15 Facts That Prove Meghan Markle Will Be An Unfit Mom

Move over Kate Middleton, there is a new royal beauty in town!  By now the universe has heard the news, Prince Harry has gotten engaged to American actress Meghan Markle and  the world awaits as the hottest couple plans their spring nuptials.  Prior to marrying a prince, the thirty-six year old, bi-racial actress was best known for her gig on the television show, Suits.  It looks like Meghan's acting career as well as her brands and blog will come to screeching halt over the next few months as the outspoken human rights champion begins this new chapter in her life.

She has one heck of a year ahead of her as she becomes a British citizen, adopts the Church of England, marries into one of the world's most prestigious royal families and becomes a wife on world display.  If rumor is correct she will be adding royal mama to her ever growing list of new roles very soon.  Word on the street is the lovebirds will be wasting no time creating their little family, but will Meghan make an unfit mother?  The jury is most definitely out and I suppose only time will tell.  With Diana and Kate coming before her, Mama Meghan has some tall heels to fill.


15 Her Family Doesn't Come First

The future American Princess is already staring down the barrel of motherhood and when that magical day arrives family will become everything.  This might be one heck of a life lesson for the new royal if what her half sister Samantha says has any truth to it.  According to Markle's half sister Samantha, Meghan doesn't exactly have the whole "family first" mentality.  Meghan's older sister on her father's side has publicly claimed that once Meghan got a taste of fame she stopped communicating with family members and ceased supporting them both financially and emotionally, instead putting all of her focus on climbing the social ladder.  Samantha was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, her father lost his job and Meghan reportedly dropped them both like a bad habit.  Leaving family high and dry isn't exactly royal behavior.  It's also not motherly behavior.

14 She's Got Daddy Issues


It is no secret that girls need strong relationships with their fathers to help them in turn develop strong relationships with adult men in their futures. Meghan might find herself struggling in this arena considering her own strained relationship with her father, Thomas. It's going to make it tough to work through that emotional baggage while trying to raise a child and create a stable and loving environment with the baby's royal father wouldn't you say? Meghan and her reclusive, former television lighting director of a dad haven't always been on the best of terms. They certainly hit some rough relationship patches in her younger years. Recently it seems that things are headed in a positive direction and Mr. Markle has met his future son-in-law and given the union his blessing. Here is to hoping for one big happy family!

13 Clash Of Parenting Styles

Raising a baby under the scrutiny of the royal house is going to be a far cry from what Meghan was used to in her own childhood. Harry and Meghan's babies will likely have full time nurses to pitch in and lend a hand when it comes to diapers and crying in the night. Because they will be on constant public display, much like William and Kate's little ones are now, they will be dressed to the nines in hand embroidered, smocked outfits and cashmere onsies that cost hundreds of dollars. Meghan could not have been raised more differently than her future babies will be. Meghan's mother, a yoga instructor, raised the her little girl in a very free spirited way. They traveled to third world countries offering aid to lesser people and practiced peace and love, not posh and proper. Meghan will have to make some serious adjustments in her parenting mentality if she is going to raise British babies under the Queen's rule.

12 Her Kids Will Be Forced To Grow Up In The Public Eye


Even if Harry and Meghan do their best to keep whatever family aspects private, (and Lord knows that will be one heck of a challenge in itself,) she may not have as much of a say as she thinks she does. Forget the paparazzi, she should be far more concerned about the plans of her ex-husband. According to many sources her former hubs is planning on creating a scandalous royal television show loosely based on his former wife and newest member of the royal family. This possible television show could very well become a reality and a nightmare for Meghan and Harry considering her former husband is an American film producer. Sounds like the world will be able to tune in each and every week and watch whatever kind of dirt Mr. Engelson wants to write about on his new series.

11 She's Related To Her Baby's Daddy

Typically mothers who choose to procreate with family are unfit. Incest is not only the mark of an unfit mother, it is also pretty illegal and will land you in jail. While Harry and Meghan aren't brother and sister or anything close, they are actually related. A recent genealogy investigation uncovered that the betrothed royals are indeed distant cousins. If there is one thing that royals do's marrying some cousins! The pair is related through a late fifteenth century ancestor of the Queen mother. What is even more bizarre is a distant relative of Harry's had an ancestor of Markle's executed some five hundred years ago. Have fun explaining that one to your son or daughter when they try and create a family tree for their middle school project.

10 She Has Some Un-Motherly Qualities


According to family sources, ( and truly we should take all celebrity rumor with a grain of salt,) Meghan has some unsavory qualities that might make her an unfit mother to a royal baby. We know that her older sister Samantha has referred to the pretty princess-in-training as selfish, cold and distant when it comes to Meghan's relationships with her immediate family. She also has a tendency to keep her eye on the social ladder. With her sights set on the highest rungs possible, she could very well shirk her mommy duties for a social life most can only dream of. Meghan has also been married before, and that ex of hers has also shed some light on a few of Meghan's non-maternal hang ups. He swears that the ex-Mrs. Engelson is very calculated and manipulative when it comes to her friends and acquaintances and isn't as welcoming and warm as the public has been led to believe.

9 The Sibling Struggle

Chances are Harry and Meghan will start their family sooner than later for a number of reasons and if they have their way, they wont be stopping at one. Royals make it a point to make as many babies for the lineage as they possibly can. After all Kate and William have only been married for a few years and they are already on baby number three. One baby will be difficult enough for new mom Meghan, as she learns a whole new culture as well as the ropes of parenthood and royal duties, but two or three kids could really throw her for a loop. Meghan was raised an only child, having only older half siblings. Needless to say she is unversed in the ways of siblings, how they interact or how to deal with a gaggle of kids in general.


8 She Will Be An Older Mom


Meghan is currently thirty-six years old, already making her over the hill in terms of baby making. Technically being over thirty-five years old will cause mothers to land themselves in the "geriatric pregnancy" category. With a spring wedding and a baby likely to follow shortly after, Meghan will probably be at least thirty-seven or thirty-eight years old when baby number one comes along. Considering royals typically procreate more than once Meghan will be even older when she pops out a few royal siblings. Being an older mom comes with all sorts of health risks such as high blood pressure, diabetes, still birth, a higher risk of genetic defects and a greater risk of maternal death. Meghan will have to take extra good care of herself and her future babies if she is going to contribute to expanding the royal lineage.

7 She Won't Give The Kid's Enough Attention

Never before have the words "spread too thin" been more true than when referring to Meghan's new role as wife, royal and mommy-to-be. There are numerous charities and events that she will be expected to throw herself into. Her full time job will be to live in the public eye, making appearances on behalf of the royal family. This might be a problem considering motherhood is also a full time. I hope she has some sort of plan for literally being in two places and two roles at once, all of the time. As if her plate wasn't full enough, Harry's bride will have to make sure she pays close attention to her new groom. Harry has always enjoyed the company of beautiful woman and his wandering eye wouldn't be something I would ignore if I were her. This lady is about to be wearing a whole lot of new hats, it makes me tired just thinking about it.

6 Regret And Resent Doesn't Make For Great A Mom


Motherhood is full of joy and rewards like watching your baby roll over for the first time, give you his first smile, take his or her first steps, learn how to read and head off to college. Ah yes! So many perks that make the journey of a lifetime more than worth it. While being a mommy makes life worth living, Meghan might find herself left yearning for more. When her and Harry welcome their little bundle of joy into the world she could suddenly find herself sitting on the living room floor, surrounded with toys and rattles, wondering what happened. Becoming royal means that Meghan will be giving up all that she has worked for in order to focus on her new life roles. Her career, her blog, and her hobbies will all get turned in for charity work and wifely duties. Hopefully she doesn't find herself regretting leaving her fame for life across the pond. Moms who regret and resent are generally not the happiest of mothers.

5 She Likes Men... A Little Too Much

Without a shadow of a doubt Meghan Markle is a stunning beauty who has caught the eye of more than just a handsome royal Prince. By now it is common knowledge that Meghan has been married once before, to film director Trevor Engelson. She had been divorced from her ex for roughly three years before taking up with Harry, but that doesn't mean that she was spending her nights all alone pining away. It is reported that when Harry began to persue the former actress she was dating Canadian celebrity chef, Cory Vitiello. I'm sure these two had plenty in common as Meghan considers herself close-enough to Canadian at this point and she is a self proclaimed foodie who used to run a lifestyle blog before giving up her many passions to rock some royalty. Meghan and Harry became public just two months after her and her cooking boy toy parted ways. Hopefully Harry has what it takes to make mommy stay put this time around.

4 Second Fiddle To Dogs?


Babies need all of their mother's love and attention in order to grow up secure and bonded to their parents.  The future royal baby of Harry and Meghan will have to share his mama's attention with her two beloved doggies.  Meg's rescue dogs have been said to be the true loves of her life.  Guy, a Beagle mix, has recently landed in England to join up with his famous human mother and old Bogart, a Shepard-mix has stayed back in the United States to reside with good friends.  The newest royal baby will also have to share his Grannie's attention.  The Queen mother loves her little Corgi mixes more than anything in the whole world and rumor is if you aren't in with the pups, then you don't have a flying chance at making nice with the Queen.  Let's hope the pups take to Meghan and Harry's babies right away!

3 Her New Life Will Come With A Serious Learning Curve

The next few years of Meghan's life is going to be nothing but strict learning curves.  First she will need to learn how to adjust to being a royal wife.  There are dozens of expectations and traditions that befall a new princess.  She will have to get them all down pat if she is going to impress the Queen, the country and the onlooking world.  Learning to be a couple of married folk is a job in itself, never mind having to do it while the world watches your every step.  Then come kids.  Kids are hard work and learning to be a mother doesn't always come naturally.  Ms. Markle will have to figure out how to balance royal and wifely duties with her newfound duties as a first time celebrity mother.  That is a seriously tall order for any human being.

2 New Mom In A New Land


Being a new mother is tough.  If you are going to be the best mama that you can be, having a community of support is of the utmost importance.  I know that when I was expecting I relied on the help and knowledge of my mother and my friends who had been down the pregnancy path before.  Meghan might not be so lucky when she finds herself in the family way.  She will be starting life over in a new land with new people in her inner circle.  While Meghan will have her future sister in law to turn to for advice, she won't have her mother there with her nor friends like BFF and new mom Serena Williams to help her through her most challenging times.  New mothers need community to love and surround them and keep postpartum depression at bay.

1 Nothing Frustrates Moms Like Having To Zip It Up

If I couldn't rant, vent and release my parental frustrations onto the world, I would literally explode.  I truly think that my survival as a mother to four young children depends on my ability to shed light on the journey of parenthood in an honest and sometimes not all that flattering light.  Meghan won't have this luxury.  Royal women are often seen but rarely heard, and while some family members are totally and completely at ease with this requirement, we don't see Ms. Markle as being one of them.  She is nothing if not an outspoken advocate and humanitarian.  The girl tells it like it is, even when the truth might sting a bit.  It's going to be difficult for her to take on her biggest role yet, motherhood, and have to keep her mouth closed about it for the most part.  It just isn't in her nature to put up and shut up, so we can see how this might lead to one seriously frustrated mommy!

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