15 Secrets About Will And Jada Pinkett Smith's Marriage

Plenty of celebrities get married, yet very few stand the test of time.  Marriage under a microscope is a pretty tall order and it normally doesn't take long before conflicting schedules, wandering eyes and boatloads of rumors tear celebrity marriages apart.  One relationship that seems to be standing strong even after twenty years of constant scrutiny is that of the actors Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith.  The couple shares three children, two biologically and one from Will's first marriage, extensive careers in the entertainment industry and a history together whose fabric is intoxicating, complex and a little bit questionable.

There is no shortage of gossip surrounding this talented duo and nearly every single aspect of their relationship has been critiqued, questioned and balked at. They have been plagued by divorce rumors since they became a couple, they may or may not be Hollywood swingers or cheaters and share very interesting and unconventional parenting beliefs that have landed them in hot water with social services.  Nothing about these two is boring, that's for sure. Here are fifteen bits about Will and Jada's relationship that often slip people's minds.

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15 Will Has A First Wife Named Sheree

The Smiths are a blended family that for the most part seems to run like clockwork. While the three adults, Will, Jada and Will's ex-wife Sheree seem to co-parent really well together now, that isn't to say there have not been some bumps along the way. Will and Sheree were young lovers when they got married and had their son Trey back in 1992. Unfortunately, the little family dissolved in just under three years though and Will and his first wife ended up divorcing in 1995. Whether or not there was any overlap with Jada entering the picture is a bit shady though. She and Will met on the set of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air in 1994, where Jada auditioned to play his on-screen girlfriend, while Will was still married to his baby mama.

14 Jada Met Will At An Acting Audition

Already-famous Will met Jada Pinkett while he was still married to his baby mama Sheree, and it was all by chance. Jada auditioned for the role of Smith's on-screen girlfriend on his hit television show The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. The two had an instant connection, but that didn't help Jada's chances at landing the role, she got passed up and Nia Long ended up with her part. So, in theory, Jada could have walked out of those audition doors and never looked back. The Smiths would have never become a thing and who knows what kind of chances Sheree and Will's marriage might have had. Will and Jada didn't lose touch though and clearly saw each other again, eventually dating, marrying and starting a family of their own.

13 Jada's Secret Past With Tupac

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Will Smith certain comes with his own baggage and plenty of skeletons in his closet, but his wife Jada need a luggage cart to wheel hers around. Before Will and she were ever a thing, the actress led an interesting life, to say the least. The beautiful Baltimore native has hinted that her and the deceased rapper Tupac Shakur were a serious item and together they engaged in illegal dealings. Jada was coming out of the game leaving her life behind and Pac was just starting to get into it deep. While people are very curious about Jada and Tupac's friendship and more, she refuses to dish out the juicy deets because she has plans to include all the good stuff all in a tell-all book in years to come. We can't wait to read that one, although we aren't so sure that Will will enjoy hearing about this part of his wife's life.

12 They Don't Believe In Disciplining Their Children

The Smiths clearly have some unconventional beliefs and practices when it comes to marriage and family. One of the more eyebrow-raising aspects as to how they are rearing the next generation of Smiths is that they do not believe in nor do they practice disciplining of any nature. The three Smith kids were taught from a very young age to make their own choices and live with them. In 2013, Jada was very adamant that the family doesn't do any negative reinforcement techniques and the kids are responsible for their own lives. This parenting philosophy might help explain why the kids are so wild and out with their styles, their actions and choice of words both in public and on social media. There simply are never any consequences for the things that they do.

11 The Photo That Got The Smiths In Trouble

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The couple has been scrutinized and accused of being less than par parents for years. Whether or not there is any merit to the rumors of them being unfit, there was enough speculation for the Smiths to receive a visit from The Los Angeles Department Services a few years back. The visit stemmed from the racy and questionable photos their daughter Willow had snapped of herself in bed with an older man and without much clothing. At the time that the image surfaced Willow was just thirteen years old while her male friend was twenty. Throughout the ordeal, Will and Jada remained steadfast in their argument that the picture was completely innocent and was not of a sexual nature in the slightest, though parents everywhere accosted them for their hands off parenting approach.

10 Counseling Saved Their Marriage

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Will recently revealed to a British newspaper that he thinks that marriage is a grueling and excruciating experience. Whoa, those are some heavy adjectives there Will. While Will could have chosen some more flattering words to describe his life with his beautiful wife, he isn't exactly wrong about the relationship workload. Marriage takes serious determination and constant revision to last and the Smiths have been undergoing marital counseling to help keep their union afloat. The actor revealed that after his marriage to Jada hit a major breaking point, the two started attending intense counseling sessions that in his opinion truly saved their relationship. Kudos to them for taking the necessary steps to make their marriage function, it's never an easy thing to admit to one another, and even to yourself, that there are flaws in your relationship.

9 An Opened Marriage

So if there is no "cheating" occurring in the Smith marriage, perhaps those open rumors that constantly plague the pair are really true. The Smiths are perhaps the most notorious swingers in Hollywood and they don't try to make it much of a secret. When asked about her and Will's ability to freely seek out the comfort of other partners Jada has said that she is not her husband's keeper and that he is a grown man who can make his own choices. She claims that as long as her husband is able to look in the mirror at the end of the day and be all good with himself then she has no beef with his personal decisions. Sounds like there aren't too many relationship boundaries in this marriage.

8 Is There Another Woman?

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Well if the Smiths are indeed in an open marriage, cheating probably isn't a term that pertains to them. However, if the open relationship rumors are exactly that, then cheaters they are. The most recent infidelity rumors involved Will and his Suicide Squad costar Margot Robbie. According to US Weekly,  it was revealed that the pair slipped away to a photo booth to make some private and racy pics. Will has been pretty open about him and Jada's marriage woes saying that the two of them have gotten very candid and honest in their marriage counseling sessions. We bet that those sessions were crazy long considering all of the closet skeletons that had to be laid out on the table. After all, these two have twenty years of history together to sort through.

7 The Closet Rumors

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Will and Jada have long been accused of them both batting for the other team. Many people believe that the pair uses each other to "beard" or hide the fact that they are really living their private lives as homosexuals. Will has been linked to a number of male "friends" before, including Benny Medina and Duane Martin and Jada has rustled up her own speculation in this department. The concept of the two using each other to mask their true identities really came forth when transgendered entertainer Alexis Arquette accused Will Smith of being Benny Medina's sugar daddy. According to NY Daily News, Arquette went on a social media rampage claiming the Smiths are both in the closet and should just come out and get it over with. Whether or not the couple is engaging in some activity is still up for speculation, although we doubt Alexis Arquette is the best source of information here.

6 Will's Special Friend

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Will Smith has been plagued by rumors since his days of starring in the hit television show The Fresh Prince of Bel Aire. Back in 2016, there were oodles of rumors circulating around Tinsel Town that Smith was using his marriage to cover up his special time with his special friend, Duane Martin. People started questioning whether or not these two longtime chums were much more than pals though. According to Inquisitr, Duane and Will have taken romantic island vacations without their wives and partied late into the night with their all-male crew. They have even enjoyed incredible views from private yachts. These are typically excursions reserved for couples, not married pals living their lives in the public eye. Whether the guys are something more than friends or not, they certainly are thick as thieves.

5 Hollywood's POV

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According to Nicki Swift, it is rumored that no one wants to work Will, Jada or their quirky kids. The couple famously boycotted the 2016 Oscars after Will was snubbed for his work in the film Concussion, ruffling all sorts of movie executives' feathers. Many in the biz also believe that the Smiths think way too highly of themselves. They consider themselves more along the lines of royalty and don't even view themselves as entertainers. Their children reportedly only listen to music that they create and read books that they themselves write. Basically, the Smith kids have worlds that truly only revolve around them. Jaden is an eccentric teen and Willow insists that she can control time. Ummmm, suddenly public school isn't looking like such a bad thing guys.

4 The Parenting Battles

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Marriage and parenthood are no joke. They are two of the most rewarding, yet challenging roles two people can find themselves in. Will and Jada might be a few of the most famous faces on the planet, but that doesn't exempt them from butting heads with one another when it comes to what they believe is best for their kiddos. While both Jada and Will have always believed in a hands-off approach to raising their children, lately Will has started to think that perhaps they took it a little too far and should reign the growing kids in a bit. Jada remains perfectly content with how the kids are being raised though and their disagreements over varying parenting styles have caused some marital distress. Hopefully, this is one of the things that the couple has been hashing out in their notorious counseling sessions.

3 Opened About Their Love

Mr. and Mrs. Smith might not value strict parenting regimes, but they do value keeping their marriage fresh and funky. The Smiths claim to have always enjoyed an adventurous intimate life with one another, even when other aspects of their relationship are on the rocks. Basically, it's their intimacy that binds them through thick and thin. Even after twenty years of marriage, three children and two immensely successful acting careers, the duo has found the time to make each other feel special. Pretty amazing considering that I can barely find the time to brush my hair most days. Jada is a huge proponent of making whoopie outside of the boudoir. They even got it on in a limo on their way to the Academy Awards one year. So that's where that glow was stemming from?!

2 The Underlying Problems

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The Smiths have been the center of divorce murmurings since they got married. Imagine what twenty years of separation speculation will do to a couple. Back in 2015, the rumor mill went into overdrive claiming that Jada's steamy hook up with her costar Marc Anthony caused the pair to finally bite the dust.  The two shut the shade throwers down though and trudged through the gossip only to have more speculation come up this past month. Sources close to the two claim that they are living completely separate lives these days. Even after all that couples counseling the pair has undergone they might finally be ready to prove the gossipers right and live their lives apart from one another for good. Only time will tell if there is truth to these recent rumblings or if this is yet another tale being woven about the power couple.

1 Will Is Besties With His Baby Mama

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Before Jada there was Sheree. Will and Sheree were young when they married and bore their only child together, a son Trey. They tried to make things work, but found themselves pretty unhappy and ultimately divorced when Trey was only three years old. Will had already met Jada on set and the two quickly became a serious thing. Even though Will had moved onto another lover, he remained tight with his first wife for the sake of their son. Over twenty years later the two are still very close friends. Sheree and Jada have also worked on forging a co-parenting friendship over the years and Sheree even calls Jada the "bonus mama." The three parents recently threw one heck of a Vegas birthday party for their eldest boy and showed the world what co-parenting can truly look like if you put the kids first and the jealousy last.

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