an interview with Parkinson on BBC, Posh admitted that she calls David “golden balls”.

“I call him Golden Balls now,” Posh said, much to the embarrassment of her husband sitting next to her. After a little pause she acknowledged, “That’s one of those things I shouldn’t have said.”

Yes, it probably was. But thank you so much for sharing that with us! It’s always fun to get a little glimpse into the behind the scenes life of a celebrity couple, and hearing a ridiculous nickname is a great opener.

Thanks, Posh. Your honesty on camera had made us giggle.

5 Multiple Snatching Attempts

The Beckham’s were involved in a slew of harrowing experiences, starting after the birth of their son, Brooklyn. They received multiple death threats and news of a foiled kidnapping plan broke in the news cycle.

A team of five people were arrested in November of 2002 when it was alleged that they had planned to kidnap Victoria and hold her for a £5 million ransom. The only reason that plan was brought to light was that two reporters from the News of the World were undercover at the time with the gang who were planning the attack, and informed authorities of their intentions.

Being the Beckham’s comes with its privileges but it is also has a cost—they are so high profile, especially in the UK, that their often targeted by schemers.

4 It Was Love At First Sight

We have all seen enough celebrity marriages go bad that we begin to doubt the validity of them. But hearing Victoria and David talk about each other will make your cold, cold heart melt.

For Vogue UK, Victoria penned a letter to her younger self. In it she says, “And yes, love at first sight does exist. It will happen to you in the Manchester United players’ lounge—although you will get a little drunk, so exact details are hazy.”

“While the other football players stand at the bar drinking with their mates you will see David standing aside with his family. (He’s not even in the first team at this stage—you are the famous one.) And he has such a cute smile…”

See guys—true love does exist!

3 They Grew Up 15 Minutes Apart

There is something to the notion of fate, right? We all want to feel that the world is bigger than us, that maybe there is some force at work that will help us find our true love. But it sounds cliché. And stupid if you think about it too hard.

But Posh and Beck’s story should be turned into a modern day fairy tale. Did you know that they grew not 15 minutes from each other? Both stars attest that as soon as they met it was instantaneous—perhaps because they came from similar backgrounds and had so much in common from the start.

This is a lesson to all of you out there—open up your eyes in the grocery aisle and at the gas station. Your David may be close…

2 David Is Responsible For The Famous Bob

Just like Jennifer Aniston made hair-history with her signature Rachel Green cut, so too did Victoria Beckham with her bob. But did you know that it was actually David that pushed her into cutting it?

Apparently Posh had been wearing hair extensions for the last decade and David, who had seen with a short bob ten years prior, suggested she go back to her roots. Literally.

Clearly David had a good sense of what would look great on Posh, because that decision helped to create her iconic look. Victoria even inspired me to cut a bob, which let me tell you—does not look good on everyone. The same thing can be said about bangs.

But back to the story--I guess there really is such thing as a dream team, folks.

1 They Parent By Example

We have all heard horror stories about celebs raising children who are spoiled by their parents, never learning the value of a dime. But apparently David and Victoria are trying to teach their brood a different sort of morals.

The famous duo likes to lead by example; both have started second careers. They have clothing lines, perfumes, shoes, stores—all built upon their famous names. Their work ethic is incredible, as evidenced by how much time and effort they have spent ensuring that their brand remains strong. This notion of hard work pays off is passed on to their children, who are encouraged to go for what they want and labor hard to get it.

More celebrity parents could probably take a note or two from Victoria and David Beckham…

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